Curcky is a pledge to gain entry into the Fila Thai Fraternity. Please read Part 1 & 2 first.


11 inches.

Are there men that actually have eleven inch cocks?

Apparently so. The (pretended) competition continued.

"Hope you are okay with another black cock. Your partner is on the University football team."

Why did Tessie have to keep bringing up black cocks? And why did Curcky feel his penis drip drip when she asked. It must be a connection in his brain to his ex girlfriend Patricia. That must be the reason.

This was going to be quite the show. An eleven inch black cock up a straight dudes white ass wasn't something anyone gets to see very often. Because of the rarity, the Fila Thai Fraternity immediately posted invites all over social media announcing this unusual event would start in eleven minutes. There was a $50 door charge and all cell phones must be checked in upon entry.

The only person who now didn't know the competition was over was Curcky. In eleven minutes, the place was packed. The door receipts totaled over $10,000!

Before anything even happened the crowd chant began:

"Turn Him Out! Turn Him Out! TURN HIM OUT!!"

Curcky was caught off guard because he didn't remember there being that much of a crowd. He certainly wouldn't have had any idea that he was that evenings local social media star.

Tessie inserted silicone earplugs into his ears. They were just effective enough to dull the distracting crowd noise. He figured he was in a showdown final and the crowd was cheering him on to win. Oh, they were cheering, all right.

It's hard to imagine actually seeing a real 11 inch cock in person. And a black one, too. And because the football player shaves his pubes, it looked to be 12 or 13 inches. And the girth was the size of an energy drink can. And it's hard to imagine that a straight white dude's ass could be so easily accommodating.

So when the first downward thrust buried the football players entire black cock to full tilt, everyone saw this outstanding accomplishment and were cohesively quiet. Football just held it there. Then he lifted up his cell phone and took one single picture. The crowd erupted. Game on.

The long black cock was several inches past the internal sphincter. And Football was horny and looking for a workout. He went right at it.

"Turn Him Out! Turn Him Out!" The crowd began chanting again.

And he did. He wasted no time in riding his little white pony for all the frat world to see. Curcky was massively sweating and his penis was now fully erect. He was embarrassed by this but hoped the audience knew that this was only because of the prostate massage effects. He was ready to get this over with and win. He was out of his mind.

Football could tell that Curcky wanted this to end and planned to use this weakness to full advantage. He leaned over and whispered.

"The fastest way to get me to the end is to ride me. The same way you were performing earlier in the evening when you got that one dude off in two minutes. Got it?"

Curcky nodded.

"And constant stimulation doesn't work. So you'll need to rest-with me deeply lodged-every minute or two. I'll give you start/stop commands to help you best succeed with this. Got it?"

Curcky nodded.

"And pinch your nipples periodically to show me that you are really committed to being my bitch tonight, got it?

"Yes," Curcky answered.

Football was full of shit. In three years, this was only his second Turn Out performance and he wanted to completely humiliate the little bitch while having the fuck last as long as possible. Each time he'd feel his orgasm coming on, he planned on having Curcky stop. The goal was actually to have this deep butt fuck go on much longer, not shorter.


Curcky went to work. And what a sight it was. What a show! Moving his hips like a pro, this little white frat pledge was plunging onto and pulling off of this huge black cock. When the depth reached about 8.5 inches, Curcky knew how to give that extra effort and that extra push to send Football's long cock up into his sigmoid. This was hot enough as it was, but when Curcky began pinching and tweaking his own nipples, the crowd went nuts!

Curcky was turning himself out. You could clearly see it in his face each time it happened. His eyes would roll back in his head, his eyelids would half shut and he looked like he was going to pass out when he'd let out a deep guttural groan signalling all was good.

With Curcky adding to his nipple sensation, everyone in the crowd agreed that they had never seen anything like this before.


The first stop came with Football's massive cock almost completely displayed. With little more than just the tip embedded, the crowd could fully appreciate just how long eleven inches is. Curcky's little white penis paled in comparison. Dripping profusely, his penis poked out to where it was partially visible through his pasty white thighs. With his torso now pointing at an upright angle and his fingers tweaking and pulling his nipples, some in the crowd suspected that Curcky might be enjoying his humiliation.


Curcky went right back to riding Football's big black cock impaling himself so fully that he turned himself out with each back thrust. He was a natural. The crowd was very impressed with this peak performance. No man had ever done any better. No woman had either. Football employed multiple stops, each one coming just before he was about to blow his load. Like any athlete performing in front of a loud cheering audience he, too, wanted to have a peak performance. He ordered Curcky to stand up.

The power of the butt fuck was now in Footballs' hands. And Arms. Each stroke was now under his 11 inch control.

"Turn Him Out!"


"Turn Him Out!


Each chant synchronized with a stroke. Curcky and Football were fully working together now with the single goal of having Football shoot his sperm load deep into Curcky's sigmoid colon. The togetherness was a thing of beauty. Each time Football penetrated Curcky's inner sphincter, the crowd could sense the depth on Curcky's face and they absolutely loved it. His eyes would roll around and his mouth would gasp and groan.

Football thread each of his muscular arms through the gap under Curcky's armpits and then interlocked his large hands behind Curcky's head rendering Curcky helpless. Footballs' tight wrestling hold allowed him to lift Curcky off the ground by only using the armpits. Football then manipulated Curcky's little body several feet off the ground and ass fucked the shit out out of the little bitch like he was a play doll dangling helplessly in the air held up only by the arms. Curcky wrapped his legs backwards around Football's thighs holding on for dear life.

Turn Him Out! Turn Him Out!"

As the chants continued, Football was ready to cum. He was going to make sure his sperm was so deep up Curcky's sigmoid colon that it would take days for it to find its way to daylight. Curcky was lost to any reality when Football impregnated his sigmoid. Curcky was afraid the rhythmic spasms would feel like a vibrator in his groin and he might accidentally cum. Which would suck if that is how he ended up losing. But the strong blast of sperm subsided before Curcky's tiny cock-which bounced erect up and down-responded. Football pumped out the entire load so deep that when he finally pulled completely out, there were no remaining signs of an orgasm.

There is no such thing as a 12 inch cock.

Tessie told Curcky that this was a sudden depth showdown that would come down to a measurement. Tessie explained that the depth would be measured using lipstick on his anus. He would attempt to take the 36 inch dildo-that was strapped onto Tessis waist-as deep as he possibly could. "Moby Dick" was a three foot long dildo sold in porn stores as a novelty item. The final measurement would be tracked by each contestants' lipsticked anus gripping the phallus and leaving a ring. Curcky was the only contestant as he was duped into thinking he'd need to win this sudden depth showdown. Truth was, the contest was long over.

Tessie relished the idea that she got to turn him out one more time. She felt so powerful in this role. Her cock slid into his ass so easily with so much cum already in there serving as lubricant. And even though this was supposed to be a depth test, Tessie couldn't resist taking a two-minute "turn out" ride to a loud cheering audience before honing in on inch #12. She found it fairly easy to push into inch 13, 14 and 15. Inch 16, 17 and 18 slowly and eventually followed.

No one had ever seen 18 inches of a three foot cock up an ass before. As a novelty item, Moby Dick was seldom used for its designed purpose.

At this point, every incremental gain was going to take teamwork.

Tessie began to coach Curcky.

"Push like you're trying to take a shit on the count of three! 1...2...3...push!"

Right when he pushed out, he grunted as he met Tessie thrusting in. She quickly gained an additional inch.


Inch #20!


Argh, #21!


Grrr, inch #22!

22 inches and still going. Infuckingcredible.

Tessie paused to grasp Curcky's little hard penis. She really wanted to fuck with him and stroked it several times.

"Oh, no! No! Please don't," he pleaded.

"Why not?" Tessie teased.

"I don't want to lose by orgasm after coming this far."

"Then work even harder at taking a shit!" She ordered.

And so he did.

Trembling, sweating, grunting and pushing with all his focus and might Curcky invited Tessies's rubber cock deeper into his rectum than any prior Fila Thai event on record. His penis retreated and shriveled up in defeat to a soft thumb-sized appendage.

Tessie waved at the crowd to gather around for a closer look. Someone with a professional camera was documenting this historic event on video.

The gains were in half inches now. The internal resistance proved noticeable with each hard thrust from Tessie at somewhere around 24 inches-based on what remained visible on this 3 foot rubber cock.

Tessie felt like she was hitting a wall. Perhaps, this was the end of the sigmoid colon? She thrust several times with all her mite. Her tight clenching butt cheeks were on display for the audience to clearly appreciate her thrusting power. But with each attempt, it felt like rock bottom.

Fair enough, Tessie thought. This guys poor little as was done.

"Clench down and give my wonderful cock a lipstick butt kiss! It's final measurement time!"

The crowd cheered and began to dissipate. You could hear people discussing, with astonishment, about what they'd just witnessed.

And just ass Tessie pulled out, she remembered something from her anatomy class. The sigmoid colon is about 10 to 15 inches long. So combining this length with the rectum, she was correct. She WAS at another door. She was knocking at the next internal sphincter!

What would this type of Turn Out be called? She wondered.

She'd save this private discoverer for another time.

End of Part 3

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