Standing out by the railing the rough and tumble cowgirl Sally looked down at the new player that had replaced her at the poker table. Glancing around the Friday night crowd in Kitty O'Hara's saloon it had a mix of couples filling in the tables and single cowgirls standing at the long bar.

The woman got a laugh seeing the one man sitting with his woman and the other couple. He looked at the alpha female in his marriage letting his eyes ask for permission for another beer. The woman was half his size yet she rustled his hair like one would a child. Nodding her head he smiled knowing he could have one more.

Call it instinctual yet the eye of a gunslinger saw what others didn't in searching for deceit. Top hand holding the deck his bottom hand slipped under. Sally watched the ace slide out being moved to the back end of the deck of cards.

Down the stairs she sauntered over to see Kitty decked out with her usual boa feathers that rested along the outline of the ruffled blouse. Half exposed the large breasts had that delectable look many a woman would enjoy having.

The 54 year old female patron was finishing her joke.

"And that's why it's called 'Jackson's hole.'

The group laughed enjoying a joke at the expense of the man in the story. A brief respite from the daily grind it was a night of ease that came rarely to those operating a ranch.

"Next week we'll be having a group of women over to watch my Harold and Jasper have a go at it."

"Let me see if my schedule can be worked out Phyllis."

"Fine then...Invite Paddy and the other women a big crowd of cowgirls is always nice...whiskey is on me and Helen for the evening."

All it took was a whisper by Sally in her ear.

Approaching the table Sally laid her pistol in front of Thad. Quick as a hiccup she reached in and pulled the last of the ace's out from under his sleeve.

"What else ya' got?...likely you're planning to hit the craps table later."

Paddy and the other 2 women at the table drew back now knowing why their luck had been so bad. Kitty took over picking the pair of dice out from his vest pocket she threw them only to see 7 come up 4 times in a row. Kitty pushed his chips in the middle.

"Split these up accordingly."

The swoosh of air could be heard from behind as the 2 x 4 landed on Thad's head. Louissa the barkeep had taken up playing the new game that was called baseball. Proud of her swing with a bat she'd clip him just hard enough mindful not to do too much cognitive damage.

The card-cheat woke up in the morning naked as a jaybird. Hung from the rafters in the 3rd floor room the oversized birdcage slid back and forth after being pushed. He wondered why his body had no hair on it below the neck.

The two 'Angels of the night' t-girls pushed the birdcage once more before quieting their antics as Miss Kitty walked in. Pert naked breasts swaying lifting their petticoats they each showed off their penis held captive in the chastity cages.

Thinking they looked gorgeous Thad wasn't sure what to make of the sight yet realized he was wearing his own as his head cleared. High enough he could only stand on his knees inside the human birdcage he grew irritated he couldn't stand up like a man.

"Lisa and former males can act so silly now that you've become girls...go mind your chores."

It came out in unison as Thad wondered what she meant by 'former'.

"Yes Miss O'Hara."

Alone with Kitty he immediately turned on the charm.

"Say that card game... Why I was just having a little fun..."

Kitty fired up the Hooka-pipe.

"Funny you should put it that way...That's just what I plan on to try it?"

"Sure love to... if I may ask...what's this thing on my cock?"

The hit of opium was enough he soon wanted another. Lowering down he sat with his legs crossed. Kitty started feeding him the pablum laced with her feminizing herbals.

It was her practice to treat all of her new initiates like toddlers when speaking at them. Between the months of cage time and her methodology of talking mingling with the herbs and doses of opium his mind would soon become addled making it easier to be reprogrammed.

Finishing her initial assessment the woman pushed the cage letting it sway just as her t-girl delights had done.

Kitty pulled her carriage to a stop to see 4 others tied up to the railing in front of the home of Phyllis. Along-side were 5 separate horses tied up as well. Out front two men smoked cigarettes killing time.

"Howdy Ma'am."

"I see you boys have made the trip from Butte."

"Yes 'em Miss Kitty...can always use the money."

"With staying power like you two 'bull-studs' have I can see why Phyllis sent a wire."

"Thanks again Ma'am blessed with length and girth we aim to please."

The two husbands Jasper and Harold served the women their drinks while naked but for their chastity cages. The chairs and couches spread out to make some room had all the women attending ready to watch and be entertained as the husband's expense.

The cuckolding event was part of the closed reality any man lived with living in the Matriarchal town of Hope Springs with its gynarchy government.

Phyllis motioned for her Harold to approach just as Kathy did with her husband Jasper. Each man held still as their women freed the chastity cage from each penis.

Jasper the taller at 6' 1" leaned close and wrapped his arms around Harold. A few inches shorter Harold opened his mouth accepting the kiss letting his hand drift down to rub the naked bottom cheeks. The thick matted hair on Jasper's chest felt Harold caressing it before reaching to touch his cock.

Together the two drifted to the rug on the floor rolling to take the classic 69 position. The hard cock staring Jasper in the face the man slid his lips on it. After a few months being caged it felt nice to feel a pair of lips sucking his dick.

"Oh Jasper...yes...just like that."

Sally looked at Kitty standing next to Paddy. Ready to mock him she smiled as she spoke.

"Oh Jasper...oh Jasper...just like that.'

It was enough all the women laughed including Phyllis and Jasper's women Helen.

Harold opened his mouth to let his tongue swirl on the set of hairy balls. Rolling them around in his mouth he kept stroking the cock.

"Ewww Harold...your tongue feel so nice."

This time it was Paddy's turn.

"Eww, eww... Harold your tongue feels so good."

Once more every female laughed out loud. Finally Phyllis shouted loud enough over the noise.

"Ok boys that's enough for this month...on your the couch's...Kitty would you let the other's know it's time."

Years of wearing a chastity cage the two had been trained into submissiveness. They both had wondered if the cages had reduced the size with each now having a 5" penis.

The two strangers walked in their pants off stroking their hard cocks as they moved. Phyllis flipped her denim skirt's hem up exposing her naked vagina. A look at Helen she saw the woman had done likewise with her floor length skirt made of cotton.

The thick muscled man slid his 7" cock inside Phyllis as her husband Jasper looked on. The smile on her face let the others know how satisfying it felt.

Reaching her hand out she held the balls of her cuckolded husband sensing Jasper's vulnerability.

"There baby you know I love you...such a good hubby...eewww yea push that deep."

Helen rode her man cowgirl style like Phyllis she gently held the balls of her husband in the palm of her right hand knowing how much of a submissive male he'd become.

Just to assert herself she slapped Harold's face.

"You remember what to do now when I finish...hmmm my lovely cuckold."

"Yes Ma'am."

The fucking went on for another 15 minutes giving the women a pair of climaxes.

"Ok boys very nice...let's have a strong finish."

Harold and Jasper stood on their knees. Wanking their dicks they awaited the customary splash. The man in front of Jasper exploded first. Spurting along his face with some of the come landing in his month old beard.

Just then Harold felt the heated warmness the indignity of the act leaving an impression until next time. The cuckolding ended with Jasper and Harold licking the other free of the come before each spewed out masturbating onto the feet of their woman.

Bending down they licked the feet in a final display of obedience. Kisses were made by Helen and Phyllis letting them know each was loved.

Many months in the register of Thad's voice had softened considerably letting his reply come out sounding sweet. Having fulfilled its purpose she weened him off the opium.

"How's my darling ...let me hear your voice.''

Repeated over and over every morning it became easier to say. Sticking his head out of the small front opening of the cage Thad could feel himself in 'sub-space as he spoke. It was a spiritual axiom one will experience whatever they think after the words 'I am'.

"I am soft and smooth... I love my little body...being strong is for others...I am gentle...I am weak."

The pablum loaded with the feminine herbs was something he looked forward to every morning.

Running her hand along his old beard line Kitty enjoyed feeling the absence of hair. She couldn't help but be amazed the Chinese were able to come up with so many home-made remedies. Where had once been facial hair now like the rest of his body was smooth.

Saddling up close the woman opened her blouse a look of jealousy on his face Thad readied with anticipation. Nursing on her breast like a child hit on a psychic level. Her words soothing Kitty felt her protégé falling deeper under her feminine spell.

"Very nice...yes so soft and malleable...keep suckling my darling...I must say your lips look so pretty when you do this...the way they pout out has a certain attractiveness."

The long winter behind them 8 months of dieting and herbs had him thin and lithe. He could feel his heart-rate increase on seeing the woman. The morning rituals completed he looked on with curiosity.

Play-time was next once he accepted the bottom thrashing. Opening his birdcage Kitty stood above as he slipped to the floor on hands and knees.

Sure and steady her hand slapped at his butt cheeks until she saw the redness surface. He had become so emotional that crying was to be expected when being spanked. Before it was ever called such the humbler was put in place.

The wooden piece pulled his dick and ball-sac back holding them in place. Made to crawl like a baby her instructions were clear...'never leave the space of the large blanket' she'd laid out.

Kitty O'Hara would sit at her desk going over bills and such as Thad took on a look of docility playing with the ball of yarn.

The contour was taking shape beneath the skin the dance of the molecules was at play formulating the necessary components for the breasts of a woman. The fatty tissue was expanding behind the areola and nipple with lobules and ducts doing their part. A crease on the under-side of each had the definition pushing outward in more feminine way.

Kitty innocently began to slip the feminine pronouns in gradual like.

"How's my baby doing today?... she ready to suckle?"

"Ma'am that thing scares me."

Amused Kitty looked at Thad on his blanket. On the other side of her desk the saloon owner had a full sized 'Bear' rug. A trip to a taxidermist had it made from a Grizzly bear's body complete with head and claws on the outstretched arms and legs.

"A little fear is good for someone like yourself of my female patrons shot it ...can you imagine yourself confronting such a beast?...I think not why you'd be eaten alive."

Hearing her words sent a shiver down the spine of Thad.

Keeping track of days and weeks became a thing of the past. On hands and knees inside the cage he'd learn to like nodding his head expecting to suck on her breast. Thad stuck his head outside the tiny door of the birdcage opening. Miss Kitty lowered the piece of metal preventing his head from retreating back inside.

He must have been near 6' 2" the large man lowered his jeans to display his cock. The muscled-up male stepping closer towards the cage Thad instinctively closed his lips on seeing it. A pinch held on his nose by Miss Kitty had his mouth opening. The oral fixation having been established when nursing Thad soon accepted that sucking a dick was a normal thing.

Falling along the sides of his head his hair felt nice as the meaty cock slid in and out. He could feel himself slipping into that mental space where a hard penis had its appeal.

"How lovely look how you've taken to enjoying a cock...Use that pretty tongue of yours darling...that's it...swirl it around the head like a big girl does."

The beefy male looked at Kitty waiting for the 'Ok'. His hips pumping away he clenched his butt cheeks letting the warm come spurt out into Thad's mouth. Truth was as Thad bobbed back and forth he could feel the movement on his chest. A gold coin in his hand the man left hoping to be called back soon.

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