"Do you know what you're asking for?" inquired Jay.

"Man shut the hell up," said his wolf. "This is no time for virtue, let's get that pussy.

Jay pushed his wolf down just as Kiera responded. "Yes I do. That's me and my husbands kink," she explained

"Seriously?" he asked, genuinely surprised.

"Absolutely. We're freaks like that," she stated.

"Where is he?" asked Jay.

"He's out of town, closing a sale," she replied.

Alright, if you're sure you want my wolf," he responded.

"I'm a werewolf too, so yeah, I'm sure," she said then she started biting one of her fingernails while staring at him intensely.

"Okay.... here goes," stated Jay as he started to get undressed.

She gasped a moment later and her eyes opened wide when all of his cock came into view. "I thought Mamie was lying about the size of your dick. She said You're well hung even for a werewolf, and oh my Luna she was right."

He then smiled flirtatiously as he began to shift.

Kiera's arms hung limply at her sides and she licked her lips as she watched the process play out. In a matter of seconds Jay had transformed from a human Adonis into a chocolate colored anthropomorphic werewolf whose body was muscular and hairy. He also had a mane and a bushy tail, and his face had mostly human features.

"Oh my freaking Luna," said Kiera after gasping. A second later a sultry grin spread across her face, then she said, "Your dick is huge."

"Hasn't your husband ever shifted into his hybrid form before?" asked Jay.

"We're city folks, so we don't do much of that werewolf stuff other than changing into a wolf every full moon," she replied, then bit her bottom lip and said, "I want you to take me from behind.... doggystyle."

"Are you sure you can handle all of me?" he asked as he looked at her five foot one inch body.

"Tall girls have small holes, but small girls are all hole," she bragged, then got onto the bed with her ass in the air and looked over her shoulder at him.

When Jay's wolf looked between her thighs her thick pussy lips were parted, thereby exposing the pink flesh just inside her slit. He inhaled deeply, filling his olfactory organs with the intoxicating aroma coming from her center. The scent of her fur burger caused his knot to begin to inflate, so he hurriedly got behind her and pushed his tube steak into her meat sleeve."

"Oh. My. Fucking Luna. You're big," said Kiera between orgasmic gasps as Jay worked his meat a little further into her with each thrust. It was a close call, but he fully seated himself inside her just in time to lock them together when his knot fully inflated.


When it deflated a few minutes later they de-coupled and Kiera collapsed onto the bed panting with a satisfied look on her face, while Jay began to shift back to his human.

When he was fully shifted and getting dressed Kiera looked at him with sleepy eyes and said, "I really do have some handywork for you... Shaman," then she giggled again.

"Is that who you think I am?" asked Jay.

"Mistress said you might be," she responded.

"Mistress?" he repeated with a quizzical look on his face.

She ignored his question, realizing she'd said too much. "My garbage disposal is clogged. You can let yourself out after you fix it?" she said, then curled up with a pillow and dozed off.


As Jay went about his week he kept wondering why Kiera had called him Shaman, and who was this Mistress she mentioned, but his wolf pointed out how kinky she was and Jay couldn't disagree with that, so he eventually let it drop.

He was surprised that after a few days of not seeing or hearing from anyone in the pack he wanted some contact with them. "We probably feel like this because they tried to bond with us," suggested his wolf.

Little did Jay know Kenia was thinking about him too, but unlike him she went for what she wanted. So she had Mrs Clover call him on Friday and invite him to a dinner party at her house on Saturday evening.


"Hello my sexy Shaman," said Kiera who'd come outside to meet him when she saw him turn into Mrs Clover's driveway late Saturday afternoon.

"Hi Kiera, how are you?" responded Jay as he suddenly remembered how kinky she was. He shook his head as she looped her arm around his and led him into the house. "Look who I have with me," she announced as soon as they walked inside.

When Mrs Clover saw him she began smiling radiantly as a result of the fucking he'd laid on her. She'd made up her mind about him, so she walked over to where he and Kiera were standing and kissed him full on the mouth, then she said, "Hello Shaman."

Jay did a double-take and stared at her for a second. He didn't know which was more awkward; being kissed in front of everyone including her husband, or her thinking he was a Shaman. He quickly decided to deal with it later, then smiled sheepishly while looking at everybody else. The perpetually smiling Denise and Rand waved at him with big grins on their faces. Kiera's husband Cedric looked at him admiringly, then he put his arm around his wife and looked lustfully at her. Jay took notice of his demeanor, and remembered what Kiera said about him before they fucked.

Kenia was sitting on a stool beside the kitchen island looking as pretty as a picture. When Jay made eye to eye contact with her she almost smiled but she didn't, though her wolf was panting as a result of her arousal.

An effusive Mr Clover caused them to stop staring at each other when he said, "I hope everyone is hungry, we have a primal cut of beef for each of you. Shaman, you must sit at the head of the table.

At that point Jay decided to get to the bottom of why they all believed that he was a Shaman, but his wolf stopped him saying, "Jay, before you say something we both might regret, sniff the air and smell all that hot pussy. All four of the women are stirred up. If believing you're a Shaman has them worked up like that, let them think whatever they want and let's me and you get that pussy."

Though he isn't as ruthless as his wolf, the possibility that he could end up fucking all four women was enough of an incentive for Jay to hold his tongue.


They all ate like a werewolf and everyone finished off their big piece of meat. After the meal each couple anxiously waited their turn to chat with Jay for a few minutes. As usual Kenia sat back and watched her submissives interact with the man she was contemplating taking as her mate.

Kiera and Cedric had promised their babysitter that they'd be back home by 10 p m, so he huddle with them first. Kenia trained her hearing on them and smiled when she heard Kiera say, "Shaman, I told Cedric how you changed into a wolfman and fucked me." As she said it she was looking at her husband with a happy grin on her face and a sparkle in her eyes.

Jay raised an eyebrow; startled by what she said, but then he scented Cedric's arousal right before he asked, "Shaman, did you really turn into a wolf?"

"Yes," replied Jay as confidently as he could.

"Cool. We've been going crazy while we were waiting for our new Shaman so we'd have someone to fuck her like that again," he said.

"You can do it too," said Jay.

"I don't think that I could become a wolfman. I'm a spornosexual, so that'd be a bad look for me," responded Cedric, then he glanced at Kenia for a second. When she smiled at him approvingly he said, "Regardless of whether I can do it or not I want you to keep fucking her, in your wolf."

"Hm," responded Jay, wondering what the look between Kenia and Cedric was all about.

Kiera and Cedric then said goodnight loud enough for everyone to hear. When Mr and Mrs Clover walked outside with them Rand and Denise got Jays attention.


"Hello Shaman," said Rand in unison with his wife Denise as Jay sat in a recliner beside the couch they were sitting on.

"Please call me Jay," he asked.

"Okay.... Jay," said Denise, sounding disappointed because she wanted to call him Shaman. She then paused for a second before looking at Kenia while biting her bottom lip.

"We have several jobs we'd like for you to do for us," she stated as she looked at Rand then back at Jay.

"I have an opening in my schedule on Tuesday," responded Jay, and instantly wondered if that was actually an invitation to come fuck her.

"That's great," stated Rand with a big grin on his face, which Jay interpreted as him giving his blessing to himself and Denise hooking up. The bubbly couple then went over to where Kenia was seated and talked with her for a moment. Kenia was smiling at them as she said something to them telepathically. When she finished saying whatever she was telling them they said their good-nights to everyone. The Clovers saw them out to their car where the two couples chitty chatted for a few minutes.


Now that they were alone Kenia picked up her purse and stood by Jay who was then sitting at the kitchen table. "So Mr Smoove, how do you like being a Shaman?" she asked with a bit of a smirk on her face as she stared into his eyes.

She could tell by the way he was looking at her that he smelled her desire, and she suspected that he was telling Jay to take her, but she also knew that he felt her dominance and he didn't dare try it. However she felt his authority too, and at that point she was sure that he'd also been born to an Alpha, which fueled her desire for him.

She smiled at him, then told him goodnight and headed for the door with an extra sway to her hips. The Clovers were coming back into the house just as she was leaving so they turned around and walked with her to her car.

Jay was still sitting at the table thinking about Kenia. His wolf was as mentally strong and powerful as hers, and he found her scent to be irresistible. However her human side's mix of charm, beauty, sense of humor, personality, and sexiness intimidated him.


His musing was interrupted when Mr Clover sat in a chair to his right. Mrs Clover stood behind Jay's chair and hugged him around his neck before sweetly kissing him on his cheek, then sitting down herself.

"Jay, the Madam Alpha and I just wanted to thank you for giving her the first hard cock she's had since our last Shaman passed away," said Mr Clover, shocking Jay with what he said. "When I came home from playing golf and smelled your scent in the house and on her I knew right away that we'd found our new Shaman. When she told me that you'd fucked her I felt like I'd been given an aphrodisiac and my cock got hard for the first time in years."

"He was like he'd drunk from the fountain of youth that night," said Mrs Clover while giggling.

"We just want you to know that you're welcome to Mrs Clover anytime I'm not already on top of her," offered Mr Clover, causing Mrs Clover to giggle like a school girl.

"I'll keep that in mind," replied Jay, then he went home a short while later.


Jay spent the next couple of days trying to make sense of the past two weeks. He had no idea why the group of friends thought he was their new Shaman. He wasn't surprised that an uninhibited woman like Kiera would take a lover, and Mrs Clover's situation made sense, but having their husbands be all for him fucking them was unbelievable. Now he was going to Rand and Denise's fully expecting her to throw herself at him too.


When he arrived at there's Rand had already gone to work so Denise was there alone. She'd texted Kenia several times that morning to discuss how to tease Jay. Kenia chose her outfit, then encouraged her to relax and allow her arousal to flow so that he'd be sure to smell the tangy fragrance of her cooter as soon as he arrived.

She was waiting in her doorway when he made it up the walkway to their condo. "Good morning Shaman," she said cheerfully.

"Good morning Denise," he replied with an upbeat sounding greeting of his own as he quickly scanned her body, noting that she was wearing one of Rand's shirts, with several buttons unbuttoned, no bra, and leggings that were shear enough for him to see the shadow caused by her pubic hair.

"C'mon inside," she said, now looking flushed after watching him take her all in. Jay noticed the change in her coloring and sniffed the air twice. She cocked her head to the side and smiled sheepishly, knowing that he'd smelled her wet pussy. "Can I offer you anything.... to eat or drink?" she asked, doing her best to look seductive.

"No I'm fine, but thank you though," he replied, then they stood there for a moment with Denise looking thirsty. "What do you need me to fix?" asked Jay to break the silence.

"That's entirely up to you," she said with a grin. Then she gave a more serious answer saying, "I need for you to put a frame around the vanity mirror in the master bathroom, replace the fixtures for the sinks, and paint the bathroom. We've already purchased the materials," she stated.

"Okay, sounds good," he responded, then got to work.


He'd just finished replacing the fixtures for the two sinks when Denise walked into the bathroom. "Oh great, you have the faucets installed," she said excitedly.

"Yes, I just checked them for leaks. They're all good," said a smiling Jay as his eyes were drawn to her shirt which had another button unbuttoned, allowing him to see more of her chest.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you Shaman," she responded warmly, then she saw where his eyes were aimed and her already excited pussy got soaking wet. The scent from the essence of her core got even stronger and Jay's wolf let out a low growl as the tip of his cock protruded out of its sheath.

"I'm about to have a cup of coffee, care to join me?" she asked with a satisfied look on her face.

"Down boy, be patient," said Jay to his wolf, before saying to Denise, "That sounds like a great idea."

He then followed her into the kitchen and sat at the table with her. As they were talking and sipping their coffee he noticed that another button was undone on her shirt and he could see one of her breasts including the nipple.

"You see that don't you?" asked his wolf.

"Yes I do, but I'm going to let her go at her own pace," responded Jay as he finished his coffee. He then got up and started on another project. In the meantime Denise texted Kenia to tell her how Jay was handling her flirting, and she was told to take her leggings off.

Jay was almost finished gluing the casting onto the mirror when Denise called him saying that lunch was ready. When he found her in the kitchen he immediately noticed that she'd taken her leggings off and her shirt had only one buttons buttoned.

"Mmmm mmmm," went his wolf. "Take a sniff of that cooter. Its ripe and ready."

Jay agreed with his wolf, and without saying a word he walked over to her, unbuttoned the remaining button on her shirt and let it fall open. She then tugged it off her shoulders and tossed it over the back of a chair.

"Denise you're a lovely woman," said Jay to the average looking 50 something year old as he nudged her to turn around and lean over the table. "Are you ready for me Denise?" he then asked.

"Yes Shaman," she responded.

At that point he decided to shift into his hybrid form before sinking as much of his 12 inch wolf cock into her as her come cave could accommodate. She didn't have as much pussy as Mrs Clover or Kiera, so he bottomed out before he could get enough of his cock into her to seat his knot and tie them together. "Denise it won't fit," he said as he slowly pumped his peter into her.

"I'm sorry Shaman, I'm sorry, " she responded sounding pitiful.

"Its okay, Denise. Can you shift into your hybrid form?" he asked.

"Should I?" she questioned, looking and acting as though she was embarrassed by the prospect of shifting into her hybrid.

"Of course you should. Why shouldn't you?" asked a puzzled Jay.

"That's nasty. A lady just doesn't do that," she said while blushing.

"But you're a werewolf; you shift into your wolf every full moon," stated Jay.

"Yes, but that's the natural order of life for a werewolf. Shifting into your hybrid for sex is so... so primal," she explained.

"Look at me," he told her. "I did it."

"Yes, but you're a man," she said, now grinning with a twinkle in her eye as her body began to tingle at the thought of fucking like women from packs do it.

"Keep after her Jay, she wants to do it," said his wolf. Jay agreed with him and said, "You can do it too."

"If you think I should," she replied sheepishly and closed her eyes. In a matter of seconds she'd become her hybrid wolf. "Oh my Luna, I did it," she exclaimed, as she looked down at her body.

"Go look at yourself in the mirror," said Jay, standing there with a long string of pre-cum dripping from his now semi-hard cock.

"Okay, be right back," she said excitedly and hurried to the nearest mirror. "Oh my Luna," she exclaimed a moment later. "My face didn't change much, but I have wolf ears and more hair all over my body.... and a bushy tail." Then she giggled before saying, "My pussy still looks the same as it does when I'm human."

She then came back into the kitchen where Jay bent her over the table and sunk his cock balls deep into her wolf's pussy with one powerful thrust. After grunting she said, "Oh. My. Luna, you're big, but I can take all of you now.

He then pounded her hard and fast until is knot locked them together as he came.

After they were able to separate and shift into their human, she cleaned him up with a washcloth and they ate lunch. Jay then painted the walls surrounding the bathtub. When he was ready to leave Denise walked him to the door and said, "Thank you for everything you did for me today. Rand is going to be so happy when I tell him all about it."


As Jay drove home he thought about the Shaman telling him that he could get some city-girl pussy. Knowing that the Shaman never said anything without a reason he wondered if the Shaman knew that those city-girls would be married women, and that their husbands would encourage him to fuck them. He doubted that the Shaman would tell him but it wouldn't hurt to ask, so he called his mother and asked her to deliver a message to him, because of course the Shaman didn't own a cellphone.


The next day he was at the local home fix-it yourself store stocking his truck when his cellphone rang. "This is Jay, what can I fix for you?" he said when he answered it.

"Good morning Jay, this is Kenia," she said confidently.

"Good morning Kenia," he replied as his cock immediately stiffened and his dozing wolf opened his eyes.

"How's the handyman business going this morning?" she asked in a playful tone of voice.

"It's going," he confirmed.

"I was wondering if you might look at a project I'm considering, and perhaps give me an estimate," she stated in an all business manner.

"Certainly. What time would be good for you?" he asked in a similar tone.

"I'll be at home all day. Just give me a call when you're on your way," she requested.


He pulled into her driveway later that morning and found her in her yard picking up pecans that had fallen from her pecan tree. Even in sweat pants, a tshirt, and a bandana tied around her head she was gorgeous to him.

When she saw him pull up she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steel herself and suppress her arousal, though she'd already given in to it to a degree by calling him in the first place. There was no turning back now, so she headed toward his truck.

"Hello Mr Smoove," she said stoically a moment later.

"Good morning Ms Clover," he replied.

Kenia raised an eyebrow seductively and said, "You have my permission to get out of your truck." Then she smirked sweetly.

"Thank you," he responded, then he got out of his pickup. They stood there for a few seconds until Kenia said, "Let me show you what I need done and you can tell me if I should hire an electrician."











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