"You will wait for me, sitting on the edge of your bed, wearing nothing but your best sexy lingerie and your kimono; you will have a blindfold upon your eyes and will wear earplugs playing opera music from your smartphone; you will keep your legs and lips slightly apart....."


Matthew was walking along Park Road, easily following the instructions Jaye had given him and noisily carrying his trolley behind him. The day was beautiful and the cool air perfectly matched both the little white flowers that punctuated all the trees planted at both sides of the walkway and the blue sky hanging over them. He was neither paying much attention to them, though, nor to the people whom he was walking by, as he knew that in a few minutes he would be meeting Jaye in her apartment. This was located just a few blocks ahead of the place he was walking and now, as it had previously happened to him in similar circumstances, a mixture of great excitement and little anxiety was fluttering inside his body.

Matthew and Jaye had met online a few months before and, how this often happens, it was merely by chance that one night she had answered to his introductory private message in the chat room they were both in at that moment. She had been reluctant at first to give much confidence to this stranger since too many times lately the guys approaching her in those rooms had revealed to be rude and, in the best of chances, total and hopeless assholes. Still, since the beginning of their chats, she thought this time it could maybe be different and, little by little, during long chats where they could freely talk about everything their mind could conjure, Matthew had been able to get her trust and she his.

They both knew they were living thousands of miles apart and that their mutual growing acquaintance was mostly there for nothing more than their good fun and for spending together some good quality time in their evenings after long days at work. In the months following their first chat, they had spent many nights talking lightly or deeply about almost everything, always enjoying them and getting from each other lots of fun and laughs. Of course, in the times when their mutual needs would match, the sexual interaction between them had taken both of them to share their intimate fantasies and to create some others just for them, thus letting them have often something to dream of and to masturbate to.

For how much nice it was for them to think of giving and getting pleasure to and from each other in the many ways they had envisioned, it had never occurred to them to push forward the idea they could meet in person and make their fantasies and shared but alone pleasures something to live for once in the same place and in the same time. Matthew had thought of it a few times, but, in spite of the lack of physical contact, he was so much enjoying the moments he was having with Jaye that to introduce any single chance in their relationship had made him be a bit uncomfortable with the thought and afraid of ruining their good connection.

Besides that, he was slightly worried about how such a wonderful young girl could cope, in an in person meeting, with the fact that he was more than twenty years older than her. He knew that he was in perfect shape, doing sports and outside activities and keeping his body in a much better state than most of the guys of her age. He also knew that this was to Jaye of little if no importance at all. Nevertheless, some grey hair and small "love handles" at his sides were inevitable tell tales of his age and all this had, until then, made him a bit self-conscious and put his strong wishes of skin contact with Jaye in a deep corner of his mind.

As it often happens when men are a bit uncertain about the things to do, it had been Jaye to speak first about considering an in person meeting.

A couple of months before, after a long and satisfying session when he had been able to drive her to a couple of good orgasms, joining her in the last one, she had said to him: "Hmmm, Matthew, that was such a good one. I love when I can hear you cumming and feel your pleasure join mine, exactly like you were here with me, inside me, in this very moment. Fuck, I can only imagine how it would be if you were really here now, mmmmm".

Matthew's answer arrived to her pc just a couple of seconds later: "Yes sweet one, I am sure it would be much more than perfect and we both would remember that moment for a long long time afterwards".

It took a long time before her next line came to his screen, so that he was thinking she had been disconnected: "What do you think about us meeting in my town in some future? I think I could take some days off from work and have you as my guest here. I think we could have good fun and enjoy our time together. And see if what we just said is true".

"Oh my gosh, Jaye!" was his answer while he was keeping his eyes upon the screen, almost not believing what he was seeing there "would you really like that?"

"Yes, Matthew. I think it would not be a bad idea at all and well, mmmm, just thinking of it makes me feel excited again. I am sure you would think of wonderful things to do to me if you can do them in person and not just let my hands be your hands as we do now and.......well Matthew, what do you think?".

There had not been much need to convince him to agree about her proposal and so, two months later, in the first slot they could manage to take in their busy work and everyday schedules, Matthew took a plane to her town and was now walking towards her place on this beautiful spring day.

According to what they had planned, he knew he had to be perfectly on time and so he gave one more glance at his watch and at his phone where Google Maps was showing the exact route to the address she had given him. It was 1.45 PM and her apartment was only 250/300 meters away from where he was now. He smiled and slowed his pace, knowing that he could easily arrive at her place exactly at 2.00 PM.

In their last chat before he left, she had asked him to think of something that could take her once again in that special fantasy of her, the very one in which she was to be taken by a stranger who would enter her house and do to her and her body whatever he wanted, submitting her to his will and to his darkest desires.

When she said this to him, he grinned and, after having considered for a bit the different options that were running in his mind, he told her: "Ok, sweet one. Please, take note of this: I will arrive at your house exactly at 2.00 PM. You will let the door open so I can enter in without ringing the bell. You will wait for me, sitting on the edge of your bed, wearing nothing but your best sexy lingerie and your kimono; you will have a blindfold upon your eyes and will wear earplugs playing opera music from your smartphone; you will keep your legs and lips slightly apart and won't speak nor tell anything to me until I will tell you to do so. Safewords will be orange and watermelon. If, at any moment, you feel not comfortable with the situation and want me to slow down, just say orange and I will take care of it, trying to make you feel comfortable again. Instead, if you want me to stop immediately what I am doing, please just say watermelon and I will stop right away. Is that all clear, Jaye?".

Her answer came almost immediately, while her excitement had an almost unexpected growth, pooling between her legs and mixing with a feeling of distant fear that since then would have followed her until the moment he finally would have meet her in her bedroom:

"Yes Matthew, it is. And I will do as you said. Thank you".

Her apartment was on the second floor of a row house, pretty close to the big park that was already in sight at the end of the road. He looked again at his watch and it was 1.59PM. After climbing the few steps from the road level to it, Matthew pushed the house's entrance door and he found it open as expected. Smiling, he took his trolley with him and walked upstairs to the landing where she had told him her apartment was and slowly turned the door handle. Almost with no sound, the door opened and he was inside. The keys were hanging on the other side of the door; he took them and silently closed the door shut.

He gave a quick look around and rapidly made an assessment of the house layout. The bedroom was a few meters away, its door ajar. He could hear nothing but a faint distant buzz he knew was the sound of the music coming from Jaye's earplugs. Going towards the bedroom, Matthew stopped for a bit in front of what he guessed was the bathroom's door and, after having opened it and discovered he was right, went in to have a quick pee and to rinse his hands and face. Relieved and feeling more refreshed, he got out, still taking his trolley with him and, with his heartbeat raising second by second, he entered the bedroom. What he saw could not please him more.

Jaye was there, sitting on the edge of the bed exactly as he had instructed her, wearing a short black kimono that was barely covering the upper part of her thighs that she was keeping slightly apart. Blindfolded and with earplugs on, she was keeping her hands on the bed at the sides of her body and her lips were parted, like she was starting to tell something. Or to give a kiss.

She was beautiful and more than this.

With Rigoletto's music playing in her ears she could not hear him enter the room and the black blindfold was preventing her from seeing anything. Jaye knew it had been not more than five minutes since she had opened the doors and positioned herself in the place and way Matthew had told her; nevertheless it looked like it was hours since then and she was wondering if he had already arrived or instead something had gone wrong.

What if someone else had found the doors open and had furtively sneaked in? What if.....? And while all these thoughts were starting to scare her more than she had thought, at the same time her excitement was still dominating her body, making butterflies flutter in her stomach and her pussy tingle, wetness already moistening her down there. She was sure her face had started to flush red at these thoughts and at the self-consciousness that took her for being so wet, helpless and exposed, when she was just getting anxious by the moment. Why was Matthew taking so much time?

After a long time in which she could sense all these feelings grow almost to the point when she knew she would have to stop all this, even if it would have disappointed both her and Matthew, something slid between her parted lips, touching her teeth and tongue, lightly exploring her. It smelled of soap.

Jaye made a gasp.

Matthew had silently reached her and for a long moment, floating in a place with no time, almost like in a dream, he took his time admiring her beauty from so close and her perfect accomplishment of the instructions he had given her. It was a stunning sight and he was so tempted to caress her long blond hair and to kiss those inviting lips, and to make love hard to her right away, but this would have not been at all what he had planned for them. And he knew it would have been so disappointing to her as well.

So, he managed to keep his control and with a slow but determined move he placed his index finger between her parted lips, easily sliding it in and touching the inside of her mouth, caressing her there and starting to explore her, enjoying the moment she realized his touch and made a loud gasp. No words came from her, though.

"Good girl" he thought with a smile.

After that first contact, after retrieving his finger from her mouth, Matthew stood in front of her for another long moment, as if he was pondering what to do next. Then he came again closer to her and gently opened the front of her kimono; tugging the two edges of it towards her back, he slowly removed it from her torso, leaving it laying over the bed and under her butt for she was still sitting on it.

The green satin lingerie she was wearing perfectly suited with her long blonde hair and with the slightly tan nuance of her skin. The perfect curves of her body enhanced the desired effect by whoever had designed the particular cut of that bra and panties set. It covered her, but it was like it was completely transparent as well, revealing at each glance something more of her covered body parts and making the lucky spectator greed to watch more.

One more time, with his erection impatiently growing in his trousers, Matthew wondered if he could manage to keep his control and to do everything as he had planned.

With these thoughts in his mind, he briefly rummaged in his trolley and extracted a piece of green rope. After removing the earplugs and having reminded her not to talk with a soft and prolonged "shhhhh", still not speaking to her, Matthew took Jaye's hands and, placing them in front of her, he slowly started to turn the double rope around her wrists. He made two complete turns and, after having checked it was not too tight, he passed the rope around the middle section of the loop and tightened the knot. Then he helped her to stand up, turned her towards the bed and then, raising her left knee on the bed, made her crawl upon it until when she was in the middle of the bed, standing on her elbows and knees.

The whole procedure took not more than a couple of minutes, but in this time Jaye's heart rate increased again significantly as she wondered what was going to happen to her from now on. He had not spoken yet to her and in some hidden corner of her mind the idea that the one who was now taking control of her could be someone other than Matthew still resisted all her attempts to dismiss it.

Beside this, many times they have fantasized about him restraining her in different ways, making her helpless, exposed and vulnerable as he took her time with her and his pleasure, but every time they practiced with this idea, the knots were only in her mind and it was her will that was keeping them tight and in every moment she could have easily freed her hands and gone away. This time the knot was real and only Matthew's will, or that silly watermelon word, if Matthew would have kept his word, could have untied it.

She never had given away the control upon herself like this and when she found herself tied to the bedpost, laying on her elbows and with her butt up in the air, she was still intimately scared by all this, but at the same time genuinely amazed by the primal excitation that was building inside her and the wetness that was now obviously flowing out of her pussy. She furiously blushed one more time at the simple thought of Matthew watching her aroused state right now.

Indeed Matthew had noticed the wet spot that had appeared in her crotch when he had tied the end of the rope coming from her wrists to the bedpost and a big smile appeared on his lips at the sight of it. He resisted the urge of touching her there and with a swift movement of his hand he parted her legs a bit more. Then he took the rim of her green panties and slowly took it down towards her knees. They went down and he left them there, right around her knees, admiring the trimmed blonde pubic hair that was adorning her wet and glistening pussy. Jaye gasped, and then a light moan followed as Matthew's hand again parted her legs that she had instinctively closed while her panties were pulled down and forcing them to close.

Matthew extracted his phone from his pocket and took a few pictures of her from different angles. He made sure the sound of the shutter was audible so that Jaye could know what he was doing. He was wondering if this would have aroused her or make her blush again. Looking at her after doing it, he could easily notice it did both.

Actually Jaye did not register immediately the sound of Matthew taking pictures of her, but when she realized it, maybe for the first time that afternoon she felt herself very exposed and vulnerable and this made her blush again; hopefully, she thought, Matthew would not notice it, with the blindfold and the excitation of the moment; but undoubtedly she knew he would have noticed her arousal since by now her juices were flowing down her pussy, so much that she wondered for a moment if really she wasn't dripping.

As the strange feeling of her burning and reddening face mixed with the liquid sensation in her pussy, she felt a slap on her left buttock. It was nothing hard nor painful, but something quite unexpected. They had never talked about spanking and Matthew had never shown any interest in it and he had always said that he would not hit a woman, not even if it were her to implore him to do so. This made her thoughts spin towards awkwardness and fear: if Matthew does not like spanking and therefore this one was not Matthew, who the hell was the man who was in the room with her right now?

A simple reasoning procedure would have told her that there were no chance that this guy wasn't Matthew, but the whole situation and the spinning of her thoughts were making her unsure; everything in that moment could be possible and the faint sensation of fear that was following her since the moment she had sat half naked on the bed was fastly growing inside her. When the second slap arrived upon her other buttock, almost on the verge of panic, she thought for an instant of telling him one of the safewords they had agreed upon.

Nothing happened in the following seconds, though, as she felt like paralyzed and unable to speak, frightened by what could have been happening next, but at the same time incredibly excited by this kind of feeling she had never had before. The third slap was almost a light caress compared to the previous two that already hadn't been hard at all and she had not even the time to register; indeed, right after it came, she felt his tongue following the path that his hand had traced on her butt and then having his way to the center of her most intimate parts.

As Matthew's tongue reached the puckered skin around her anus, Jaye instinctively arched her back and raised her hips towards him, pressing herself towards his mouth. He then lowered his kiss so that his tongue could now easily move from her pussy to her bumhole in a single move.

He indulged for a bit in her pussy, parting her little and perfectly shaped internal labia and tasting her for the first time, deeply enjoying under his lips and tongue the warm slicky sensation of her juices, sweet and salty at the same time. Matthew continued for some time to lick her pussy and anus, his tongue slightly probing her in both her holes that were now soaked with her pussy juices and his saliva. He was becoming every second more aroused both by what he was doing and seeing and by Jaye's moans and increasing wetness.

All of a sudden, he stopped, letting Jaye a bit disappointed as she missed the feeling of his tongue having his way in her pussy and bumhole, and, after having undid her bra, he made her lay down on her belly. Her legs were now straight towards the end of the bed and so it was pretty easy for him to remove her panties and to let her completely naked and panting on the bed.

A couple of little slaps on her butt followed and, right after she felt on her skin the light stinging feeling of the spanking, something liquid dripped on her back. Matthew had taken the massage oil from his trolley and was now generously pouring it upon her. When he thought it was enough, he put the bottle away and started massaging her, starting from the center of her back and continuing to her butt and legs and then back again to where he had started. Every time he had finished massaging her butt, a little slap made her gasp and squirm a little, but at this point Jaye wasn't scared anymore; she was almost certain by now that Matthew was the one who was with her right now and, beside that, whoever he was, she was just ready for more.



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