Each turn, Saffron picked out a new woman to watch. First there was a busty redhead being used to hold drinks, with a beer can in each hand and a tray hung around her neck supported by her tits. Then there was a pair of brunettes placed under a Plexiglass surface and used as a table. In each corner of the room, there were several blondes posing in lingerie like Christmas ornaments, emphasizing their tits or ass in positions that were impossible to hold over a long period of time unless frozen by the device. Their faces were made up to hide any beauty blemishes and all of them were in heels to emphasize their curvy, toned asses. In the same vein, there were woman dressed as presents and placed around the room, with ribbons tied over their mouths and wrapped around their bodies. This truly was a man's fantasy party and Saffron was the center of attention.

At the top of the third hour, Winston stopped Saffron's rotating display and joined the model in front of a packed house with a microphone in hand.

"Gentlemen, we've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that we ordered a platoon of Christmas Décor which evidently never arrived." The crowed booed. "However, the good news is that we now get to have this beautiful young woman for our main display for the entire night."

The crowd cheered. It was flattering to hear all the men recognize her beauty, but at the end of the day, Saffron still wanted to go to her party. However, that seemed more and more unlikely with each passing minute.

"So, without further ado." Winston fixed Saffron's mouth so it was an open mouth, surprised smile. "I give you our mascot for the evening in all her glory."

Winston ripped the top off, revealing Saffron's big, juicy tits. She instinctively tried to cover them, but nothing moved. Her aunt had left her in an office full of horny men and now she was helplessly naked.

The display started rotating again, giving everyone a proper view of their newly revealed display. Every man in the room was looking her way, even the ones that had been preoccupied with the other displays. Her young body was a jaw dropping, must-see exhibit.

After a few spins, the rotation stopped. Winston placed a collar around Saffron's neck and then stepped in front of her to block everyone's view.

"I'm going to unfreeze you, but keep your pose." Winston said.

Saffron felt control return to her body but as instructed, maintained her pose despite being naked.

"Listen kid, your aunt isn't coming back. Now, I'm not going to hold you against your will, but if you want our payment in full to go to your aunt's company, then we're going to need a main display tonight." Winston said. "It's your choice."

Saffron had never felt this desired in her life. They were actually cheering for her just standing there in the nude. She had made a promise to Jeff to show up wearing the dress he picked out, but at this point he must have already latched onto a new girl. Was it worth it to leave now and risk her aunt's job? To Saffron it was, but that wasn't what was guiding her decision. Since her parents had never let her freeze at Décor, she longed to feel the experience everyone raved about. And after being frozen and viewed from every angle, the combination of voyeurism and the frozen bliss made for a feeling she couldn't get enough of. If she decided to stay for the entire party, it meant more delightful satisfaction that she wouldn't get anywhere else, even as a sex bot for Jeff.

"What are you going to do with me if I say yes?" Saffron whispered.

Winston smiled. "You'll stay naked on display as the center of attention. The collar will allow me to make you dance or change your facial expressions. Beyond that, no one will touch your body. You're here for viewing pleasure, not physical pleasure, as are all the other women."

Her mind was eager to be frozen again so the blissful feeling would return. All she had to was say 'yes' and she would be a permanent party decoration for a room full of men lusting after her youthful body. But if she did say yes, there was no turning back. She wouldn't be able to signal that she had changed her mind. All she would be was a piece of art.

Winston waited with the patience of a saint. Where else would she get an experience like this? The only option was to see it through for herself and it had the bonus of saving her absent aunt's job. Saffron nodded her head slightly.

"I need you to say it."

"Yes, I will be your display."

Saffron lost control of her body immediately. Her mouth puckered into a duck face pout and her legs widened. Placing her hands above her knees and bending slightly, she started twerking on the platform. Her face was stuck, her tits were bouncing, and her ass was jiggling. For the rest of the evening, she'd be their displayed entertainment. She was reduced to nothing but a beautiful object. Her only purpose was to show off her body.

Winston moved out of the way and the platform started rotating again. The crowd went nuts for the rotating doll now twerking. The feeling of bliss took over and Saffron's mind melted into the continuous pleasure as her body danced for their entertainment.


For the next five hours, Megan remained as a Christmas present under Jeff's tree. She could hear the faint sounds of the party raging below. From the lack of visitors, it became apparent that Jeff's room was off limits, which put Megan's mind to ease. She had worried that someone else would find and use her.

As the party died down, Megan heard the drunken footsteps of three or more people stumbling up the stairs. Jeff opened his door and was followed in by beautiful blonde twins, who could barely keep their hands off him. So much for being his present later. That meant Megan was stuck as his literal present until Christmas morning.

With nothing else to do, Megan watched the threesome. The initially hesitant twins were soon making out with each other at Jeff's request before sharing his cock with their slutty mouths. The hours of waiting as a present were starting to get to Megan's mind as the sight before her was arousing feelings that she never thought she'd have.

Being tightly bound like a bondage doll was another fantasy that had crossed her mind but one she had never explored. Now she was being held in body and mind, helpless to do anything but watch her new owner fuck two other girls.

With their second round dying down, one of the girls, Daisy, as Megan had gathered from Jeff's breathy mid-sex compliments, finally spotted the unusual present under the tree.

"What is that?" Daisy asked.

"Nothing, it's just a present."

"Is that one of those Kollar Dolls? I heard those are so realistic." The other twin said.

"Umm. Ya, that's exactly what it is. My frat brothers thought it would be funny to get me it as a gift."

Daisy hopped off the bed and walked over. Megan's body was groped by the horny college student.

"It feels so real. Can we use it?"

Jeff scratched his head like he had momentarily forgotten that Megan was there.

"I guess."

"Nika, come help me." Daisy said.

The two twins picked Megan up and brought her over to the bed.

"She's beautiful."

The girls unravelled the ribbon, releasing the tight feeling and revealing sexy red dress.

"So cute." Nika said.

Jeff had remained hands off and looked like he was ready for bed with all the alcohol and sex he had in his system. The alpha male who put Megan in her place was now a sleepy complacent boy as the twins took the lead.

"Aren't you going to fuck your new doll?" Daisy said.

Jeff grinned. It was a charming grin that likely disarmed most women. His head motioned down at his cock.

"Why don't you get me ready?"

Daisy didn't have to be told twice. Her lips wrapped around his semi-hard cock and bobbed up and down to rejuvenate his erection. Megan lost her train of thought as the first touch of Nika's tongue on her clit sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body. As Nika licked, Megan became wetter and wetter, which encouraged the continued assault on Megan's pussy.

Once Jeff was rock hard, Daisy and her sister moved Megan onto Jeff's cock in the reverse cowgirl position. On either side of Megan, the twins gently rocked her up and down while sucking on her now exposed nipples. Jeff did his part, thrusting his pelvis back and forth in her motionless body. But his lose of stamina and endurance was becoming evident. Even someone like him couldn't go on forever.

He shot his load and quickly pulled out as the girls lifted Megan off his body. She could feel the cum oozing from her pussy.

"I'm going to take a shower, why don't you guys clean that out." Jeff said pointing to Megan's pussy.

And with that he was gone. Nika and Daisy did as they were told and started licking up Jeff's cum from her used pussy. If only they knew she wasn't really a doll. After the cum was lapped up, the two girls turned their attention to the rest of Megan's body. Daisy started kissing Megan's lips while Nika started worshiping her feet. It was a stark contrast to what Megan had initially expected when she had become stuck in her current predicament. She thought for sure that the entire frat would use her in a gang bang. On the contrary, having twin hot college girls worshiping her body was surprisingly relaxing and peaceful. Daisy worked her way down Megan's body, kissing every inch of Megan's gorgeous skin. Nika was transfixed with Megan's feet and her painted red nails, licking, and sucking the toes one by one.

Across the room, Megan could see herself in the mirror. Her eyes were narrow, and her lips were stuck in a puckered pout. Saffron's dress was a size too small which caused her breasts to pop through the cleavage window, making them look much bigger than they usually were. She had to admit, she did indeed look like a present. Like a real doll. Maybe this wasn't so bad.

Jeff returned with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"You girls want to join me. I think it's only right that you clean me up."

At that moment, Daisy slipped the dress over Megan's head, releasing her from the collar's hold. Jeff froze in fear as Megan screamed in pleasure in conjunction with her orgasm that had been building since the twins first touched her body. Daisy and Nika backed away from the now lively doll.

As she caught her breath, Megan made eye contact with Jeff, who subtly shook his head. This was her chance to expose him for trapping her against her will. To expose him for trapping all her models against their will. But even with the collar gone, she still felt horny. She still wanted the twins to worship and use her body. Speaking up would ruin all of that and make for a very awkward rest of the evening. By now the Sly Christmas party was over and there was nothing to gain by revealing the truth. So, Megan improvised by bending her arms at the elbow and making a blank face.

"Megan Bot is ready for pleasure." Megan said in a monotone voice.

Daisy smiled and looked at Jeff. "You said she was a Kollar Doll."

Jeff wiped his forehead in relief and nodded appreciatively at Megan. "I meant Kollar Bot. Slight difference."

The twins flocked back to Megan's body and continued rubbing, kissing, and worshiping it.

"Are they safe in the shower?" Nika asked.

"I think this one will be all right." Jeff said.

The girls giggled in delight and got off the bed.

"Megan Bot, follow us to the shower." Jeff said.

"Yes, master." Megan said.

She arose from the bed and followed the trio, doing her best to use only stiff and robotic movements. Never had she thought she would have to pretend to be a robot for a frat boy. But the circumstances lined up and gave her the perfect storm of events.

For the rest of their time, Megan pretended to be a Kollar Bot. Her mouth was used by all three, sucking and licking each to orgasm. At first it had been hard to remember to keep up the robot charade, but once she got into it, being a robot had almost seemed second nature. Maintaining the mindset that she was there for their pleasure helped keep her focus as her body was used like a sex toy.

When the twins and Jeff were finally ready to settle down, it made sense that Megan wouldn't be joining them. Daisy and Nika brought her back over to the tree in the corner of the room and slid her under it. Because she was tight to the wall and with the tree right above her, Megan couldn't move without the risk of knocking the tree over. Jeff told the twins how to 'turn her off' and Megan played along, pretending to shut down.

For the rest of the evening, she was stuck under the tree. The experience was so enthralling, that she didn't want it to end even though being a robot put her at the mercy of those using her. When they were done, so was she. She lay under the tree staring up. It was pointless to worry about the inevitable consequences of failing to gather the models. That was tomorrow's problem. Instead, she focused on how amazing it had been to be a doll and how amazing it had been to pretend she was a robot and pleasure three beautiful people. Stuff like that never happened to her and it was liberating to experience. She was glad she was caught and wrapped like a present, otherwise none of it would have ever happened. Megan closed her eyes and recalled her favorite highlights of the night as she drifted off to sleep.


Christmas eve was a life changing event for Megan, and her friends and family. Despite screwing up the order with Sly Tech, Saffron was such a hit at the party that Winston paid his fee in full without complaint. Saffron was offered an extremely lucrative job as the face of the company and she happily accepted. Although most of her work was standing around or doing photoshoots, she was active on social media and at conferences, which allowed her to personally build the brand more. The only two stipulations that she reluctantly agreed to were having Sly Tech tattooed as a Tramp Stamp for branding purposes and being forced to wear whatever outfit was chosen including a thick silver collar with SLY on the front. Her body was posed and photographed from every angle and used for advertising purposes. It was a hit amongst their target market and the company flourished enough to rival Kollar Tech.

Megan later found out that the models who were accidentally delivered to the frat house were not frozen until after they got there. They all thought it was the place they were supposed to work for the night and they had each agreed to the scenario that Megan found them in, including her family and friends.

After the frat house experience, Megan's sister and mother agreed to occasionally be display signs for the frat boys after enjoying the out of the ordinary attention they received. It was a huge departure from their conservative nature, but Megan could attest to the power of the frozen bliss. Her mother was painted with the Alpha and her sister was painted with the Omega. They were displayed completely nude behind glass cases at the entrance of the Frat house. As agreed, their bodies were only for show and not for touching, which made for a blissful, stress free session.

As for Megan, her relationship with her boyfriend didn't last much longer. Noah began having feelings for Carrie before finally admitting it to Megan. It was upsetting to be dumped, but Megan remained friends with them both. Although it sucked that she and Noah didn't work out, someone else made their way into the picture to ease her transition.

Megan walked down the long hall and knocked on the door at the end.

"Come in."

Megan opened the door and walked into the bedroom. Jeff exited his bathroom with nothing on but a towel, his abs still wet and on display.

"You know the drill." Jeff said.

Megan walked over to the bed and slipped on the pre-programmed collar. Immediately her arms flew up and her legs split wider. Her eyes and mouth opened wide and remained like that. Ever since her experience as a doll and robot, Megan had craved the feeling. She tried to ignore it, but after her breakup with Noah, she found herself right back at Jeff's door. He gladly accepted her services as a robot and doll one more time. Except it wasn't just one more. Megan went back again, day after day until she finally admitted to herself that this was now her new after-work routine. It wasn't perfect, but it was the best pleasure she had ever felt.

"Megan Bot is ready for pleasuring." Megan said in her programed, monotone voice.

Jeff's stiff cock entered her mouth and deepthroated her. For now, this was her drug. Being a frozen, mindless sex robot that was used every day. And she couldn't have been happier.












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