Writer's note: What is about to be told is exactly as Mia told it to me in her own words and written down verbatim.

Jan dropped us off at the airport. He was allowed to drive right up to the plane and we only had to walk a few yards in the rain before we went up the steps and into the passenger cabin.

"This is nice," I said as I looked around the executive jet that Azif had chartered for our trip.

"Only the best for you, my darling little one," said Az as we sat and put our seat belts on.

A very pretty stewardess appeared carrying a bucket of ice containing a bottle of champagne and two flutes.

"Ah, thank you Gudi," Az said as he took the glasses from her and handed one to me.

"Shall I uncork the champagne?" She asked, "or would your highness like to?"

"I shall do the honours," he replied as she placed the bucket on the small table in front of him, "you may go and take your place in preparation for take-off."

The note of the engines changed and I felt the plane begin to move. Just as the cork popped from the bottle of fizz, we left the ground.

"How do you know her?" I asked, indicating the stewardess.

"I have used the same charter company for a while," Az explained, "and she has served me several times. Would you like to get to know her?"

"I think I might," I answered.

Az poured the drinks and we toasted our little trip. I looked out of the window to see London disappear from view as we climbed above the clouds.

"Gudi," said Az when she came to see if we wanted anything to eat, "I would like you to meet Mia."

"Hello," she said, givng me a little wave.

"Hello," I replied.

We looked at each other for a few seconds. She was slightly taller than me and her boobs were probably a little larger than mine were going to be. She had fine black hair cut short which suited her fine-boned cheeks and chin and her long nose. Her skin was the colour of Mocha coffee.

"You are very pretty," she told me.

"As are you," I replied.

"I am taking Mia to have her boobs made larger," Az told her.

"Oh, are you going to doctor Wagner's clinic?" She asked.

"Yes," he replied, do you know it?"

"Yes, that is where I had mine done."

"Will you show Mia?" Az asked, "I am sure that she would like to see an example of his work."

"Of course," she replied, "I would love to."

She slipped her jacket off and unbuttoned her white blouse. She pulled it open, revealing her boobs, which were held up in a lacy half-cup bra.

"Will you undo me highness?" She asked, whilst still looking at me.

Az unclipped his seat belt and stood up. He stood behind her, reached under her blouse, undid the clasp of her bra and then, taking his hands back out, pulled her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms.

"Mmm," she murmured as he leaned forward and kissed her bare shoulder.

Seeing him do that made butterflies appear in my tummy and a tingling sensation appear in my little girly-balls.

"Take your bra off now," Az told her.

She pulled the straps from her shoulders and let it fall forward and down onto the cabin floor. I sucked in my breath as I gazed at the most beautiful pair of boobs I had ever seen!

"What do you think?" She asked as she cupped them in her hands.

"I hope mine look half as nice," I replied in a husky voice.

"Would you like to touch them?" She asked.

I unclipped my seatbelt and stood up. I stood in front of her and as she took her hands away, I put mine in their place.

"Mmmm," she murmured again as I gently massaged her lovely breasts.

"Suck on my nipples," she told me.

I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I took her left teat between my lips and began to suck gently. She put her hand on my head and held me to her.

"Are your nipples sensitive?" Az asked.

"Mmm yes, very," she replied softly, "I love having them attended to, especially by such a lovely girl as Mia."

"Mia can attend to more than just your nipples if you like," Az told her, "she sucks cock like no one I have ever come across."

"Will she suck mine, do you think?" Gudi asked.

The thought of sucking on her cock made my clitty begin to stiffen.

"Shall we ask her?" Asked Az.

"Yes," replied Gudi, "let's ask her."

"Mia, my little one," said Az, "would you lkike to suck Gudi's cock?"

"Yes," I replied, taking my mouth from her delicious nipple, "I would very much like to suck her cock."

I heard the sound of a zip being undone and watched as Gudi's skirt fell down to her ankles. She was wearing black satin panties with lace trim. There was a pronounced bulge in them.

"Let me set you free," said Az as he took hold of the waistband and pushed them down over her slender thighs, allowing about seven inches of semi-erect brown penis to flop out in front of her.

"Oh my," I said as I took in the sight of it, "it's lovely."

I fell to my knees and opened my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around it and pushed back it's wrinkly foreskin, exposing it's smooth pale brown glans, slick with precum.

"Oooh," she moaned as I took that beautiful glans in my mouth and started to suck gently.

"Shall I rub your boobs whilst Mia sucks you?" Az asked.

"Yes please, highness," she replied.

And so, as the aircraft took us towards Berlin, Az and I began to give the pretty air stewardess a good time.

"Hello," said a voice with a french accent from along the cabin, "are our passengers enjoying themselves?"

I swivelled my eyes to see a tall, handsome man walking towards us.

"So is your stewardess," Az replied, "in fact we are all having fun, why don't you join us?"

"Who's flying the plane?" I asked as I pulled my mouth away from Gudi's swollen cock.

"Autopilot," she answered breathlessy, pushing my face back into her crotch.

I resumed my task of bringing her off, a task which was soon over.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," she moaned, and then, "Ummph!"

I felt a splash of hot sticky on my tongue, followed by a powerful jet of more of it hitting the back of my throat. I started to swallow as she pumped more and more cum into my mouth.

"Oooh, so nice," she said several times as she emptied her own girly-balls down my oesophogus.

Finally, the torrent became a trickle and her cock softened. I pulled back and as I did so I felt two large hands under my armpits.

"Up you come," said the pilot as he lifted me to my feet.

He plonked me down on my seat and knelt in front of me. I raised my bottom from the seat as he reached up under my dress and took hold of my panties.

"Let me see what you have up there," he said as he pulled them down over my legs and off over my shoes.

I pulled my dress up over my thighs and showed him my clitty, which was standing out, all wet and ready.

"Ah, very nice," he said as he leaned forward and opened his mouth.

"Oh!" I exclaimed as he closed his teeth around the ridge of my clit and dragged them back over it.

"Get on the floor," I heard Az tell Gudi.

I looked over and watched her get on her hands and knees, presenting herself to him. He picked up my handbag, put his hand in and pulled out the tube of lube that I always carry.

"Ooh, cold," said Gudi as he spread some of the gel around her puckered ring.

I turned back to concentrate on what the pilot was doing to me.

"Oh pilot," I said softly, "that feels so nice."

He was bobbing his head back and forth, sucking me gently and nipping my clit every now and then. I reached down the side of my seat and pulled the lever which allowed it to recline, thrusting upwards slightly as I fell back.

"Hhhmmmpphh," he mumbled as I pushed a little bit of length in his mouth.

"Uuuuuuh!" I heard Gudi cry as she received Az's length all the way up her bum.

"Nice and tight as always," said Az as he began to fuck her forcefully.

The pilot took hold of my left leg and pushed it upwards. I got the hint and held my legs high for him, exposing my pussy hole. He reached out to Az and beckoned for him to pass the lube, which he did.

"Be careful with her," Az told the pilot, "you have very big fingers."

"I shall only insert one," he replied.

I sucked in my breath as I felt his large, well-lubed finger push my pussy hole open.

"Oh!" I cried out as I felt it find my love-gland and press gently on it.

He massaged my pussy as he sucked my clitty and before long I let out a long low moan of pure pleasure and began to spend myself in his mouth.

"Oh pilot, oh pilot, oh pilot," I moaned as I emptied my little girly-balls down his throat.

"Uuuuuh!" Cried Az as he put all he had up Gudi's rear end.

"Oh highness!" She cried in reply as she received a copious amount of steaming hot arabian spunk.

"Mmmm, tasty," said the pilot as he took his mouth from me and knelt back.

"Take it out carefully," Az told him, looking over at his hand, one finger of which was still lodged in my pussy.

"There," the pilot said as he slowly removed his large digit from me and looked down as my gaping hole closed back together, "that didn't stretch her much at all."

"Are you going to put your cock in her?" Gudi asked the pilot.

"If his highness allows it," he replied.

"And me?" I asked, "does my opinion not count?"

"Oh, fiesty," the pilot chuckled, "this little one is going to be a handful, your highness."

"I have yet to find out," Az replied, "I haven't had her for long."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, "you don't own me."

"I think she needs a lesson," the pilot said as he took hold of me by my waist, lifted me from my seat, span me over and put me back down.

"Yes," agreed Az as the pilot pulled me onto my knees on the seat and pushed me forward so I had to put my hands down to support myself, "use her for your pleasure Francoise."

I heard the sound of a zip and the rustle of material, then I felt the tip of a cock being introduced to my love-hole.

"Uh," I grunted as the pilot pushed his meat in me.

He wasn't very big, in fact I think his finger had stretched me nearly as much as his cock did, but once he started thrusting it in and out of me I felt that lovely feeling of being filled with cock.

"Will she come again?" He asked as he ploughed me.

"I am not sure," said Az as he reached under me and took hold of my clit.

He wanked me gently with a sort of milking action which felt very nice.

"I think I might want to in a minute," said Gudi, "watching you doing that to her is very exciting."

"Oh fuck, she is nice," said the pilot as he held me by my waist and banged me rapidly, "where did you find her, highness?"

"At a night club. She was entertaining there, two nights a week."

"Oh fuck!" The pilot cried loudly.

He stopped thrusting and held me tightly by my waist as he pumped his spunk up me. I pushed back onto him, relishing the feeling of his throbbing cock against my prostate.

"Uh!" I cried as the dual stimulation of the pilot's cock and Az's hand brought me off, causing a small stream of thick white cum to dribble from my pussy and land on the leather seat on which I was kneeling.

"Now me," said Gudi as she sat on Az's seat, legs apart and pulled up high.

I looked over as Az knelt in front of her and took her stiff cock in his mouth.

"Oh highness," she moaned as he began to suck her off.

Now, I had only been living in his house for a couple of days and he had never done anything to me. I had sucked him off in my usual way a couple of times a day and thought that was all that was going to happen between us. From what I was looking at, he was as keen to suck a girl off as he was to be sucked off by a girl.

"I must get back to the cockpit," the pilot said as he fastened his trousers, "we shall be in Berlin within the hour."

"Hmmmph," said Az, giving him a wave goodbye.

"Yes, highness, yes," said Gudi as she started thrusting up from the seat.

"Is he good?" I asked.

"Oh yes, very," she replied, "hasn't he done this to you yet?"

"We have only been together a few days."

"You really must get him to."

As I sat in my seat watching my prince fellate the stewardess I could feel the pilot's cum seeping out of me. My pussy was beginning to get looser, obviously.

"Ooooh," Gudi said softly.

I could see Az's Adam's apple moving. He was swallowing down whatever she was putting in his mouth.

"Thank you highness," she said as he took his mouth from her.

"It was a pleasure," he replied.

I got up from my seat, picked up my panties and went to the toilet where I cleaned the pilot's spunk from my bottom. When I went back to the cabin, Gudi was serving Az with some food.

"Your seat is clean," Az told me, "you may sit and eat."

"Thank you highness," I replied.

* * * * * *

A taxi took us from the airport to a hotel in the city.

"I have meetings to attend," Az told me once we were in our suite, "you will be taken to the clinic and brought back here once your procedure has been done."

"Very well highness," I said to him as I undressed and went towards the shower.

I walked out of the shower wrapped in a large soft towel. I went into the sitting room, where a waiter was laying out a table for supper. He was very good-looking.

"Oh, hello," I said when I saw him, "What are we having?"

"A prawn dish madam," he replied in a soft voice, "it is our chef's speciality."

"Where is the prince?" I asked.

"He is down in the bar having a drink before supper. He has told me that he will be back in fifteen minutes."

"So we have time then," I said as I let the towel fall from my body.

He stared at me for a second and then came towards me. He took hold of my little clitty and pushed it's hood of skin back, exposing my sensitive pink nub. I put my hands either side of his face and pulled him to me. We opened our mouths and kissed passionately.

"Strip," I told him as I pulled away.

He hurriedly ripped his uniform from his body. I stood and watched as more and more handsome waiter-flesh was exposed to my eyes.

"Oh, that is big," I said when I saw what was hanging between his legs.

"Will it be too much for you?" He asked.

"I think it would be," I told him, "but I can still give you pleasure with my mouth."

He sat on the sofa and I knelt beside him. I leaned down and took him in. As soon as I started to suck, I could feel him swelling, his member expanding to fill my mouth. I took hold of his shaft and pulled back his foreskin. He had started to expel precum and I could taste it's saltiness as it dribbled from his little hole onto my tongue.

"Oooh," he moaned as I began to bob my head and rub my hand up and down.

He reached over and took my stiff clitty in his hand and began to wank me. This excited me more and I sucked a little harder and squeezed his shaft a little more as I rubbed it a little faster.

"Oh miss," he moaned, "oh miss, oooh miss."

I gave a muffled chuckle as I realised that he was getting near to finishing.

We came together, he pumping a large load down my throat and me squirting a large load onto the leather sofa on which I was kneeling.

"Thank you miss," he said as I took my mouth away and knelt back up.

"My pleasure," I replied, smiling at him, "now get dressed before the prince comes back."

* * * * * *

"Az?" I said as we sat eating our supper a little later on, "why have you never done to me what you did to that stewardess?"

"Because you are not finished," he replied, "once you have your new breasts, then I shall treat you differently."

* * * * * *

The taxi picked me up from the hotel in the morning and I was driven to the clinic.

"Good morning," said the smiling receptionist, "we have your room ready and doctor Wagner will be with you shortly."

I was shown to a room where I was told to strip and put on a gown.

"Good morning Mia," doctor Wagner said as he entered the room carrying a folder under his arm, "I am Henrik Wagner, your surgeon. I have brought a sample book."

He sat next to me and showed me pictures of boobs. I picked out the ones I would like to have, not too big, not too small.

"Good choice," he told me, "they will look perfect on you."

"Will they be sensitive to a man's touch?" I asked, looking into his eyes, "only I want them to be sensitive to a man's touch."

"They will be," he replied, looking into mine, "I will try my best to give you what you wish for."

"Pert," I said to him, "I don't want them to sag."

"Oh yes, they will be pert. But a nice bra will enhance their look."

"When will I get them?"

"We will prepare you immediately. Climb onto the bed and a nurse will wheel you to theatre."

"Shall I see you after the operation?"

"Would you like that?"

"Mmm yes, very much."

I reached over and put my hand in his lap. I could feel him stirring in his trousers.

"Will you wake me with a kiss?" I asked.

"If you wish. Or would you like more?"

"Mmmm yes, I think I might like more."

Just then, a nurse entered the room. I climbed onto the bed and was wheeled off to get my new boobs.

* * * * * *

I don't know what sort of sedation I was given, but it made me have a wild dream. I could recount it now, but it would take a while, so I shall save that for another time.

* * * * * *

"Hello Mia," I heard Henrik say, "how are you?"

I opened my eyes slowly, coming back from wherever my dreams had taken me and realising that it was done.

"Oh doctor!" I exclaimed when I realised that my pussy was being invaded by a stout German sausage.

My feet where in stirrups mounted on the bed and Henrik was holding my thighs apart as he rammed his cock in and out of me.

"Your new breasts are done," he told me as he fucked me, "feel them."

I felt my nice new boobs through my gown and gave them a squeeze. They felt lovely!

"Oooh," I said as I rubbed my nipples, "I like that."

"The dressings can come off after a week or so," he told me as he continued pumping his pork-sword in and out of me, "and then you will be able to wear a nice bra."

"Thank you doctor."

"Call me Henrik."

"Wank me while you fuck me," I told him.

"Of course my dear," he said as he took hold of me.

He finished first. With a loud cry he stopped moving and I felt his cock throb as it sent a huge volume of thick German-doctor-cum up me.

"Oh Mia!" He said aloud as he increased the speed of his hand on me.

"Oh Henrik!" I called out in reply as I shot my lot high into the air.

My cum landed on my gown which was pushed up over my tummy. There was a lot of it.

"Get up when you feel ready to," he told me, "take off your gown and have a shower. Then you can go home."

"Thank you Henrik. And thank you for my nice new boobs."

"You are very welcome," he told me with a smile as he zipped up his trousers.

* * * * * *

Two days later we were back in London.











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