WARNING: This story contains elements which may be interpreted by some as unpleasant, so if you're weak hearted, now is the time to leave.


The day had finally come when Rakshit was making his first visit to his high school ever since he graduated. Due to his recent success in his academic and career endeavours of initiating his own nano-technology company, his school's principal Mrs. Ritika had invited him as the chief guest for the high school graduation day. Even though his memories of his alma mater were not as much on the positive side, due to a lot of bullying by the students and teachers alike, he was curious as to how their attitudes towards him might've changed.

As far as his teachers were concerned, the only devastating problems he encountered were with his physics teacher Mrs. Sujatha. The rest were also contemptful of him but didn't go out of their way to mentally torture him the way Mrs. Sujatha did. They just didn't pay as much attention to him but weren't supportive of him in any way either. However, Sujatha almost had a grudge against him and took every chance she got to make him miserable, be it in the form of writing a formula 500 times in class when he couldn't answer it, using him as an example of a person not to be like, or yelling at him and embarrassing him in front of the whole class for the pettiest of issues.

All of this mistreatment, along with the residual emotional turmoil was well cemented in Rakshit's memories, and even at present he would have certain horrible nightmares that he had back then. The most horrifying memory that gave him goosebumps even now was that of Mrs. Sujatha slapping him as hard as she could on his face in front of the whole class when he forgot to take his assignment to class and this was considered as a lie and an excuse despite being true.

"You think I'm a fool to believe that? You pathetic idiot," these harsh words echoed in his mind over and over again as he then remembered turning back and looking at the rest of the class look at him with utter disappointment, patronizing concern, and could hear soft giggles around the corner.

Such instances shattered his self-confidence and wrecked his self-esteem and sense of fairness to the point that he used to think that he was not the victim of such mental abuse rather deserved it well for what he thought were his "misdoings".

It wasn't until after he graduated from college and started his company that the memories of these incidents caused a paradigm shift in his perception of it, and he no longer viewed himself as the guilty party but the cunningly deceived and mistreated.

It filled his blood with boiling rage and he suffered the consequences of not being able to express his anger in whichever form. When he finally got the email from his principal, inviting him as a chief guest, he only hoped that Mrs. Sujatha wouldn't have changed schools, as he would finally be able to get his sought, justified revenge.

All these thoughts crossed his mind as he was sitting in his car for a moment just before entering the school premises. He didn't have a plan for revenge and couldn't think of one soon either. He shrugged in his indecisiveness and took off hoping that he would figure out what to do eventually as the moment arises.

He was welcomed by the principal and escorted to the main auditorium where the event was taking place. He was made to sit beside two of his old teachers Mrs. Sriya and Mrs. Vidya, and he was absolutely disgusted by the way their mannerisms and attitude towards him had changed. They spoke with him in a jovial and pleasant manner, as if that's how they always had spoken to him and he couldn't help but think "these bitches are just gold-digging whores, treating me like shit when I was a kid and now all this crap just cause I'm rich".

He just played along in their conversations and pretended to give a fuck as they were not as much a concern for him as his primary target Mrs. Sujatha. He looked around in the room to try and get a glimpse of her, but to his unfortunacy, he wasn't able to.

"Does Sujatha ma'am still teach here?" he asked.

"Yeah she still teaches here, don't worry. She's in charge of catering dear," replied Mrs. Vidya.

"Ah, okay," he said, pretending to be cool about it even though it mattered a lot to him.

In a few minutes, it was time for him to give his inauguration speech. He spoke along the lines of inspiration, innovation, responsibility, and that kind of mainstream crap. He pulled it right off of a Steve Jobs speech but just paraphrased it thinking it would be good enough a speech for the occasion. It was a high school after all, and he thought none of the students would even be as interested in what he had to say anyway. As expected, he received good applause after completion and it was satisfactory for him.

"That was a very nice speech sir," said one of the students as she escorted him off the stage.

He thought to himself "yeah of course she has to flatter me as part of her pathetic role," but smiled and nodded anyway.

"Where's the catering section?" he asked her.

"Oh, it's in the second-floor main hall sir."

"Okay thanks," he said as he walked out of the closed auditorium.

He stood in front of the elevator, looking at the floor display board, waiting for it to reach the 4th floor. The lift finally arrived, and the doors opened gradually.

"Hello ma'am," he said to the woman inside.

"Oh Rakshit! how are you dear? it's been such a long time," Mrs. Sujatha said to him, being genuinely delighted to see him.

"Yeah, I've been fine," he said as she walked out of the elevator.

"Didn't see you in the auditorium, so I asked around and came to see you," he said, just wanting to see how she'd react to a very intimate statement like that.

"Oh, how sweet of you Rakshit," she said, blushing openly.

"Perfect, she's just as two-faced a bitch as I thought she'd be," he thought to himself.

She walked towards the dressing room as she forgot to take her phone from there and Rakshit followed her to wherever she was headed. He noticed how big and beautiful her ass was, and the first thought that came to his mind was how he hadn't noticed this when he was still in high school. He thought it was probably because her harsh personality drew less attention to her beauty but didn't really care what the reason was.

Her butt was exactly what any wild, ass loving man would want to see, waiting for him at home every day. Her waist was slim and her butt exploded outwards like two magnificent globes wrapped tightly together by her saree, forming one big, round, conspicuous mound, confidently protruding from the rest of her body. Her hips were wide and her buttcheeks were deep, elegantly curvy, and stretched out the fabric of her saree to a point that the borders of her large white panties were clearly imprinted on them, causing his penis to twitch with the first rush of lust ridden boiling blood. He knew just that at that moment what the nature of his punishment was going to be like and couldn't wait to execute it.

She noticed Rakshit staring into her ass, as she turned her head slightly aside to catch a glimpse of what he was doing, and she smiled and blushed to herself.

"Are you enjoying the view?" she couldn't help but ask him in a sexually suggestive manner.

"Uhh what...I...don't know," he mumbled in shock as he turned away, just soft enough for her to hear it but not completely legibly, as he didn't expect her to be so promiscuous about the situation, and it just seemed so all of a sudden. She smiled at his innocent reaction.

"This horny pathetic bitch, how dare she say such a thing" he thought to himself, enraged by her upright promiscuity.

As soon as they entered the dressing room, Rakshit knew this was his chance to take his revenge and softly closed the door and latched from inside as she proceeded to walk towards the table to look for her phone.

Sujatha found her phone at the bottom of the main teacher's desk and kept it in her purse. She pretended to not find it and continued to pretend to look for it at the bottom of the desk, bending over to enunciate her big, juicy butt, and pointed it right towards Rakshit as he walked closer.

"I can't seem to see my phone here," she spoke in an obviously fake tone.

"That's such a pity," Rakshit responded in a similarly fake tone reciprocating her obnoxiousness.

He gradually stood right behind her as she continued to look and suddenly pressed his semi-hard boner against her ample, soft ass, denting her butt cleavage.

"Oh dear...looks like someone's quite excited," she said, feeling his massive boner sandwiched between her big ass.

She stood up while still in contact and turned her face behind to look into Rakshit's eyes. She caressed the side of his face with her fingers.

"I'm very sorry for being so harsh on you Rakshit," she apologized.

After a moment of silence, Rakshit exhaled loudly.

"You see bitch, just because I'm rich and successful, it's very easy for you to say you're sorry now. Bitches like you are just greedy gold-digging sluts and to make matters worse, you spend most of your time trying to ruin the lives of weak, innocent, naive students."

"I know I put you through a lot of pain and misery, and I understand how horrible that must have felt...I'm very sorry you feel this way now and I'll let you do anything to me to to make up for it dear..." she said as she looked deep into his eyes and caressed his chin, arching her back and pressing her butt even further into his groin.

Rakshit's blood rushed excessively to his semi-erect cock, causing it to expand and harden even further.

"I guess we'll just have to see about that," he spoke softly and waited a moment.

"I'm glaad you...ooooh..."

Before she could finish her sentence, he pushed her against the wall with her ass pointing outward, held the edge of her saree, and ripped the fabric apart, exposing her big, round, juicy panty clad butt to the cold air. He then held the edge of her panties and tore that as well, causing her ample, compressed butt cheeks to wobble in shock.

"Easy honey...I'm all yours," she suggested.

Paying no attention to her, he immediately whipped out his completely hard, massive boner out of his pants and pressed his body against hers as hard as possible, nestling his cock between her ample butt cleavage, wetting his cock in her slimy pussy juices.

"That's more lubrication than you deserve, I'm doing you a favour," he said.

"Huh...," she murmured with an aroused yet slightly confused tone not knowing what he meant, and within a fraction of a second, she felt his hard cock poking hard against the tip of her sweaty butthole and her eyes opened wide.

"Oooh what a kinky boy...fuck me hard in the ass," she pleaded.

His dick head was gradually expanding her tight butthole and was piercing in millimeter by millimeter until it was completely submerged in her soft, warm, squishy rim, and without any care or concern, he abruptly pushed hard against the tight grasp of it, ripping through her anal walls, until almost his entire length was completely buried inside her.

"Aaaah.mmmhhh," she whimpered out loud and was immediately shut by Rakshit's palm, muffling her loud squeal of pain.

Rakshit could feel a cold liquid dripping from within her insides. He considered that it could probably be her blood from the friction of his sudden, hard plunge into her ass, but he didn't mind. It turned him on more to know that he had caused her some pain and damage but it still wasn't enough.

Tears rolled out from the side of her face, and her loud squealing was now softened into a series of soft, muffled words. She tried to say something but Rakshit didn't catch what it was. Neither did he care.

Though it was painful for her she didn't resist him or struggle out of his grasp. She just let herself be taken on by his powerful rage and lust, feeling what was a combination of pain, arousal, and disappointment at his lack of care.

"I was your bitch for the whole of my high school years, but you're my pathetic bitch now," he whispered into her years, and he could feel his palms covering her mouth move slightly, and a soft two syllabled word that sounded like "okay" dissipate into the skin of his fingers.

He then placed his other arm on the sleeves of her blouse and pulled it with force, exposing her ample milf bosom. He grabbed a handful, fondled, squeezed hard, causing it to squish out of the gaps of his fingers. He placed two of his fingers on the tip of her brown nipples and pressed it as hard as he could.

"mhmmhhhhh," he heard another muffled squeal of pain/arousal from her. His cock was completely buried in the depths of her warm, tight, bowels and every second he thought about it made him just as much harder and desperate to fuck her with all his might and no restraint.

He continued to play with her breasts for a few more moments and then couldn't wait any longer. He pulled his buried cock back a few inches and then plunged it back in with a massive force, hearing a controlled moan transitioning into a big gulp from his fuckee.

With one arm on her bosom and one harm on her lips, he held on to her tight continued to fuck her harder and harder, feeling the sheer physical pleasure of her intimate sex organ caress and please his big cock, almost as if that's what it was meant to do in its entire existence. That combined with the mental pleasure of justice being served to a harsh bitch the way she deserved it filled his blood with raw, justified lust.

Every consecutive fuck resounded with a loud thud as her big, soft butt splattered and jiggled against his coat. She continued to twitch and moan in pain and pleasure as he dominated her hole like a horny, wild beast, and her whole body was beginning to shiver uncontrollably.

Her anal twitches were pushing Rakshit towards the edge and made him hit at her faster and harder with all his might, causing him to squeeze her boobs firmer and pin her against the wall with all his weight and strength. She held the back of his neck for support and was on the verge of getting an orgasm. Her twitches were getting more intense and were squeezing his hard cock with sheer lust and passion.

He thought about how he was inside the most intimate of her holes and was fucking her bleeding butthole with all his might. The memories of his high school days flashed across his mind, when he used to be the one suffering in misery, and the fact that she had submitted to his brutal treatment in raw carnal lust for punishment thrilled and excited him. His mind was captivated by his cruel, visceral lust, and he could hear the loud pounding of his heartbeat against his chest.

She couldn't control her orgasm anymore and in a matter of seconds her vigorous twitching stopped at once, and her soaking wet pussy sprayed a watery yet thick jet of her lust-ridden female cum right onto Rakshit's pants. She let out a loud submissive moan into his palms without control and her eyes shut in half, turning her face pink. She dropped her head back into his shoulders in weakness and submission.

Rakshit felt the cold liquid splatter against his black pants, acting as the final push off the edge of his ferocious climb to the peak of his wild, beastly orgasm. He controlled the orgasm as much as he could, clutching his groin, gritting his teeth, and forcing in all the semen that had been collecting at the base of his penis, emulsifying with his thin precum to form a thick, slippery, creamy load of cum, until he could control it no more. His eyes opened wide, and within a matter of a few seconds, he felt the slimy strands of cum, slither out of his cock with great force and energy, like sexually possessed, uncontrollable snakes, and splatter hard against his teacher's bowels, causing her to bite her lips and drool in her semi-conscious state of mind.

"Aaahh...aaarhhh...aaarh," he moaned at the top of his voice with a beastly growl, as every last drop of cum had rocketed itself out of his cock, leaving his cock to still twitch inside her ass with post-orgasmic reverberation, as his pressed his face against her neck.

They stood in that position for a while, with his massive cock still buried deep into her ass, dripping with a light pink mixture of cum and blood, until he felt like he had done her enough, and at once he pulled out his cock from within, wanting her to moan in pain one last time. She took in a deep sexual breath at that moment, controlling herself.

He heard the chattering noise of students coming from afar through the closed door and figured it was time to leave the building. He walked back and noticed that Sujatha was naked waist down as he had torn her saree and began to unbutton his coat.

"Here...cover yourself with this..." he said as he threw his coat on the floor.

"And you might want to visit a proctologist," he said to her and walked out of the door as she stood by the corner, shocked and speechless.

The End.

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