I peered over the wall, looking at her inside her cubicle. There, just as I expected, I saw Arianna, my assistant, sitting in her chair. I walked around to the open end of her cubicle, smiling. She looked up at me. I could tell she was a little nervous sitting there, looking up at me, unsure what I was about to do, but probably sure that whatever I had in mind was not going to be pleasant. She swallowed as she met my eyes.

"Come with me," I instructed. "Now."

The office was full, just like most offices are on a Monday morning, and most of the people in adjacent cubicles were either on the phone, clicking away at their keyboards, or busy gossiping about their weekends. Nobody seemed to notice as I spoke harshly to Ari, as I was fond of calling her, or that she looked white as a sheet as she stood up. She wore a tight navy pencil skirt with a slit up the back, and a white blouse with navy polka dots. It didn't hide her black lace bra very well.

As she stood, I thought back to the beginning - back to how we got to where we were. It all began at our most recent holiday party. It was one of those events where spouses come and usually everybody has too much to drink and at least a couple people wind up making an ass of themselves one way or another. I was determined that it wasn't going to be me, so I only had a couple of beers.

Arianna, however, wasn't her best self that evening. Her boyfriend had to work or something - I don't really remember, but I do know that for one reason or another he wasn't there - and she sort of let loose with one of her friends who didn't last much longer with the company. Long story short, imagine my surprise when I accidentally sneak up behind them and overheard a conversation I wasn't supposed to hear.

"So, Ari, if you could go home with one of the guys tonight, who would you pick?" Her friend Rachel asked. She even put a suggestive spin on it, as if she might even try to make it happen if she thought she could.

"Honestly - don't make fun of me - Derek," Ari responded.

"Ewww! Derek?"

"Yeah, I mean - I know he's a little older, but - he - I don't know, I have a feeling - maybe I just fantasize about him taking control," she said, giggling.

"He's your boss!"

"Yeah. I - that's probably what makes it hot. That and the booze." She took a drink.

"Taking control, huh?" Rachel asked. "Like how much control?"

"A lot. Like, a lot a lot."


"Honestly, yeah - I'd want him to -" Ari stopped.

"To what?"

"To like - don't laugh - but to call me into his office and spank me or something, I don't know."


"Geez, calm down, I know!"


"Yeah, probably just the boss-assistant thing, you know?" She asked.

I figured that was as good a time as any to jump in. "Hey, ladies," I began. "Did I hear my name?"

"Oh, yeah - we just - you did a great job with the party," Rachel said. Of course, I had nothing to do with planning it, but I knew the girls weren't going to come right out and admit what was being said.

"Oh, but - I can't take credit for that, you did a lot of the work, and I really didn't - Well, you know - are you having a good time?"

"Yeah, definitely!" Ari practically shouted. "Hang on, I'll be back." She stood up and walked away in the direction of the ladies' room. As she walked, I watched her ass in her tight burgundy dress, wondering what it would be like to bend her over a conference room table and give it a good squeeze and a few thumps with an open hand.

Truth be told, I'd never really thought of Arianna in that way before - I mean, sure, she was young and attractive and every once in a while she would wear something low cut and I would get a few good glances at her tits - but she was probably too young to be interested in me. She never quite seemed slutty enough to really catch my attention. One time I even heard her tell a guy in the office he was a pig for going back and forth between two different women - not exactly a shining example of promiscuity. But there was something sexy about her.

I don't really know what happened from that point on at the party, but it must not have been terribly exciting. All I know is I went home that night and fantasized about Ari's ass. Just lifting up her skirt and pulling down her panties and giving her a spanking. Or, really, taking control of her in any of a number of ways. I wanted her, and I wanted her badly.

I had a few days to think about it, luckily. In the meantime, something strange happened. I got a job offer doing essentially the same work for a different company. It would be nothing more than a lateral move, and I didn't know whether I wanted to go for it or not - but all of the sudden I had an idea. I could go for Ari, and if it didn't go as planned, I'd jump ship before the shit hit the fan. But how?

"Just take control," I kept telling myself. So there I was, next week at the office, asking Ari to come with me into the conference room.

"I overheard something," I explained to her after I closed the door. "Last week. At the party." I drew the shades closed as I said those words, stopping before telling her everything. "So I'm going to ask you to do something. Something I've never asked you to do before. Okay?"

"Ummm, sure," she said, puzzled. She looked around. I could tell she was wondering why I was closing all the shades.

"I want you to stand at the head of the table," I instructed. Without hesitation. Arianna walked across the small room, standing at the end of the table farthest from the door. "Okay. Now bend forward and place your hands flat on the table."

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked, puzzled. She looked around the room as if she wanted to see if anyone was watching, but nobody could see inside. She soon complied, however, bending forward, looking at me with a puzzled gaze as she opened her hands and placed them on the table after bending forward nearly 90 degrees.

"You were a bad girl at the party," I explained. "Very bad. And now you need a spanking. Arianna, lift up your dress. You know you deserve it."

Arianna was shocked. "Derek - please - why? Why are you doing this to me!" I just smiled as she turned her head to look at me. She didn't make a move toward lifting her dress.

"Ari, I mean it. Now." I said it more forcefully this time, as if I were a parent talking to a stubborn child.

"No, please, don't!" She whined, her palms still on the table in front of her.

"Now!" I said harshly. "Ari, I heard you telling Rachel at the party how badly you wanted this. Now you're getting it. I want that dress up around your waist!" I grabbed the hem of her dress and jerked it upward and toward her back, exposing in the process one of the most luscious backsides I have ever seen, clad in nothing but a sultry pair of thong panties.

"Oh, Jesus, I - I'm sorry! I didn't actually want you to - you know!" Ari protested.

"So you lied to your friend? You made up that bit about me? About wanting me to take control and spank you?" Her hands didn't move, still glued to the table.

"I didn't lie - I just - I didn't think - I didn't expect - this!"

"Okay, so then you were teasing me?" I said, pulling harshly on the dress again. It was pulled up almost to her neck now. She shook nervously, but I couldn't help but notice that she didn't even attempt to move, or even to pull her dress down. So, I decided to test a little theory I was working on. I slowly reached my hand underneath of her ass and touched her pussy through her thong. It was moist, warm, luscious, and as I raised my fingers to my nose, it was pungent.

"Stop it! Please! No! Don't do this to me!". She sniffled a little. Was she crying?

"Ari, you're so wet you're about to drip onto the floor," I retorted. "I don't believe for a minute that you actually want me to stop. Do you?" I knew I had put her at a crossroads, where she felt like she could back out if she wanted, but she also knew she could go for it if she wanted to as well.

Ari bit her lip. Her exposed ass was still spread in front of me. She didn't say a word. I honestly think she was so conflicted she couldn't figure out what to say. Finally I did it. I let my hand fly through the air and come down on her right ass cheek.

"Owww! Please!" She cried. She buried her head into the top of the table. Her hands were still glued to the table palms down, and despite her protests, she still did not make any effort to cover her ass or block my access to it.

"I'll ask you again. Do you want me to stop?" I felt her cunt again. "Getting wetter by the minute, I see," I said, smiling.

"I want you to stop, but you're the boss," she said. And right then, I knew I had her. The slut.

"I get it," I said. She wanted it, but she found it much more arousing if she protested. I wasn't going to ruin her ploy to feign reluctance by confronting her with it.

Truth be told, I gave Ari a rather harsh spanking that day. She buried her face in her hands and took her punishment and pain like a good girl. Eventually I pulled the dress down over her ass and let her walk free. I brought her into that room two more times that day. Our relationship, if you will, progressed from there.

What I mean is, really, I kept spanking her for a while. I would call her into the conference room and raise up her dress or skirt, pull down her panties, and spank her ass. This went on for a couple months until I gathered up the courage one day to press a couple of fingers into her wet, slutty cunt. She didn't object, and I fingered her for a couple days. After that, I commanded her to kneel and she sucked me off. I blew my load right into her mouth. And then, the next time we were alone, I pressed my hard cock into her wet pussy for the first time.

Another couple months went by, and what originally started in January continued into May. Finally, as summer neared, I confronted her with an opportunity - she could tell me to leave her alone and I would respect that. Or she could delve deeper into our relationship. She decided, of course, that she wanted to take a break and concentrate on her relationship with her boyfriend. I was disappointed, but understanding, and about half-expected that I'd never get to fuck her again.

Our "break" lasted all of eleven days. She came in the next Friday, after everyone else had left and practically begged for a change.

"I'm sorry, Derek. I thought I knew what I wanted," she said.

"And what did you really want?" I asked.

I want to go back to where we were."

"Where I spank you? Hurt you even? Fuck you?" I asked.

"Yes," She said reluctantly.

"Just admit it. You like it. You Ike the humiliation. You like the pain. Right?" I asked.

"Yes," she admitted, looking at the floor. "Can you just - just - fuck me?" She begged.

I wound up making a deal with her. I would spank and fuck her. But as compensation, she would let me fulfill a fantasy and piss all over her on Monday. So Monday came and she had brought an extra change of clothes, and I took her into the bathroom at the end of the hall and pissed on her.

Of course, I kept going with it, doing that every day. A week or two went by, and she had enough again, and she had called the whole thing off . I would always have my memories of pissing on the office hottie, so I didn't mind terribly, although I was a little disappointed. Apparently, Arianna was reluctant to cheat on her boyfriend again, or so she led me to believe. However, after another week and a half of no sexual contact with me whatsoever, she was in the mood to do whatever it took to regain it.

I made a deal with her again. "If we start this again there will be rules. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I mean - what kind of rules?" She asked.

"First, your body belongs to me. I own it and I will do with it what I desire. If I want to hurt you, that is my choice. If I want to fuck you, you will not deny me access to your body. You will do what I say. Second, I control your orgasms. You will not cum unless I have given you permission. So when your boyfriend fucks you, don't cum. You're saving it for me. Got it? And I'll let you cum probably once a week, more than likely on Friday afternoons when everyone has left. Third, when we are alone, you will call me Sir. Or Master. Or mister Mitchell. You can call me Derek anytime that we are not alone. And fourth, this isn't really a rule, but - since we both know you enjoyed being pissed on, as evidenced by your shockingly wet cunt every time I did it - I'm going to train you to drink my urine."

"That's disgusting!" She commented, nodding her head matter-of-factly. But she either became aroused at the thought, or she wanted the spankings and fucking to continue so badly that she just went along with it. I ran my cock into her wet cunt that day, but as instructed, she did not cum until the following Friday.

The next Monday I brought her a coffee travel mug with about two ounces of my piss in it, and watched in disbelief as Ari downed it in less than a minute. She made a horrid face - one that I will never forget - and it just had the effect of making me want to get as much of my piss into that girl's stomach as I could manage.

Arianna looked at me with big, puppy- like eyes. "That's horrid!" She said, shaking her head. Yet there she was, the next day, pressing a coffee travel mug full of my piss to her lips at her desk, feigning enjoyment as she downed her first swig of my urine.

And so it was that I had decided on this particular Monday, two weeks later, that I was done being nice, being respectful, or being considerate of Ari's wishes. Like it or not, she was a slut, and a slave, and she had better start learning her place.

"Come with me. Now!" I said quietly but harshly.

"Okay, but - where - where are we going?" She asked innocently.

"The bathroom. At the end of the hall," I said with an evil smile. Nobody ever visited that bathroom. In the past few weeks I had dragged her down there a few times once everyone else had left, to piss on her before the day was over. But this was at about 10:30 AM.

"I didn't bring an extra change of clothes," she said, her voice trailing off. I could tell she was just expecting me to piss on her body and make her work in soaked undergarments, as I had done in the past. But she was not exactly correct.

"I havent been pissing on you lately, have I? I asked. "I've been making you drink it instead, right? So you don't exaclty need a change of clothes, do you?"


"No what?"

"No sir."

"Then let's go." I watched as she just sort of sat there, bewildered, maybe even astonished that I would make such a request. She was really an independent, strong-willed type, and she seemed to like fighting me on everything, which is why it was so fun to finally get her to crack and accept what she was.

"Now," I said, leaning in. I said it sternly, but quietly. After all, there were other people around in nearby cubicles. I grabbed her forearm and tugged, and watched as she looked at the floor, sighed, and stood. I let go of her arm and let her lead the way. As she walked, I could see that her hands were clasped tightly in front of her, and a couple of times I even thought I saw her shaking. She did this sometimes, and I could never quite tell if she was afraid or just extremely turned on.

"Get down on your knees," I ordered once we had reached the bathroom. She just looked around for a minute as I closed the door and locked it.

"Where- Here?" She asked, pointing to the most obvious spot on the floor. The bathroom was about fifteen feet by eight feet, with the sink and door on opposite walls eight feet apart, and a single toilet in a stall at the other end. The spot she had pointed to was near the door.

"That's fine," I told her. I really would have preferred her to kneel near the toilet, but that would be something I'd save for another day.

Arianna looked up at me once she had knelt. "Please, sir?" She begged. She gave me her best puppy eyes and pouty lip.

She was a rather short girl with brown eyes and near-black hair. I knew she had some sort of Hispanic ethnicity, but I really wasn't sure what it was; I had never asked. I never really knew if questions like that were appropriate in this day and age coming from a middle-aged non-Hispanic white man. But I knew she spoke Spanish, and I knew her parents had immigrated to the U.S. from somewhere. She was a little slimmer than average but she was by no means a stick figure, and she had big, squeezable D-cup tits. Sometimes she liked to display some cleavage; those days were always good days.

"Please what?" I asked her.

"Please don't make me - don't make me do this," she begged.

"And why not?"

"It's nasty!"

"Open your mouth, Ari," I said. She looked legitimately scared as I reached down and caressed her face with my left hand and unzipped my pants with my right. She swallowed her saliva. "Do as you're told. Now."

Ari looked at the floor for half a second before looking back up at me. "Please, sir?" She asked. "I'll - I'll deepthroat you - I'll swallow all your cum, I'll - you can spank my tits -"

Quickly, I delivered a slap across the face to the bratty girl. "Ow!" She cried out. Good thing the bathroom was an extra that was located far away from the office cubicles.

"I could go that route. Or, I can slap your pretty little face until I bruise your cheek," I offered an alternative. "And when I'm done, I'll still have to piss, and you're still a urinal slut! So you might as well just open up!"

She swallowed her saliva again. I could sense an internal struggle for a few seconds as she stared at my cock. She sniffled a little - was she really about to cry as a result of the way I was using her? Finally, she opened her mouth.

"Look up at me," I commanded. As her eyes met mine, I started to trickle a small stream of urine into her mouth. "I want to see the look on my face while I piss in your mouth." As she heard this, the corners of her mouth turned down, although her mouth remained open. Looking at her eyes, I could see that they had begun to water.

"Don't swallow until I tell you to," I instructed. I stopped pissing for a few seconds, allowing Ari to savor the flavor of my urine before starting again, filling her mouth about halfway up. "Swallow," I commanded finally. Ari closed her mouth and made a face so horrific that I even began to feel sorry for her for a fleeting moment. After all, I'm not a monster.

"Good girl. But look at me next time you swallow," I corrected. She had looked at the floor instead.

"Next time?"

"Yes. Open again."

"Again? Sir, please, I - "

"Actually, I think I'm going to empty my entire bladder into your stomach, Ari," I said. "All of it. It's time you learned to be my full-time urinal."

"Master, please!" She begged. "All of it? I - I mean - " She started to cry for real, not bothering to cover her face as her eyes squinted and a tear moved from the top to the bottom of each of her cheeks.

"Hold it together, Ari. Tell me how you feel."

"I feel like I'm not even a person!" She wailed suddenly. The tears came faster now, and she cried more dramatically. She wailed once or twice in a nearly incomprehensible "Please!"

"Ari, sweetie," I said as I approached with a wad of toilet paper for her tears. "You know you can back out of this altogether any time you want." She shook her head "no" as she took the toilet paper, then stopped and applied it to the moist droplets streaking down her face.

"Then open your mouth."

Arianna sniffled, then swallowed again. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. Whether she was truly willing or not, she was going to drink again. Slowly I moved closer, bringing my cock to her lips before starting to piss again. She kept her eyes locked on mine as I filled her mouth mostly full, then backed away. I looked at my little urinal, mouth open, submissively kneeling on the floor. She hated doing this so much that she cried over it, but she continued on. I secretly thought she got so aroused doing it, and being made to cry, that there was no way she would stop even if she could. Maybe that was just all fantasy, though.











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