Just as I was growing used to the pain and everything else, my world exploded into a new and excruciating pain. Over and over Maria struck me with the flogger. Twenty-five lashes on my back and butt with the last two directly on my pussy and butt plug. I had several orgasms during the whipping, but nothing compared to the final one when she struck my pussy and clit clamp. According to Maria I was unconscious for ten minutes. Mr. Miles helped get me down and Maria tended to the marks on me.

Once I was aware enough to sit up, Maria attached a leash to the collar. I noticed the clamps were gone but the plug was still there and the collar. I asked about the collar and leash. Her only response was to pull on the leash. I had no choice but to follow. She led me to Mr. Miles' study. I was directed to kneel next to his desk and office chair. Maria stood next to me still holding the leash.

Mr. Miles finally acknowledged me. "You have passed the first and second test. Now for the third and fourth tests. Third, you will wear the collar and leash until you leave Sunday evening. The plug will also remain in unless you need to relieve yourself. Maria will remove it and put it in the sink. You will take care of your needs. When you wash your hands, you will wash the plug and lube it. You will hand it back to Maria and she will re-insert it. From now until you leave you will refer to Maria only as Mistress and me as Master. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"The fourth test. Every thirty minutes you will suck on Maria's strap-on or lick her ass and pussy to orgasm. Several times during the day she will bring you to me and you will suck my cock and allow me to fuck your other two holes. At no time is she allowed to release the leash. If this is too much for you, you need only reach up and remove the collar and repeat the safeword three times and you will be allowed to get dressed and leave. Do you understand these instructions?"

"Yes, Master."

"Then show how much you want to be chosen for the party. Crawl over here and take my cock out and suck it. I know you are untrained, so I will teach you what I can in the time we have." All through this Maria, oops I meant Mistress, just stood silently nearby and held my leash. I don't know where Mistress got the riding crop, I looked after the first strike, but I was struck every time my teeth scraped Master's cock. By the time Master finally came in my mouth I received ten strokes from Mistress.

"That was the worst blowjob I have ever received, slave. For the rest of the weekend Maria will bring you to me every two hours to practice. I will have guests you can practice on as well."

"Yes, Master."

"Now turn around, on your knees and elbows. I want to fuck that hot wet pussy of yours."

I did as ordered. I heard him remove his shoes and pants then kneel behind me. I knew my pussy was already wet and he wouldn't have any difficulty entering me. I moaned when he roughly shoved his hard cock in my wet pussy. I glance at Mistress and she was squeezing a breast and fingering her pussy while watching me get fuck by our master.

"Turn over on your back, slave. Your mistress needs attention, too," he commanded.

I rolled over and he re-entered me, Mistress sat on my face and commanded me to eat her. I have never done anything with another woman before. I knew what made me feel good, so I did that to her. I guess it was working as she was enjoying what I was doing to her. We were like that for quite some time before all of us were sated. Master and Mistress rolled off of me and I lay there panting for a few minutes.

Master had me clean his cock before getting dressed. I can't believe I am allowing this to be done to me, but I must say it is one hell of an experience. Maybe I am more submissive that I had first thought. I have enjoyed everything so far except the punishment. I must say I didn't like that at all. Mistress wouldn't allow me to shower and clean up. She did say that if I leaked, I had to lick it up. Needless to say, I did a lot of licking or was that leaking.

I wondered how Master was going to keep up to the two-hour schedule he set. He didn't. He called in reinforcements. Every hour someone different showed up and treated me like his or her personal fucktoy. I was fucked in every hole I had by both men and women with stap-ons. Singly, in pairs and in gangbangs. I spent a lot of time licking the floor of the great hall (polished marble) throughout the day. I was allowed to shower once every four hours. I wasn't allowed to go to my room. I slept on the floor near the front door. After Master's terrible blowjob I never had another complaint. I learned how to cover my teeth.

It all ended by 6 pm Sunday evening. I was allowed to shower and wash my nasty hair before being brought to Master's study. The plug was re-inserted into my well fucked ass about ten minutes ago and the collar and leash remained. Once again I knelt next to Master's chair in the study.

"Well, Emily, You passed all of the tests and then some. You performed above and beyond what was expected of you. My guests informed me of how well your performance and technique have improved considering forty-eight hours ago you were one fucking away from being a virgin. What did you think of your time here this weekend?" He asked.

"I enjoyed everything but the punishment in the basement. I'm not into pain even though I came several times. If not for the gag I would have said the safeword. I am upset with you for taking away the out you provided in the contract. I consider that a breach of contract, Mr. Miles.

"As for the leash and collar, I could do away with them. I am not an animal or pet. I would like to think I am doing this of my own free will, not because I am a prisoner or slave," I told him.

"I have a check here for what you are owed for this weekend. You can take it and get dressed and leave and I'll see you this Friday at 7 pm, or you can choose my new offer," he stated.

"What is the new offer? I won't guaranty that I'll choose it, but I'll at least listen."

"Understood. Instead of going home, what do you think about staying here for the next seven days? You will be working at the club I own but you will sleep here. Maria will work with you on Monday and Tuesday to get you comfortable with the club and its procedures. Wednesday through Friday you will work the club by yourself. Ask any of the staff if you have any questions.

"Your chest will be marked with a big 'T' with a sharpie to indicate your trainee status. Maria will drive you back and forth. You will remain nude during the drive as well. If you take the offer you will be given a different collar that has an RFID chip that will allow you unrestricted access to the entire club just as most of the staff has. I'm trusting you with this access. Don't make me regret it.

"Saturday morning you and Maria will set up the tents and tables in the back yard. It will take you all day to set up for the fundraiser. Make sure you remember to eat and drink. Caterers will take care of the food tent and setting the tables. Maria will remove her uniform and put on a collar, as well, and join you in serving the guest's needs.

"The two of you will clean up Sunday morning after breakfast then meet me in my study where your clothes will be waiting. That is a summary of what will be your life for the next seven days if you choose to accept it. There will be no contract and no safeword until Saturday. This will add a bit of uncertainty to your time here. Your 'roleplay' will be more realistic. I give you my word that you will not be auctioned off or sold. As the contract for the fundraiser states you will be allowed to leave and go home to your mother at the end of this Sunday. Your clothes are on the sofa with your shoes and check. You have fifteen minutes left to decide." With that he and Maria left me kneeling on the floor of the study.

I crawled over to the sofa and grabbed my clothes and shoes. I turned and sat on the floor and held them as I considered his offer. Fifteen minutes later the two of them returned. "Have you made your decision, Emily?" Mr. Miles asked.

"I know which option I want to choose, but I need to talk to my mom first."

"That was expected. I talked to her this morning. She said she can put in the paperwork for FMLA and apply some of your PTO you've accumulated. All you will need to do is call her and let her know you chose to stay all week," he told me.

"What the fuck! You told my mom what I was doing here? How could you betray my trust like that? She will be so disappointed in me." I said as I buried my face in my dress and cried.

Maria knelt beside me and held me as I cried. "It will be okay, Emily. Master did not tell all."

"What do you mean, 'did not tell all'? How much did he tell her?" I asked her.

"Emily, your mother is well aware that you hate your job. She is excited that you have been given this lengthy interview for Event Hostess for my club. I told her that you passed the interview process and have been offered the position. I told her that you'd be on salary for $60,000 per year and that you had already filled out the paperwork for direct deposit. I also told her that I would like you to extend your stay for further training before your final evaluation this weekend. If you were accepted by a majority vote of the members you would be offered a ten-year contract.

"She said she would see you when you returned home next Sunday night or Monday morning. Call her and let her know whether you are staying or leaving. What is your choice, Emily?" He asked finishing his speech.

"I will stay, Master," I told him.

Maria took my dress and shoes and handed me my cell phone. I knew it would be a long time before I saw those again. I called Mom's cell and told he I would be staying for the additional training. I knew it would increase my chances of being offered the ten-year contract.

"Oh sweetheart! That is wonderful. Mr. Miles told me that if you got the contract, you'd live on-site in staff housing and would never need to touch your pay until the contract ended. Just think of the start you would have. He also offered to buy this house and help locate a smaller house I could afford on my own. I took him up on his offer. However, all of it depends on how this fundraiser event goes. None of the offers are valid unless you are offered the ten-year contract. So, I'll see you Monday?"

"Yes, Mom. I'll do my best to get the offer and I'll see you Sunday evening or early Monday. I love you, Mom."

"Love you, too, sweetheart."

I powered off the phone and put it in my mouth and crawled to Master's chair. I knelt there and waited. Master finally took the phone from my mouth and locked it in a desk drawer. From the same drawer he pulled a metal collar with no apparent lock. After he removed the leather collar, I asked about the new one not having a lock. He said it was magnetic. It looks better not having a padlock dangling from it. I agreed.

"The left side of the collar has the RFID circuitry imbedded in it; it is not self-powered. The doors send out a signal that activates the collar chip. If you have access the door will unlock and allow you to enter or exit. If you think the punishment you received in the basement was bad wait till you are caught breaching security. The right side has my family crest engraved into it. That lets all members and staff know that you are my property and are not to be taken from the club property. You are not to leave with anyone other than Maria or myself. I will never tell someone else to take you home so don't fall for it. If neither of us show up let a staff member know and they will set you up in on-site staff quarters. If you haven't heard from me or Maria by Friday night let the Club manager know and he will bring you to the house with a security detail to find out why I am out of touch with you. This is for your protection.

"Maria will teach you what you need to know over the next two days. I have given the two of you the rest of the evening off. You need to be at the club at 7 am so get some rest."

I made my way to my room, showered and crashed wearing my new collar. I still didn't like wearing a collar like a slave, but the job offer was so enticing. If the $60,000 Mom mentioned was real, I'd be making more than she was. But if it was in a trust till my contract ended, she wouldn't have access to it anyway. The $1.2 million she'd get for our house; she'd be well taken care of on her own. I fell asleep thinking about the club I'd be working at.

The Club

It seems like I had just fallen asleep when the alarm went off at 6 am. Maria came walking in without knocking. Not unusual. I haven't had any privacy since arriving here. I guess I forgot to mention the servant's quarters do not have doors, not even a curtain. The bathroom is communal as is the shower. Anyway, I sat up as Maria came in.

"I am so glad you passed this stage of your testing. We are finally equals. We can use first names with each other. Master will always be 'Master' as long as you are training or under contract. Everyone else is 'Sir', 'Ma'am', 'Madam' or 'Miss'. Because of the sexual nature of your job at the club no one under the age of 16 will be allowed in the club. Sixteen is the age of consent in this state. Come. Let's shower and get ready to leave. When at the club even I have to be naked and wear a collar. I have the key to mine so I can remove it when I get home. I rarely go to the club even though my chip comes with a lifetime membership," she told me.

It was 6:30 am by the time we were ready to go. Maria was wearing her maid uniform in case she was pulled over or had to stop somewhere. When we arrived at the club she pulled up to a gate and entered a code. The gate is to employee parking only. She left her uniform in the car. When we approached, our collars automatically unlocked the door for us and alerted security that we were on the premises. We went straight to security and she signed in her keys and introduced me as the new potential event hostess. Security took a sharpie and drew a capital 'T' on my chest. It was explained to me that the letter would assure me that I would not be punished for mistakes while training with Maria and the punishments would be lighter for the rest of the week. All punishments become part of the entertainment on stage.

After getting the letter on my chest we left security. The first thing we did after security was breakfast. I missed dinner last night and was starving. After our big breakfast Maria gave me a slow detailed tour and every time we left a place she quizzed me on what we had seen so far. It took all morning to complete the tour. We had our prescribed lunch and was assigned to wait tables for the rest of the day. At 6 pm we headed back to security to log out Maria's keys.

Maria let Master know we were home and would start dinner as soon as we had cleaned up. She used alcohol to clean off the 'T' and then we showered. Maria removed her collar and put her uniform back on. We went to the kitchen where the cook had left something for us to warm up. We sat at the kitchen table as opposed to the dining room table where we were not allowed to sit. After eating we cleaned up our mess and a couple of rooms before going to bed.

Tuesday morning was similar to Monday; breakfast and tour, only I was the one giving the tour. Maria had a riding crop and would lay into my ass if I got something wrong. I was thankful I only got 5 whacks with it. It still stung for several hours after lunch. We made it through another afternoon of waiting tables nude. Today I had to deal with a few wondering hands. I even came a few times. By this time, I barely even notice that I am nude. Shaving was taking too long each day so Maria introduced me to a depilatory cream. She said the more I used it the less hair I would have to remove until the hairlessness became permanent. Works for me.

I was a bit nervous when Maria dropped me off at the club. I went in and straight to security. I got my 'T' and a piece of paper with instructions. After breakfast I was to swim for thirty minutes, then after rinsing the chlorine off I was to seek out the personal trainer. I workout routine was already setup for me. After my two-hour workout and time in the sauna I was to spend the rest of the morning in the spa. After lunch I was to serve the guests in any way they needed me. I guess I was to be a waitress and a whore. Oh joy. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I can still walk away. Yeah, from $600,000 over a ten-year period. I am mostly concerned how living this life will change me.

The rest of the week was the same routine. Maria and I had Friday night off and spent it together. Making love to each other and sleeping till morning. After our shower Maria put her collar on and worked with me as my equal, getting the yard ready for the caterers later. By 5 pm we were done. The tents, tables and decorations were ready. The caterers were not due until 6 pm so we showered again preparing ourselves for the guests.

The Fundraiser

Seven pm finally arrived and Maria and I were standing at the front door ready to meet the guests. We took their coats and other accessories and locked them in a special room. Directed them to the back yard and joined them when the last guest arrived by 7:30 pm.

I was surprised to learn how we were to serve the guests. Our arms were bound behind us in a mono sleeve. Our ankles were fitted with restraints and connected by an eighteen-inch chain. Then a tray was hung around our necks. We were to carry drinks and food on the trays without the use of our hands and hobbled. I see a lot of potential for accidents leading to punishment. And of course, I see the punishment happening on the MC's stage. Oh joy. I'm not looking forward to this. The last thing was a penis gag, a leash and a blindfold. We were to be led around blindfolded by employees of the caterer. At least we weren't required to wear heels on the lawn.

Talk about a trust building exercise. I don't know about Maria, but I lost quite a few drinks and wore most of them. I earned myself 36 lashes of the whip. After the meal the blindfold was removed and we were used to clear the tables. Ah. A serving tray and a bus tray all in the same night. What else will I be used for by the end of the week?

Next up, the entertainment. Us. I was led to the stage where a pillory was erected. My arms were released and locked into the shackles on the pillory. The gag was left in and the hobbles remained. I screamed through my 36 lashes and half a dozen orgasms. Once I was released, I saw Maria being led to the place I just vacated. I watched her receive her 32 lashes. After we were released, we were ordered to mingle, which meant we were to be the fucktoys of the evening.

It was 2 am by the time we were released for the night. We were allowed to sleep in till 9 am. How generous of him. We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the back yard. It was 8:30 pm by the time I was led into Master's study. Oops, I meant Mr. Miles' study. My contract expired an hour and a half ago.

"Emily, please come in. I must say I am sad to see you go. I have enjoyed your stay. Now for the bad news. Sometime during the event someone paid a visit to the servant quarters and took your dress. I have provided this mesh bodysuit for you to wear home with your heels."

I picked up the bodysuit and saw it was transparent. At least it was less obvious than just being naked. I would get pulled over at least. I put it on and then my heels. Maria had pulled my car around front and handed me my keys. I took the check, hugged Maria and said my farewell to Mr. Miles and left.


My purse was still under the seat where I left it. I felt weird wearing clothes after a week without. I saw that Mom was home, but there was nothing I could do about it. I walked in and she was waiting for me at the kitchen table. I saw her raise an eyebrow but said nothing.











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