Alessa pulled at her husband's sleeve.

"W-we can't go out there," She whispered in terror.


"Alessa, we don't have a choice," Hallen told her, sadly.

Hallen pulled her along gently out of their house and into the town. The streets were plagued with Orc warriors, six and half feet tall monsters, rippling with muscle, who brutally pushed their human captives down the street and towards the town square. Plenty of homes and shops were merely burnt down husks of buildings, who knows what happened to their former inhabitants.

Alessa still couldn't accept that this was real. They had known that an orc tribe was loose in the woods around their town, but the town militia had fought off orcs before. This time, they had called for men from nearby towns, and the king had even sent a few of his knights.

It hadn't mattered, the orcs had smashed through the knights and conquered the town in a matter of hours. Alessa had hidden in the cellar of her house with her husband as she could hear the sounds of violence, hear buildings burn and crash to the ground.

Soon after the orcs secured the town, Hallen had been brave enough to venture out and get information. Each moment he was missing felt like a year to Alessa, who could do little more than cower in fear. Eventually, he returned with news.

Since the orcs had taken the town, they had killed most of the soldiers, but weren't killing townsfolk. Instead, they had broken the town into equally sized pieces, a few blocks of houses each. They were taking these groups of townspeople one at a time to the town square, performing some sort of demonstration, then, unbelievably, letting most of the townsfolk go!

After some time, Orcs came to their house and started pounding on the doors, demanding they come out. Alessa was terrified and just wanted to hide, but Hallen kept talking to her. If they just did what the orcs demanded, they would be let go, and they could move far, far from any orc tribe.

They were pushed together with several of their neighbors, who did little more than exchange frightened glances with them. After about a hundred of them were gathered together, they were herded towards the town square like cattle by a dozen vicious looking orcs, each armed with an array of swords, bows, and spears.

Right outside of town square, they were stopped. "Wait your turn," a scarred orc told them.

"What do you think we are waiting for?" She asked Hallen.

"I'm guessing a group is in there right now. Which means we'll be next. Alessa, please, just listen to me. Just be brave, do whatever they say, and we'll get out of this okay, I promise."

"Okay, Hallen," She said, but she just didn't believe them.

A few minutes later, the orcs shouted something in their language, letting out another round of laughs. Then, townsfolk started to walk past, their heads held low.

"I don't get it, they're being set free, right? Why are they so upset?" Alessa asked.

After that, she saw it. Val, the baker's wife, naked from head to toe, was hoisted over the shoulder of a particularly large orc. The orc held a rope in his hands, that rope was connected to a metal ring around the neck of Va's lhusband, Derek. Val didn't seem to be moving at all, and Derek's eyes were glued to the ground as the orc led him away.

"Hallen, this was a bad idea," Alessa said.

"It's too late now!" Hallen whispered to her, as two orcs walked past them.

"INTO THE SQUARE!" one of the orcs shouted, waving his hands and herding them into the square. Once in the square, they were stretched out into a line two people deep. They had been huddled around some sort of contraption, it looked like a table with some device on top, but it was covered with a cloth.

Another orc stepped out in front of them. This one was just as tall as the other orcs, but he carried himself with an air of importance that the common soldiers lacked entirely. He started to speak to them in the common tongue, and he displayed an impressive control of the language that Alessa didn't know orcs could possess.

"I am Jorumond, of the Klathos Tribe of orcs. You must be frightened, and rightfully so. You have been conquered. Being conquered will have its price. But be at ease. If you do not resist, only some of you will pay that price, most of you will walk free,"

The townsfolk started to whisper among themselves with relief, but the orc barked at them. "DO NOT SPEAK! You are not yet free. Until you are, you will obey my every command. Disobey me, and you won't live long enough to regret it."

The townsfolk silenced themselves immediately. Alessa felt almost weak in the knees with fear of this creature, as it walked up and down the line of villagers.

"Here is what happens now. You must pay the price of your weakness. Your strongest men are now dead, we will do you a kindness and take several of your weakest men with us as slaves. But first, I will choose one of your women, to be my new personal slave. Then my men will pick a few women as well.

"Now, all women, step forward. All men, step back," Jorumond ordered.

The women all started to step forward, slowly, and sheepishly. The men hesitated, until Jorumond put his hand on the handle of his sword.

With the women on display, Jorumond walked before them. The women all sheepishly looked away as Jorumond stared at each one like a piece of meat. Alessa was trembling as he passed her. When he left, she let out a sigh of relief, thinking she was safe. However, Jorumond reached the end of line, he hadn't selected a prize yet, so he turned around.

He stopped before Alessa.

"N-no," she whispered.

He smiled.

"This one," He said, grabbing her and pulling her arm, dragging her before the group.

"N-no, please, not me, please let me go," Alessa whimpered.

"Not her!"

Jorumond turned around to see Hallen stepping out of line.

"Is this your woman?" Jorumond asked, walking towards Hallen, still pulling Alessa behind him.

"Yes, she is," Hallen said, squaring up to him.

Jorumond grinned, then punched Hallen in the stomach. "Wrong. She was your woman, now she is mine. Perhaps if you could have protected her, slave, she would still be yours." Jorumond turned and motioned to two of his warriors. "This one it taken, bring him."

Two warriors came forward and slapped a metal collar around Hallen's neck. They used the collar to pull him to his feet. Each warrior grabbed one of his arm and dragged him on his knees behind Jorumond.

Jorumond brought Alessa before the entire group. "Before we move on, I want to make it clear what place you all have in the world. Your kind is to bow in subservience to mine. Those of you that live here freely, you must know this."

Jorumond grabbed at Alessa's chest, taking a fist full of her clothing, and ripped it violently. Alessa was trembling as she continued to shred her blouse, her skirt, her undergarments. Her plump breasts, her shapely legs, her ass, her shaven pussy, all were on display for the orcs and her fellow townsmen.

Alessa tried to cover herself with her hands, but Jorumond grabbed her wrist. "No, understand, you have no privacy, I want them to see you, so they will see you."

Alessa nodded her head, dropping her arms to her sides. Her eyes fell to the ground as she stood before her friends and neighbors, stripped naked against her will by the orc.

"Now, you will see her fate," Jorumond announced,

"W-what does that mean?" Alessa asked nervously. Jorumond simply smiled at her and dragged her back to the cloth covered contraption. Jorumond pulled off the cloth covering to reveal a set of straps and chains, with a depression in the shape of a woman's torso.

"No, wait, please, just -" Alessa tried to beg, but Jorumond bent her over, pushing her into the device. There was a cradle at the neck that forced her head into an upright position, so she was forced to look out into the crowd. Her hands were locked into small cuffs, and a strap was placed across her back, leaving her helplessly chained to the table, her pussy exposed to the orc behind her.

The towns people erupted into concerned mutters as Jorumond started to fumble with something. Alessa couldn't see it, but she knew full well what he was doing, and she was helpless to do anything about it.

A few of the women let out shocked gasps as they looked past Alessa. Jorumond grabbed her hair and pulled back, tightly, and then she felt it. The tip of his cock thrust inside her, spreading open her tight pussy. It was thick, thicker than any man she had been with but there was something more, something about the shape of it that felt different than a human's cock.

"I've chosen well, this one is very tight, at least for now," Jorumond said.

Alessa let out a shriek of pain as the orc carelessly pushed deeper into her. Just the tip alone had felt as big as Hallen's cock, though Hallen's was nowhere near as thick. The orc kept pushing deep and deeper inside her, and Alessa was sure he was going to split her in two before he managed to get his entire cock inside her.

Alessa's eyes scanned the crowd. Her neighbors were standing there, hands clasped, watching this beastly orc man impale her on his massive cock. She thought they might try and help her, but no, they stood passively, watching. Her librarian, her tailor, her old friend, Talia.

Alessa felt the warmth of the orc's thighs against her ass, and realized he was finally fully inside her. She felt stretched to the limit on the orc's massive member. Jorumond gave her a few seconds to adjust to his size, then he pulled out.

Alessa couldn't help it, she gasped as he pulled out, feeling so empty as the orc's cock slipped out of her. Then, in one hard thrust, Jorumond slammed back into her.

Alessa let out grunts of pain and pleasure as the orc started to fuck her. Alessa locked eyes with her friend, Talia, in the crowd. She could tell that Talia was horrified by what she was seeing, but at the same time, Alessa could see the relief in Talia's eyes, that it was Alessa who was taking the orc's cock, and not her.

Jorumond started to pick up the pace, slamming into Alessa's tight pussy harder and harder. Despite all the people gathered in town, it was almost silent, the only sounds were the wet slapping noises as Jorumond thrust into Alessa, and the pathetic moans coming from Alessa herself.

Something started to happen to Alessa. Her mind started to go into a daze. Each thrust of Jorumond's cock felt better than the last, the pain had disappeared completely. His cock had stretched her open, but now, she was wet for him, inviting him in, taking him with ease.

Jorumond seemed to be expecting this. As he felt her become more welcoming, he grabbed her waist and started to thrust into her as hard as he could. Alessa's weak moans of pleasure had turned into loud gasps and shrieks as Jormond rammed into her helpless pussy.

Alessa looked out into the crowd again. Now, she didn't want them to help her. Now, she wanted them to submit, to feel what she felt now, to feel the pleasure of submitting to her better.

"It is time, position the male," Jorumond grunted.

The two orc warriors dragged Hallen so that his face was just inches from Alessa's. He had to watch as she whimpered and moaned, her whole body shaking forward as Jorumond slammed her into the table.

Alessa still loved her husband Hallen, but she knew that this was the way of it. Hallen had been weak, Hallen couldn't protect her, and now, he had let the orc claim her. Her heart belonged to Hallen, but she knew that her body now belonged to the Jorumond, and there was nothing she or Hallen could do about it now.

"Hallen, I'm s-sorry, so s-sorry but I...I...OH GODS!" she screamed. Even restrained, her whole body quivered and shook as she felt a warmth explode inside her, filling her whole body with a sense of bliss that Alessa had never felt before. She came hard on Jorumond's cock, staring into Hallen's eyes the whole time.

Her whimpers and screams sent Jorumond over the edge. "Take it, you fucking slave, take my seed!" He roared as his cock exploded inside of her, flooding her unprotected womb with his warm seed.

Jorumond's hands squeezed at my flesh as he just held himself inside me. Slowly, he pulled himself out, with a wet slick sound. His seed started to leak from Alessa, running down her thigh.

Jorumond walked around the table, presenting his still hard cock to Alessa, covered in her juices and his seed.

"Slave, clean me," He ordered.

Alessa eagerly leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. It was hard to fit a cock that thick inside her, but she took it the best she could. Some of the cum around his shaft rubbed off onto her lips, dripping down her chin.

Once he was happy, Jorumond pulled out of Alessa's mouth. He put his hand on Hallen's shoulders. Hallen looked so defeated, having just seen an orc defile his wife, and, worse than that, to see her eagerly participate in her own degradation.

"Slave, who does this woman belong to?" Jorumond asked.

"," Hallen said, meekly.

"Speak like a slave, now, who does this woman belong to?" Jorumond roared.

"This woman belongs to you, sir," Hallen snapped.

"Good, good, you learn your place. Now come, slave. We must get ready to travel."

With that, Jorumond unstrapped Alessa and pulled her from the contraption. Jormond hoisted Alessa over his shoulders, with her breasts pressing against his chest and her ass exposed behind him. As he did this, another orc ran up and tied a rope to Hallen's collar, handing it to Jorumond.

"Pick three men for labor, and take four women for your entertainment. You may use them now, if you wish. Let the rest go," Jorumond ordered his warriors.

As the warriors set out to their task, Alessa say an orc grab Talia and start to paw at ther clothes. Jorumond turned to leave, though, turning her body with him, and now, all she could do was hear the screams.

She also heard Hallen's footsteps behind them. She remembered that she had seen Val taken like this, and had seen her husband, Derek, follow with his eyes on the ground. Now she knew why. All Hallen could see of his wife was her well fucked pussy, still leaking Jorumond's copious amount of seed.

She knew Hallen hated seeing her like this, but she had done as he told her, doing all that the orcs asked of her. Alessa looked over at Jorumond, and she wondered if she could ask him to turn her around, to spare Hallen the sight, but she had a feeling that he did this intentionally, that it pleased him.

And for now, she had to do as Jorumond pleased. & uid=19366

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