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My best friend Abbie is about 5'6" with long brown hair and the tightest hottest body I have ever seen. She has a perfectly round smallish bubble butt and small pert breasts. Her ass may be perfect but she is beautiful and has the best personality too! Me i'm 6'1" with an average build and an 8 inch cock.

We spent the whole summer sitting by my pool, and her bikinis were all hot and tight. Most of them showed off her perfect ass and were snug around her hot tits too. Good thing for the cold water, because I would be constantly sporting a hard-on.

After the summer and right around halloween we were watching a horror movie in her bedroom. We were both wearing our pjs. All of the sudden a jump scare popped up and she started to cuddle closer to me. The movie ended and she said she couldn't get to sleep, and asked if I would stay with her.

I told her of course and she eventually fell asleep. I tried not to wake her as I got up to go to the bathroom, where i found her clothes hamper. On top was a red thong (pink brand) that was sort of lacy. I probably should of restrained myself but I just couldn't. I lifted the garment to my nose and got a strong whiff of the intoxicating aroma of her pussy juices. I then jerked off using the hot red thong and came right into the soft wet material. I then took a shower and crashed on the couch till morning.

When I woke up I heard her humming a tune and making breakfast. She had came up with a wonderful costume idea as a zombie bride and groom. We got dressed and she did our make-up and we went to a party of a friend of hers. We spent the night drinking and partying our asses off until 2 in the morning. We were both wasted and we went back to her place again. I woke up first to find that I had slept in her bed and we were both in just our underwear. She was wearing a hot black thong and a matching bra, and I was just in my boxers.

I decided to act like I was asleep and I definitely had a hard cock. I cuddled her closer and my dick was poking between her ass cheeks, which felt wonderful besides the fact that there was only the thin layer of my boxers between our skin. She woke up minutes later and definitely felt my dick pressing into her.

To my dismay she got up and went to do some laundry. So I got up a couple of minutes later and went to take a shower. I got in the shower and started washing, when I heard the bathroom door open. She came in completely nude and hopped in the shower with me. I was very surprised and stated "Abbie what are you doing in here!"

She said "I noticed the cum in my thong and felt your cock poking me in the ass this morning."

"I know I want you, and it's pretty clear you want me too."

I said "I have wanted you for years." Then i leaned in and ferociously kissed her. She gave just as much energy back. I started to grope her breast as I looked her very sexy and perfect body up and down.

I then started to kiss my way down the side of her face, down her neck, across her chest, down her flat washboard stomach, and eventually to her shaved navel. (I love my woman shaved or trimmed) She turned around to show me her perfectly round ass and bent forward to show me her pretty pink pussy. I slowly and carefully started licking her moist pussy and loved the flavor. I began to suck on her swollen clit, and pick up the pace of darting my tongue in and out of her. She began to moan louder and louder and began to quake at the knees. After only a few minutes she was cumming, and I tasted the sweet nectar of her tight hit cunt.

She then turned around and got on her knees, as I stood up. She stated "This is the biggest dick I have ever seen." Abbie began to lick up from the base of my cock to the head slowly. She then began to suck in more little by little, nodding back and forth till she took about 6 inches. She kept picking up the pace till she was sucking at a rate that would make any man cum. I warned her it was cumming and shot 4 ropes of streaming white cum right down her throat, as she looked me right in the eyes.

We took things back to her bedroom, where she put on some see through purple lingerie (knowing my favorite color). We started making out, sucking on each others tongues. I then started once again kissing my way down her super sexy body. I kissed all the way down to her naval (to make sure she was extra wet) and lined up my dick to her tight pussy.

She said "i've waited for this for so long, just FUCK ME ALREADY."

I forcefully shoved my dick into her tight wet cunt receiving an extremely loud moan from Abbie. I stated "Abbie you are so tight, it feels like your pussy is squeezing my dick."

She answered with "Sammy your dick is so big it feels like it's tearing me apart."

We kept fucking for minutes until I heard a low gutteral growl come from within her as she came. Her pussy overflowed with her sweet juices and started to run down my shaft and balls. I flipped her over and started pounding with the vigor of seeing her hot round ass and its puckered little asshole. The ass I had been staring at since I can remember was now blissfully nude right in front of my face. After a few more minutes I warned her as I was cumming for the second time that night, and released a torrent of cum in her tight cunt.

I fell asleep with my now limp dick between her perfectly rounded ass cheeks.


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