I have never been with a man, but, oh, it felt so good, and I couldn't help myself, I wanted it. My ass contracted, tightening around it. He began fucking me. He buried it deep, I could feel his balls against my ass, then he withdrew to it's the swollen head. He plunged into me, again and again.

Unconsciously, I began to count the strokes, one hundred, two hundred, three Hundred, fuck he had the stamina. Not sure how long I had ever lasted, but this made me fucking look tame. I felt him begin to swell inside me, his strokes Intensified.

He buried as deep as he could, and I felt him erupt, he pulled back, plunged, and sent a second stream. He lingered deep inside of me. He pulled back one more time and thrust as hard as he could. The impact forced my spread legs even wider. I felt his legs shake from his orgasm.

He stayed a few moments, then slowly withdrew his dick, pausing before the head was out, then it was gone. I had the feeling every drop of his sperm was inside me. I was sad it was over. It felt so good, I shuddered at the emptiness, now that it was gone.

It must have been good for him, but fuck, it was better for me. It was a dream come true. Unable to see or hear who was taking advantage of me. That increased the experience. Perhaps it might even save me, from being murdered. Whoever fucked me was safe in the knowledge. I couldn't identify him.

Once again, I felt the head of a cock, it rubbed against my opening, another hard dick slowly slid in. He couldn't have recovered that fast, there must be more than one guy, taking advantage of a perfect situation. This cock was longer and wider. It must have been eight or nine inches.

My ass was generously lubricated, he had no problem plunging it deep inside me, like the other it felt so good. It seemed to go on forever. He was a piston of hard meat, racing in and out of my ass. He slowed down and began a long, deep fuck. Slowly pull out, then plunged in all the way.

All my senses were centered on my ass, I could feel him swell, then he erupted, I felt it squirt deep inside. He shot once, then twice, filling me with his hot cum. Like the man before, he withdrew to the head, paused until every drop was inside. Both were trying to fill me with their seed.

I was a crazed bitch, it no longer mattered who fucked me, as long as someone kept fucking me. My ass twitched, and puckered, begging to be filled. I had never in my life felt this way. Never imagined how good it felt, to have a real penis inside me. Hard, hot, and filling my ass with their sperm.

A third dick pressed against my hole, this one felt bigger. My ass resisted. He forced the head in. I was as full as I had ever been. He grabbed my ass, pulled me forward until my wrist restraints stopped him. He grabbed my knees, pushed me far apart, then drove his big dick inside me.

A wave of pain, his dick felt like he had shoved an arm inside me. My ass struggled to adapt, he was a monster. He didn't seem to notice, he was about to fuck the hell out of me. His cock wouldn't be denied, flexible, not hot iron, he pushed more, and more, into me.

Once he bottomed out, he didn't move, my ass was contracting, and massaging his dick, and gradually, the pain subsided. The fucking started, each stroke was pain and pleasure. I clamped down on my dick gag, mingled cum, filled my mouth. Swallowing the rich mixture, I was beginning to enjoy the violation.

Nipples screaming, my dick fighting to get free, leaking pre-cum on my balls, I was lost in the moment. No longer counting strokes, as long as they continued. He started to swell, the fullness was overwhelming. He pushed in and shot. I could feel it deep inside, it was a massive load.

This guy was full, he shot three times, buried again, then shot two more times, as he pulled out, he paused like the other two, then he was gone. My ass remained gaped open. Something slide up my ass then pressed below my opening. Someone pushed down on my stomach, and I could feel the cum leaking out.

This continued until my ass was emptied, three loads of cum. Someone unfastened my cock gag, slowly pulled it out. I tried to push out my wife's panties, but the penis plug was back in. Once again, it was slowly removed, I didn't move. I guess they didn't want the panties removed.

Seconds later, I felt something hot, and wet, empty into my mouth. I could feel it slide to the outside of the panties. The cock gag was pushed back and buckled behind my head, I began to taste the salty richness of cum. They had emptied my ass and poured it into my mouth.

I had no choice, I had to swallow multiple loads. It took several times to reduce the volume in my mouth. I felt the crotch of the panties, they We're saturated with cum. It didn't taste as bad as I anticipated. Three men, three loads mixed together, warm, sticky, and slightly salty.

Damn, I knew I would fantasize about this forever. That of course depended on whether I survived the night. Thinking about that made me feel vulnerable, unprepared. My ass burned like fire, someone had found my leather strap, I clinched down on the gag, my breath was taken away.

Whoever was swinging, showed no mercy. Again, and again, it hit my ass, five really hard strokes on each side. Tears were running down my face. My nipples were shocked, then my ass smacked. I was making muffled sounds as I bit down on the penis gag, forcing more of their cum down my throat.

Through the night it was the same, three men would fuck me, drain my ass, fill my mouth, whip my ass, and start over. I counted eight sets of three. My ass was a gaping hole. My stomach was bloated, swallowing 8 cups of mingled cum. I had been fucked so many times, my ass was a tattered opening. Bruised and sore.

I guess you could call this experience, a gang bang. Sometime during the night, while being fucked, I passed out or fainted from exhaustion, when I woke up my mouth was full of cum. I could feel something in my ass, I quickly sucked the crotch of the panties and cleared my mouth for another cup.

Then I realized I could move my arms. The belts had been unbuckled, I removed My wrist restraints, mask, cock gag, ear plugs, and found I was alone. I sat up, found my watch. It was near noon. I took out my butt plug, released my penis. It took over an hour to clean everything, another hour to pack.

I dressed, my ass was sore, even my shorts hurt. I dropped my pants, bent over, so the cameras could get a shot of its condition. Both cameras were still working. I had brought a thermos of hot coffee. I poured a cup and drank it all. It tasted good, I wanted to wash the taste of cum from my mouth.

Looking at the cup, I remembered that cum had been poured into my mouth. There were streaks down the sides. After eating mixed cum all night, it didn't matter, so I poured another cup and ate the sandwiches. I would need a little energy for the hike back.

I finished all the coffee. No matter how much I drank, I still had the taste of cum in my mouth. Time to get on the road. I could hardly wait to get back and watch the video and pictures. Fortunately, whoever fucked I hadn't noticed them. Soon I would get to see the faces, behind the cocks.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster of this experience, I couldn't imagine myself looking for a friend to fuck my ass. I would find my way, the movies and pictures would have to be enough. Forever reliving this adventure. It was an amazing feeling, having a real dick inside me.

I got home late, stuck the panties in the hamper, took a shower, and as I started to put my clothing in the hamper I went through my pockets. Inside one, there was a folded piece of paper. It said, "We had the best night of our lives. If you want a repeat, RSVP this number, for next week."

My first thought was, I would have to buy something new and sexy for next weekend. I went to bed, snuggled up to the wife, and fucked her like never before. There is still nothing better than Pussy. My wife said I should let you go out more often if what just happened would be repeated.

I laughed and said sure thing, she said, oh the high school senior football team won the homecoming game, Friday night. I bet they had one hell of a party. They earned it. I thought to myself, maybe I was their homecoming queen. I went to sleep with the lingering taste of cum in my mouth.

To be Continued











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