As they broke their long kiss, Zach opened his eyes to see Colleen's exquisitely beautiful face. Her eyes were closed, her breath ragged, her cheeks kissed with the pink of arousal. He didn't think he'd ever allowed himself to see just how beautiful a woman she was. In this moment, she was completely transformed. Her vast intelligence and drive were still evident in every aspect of her, yet added to it was a lusty enjoyment, a look of bliss that completely transformed her from the commanding officer he knew to a wholly different and wilder animal.

Colleen's breath suddenly shortened, and she blurted, "Oh," her face flushing, her teeth flashing, "Oh... Jesus fucking God!" as her orgasm hit her. Her hips, strained apart by her heels, quivered.

Zach sighed in orgasmic surrender and began to launch his heavy load deep into Colleen's shaking, climaxing, grasping core. He filled her, and was filled with wonder as her tight slit just kept sucking on him and he just kept ejaculating until she was full to bursting and then some. It was like she was pulling it out of him. He'd never felt anything like it in any other woman.

After being overtaken with orgasmic bliss for a long moment, Zach looked down to see Colleen with a broad grin on her face. "I am so fucking reassured," she gushed, looking up at him with an even more intimate look than before, a ravaged, infatuated look. Then she giggled like a high school girl, totally unlike her public persona, and added, "This is going to be great." He'd never seen her so relaxed and happy.

After panting some more, his mind cleared enough for him to form words, and he ventured breathlessly, "I don't think I've ever cum that hard before."

"Well, get used to firsts," Colleen chortled. "Ever had a girl-girl threesome or more-some?" she teased.

"No, ma'am," Zach answered, smiling.

"Neither have I! But it's said men like novelty," Colleen joked, "and this will certainly be that. I just hope, doctor, that you won't soon tire of me given the cornucopia likely to soon be spread before you."

Zach got serious. "I can't imagine I'd ever forget about you, ever forget this moment," he breathed reverently, and then added a moment later, with a bit more levity, "Colonel, ma'am."

"I know from your file that you're kind of a monogamous guy. Any concerns?"

"I'm not saying it's going to be easy on me. I might feel guilty," Zach ventured. Like he did right now. With his dick buried in the oh-so-tight, dripping, slick twat of his commanding officer. He blurted, "I already want to be with you forever, if you would have me." He never wanted to leave this tight pussy. He only wanted to go again, and again, and again, and again. He supposed he would have to eventually pass out.

Colleen smiled a little gleefully at his answer. "I'll have your back always, even if I know I'll probably have to share your cock," she chuckled. "We'll make it work for everybody, okay?"

"Okay." If it was Colleen's intention to pimp Zach out to the crew, he was her slave to command. He would be her happy, happy slut for the chance of being inside her, of feeling this more.

Colleen asserted a bit of her command presence and declared, "Next time, I want you to take me in a real bed, for fuck's sake, and I want us to keep each other up all night. I want you to make me forget I'm in charge of all this. I want you to make me your slave for an evening. I want you to kill me with this great big dick of yours." She worked her kegels and gave him a couple of tight clips. "I think you might be able to."

"It's a date," Zach, always the achingly enthusiastic romantic, replied, inspired. "Let's not stop. I don't want to let you go. Let's start right now."

"Unfortunately," Colleen sighed, "we both have business to attend to." She pulled back from Zach then, and her slick tightness popped him out. A good quarter cup of their mutual cum splashed out of her onto her desk and the carpet. "Clearly we didn't plan well enough for this," she added with a grin. They both smiled at each other, the Colonel's deep blue eyes twinkling mischievously. The always tidy surgeon found his undershirt and started wiping. Pretty soon, they were dressed and matters were adequately cleaned up. She hid Zach's soiled t-shirt away in her attache case, clicked it shut, and spun the combinations.

Zach backed towards the door and then stopped. "Can I kiss you before I go?" he asked.

Colleen answered without hesitation, "Lieutenant, you may have me any way you want in private. This is a new closeness, a real closeness, in our relationship. You must keep an open heart, though, clear?"

"Yes, of course," Zach promised, because it was what Colleen wanted, and he swept towards her, held her gently, and then with increasing passion and tongue, he kissed her. She was responsive, and he dared dream she was interested in more from him than getting a baby and pimping him out to her crew so they could get theirs. He broke the kiss and looked at her closely and enjoyed the look of relaxation and satisfaction in her deep blue eyes as she gazed back at him, another new look for her. He wanted to fuck her again right now. But he was out of t-shirts. And he shouldn't press his luck. "Of course," he repeated, then reluctantly turned from her and left her office.

(To be continued)

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