Julia was getting ready to travel to see her boyfriend Alex for the first time in months. They'd been exchanging erotic texts, and photos the night before. She pulled thin black stockings up her long legs, and put on a lacey suspender belt, a thong, and a bra that concealed her pink upward pointing nipples and pushed her 30DD breasts firmly together. On top of this, she wore a dark green, knee length dress, just a hint of cleavage peeking out. Finally, Julia piles her dark cascade of curly hair on top of her head.

On the drive, Julia was listening to the radio but could not stop dreaming about Alex, the night ahead, and his huge perfect cock, that pointed gently upwards, stroking her G-spot like none other. She shivered as she imagined the feeling of it entering her. His tongue flicking across her clit. His hands undoing her bra and groping her firm tits, sending waves of pleasure to her pussy. Eyes on the road.


When she arrived, Julia knocked on the door and Alex answered, looking gorgeous, his incredibly muscular torso visible under his t-shirt. Her eyes flickered down and couldn't help but notice the outline of his cock visible against your grey jeans. He said hello and kissed her, tongue immediately deep in her mouth, hands squeezing her plump ass and pushing her against the wall. Julia sighed and was already grinding into his hardening cock.

He shut the door and said "fuck the bags, l let's go upstairs. After you."

In Alex's room, it was dark, so they turned on a side light. He sat expectantly on the side bed as she took off her scarf and woolly grey jumper, revealing her green dress. "Very nice" he said, eyes locked on the glimpse of cleavage, moving down to her belted waist and hips.

"So, what's underneath?" he asked, with an eyebrow raised.

Julia laughed, and took her dress off, slowly, with her back to him, before slowly rotating to face him. His eyes roamed over her body, and his hands ran over the suspenders over her round backside.

Alex unbuttoned his jeans to reveal his cock. She stared at it. She'd forgotten how it was possible to fit that in her mouth or pussy.

She knelt in front of him and took it slowly into her mouth, tasting and licking the head. He groaned in pleasure and let her lick and suck his cock for a while. Then he took the clip out of Julia's dark curly hair, letting it fall past her shoulders, before gathering up her curls in one fist and applying gentle pressure to her head, signalling her to take his cock deeper into her mouth. Alex held her there, cock deep in her throat, while she moaned, trying to suck and lick at his balls.

He thrusted up into her mouth for a while. He was staring at Julia's plump ass and arched back in the mirror behind her. He fucked her face until she gagged, saliva is running down onto her round tits, pushed up high on her chest. He stroked her face, wiping away the tear running down her check, as she breathed deeply, looking up at him. He put a thumb in her mouth, and then slapped her face, hard, a few times.

"Oh, so the mood is changing a little. I see how it is," she thought.

"Get up, I want to see that gorgeous pussy of yours," he said.

Julia stood up and Alex pulled her thong to the side, revealing her pussy lips, inner labia just visible, and dark pubic hair that's grown quite a lot since they've been apart.

"Wow, look at the bush," he said. He dipped one finger into her tight pussy, before adding another quickly, thumb circling her clit. "Jesus, I fuck your throat for two minutes and you're soaking wet!" he said. Julia blushed.

"Julia," Alex said, "when I've been fantasizing about fucking you these past months, I'm not sure why, but your pussy hasn't had any hair on it."

"None?" she says, surprised.

"None at all. Did you bring a razor?" he asked.

"Yes I think so..." she replied.

"Would you go and shave your pussy clean for me? I'm really curious to see it, you know... hairless."

She hesitated, saying she's not sure. She's only shaved her vulva hair clean off once before, but it was itchy. Keeping her pubic hair was almost a sign of her dedication to feminism.

Alex wasn't going to back down easily, though. He'd been dreaming of her endlessly, and had got a little too attached to the idea of her with a smooth slit.

"But babe look how hard I'm getting thinking about your hairless pussy. The idea of you going to the bathroom and getting your holes ready and fuckable for me is just so hot... You want to make me happy like a good little slut don't you? Go on."

Something stirs inside her, a throbbing in her clit. "Ok I'll do it for you," she says. She removes her thong, leaving her suspenders and garter belt on.

She went to the bathroom and trimmed her bush off, then shaved pussy carefully. When she'd finished, she stared at it in the mirror, conflicted. It did look sexy. She'd left not even a landing strip. With the smeared makeup and the lingerie, she looked like a slut, made for cock. Her pussy was dripping.


Back in Alex's room, he was sitting on the side of your bed, cock in hand. His eyes were locked between her legs.

"Oh, my god, look at that bald little cunt. I didn't realise you were really going for the full porn look honey... bring it over here, I want a closer look," he says.

He turned the bedside light towards her pussy, so he can see it clearly and runs his fingers over her newly hairless wet pussy lips and mound. He examines her razor work closely. It was every bit as gorgeous as he hoped, made better by the fact that she'd so obediently agreed to his request.

"You missed a couple of bits on the side and between the labia. Three patches," he told her.

"Sorry, honey," she replied.

He turned her around and spanked her hard on the bum, three times. "That's for every bit you missed. Don't do it again," he says, only slightly joking. He knew she'd get better with practise.

A little later, Julia came back in, this time with a perfectly hairless pussy. She began to unhook her bra, but he stopped her.

"Don't take it off. Your tits look amazing in that."

She got on her knees again in front of Alex and rubbed his cock between her cleavage and then started sucking his delicious cock. She licked his balls and took them into her mouth. He stood over her, stroking his cock. He grabbed her hair, and pulled her head back, ordering her to get her tongue out for his cum. She orgasmed hard just as his cum hits her tongue, and splatters across her lips. She licks it off, and then looks up at him laughing.

"Oh we're not done yet, you little slut. Get on the bed on your back. Hold your ankles," he said.


He slipped a finger inside her and she squirms. He added another.

"Fingers on clit, babe," he instructs her.

He slowly added fingers until they're all inside her, stretching her open. She opened up for him like a blooming flower. He fucked her with his fingers, then slowly added the thumb. The pressure against her clit was extreme and she moaned loudly. His knuckles slowly pushed their way in, and eventually his whole hand was inside her soaking wet pussy.

"Wow babe, my fist looks so amazing in that smooth little cunt of yours. God, seeing you with no pussy hair... it's like fucking a brand-new woman," he said sheepishly. He slipped a finger into her ass, lubricated by her soaking wet pussy. She came for a second time, around his hand.

Then, he pulled his hand out of her pussy quickly, and started stroking his hard cock, one finger still inside her tight arsehole. Julia realised they're not done.

"Turn over, whore. On all fours with your ass in the air for me. Put your face on the mattress."

He kept the finger inside her as she got into position. He slapped her ass a few times, and she felt the tip of his cock line up against her ass, and then she realised what was happening. He was going to fuck her anally for the first time.

"Wow in my ass, now? Really?" She asked.

"Well I can't fuck your pussy now I've fisted it, can I? I wouldn't feel anything. I need a tight hole. It might hurt a bit to begin with but just breathe through it. If you need to bite down on something just use this," he said, pushing the dildo into her mouth.

He replaced his finger with the head of his big cock, and pushes it slowly inside her. It hurts a lot, and she cries out.

"Good girl, good girl. Keep rubbing your clit. That's it."

Eventually his cock was buried deep inside her and he started fucking her slowly, tenderly. Her face was against the mattress. Alex started fucking her hard, now unconcerned with her virgin pain. She was moaning around the dildo she'd forgotten was between her lips.

Alex pressed the dildo deeper down her throat, and said "you like that in your ass don't you? Who knew you were such a little anal whore. It feels so good maybe I'll stop fucking your pussy altogether," laughing.

She gagged on the dildo, causing her ass to contact around his cock, just as he intended. "Please baby keep fucking me don't stop," she begs.

She turned and their eyes lock. She looked down at his 6 pack, above her ass, that he's gripping with his strong hands.

"You can cum if you tell me you're my little anal whore."

She repeated it immediately: "I'm your dirty little anal whore, baby, please fill my ass with your cum."

They came together and collapse together for a while. He kissed her newly smooth, perfect pussy. Before they go downstairs, she moves to put her knickers on.

Alex stopped her: "No underwear for you babe. I'm going to need easy access to all your holes tonight...""











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