Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


It had been a couple of months since Sousuke had started living with the family, and all three family members had become accustomed to him being around. Julia was already starting to feel sad that he was leaving by the end of the school year... he was like a son to her, and it would be so weird to have him taken from her.

With his repeated forcing himself on her recently, her new plan to lower his affections for her was for him to join the baseball team with Nicholas. Nicholas was a nerd like this father, but he was also very good with the bat, and she was proud of him for getting involved, even though he didn't seem like he wanted to.

Her two goals for Sousuke were as follows: first, she wanted him to be able to meet more friends, since her plan with the D & D session went horribly wrong. Maybe if he met some of them, he would be too busy to pay attention to her body all the time. Second, if he was in some sort of sports team, maybe girls his age would be interested in him, and after getting to know the sweet side of her personality, may want to go out with him. She was sure he was just lonely, and had no idea how to treat women since he was such a young boy. She didn't know if this plan would work, since most of her plans have failed so far. But... she should at least try. She cared about him too much not to.

That afternoon, she was sitting in her SUV in the parking lot outside the school baseball pitch. She watched her son's training lesson, enjoying some of the fruit she packed while she did. She didn't feel like talking to the other parents today, she was just not bothered with the gossip between the women. It was nicer to be able to just watch her two boys from afar. They knew she was watching, she did this quite often, and she would be driving them home after the game.

She was about to pop another grape into her mouth when Sousuke opened the door and hopped into the car, with a huge smile on his face. She had to admit he was cute with his sports outfit, which was a huge contrast against his thin body, and quite different from what he usually wore. "Hey, good afternoon Julia-san!" He said, still smiling.

"Hello Sousuke, how was your day?" She hadn't been able to talk to them as she had arrived a bit later than usual after the swimming lesson.

"Very good, but since Coach Wilson won't let me play, I thought i might as well shower and watch them play from here." He threw his school bag to the rear of the car, and looked back at her with his usual wide innocent eyes.

"Would you like some fruit?" She asked, and he nodded while opening his mouth. She almost rolled her eyes then, of course he would want her to feed him. She popped the grape in his mouth, and he started to chew it.

"So delicious, almost as much as your melons." He grinned.

She glared at him. "Sousuke... language."

He then proceeded to do the unbelievable, he nonchalantly took off his shoes and shorts, and before she could put two and two together, he stood over her, his feet on either side of the driver's seat. He was so short that his head barely touched the roof.

He bent his knees a bit, and his heavy, hairless balls now grazed against her impressive cleavage, precum already oozing out of his glans. "Sousuke!" was all she could say, as she squirmed away from him, pushing her back as far as she could in the driver's seat.

Someone could be walking by anytime now. One of the moms going home, for example. What was she supposed to do?

"You're so beautiful, Julia. Especially in that outfit of yours." She had become more and more slutty recently, her modest clothes becoming lower and lower as she exposed her cleavage to the world. Sousuke had wondered what had brought that on, but he wasn't complaining. He placed both hands on the headrest, his cock closing in on her face. "I've been masturbating all week thinking about you. I want to kiss you again."

"Sousuke, stop this instant! I told you I won't be tolerating all this again... mmppphh." He had leaned forwards, cupping her face in his hands, and pressed his mouth on hers. His exotic, strange smell filled her nostrils, and his penis now rested against her decollete, her skin seemed to burn at the touch of his thin, veiny cock.

"You taste so good Julia-san. I love you Julia-san... please, we'll be quick, make out with me."

She placed her hands on his hips, trying to push him back. "Sousuke, stop before somebody sees us. Get dressed, now."

"I won't get dressed until you make out with me and let me touch your puppies." He said determinedly.

She sighed. His captivating eyes... his girlish, mischievous smile made her unable to think straight. She couldn't take it anymore, she nodded, and he leaned his body into hers, and his mouth was on hers again as they moved against each other. It was the first time she really let go, and she moaned into his lips as he pushed against her body. His tongue swirled around her harshly, his saliva dripping down her mouth as he sucked and licked her mouth like it was the only source of nutrition he could get. When her eyes were glazed and her inhibitions lowered, he moved down, and placed his mouth around her nipples.

He sucked them, hard, and played with them against the thin fabric of her shirt. It was so unlike her to not wear a bra in public, but she had been doing that more often as well. It was like she wanted him to play with her. Of course he was going to comply. He was fed up with the fabric between them, and he shifted her shirt aside swiftly and placed his tongue against her nipple. He sucked and bit them, hard. She moaned, her fingers digging into his hair. "Hurry up, Sousuke." She said breathlessly. "The game could be over at any time."

He didn't listen. How could he stop when Julia was letting him touch her like that? He started to play with his dick, and smeared the precum all over it to make it easier to move up and down. "Julia-san..." He said, the lust clear in his voice. He shoved his dick close to her face, and she closed her eyes.

"I... I can't, Sousuke. It's so wrong." She said. He twisted her nipple in response, and she groaned from the pain that immediately turned into pleasure.

"Come on." He insisted. Although he had asked for it, he was very, very surprised when she actually put her mouth around his dick. It was... the most pleasurable experience of his life. She was an absolute expert at it, a huge contrast to how little he knew, how he just let his body tell him what he wanted. She played with his balls as she swirled her tongue around the tip, then moved her hand up to stroke him at the base while she sucked, hard. As hard as she possibly could. He started to thrust into her, his hands on her hair as he lost control, not knowing whether or not she could breathe, but not really caring. Julia-san was actually giving him a blow job. He was getting a blow job from an actual goddess. How could he think about anything else other than his own pleasure?

He couldn't stop himself, he had to cum almost immediately. She was so good at it, and she was clearly trying her best to make him cum inside of her mouth as quick as possible so no one would spot them. With the tightening of his balls, he came inside of her, his dick spurt stream after stream of cum into her mouth as his fingernails dug into her head. "Julia-san!" He groaned out loud, his voice way deeper than his usual high-pitched noises. When he was finally done, he exited out of her as she swallowed one last time.

"That was so much cum." She commented.

He grinned sheepishly. "I'm an excessive cummer. I cum like crazy, sorry." Speaking of which, she didn't get everything properly. He placed a finger on the tip, picking up the rest, and shoved it in her mouth haphazardly. She glared at him, but swirled her tongue around his finger. She had never been treated like this by anyone before. No one that needed her this badly. He got hard again with her tongue on his long finger, but pulled his pants up so she wouldn't complain more.

"Sousuke... this behaviour from the both of us. It's so wrong." She said as she adjusted her shirt back on her breasts properly.

"But." He said, thinking his words thoroughly. "We're both enjoying it so much. I can feel how wet you get when I touch you under the table... or at the cinema."

"I don't know why I'm complying with the needs of a needy 18-year-old - who's still a virgin!" She said, shaking her head. What had gotten into her?

The japanese boy was very intoxicating, the way he objectifies her body, and the extreme lust, his need to have her, the way he touches her, have an unwanted effect on her body. Besides, he is attractive in his own, effeminate, enigmatic way. She found it hard to let him down, she felt subconsciously obliged to give him the attention he wants from her. Maybe teach him what was wrong and right in the world.

If she wasn't the one to take care of him... who would?

She felt all of her walls fall down in that instant, like he shattered her will completely. She couldn't say no anymore, couldn't resist his insistent begging and pleading, how his inexperienced fingers and dick played with her body. She... she felt like a complete slut, and that spurred her on more. She was here, sitting in a parking lot, indulging to a young boy while the rest of the moms took care of their own, and it made her so fucking horny just thinking about it.

She turned her head to Sousuke, who was sitting on the passenger seat watching her, hoping she wouldn't be mad at him again. She shook her head and smiled. "Let's go home."

He nodded, a grin appearing on his face again, something she had needed all along.











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