"You're still... um... okay doing... that?"

"Sucking you off? Well, sure. I mean, I promise first a BJ and then sex for your money. And that was not really a BJ, was it?"

"I... don't know."

"Come on, Simon. You said you've seen girls take it on the face in porn, so you've seen blowjobs. You know that wasn't one."

"But... I don't want you to... I mean... it's not your fault I..."

"Why don't you put that lasso back around me and make me give you a real blowie."

"I... um... are you going to clean off..."

"Nope," Ashley said, returning to her knees.

Simon seemed on the verge of hyperventilating, but he managed to slip the rope down her torso again, pinning her arms to her sides. Ashley licked her lips as he did so, tasting a glob of semen that had run down to her upper lip. It tasted sweeter than she expected, with a hint of saltiness but no bitterness. She pushed her tongue out in search of more while Simon stared down at her, shock written all over his round face.

"I can't help myself, Dr. Simon," she whined, meeting his gaze. "The taste of your cum is making me horny and willing to do whatever you want. Curse you."


"Please don't make me eat any more of it. I will not be able to help myself from pleasuring you again with my mouth, and then letting you use my sopping wet pussy afterwards.


Ashley could not stop herself from rolling her eyes this time. She wanted to grab his hands and smear them in the goo on her face so she could lick his fingers clean, but she was helpless to do so. To her surprise, the combination of her desire for him to feed her his semen and the feeling of helplessness from being bound left her sex tingling.

"Use your fingers," she whispered and saw realization dawn on Simon's chubby features.

Not saying a word, the young man scooped up some of the sticky mess on her cheek and presented his finger to her. Ashley clamped her mouth shut and shook her head, but she also winked at him.

"You want me to... make you eat it?" he asked, his eyes narrowing.

"You wouldn't dare, Dr. Simon," she said, shaking her head side to side. "Please don't make me eat your vile cum."

Simon shook his head, and for a heartbeat Ashley thought he did not have it in him. But then he pushed two fingers against her clamped lips. The brunette let her shoulders slump in pretend defeat as she opened her mouth. The young man slid his digits into it, and she swirled her tongue around them. And while she savored the sweet flavor, her thighs squeezed together, a series of twinges deep inside her spreading waves of arousal up her abdomen to her aching breasts and rock-hard nipples.

What the fuck, she thought as, the sensations repeating when he again pushed slimy fingers into her mouth. Ashley recalled her arousal when Darren, her least favorite client to date, had humiliated her and paid her extra to lick his semen off the floor. Now this—being tied up and 'made' to eat Simon's semen—had her almost as excited as she had been the night before with her first older client.

"I can't help myself, Dr. Simon. I need to suck your hard cock."


"Please let your Wonder Slut suck your dick, Dr. Simon. Please."

Ashley leaned forward, mouth open, needing something to distract her from her thoughts. Simon's penis hung semi-hard in front of her, but the young man did not move to bring it the last little bit to her lips. Annoyance mixed with the eighteen-year-old's desire. She wanted him to play along, but he was too shy.

"Put your hands on my head and pull me closer," she said.

"Okay," Simon nodded. His trembling touch did not instill confidence, but then he surprised her.

Grasping her hair, he pushed her lips to the head of his shaft. Ashley kissed it, then took the first inch into her mouth, suckling on it with wet, slurping sounds. Her client groaned, his grip tightening on her head. She slid her lips farther down until she had half of him in her mouth, adding her wiggling tongue to the mix. Simon's erection grew in her mouth, and within seconds, the brunette was sliding her lips up and down his fully engorged penis. A new idea came into her head. But as Ashley pondered how to convey to Simon that he should 'force' her to deepthroat him, his manhood twitched and he let out a shuddering gasp.

"I'm going to come," he said in a low, raspy voice.

Ashley closed her eyes, disappointment flooding her mind in the same way his sweet semen flooded her mouth. The building pressure behind her clitoris lessened, as did the tingles from her nipples. She did not think she would have climaxed from giving Simon head—that had only ever happened with Corey, and even then it had been different from a regular orgasm. But she had hoped that she would be worked up enough to be able to climax when she and Simon had sex.

"Sorry," Simone told after she swallowed his entire load and let his softening penis slip out of her mouth. "I couldn't help myself."

Ashley tried to think of something to say, but nothing came to mind. Instead, she moved her arms away from her body, loosening the lasso. Simon stepped back, uncertainty etched on his features as she pulled the rope over her head and tossed it aside. The brunette's eyes dropped from his face to his penis. She grabbed the back of his legs, drawing him closer. Not wanting to see his confused, nervous face, she stared at his pudgy abdomen as she swallowed his flaccid penis. For maybe a minute of sucking and licking, nothing happened. But then she felt him stiffen. And as he grew, his girth stretched her lips and the head pocked at the back of her mouth. Closing her eyes, Ashley relaxed and let his hardened shaft slide into her throat. And once her nose pressed into his wiry pubes, she opened her eyes and looked up into his round, astonished ones.

"That's... oh..."

After wiggling her tongue against the underside of his ready penis, Ashley drew her head back, letting his erection bounce free. She gave Simon a wink, kissed the head of his penis, and stood.

"Unzip me," she said, turning her back to him. Like when he had zipped her up earlier, his fingers fumbled at the zipper. But after a few moments, he worked the zipper down. Ashley drew in a deep breath, relieved to be free from the constriction of the too small costume. Then, her back still to her client, she wiggled the bottom of the outfit down her hips, feeling Simon's eyes on her now bare derriere. Bending over, she worked the leg holes over the red boots. The tiara fell off as she did so, but she picked it up and placed it back on her head after she straightened. And wearing only tiara, boots, and bracelets, she turned to face Simon.

"Well, how do I look?"

"Like a goddess," the young man whispered, his gaze locked on her bare breasts.

An involuntary growl of lust left Ashley mouth as she stepped up to the young man and pushed him backwards. Simon fell heavily on his bed. Smiling, she ripped off his shoes and socks, then his pants and underwear. Not bothering to remove his shirt, Ashley sat astride Simon's pale hips, rubbing her bare mound against his rigid penis. Under normal circumstances she would have given her client the choice of how he wanted his first time, but not this time.

"Your foul cum in my stomach and drying on my face and chest have driven me to wanton insatiability," she told him, holding his wrists down as she wiggled to position herself. "I can't help but ride your hard cock. Damn you, Dr. Simon."


She never knew whether he intended to say anything after the 'um'. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips to his. Simon stiffened, but when her tongue wiggled between his lips, he surprised her by kissing her back. His tongue pushed against hers, and a series of twinges deep in her sex told her it was time. Breaking the kiss, Ashley sat upright, grabbed his erection, and positioned the head between her labia. The young man's eyes met hers, and she winked before letting gravity take over. And as she delighted in his hardness filling her dripping wet vagina, she watched his eyes close and his face scrunch up in pleasure.

"You like your cock being inside Wonder Slut?" she asked him, prompting Simon to open his eyes and stare up into hers.

"Yes," he gasped, his hands settling onto her hips as Ashely slid up and down his length.

"Better than you expected?"

"Oh yes."

"Play with my tits while I ride you. And you can be rough. You are a villain, after all."

Hesitant at first, Simon touched her bouncing breasts. Ashely thought about showing him what to do, but she resisted the urge. She wanted him to figure it out on his own. But when he did nothing but rub his fingers over the skin of her breasts and her aching nipples, she knew she would need to at least give him some direction.

"Squeeze. Yeah. Like that, but harder. Oh fuck. Better. Better. Now twist a little. FUCK!"

"Did I hurt you?" Simon asked, the palpable anxiety in his voice almost a mood killer.

"Yes," she snarled. He had found the exact spot that she suspected her date from the night before had bruised. "But you want to hurt me."

"I do?"

"Yes. I'm your enemy. You've put me at your mercy and driven me mad with lust. Now I can't help but debase myself by riding your hard cock. I need to be punished for my inability to fight off your power."


"Wonder Slut."


"Pinch and pull my nipples."


"Pinch," the brunette said, slapping Simon's hands aside and grabbing her nipples with her thumbs and index fingers. "And pull... pull... release... just like that."

Ashley leaned forward and shuddered, her up and down momentum paused for a moment. But after the brief rest, the young woman swept her hair back, grinned, and started up again, picking up speed. Beneath her, Simon groaned as his tentative fingers pulled at her sensitive nipples. Ashley shivered but did not let up on her building tempo.

"Add a twist... oh yeah... like that... like that... of fuck yeah."


"Call me Wonder Slut," Ashley snapped, glaring down at Simon, almost overwhelming pressure growing deep inside her as she came closer and closer to release.

"I'm... I can't... oh..."

Simon's hands fell away from her breasts. His hips thrust up once, held for a second or two, then settled onto the bed as his pudgy, soft body went limp beneath her.

"No!" Ashley said, the sound half shriek and half sob. She Drove herself faster, harder, until his softening penis made it impossible for her to continue. Shaking from need and frustration, the eighteen-year-old collapsed on top of her client, banging her fists against the bed as tears dribbled out the corners of clamped eyelids.

"Sorry," Simon said, and she suppressed an urge to slap him. Just a few seconds more and she would reach blissful release.

It's not about you, a voice in her head said. It's about your client. Or it should be.

"Fuck," Ashley whispered, sitting upright. "Sorry, Simon. I got carried away."

"It was... amazing," the breathless young man managed, a weak smile brightening his round, red, sweaty face.

"I didn't mean to push you. I shouldn't have."

"I... I don't know if I could have... you know... if you hadn't."

"Oh, I bet you could've. Guys figure it out. Even shy guys... like you."

To her surprise, Simon's face grew even redder and he could not meet her gaze. Sighing, Ashley slid back, letting his flaccid penis free. She stared at it for several seconds, and a new idea blossomed. Scooting back, she lay between his legs and kissed the tip, tasting his semen and her own juices.

"What are you doing?" he asked, propping himself up on his elbows.

"I can't help it, Dr. Simon," Ashley said, putting on an exaggerated pout before slurping the head into her mouth.

"It... please... don't..."

"You don't want me to fuck you again? But you made me become your horny slut..."

"It hurts, Ashely."

"Oh fuck..." the brunette groaned, letting him free of her lips. A quick examination showed her a small abrasion on the glans of his penis.

"Did you... did you give me... something?" Simon whimpered, looking like a scared little boy.

"Of course not," Ashley snapped, but instantly regretted her tone. "I don't have anything, and that's not how it would work anyway. I just... rubbed you a little raw, I think."

"Oh... that's happened when I... um... you know."


Simon nodded, and his cheeks, which had begun to return to their normal color, grew scarlet again. Ashley leaned down, planted a soft kiss on his penis, and slid backward off the bed.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed, Simon," she said, standing at the foot of the bed. "Everyone does it. Well, almost everyone. Even most girls. I do."

Her last words came out with a shrug, and she saw Simon's eyes widen.

"Why would you need to? You get... I mean... you must do this a lot."

Yeah, but little boys like you don't make me come! The anger of her thoughts surprised her, and Ashley forced herself to smile.

"It doesn't happen all the time for me. Like today."

"Sorry," he said again in a small voice.

"It's okay, Simon. Really." She said, thinking of Corey. When he picked her up, she would get what she needed.


"I need you to drive me someplace and fuck my brains out," Ashley said as she dropped into the passenger side seat of Corey's car.

"Um... are you okay?"

"Yes. No. I... I don't want to talk. I want..."

"I heard you, Ashley. But..."

"I was so fucking close, but it didn't happen. So I took a cold shower. I tried to think of other things. None of that worked. I need... you."

"I don't think this is the right time. I don't want to be just the guy who..."

"Then I'll find someone else to fuck me, Corey," Anger and frustration and shame turned his name into a snarl on her lips.

"If that's what you want," he said, calm voice maddening to her.

"It's not." And those words were close enough to the truth that Ashley's anger broke against them. Her mind had turned to Ken Davidson for the briefest of moments, but even though that would have probably been physically satisfying sex, it would have been just sex. And as much as she needed physical relief, she wanted the emotional satisfaction that being with Corey provided.

"So... what do we do?"

"You take me some place and I'll suck your cock," the brunette girl said, her hand rubbing his inner thigh. "You know, to say I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry about?"

"Being a bitch. Being a whore."

"Ashy... I don't want you to give me a BJ. I mean, not because... you think you need to. And wouldn't that make things, um... worse? For you."

"I don't know," the eighteen-year-old sighed, crossing her arms across her chest.

They drove in silence for several minutes. In Ashley's mind, flashes of the fun, loving times she had with Corey intermingled with memories of her clients as well as thoughts of the independence that she knew would come from continuing to prostitute herself. All of those coalesced around one idea and strengthened it. She needed to embrace what she was doing while not letting it define her. She needed to look in the mirror and not only see Ashley, but also like Ashely, no matter what Ashley did for a living. But to help her do that, she needed Corey.

The young woman opened her lips to tell her thoughts to her boyfriend, but in that same instant she noticed that nothing around them seemed familiar. Corey had turned the car onto a dirt road with large trees on either side.

"Um... where are we?"

"My Uncles place. Well, the back-way in. There is a pretty secluded part where we can have some privacy."

"Oh. Why haven't we come out here before?"

"I didn't think he'd approve, but when he found out I have a girlfriend, he suggested it as a place we could, um... use."

"Okay. So, you're not bringing me out here to kill me?" she said, happy she had something to tease him about.

"Nope," he replied, and the tension that had filled the car since he picked her up from Simon's house faded into the night.

Ashley unhooked her seatbelt, leaned closer to Corey, and with one hand fondling his crotch, she kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, "You're getting so lucky tonight, Core."

"Maybe you're the one who's getting lucky," he shrugged as he brought the car to a halt beneath several tall trees.

"Oh, I am. I am." She pulled his face toward hers and kissed him.

Corey kissed her back, his tongue probing at her lips while his hands squeezed her breasts. Ashley pushed back with her tongue, one of her hands rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans while the other clasped the back of his head and made sure he did not break the kiss. At least not until she was ready.

"I love you," she said when their lips finally parted, surprised at the huskiness of her own voice.

"I love you."

"Want to see my new bra?"

"Um... sure. But I'd rather see you without it."

"Perv," she laughed, unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall open. "Look at all that cleavage. It's like I have big boobs."

"You have perfect boobs."

"Oh, like you wouldn't like them a size or two bigger, Corey Strickland."

"They are perfect," he repeated.

"They're not even average," Ashley sighed, unhooking her bra and letting her breasts fall free. "They're small."

"You said you're a 'C'..."

"A 34C. And yeah, I thought that was average. But when I went for the fitting for this bra, I learned some shit I didn't know. Like cup size isn't the same for all bra sizes. A 34C is the same cup size as a 36B. A 36C is average, so I'm below average."

"How do they know 36C is average?" Corey asked, but Ashley did not answer right away because after his question, her boyfriend had lowered his lips to one firm, sensitive nipple while his fingers played with the other.

"How many are bought, I guess," Ashely said a few seconds later between moans.

"You're a prefect size," he told her before switching his mouth to her other breast.

"I don't think so."

"I do." Corey grinned up at her and cupped both of her breasts with his hands. "See, a nice handful."

"I guess," she said, running his fingers through his hair and thinking how much she loved his dimples. But she did not agree with his view of her chest size. But his next words drew her thoughts away from her own growing insecurity.

"My penis is just average size and you seem to like it."

"I don't like it, I love it. And it's not average. trust me."

Ashley squeezed his erection through his pants, and the urge to pull it out and suck on it filled her mind and brought a tingle to her loins.

"Average length is..."

"It's a prefect length, but length isn't that big a deal to a lot of girls. Thickness is where it's at, and you're plenty thick."


"Shhh..." Ashley placed a finger to Corey's lips. "Take it out and I'll show you I love it."

She expected a protest of some kind, but he said nothing. Instead, Corey unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Ashley didn't wait for him to do the same for his underwear, yanking it out of the way herself and swallowing half his hard penis in nearly the same instant.

"Oh God," he groaned, his fingers running through her hair as she sucked up and down the top part of his length. Ashley would have tried to take all of him, but knew from experience that it would be difficult, if not impossible, at this angle. She concentrated on what she could accommodate without gagging, and Corey did not seem to object. Although after some time, he spoke up.

"Do you want to make love?"

"You don't like me sucking your cock?" Ashley asked, not waiting for him to answer before engulfing the head of his penis again.

"You know I like it. But if you want something else..."

Ashley let her actions, in this case her tongue wiggling against his hardness while her lips slid up and down it, speak for her. And for several seconds, Corey lapsed into silence, other than some low moans and groans.


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