Isabel is now lying on top of me, as slowly the reality of the situation comes into focus. I am totally naked, and the bottom part of Isabel's towel is open. Her legs are on either side of my thighs, and once again we have slotted together. I am not inside her, although it wouldn't take much maneuvering to achieve that.

Running my hands over her perfect naked bum, and then up her back, our kiss deepens. "Oh fuck, you feel so good Babes."

Isabel lifts her head and giggles. "You are making me feel so good." Sitting up, she looks down at my chest. I become aware of her sitting on my now-erect cock. Following her gaze, all I see is the head poking out between a beautifully shaved pair of puffy pussy lips. Above her lips and seeming to point the way is a small, dark triangle of pubic hair. Gazing back up into her eyes I instantly know what she is thinking.

"You are not ready for that yet, are you?"

"No James. Do you mind?"

"Yes, and no. I mean yes I want to; and no, I will wait patiently. We both need to be ready, and do this right."

Isabel smiles at me. She comes down, kisses my lips, and sits back up. She re-adjusts her towel by undoing the tuck holding it together, then opens the towel to expose her naked tits. This is all happening in slow motion, and all too quickly she tucks the towel back in. "I love the way you look at me, Jimmy. It's like you are seeing something amazing for the first time."

"Well, they are amazing."

With that she cups my face in one hand, and then pushes like she slaps me, but with no impact. I feel her weight leave me, and with that, our first declaration of love is now over.

A cool sensation blows across the sensitive skin of my cock. Looking down, I notice that there's wetness along the top of my cock. My finger runs up the side of it, feeling the wetness.

"Do you see what you do to me, and how hard it is for me to stop?"

"Mmmmmmmmmm," I say, in a slight daze. I watch her put her panties on, followed by her shorts. Then she drops the towel, giving me a last glimpse of her perfect tits before putting a bra on. Shaking her now-encased tits at me, she slips on my old t-shirt.

"That t-shirt definitely looks better on you."

She bends over, picks the towel up, and throws it at me. "Come on mister, and get dressed."

Reluctantly I roll off the bed and head towards my chest of draws to grab my clothes. As I get dressed I look over, only to see Isabel watching me in the same way I watched her. I blow her a kiss; she pretends to catch it and place it on her lips.

"Do you want a cup of tea, Izzy?"

"Mmmm, tea sounds good."

"Come on, we can drink it in the garden."

We are sitting outside when her mother arrives home. Mrs. Richards walks over to where we are sitting, and hands Isabel a set of keys. She has embellished the key ring with a crystal-encrusted letter 'I'. We both jump up, and follow Mrs. Richards back to her car, to help with the boot full of shopping she has bought.


Sitting with Zac at the kitchen table as the two ladies of the house put the week's shopping away, I can't help notice just how similar the two women are. This is the first time I've seen the two working together like this, and I come to a strange conclusion: in twenty years, this could be Isabel. Now I'm not really into older ladies, but the thought of 'This is how Isabel could look when we are older' gives me quite a warm feeling.

Looking at Zac I ask, "How's the arm, Zac?"

"It is sooooooo itchy."

"I know how you feel. Broke my arm at nine. I fell out of my tree house. It was Sam's fault."

"How's it Sam's fault?" Isabel asks.

"She dared me to jump from the top."

Hearing my mother's car, I kiss Isabel and excuse myself, knowing my mother will have a car full of food as well. Getting there just as my mother unlocks the front door, I grab a couple of large bags and carry them in past my mother.

"Thanks James, I thought I would have to lug them in myself."

"No problem Mum. Where is everyone?"

"Sarah is at a friend's house, and Bradly is with Argyle preparing for tomorrow's friendly against Yovil Town. How was your day?"

"Good. The beach was busy as normal, and we had an ice-cream."


"And what?"

My mother just looks at me with an 'I can see right through you' look.

Feeling my face flush, I find myself gazing down at the floor feeling like I have gone back ten years.

She comes over and puts her hand on my shoulder. "James, you are still okay picking Sam up yourself tomorrow?"

"Yeah Mum, Isabel's coming with me. What time do you think you will be back?"

"Not sure. We might make a day of it."

"Okay. We'll go to the Thatch for dinner then, so you don't have to worry about cooking when you get home."

The Thatch is the best pub in Croyde. I got my first job there, washing dishes. It was hard, but the others in the kitchen were so much fun. I must admit it changed me as a person. Sam was a waitress there as well. Another thing we did together.

My mum then rummages in her bag. "In that case, take this."

I look at what she's given me and realize I have about a hundred quid in my hand. "Mum, this is too much."

"Not really, James. You should be able to relax and not worry how much your meal will cost. Anyway you deserve a night out."


I'm sitting there talking to both Izzy and Sam in a three-way chat, while watching my mum put the shopping away, and preparing dinner. My mother is very possessive in the kitchen, so I leave her to get on with it. Both Iz and Sam are excited by the plans for tomorrow. We also talk about Sam's date the night before. Although it's still early in their relationship, it seems like they had a great night. Hannah seems to be just right for Sam, and I am looking forward to meeting her.

After dinner I shower, and then I am sitting up on my bed, hearing the clunk clunk clunk of Isabel walking up my stairs. "Hello, girlfriend."

"Hello, boyfriend." She comes bounding over and jumps on me. We kiss for a while, before settling down to watch a film on Netflix.


Saturday morning arrives. I'm awoken by a soft thud as my mother drops off a pile of clean sheets, and my clothes before she leaves.

Today marks a week since Isabel and I first met.

Normally, I would be getting ready for a morning at work with my dad; but he is off to Plymouth to look at an apartment for my twin brother Bradly. Hearing them busy downstairs getting ready to leave I look at my clock... seven-thirty? I still have two hours in bed. I pull the covers back over my head.

Thinking for a moment about the day, a buzz of excitement runs through my body. I have missed my best friend, and I am looking forward to her visit.

I'm not sure how much time has passed, but all of a sudden a heavy weight thumps down onto my stomach. Throwing the covers off me, I see Isabel looking at me with a massive smile. She is wearing a beautiful summer dress. It's only the second time she's worn a dress, and the view is incredible.

"You're early."

"Yeah. Couldn't sleep."

I let out a groan. "Still have two hours before I need to get up."

"Yeah? Budge over then." I move over to the other side of my bed, as she drops the straps on her summer dress and lets it drop to the floor. I rake my gaze from her thighs up into her eyes. She has a wicked look on her face as she put her hands up behind her back and unhooks her bra. It hits the floor; our eyes don't move from one another. Quickly she jumps into bed and snuggles straight up to me. The feeling of her naked skin sends all my senses into overdrive. My cock stands to attention and makes my bed shorts tent.

Feeling Isabel's hand slide down the front of my shorts, I hear her let out the sweetest giggle.

"So we have time to play then?"

"I didn't think you were ready for that."

"Would you mind if I played a little?"


"On what?"

"On whether you let me play back?"

Her grin once again appears. "Well, that only seems fair."

Another deep kiss. Izzy's hand wraps around my stiff cock, and slowly moves. The feeling is incredible. The fact it isn't my hand is a very different sensation.

"Can I take your shorts off?"

"Uhh huh."

Isabel giggles at my answer as she tugs at the waistband. Lifting my bum to make it a little easier, she disappears below the covers.

Wondering what she will actually do, and how far she will go, I have many hopes, but no expectations. Everything that happens today will be totally what Isabel wants. Just as this crosses my mind the covers are pushed back. Looking down at this beautiful female, her focus is totally on my cock.

Pulling my foreskin back I gasp.

"Are you okay?"

"It needs a little lubrication."

"Oh, sorry my darling." But she isn't talking to me, she's talking to my stiff erection.

I smile, and shake my head at her sudden interest in my cock.

"So what do I use for lubrication?"


"Oh, right."

I close my eyes, expecting Izzy to spit on her hand. That is, until I feel a warm wet sensation spreading over the head of my throbbing member. My eyes shoot open at the realization of what she is doing. Her head bobs up and down a couple of times before she pulls away with a slight pop. She looks up to me. "What?"

"Did you enjoy that?"

"It was a lot better than I thought. Sort of spongy as well."

She looks at my cock again, as if to examine it. She moves my foreskin back and forth. Running her fingertips over the slit at the top, and down along the back, she hits a sensitive part. I take in a sharp breath. Her eyes open wide. "Mmmmmmm somebody likes that." Her fingers continue to run down my shaft. "Is your cock bigger than average?"

"Not sure. If you compare me to the men in the pornos, then I am quite small. If you look at the sizes they give on the net, then I am a little above average."

"Well, it looks plenty big enough for me."

Lying there, I think, This is all I needed to hear. She continues to inspect me as she starts to look at my balls. Adjusting her position, so she is between my legs.

I once again close my eyes. "Be a little more gentle down there. There is a higher level of sensitivity than the shaft."

Feeling her breath on my ball sac; I have often wondered how this would feel. Then I take an intake of breath again, and grab two fists full of sheet. The sensation of someone licking your balls is indescribable. Opening my eyes and glancing down at Izzy's face, her eyes meet mine and a smile stretches across her face. She is obviously enjoying herself. She turns her attention back to my cock. I watch the way she is studying the head of my cock. A droplet of pre-cum starts to make its way down the head. Touching it with her finger she examines it. A frown appears on her face as she plays with this new liquid. Noticing me watching her, she breaks out into a big smile, and then licks first her finger, then my cock.

I can see she is working out whether she likes it or not. "Does it taste nice?"

"Not nice exactly, but not bad." She crawls back up to me, and kisses me.

"Is it my turn to play?"

"Not yet. I need a little more time to explore. I want to get to know my new friend very well." Starting to kiss me again, she moves round to my neck.

I let out a real, sexual groan. Briefly I wonder where the hell this came from, but the thought stops very quickly as her kisses move lower. Another moan escapes my mouth as her kisses reach my nipples. God, I can see why every love story or sex scene includes nipple sucking. It seems like there is a direct connection from my nipple to my cock, because it starts to throb.

Every time I let out a gasp or moan, Isabel seems to pause as if to take note. Moving further down over my stomach, her sticking her tongue into my belly button tickles. Hearing me laugh out loud, she stops for a second, and glances up. I have never seen such a contented look on someone's face. Then she changes tack, and starts to run her fingers over my skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps. The sensation, where her fingertips touch me is like a small shock of electricity; just like those muscle-tensing machines people use, only her touch is also making the hairs stand up. I am in heaven.

A slight wave of disappointment washes over me when she comes back up and kisses me to signal that she has done what she wanted.

"Did you enjoy that?" She whispers in my ear.

"Mmmmm. I ... it was incredible. Never felt things like that before. So much better when someone else touches you."

Isabel rolls onto her back, and I roll onto my side. Many thoughts are going through my head at this moment. Mostly I hope I'm not dreaming, and can I be as wonderful for her as she was for me. I steady my nerves, and say in as confident a voice as possible, "My turn to explore now?" Shit, not sure I pulled that off.

Isabel is looking nervous herself.

"Are you okay, Izz?"

She looks at me with a half-worried, half-smiling expression.

Gently I cup her face with one hand, and kiss her lips. "We can stop now if you don't want to carry on." I can't believe I have said something so stupid. All I have ever wanted to do is to explore my beautiful girlfriend's body. I have done all the reading up on the internet, during every spare moment. Now is the time to put the theory into practice. In my heart I know that it has to be right, though: anything we do that isn't totally consensual could affect our relationship going forward.

I gaze into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and I see that my one short sentence has significantly altered her facial expression. The worry has faded, and I can tell she is totally happy with where we are heading.

Starting to kiss her lips tenderly again, I shift my weight a little. My fingertips gently caress the side of her face, and I feel her totally relax into the moment. My kisses leave her lips and trace around her jaw-line to her neck. Staying within the familiar territory of her neck, I can feel as well as hear the groan in her throat; it gives me encouragement to continue. Moving down toward her breast I look up to gauge her expression. Her eyes are now closed, and she is biting her bottom lip: she is now totally relaxed and enjoying what I am doing. I kiss along the valley between her breasts. I shift my weight, and slip between her open legs.

My stomach is now pressed against her pussy. I can feel its heat and the wetness that had soaked her panties. For the first time I can smell her sexual musk: it is teasing me. I want more. For now, though, the need for attention is focused on her wonderful breasts.

I keep watch of her reactions as my hand cups her right breast. Momentarily her eyes open as I gently squeeze, but once she sees that my hands are gentle her eyes slowly close.

My gaze drifts to her left breast, and the arc of my kisses move closer. The first thing I had noticed when cupping her right breast, was that her nipple was hard. Looking over to the left one, it is the same. The areola is what I can only describe as shrivelled-looking; at its centerm the nipple is standing proud. The only other breasts I have ever seen for real are Sam's, and they are very different: smaller with small nipples and areolas. She had never asked me to touch them, though.

My lips touch the wrinkled skin, and Isabel lets out a small gasp. Taking my time, I kiss around the nipple -- almost teasing her, but I can't do this for long before I must envelop her nipple in my mouth and gently suck. It pops into my mouth, and I start playing with my tongue.

Izzy is now moaning quite loudly, and her hand is caressing the back of my head.

I am totally immersed in what I am doing. The more she moans the more my confidence builds. I swap breasts and do the same thing to the right one.

Isabel starts to grind her pussy against my stomach, and is breathing quite heavily. She is doing this thing where she breathes in quickly, and then moans on the outward breath. As she gets more turned on she starts to talk. Well, I say 'talk'; she is using language that I have never heard from a lady's mouth.

"Oh shit, shit, ahhh, oh." It gets better. "Oh shit, yeah fuck ooooo baby." Then it progresses to, "Oh shit, fuck, ohhhhh yeah, fucking hell, Jimmy."

I start moving down Isabel's taut tummy, as she had done to me. I lick her belly button, wiggling my tongue right in and around. The reaction I get from this is brilliant: with a sharp intake of breath, her entire torso spasms off the bed.

Reaching the waistband of her panties, I wonder if I have reached the limit of our playing. To my amazement she lifts her bum off the bed to allow me to remove this last item of clothing. Sliding them down over her feet, I look up at the incredible naked image in front of me. Lying back down I continue from where I had left off.

I feel her hand gently pushing me down, obviously in need of more stimulation. My kisses move over her small tuft of pubic hair, and my lips are ... there. The smell of her womanhood is very strong now, and my cock is so hard it is almost painful. I have never felt such stimulation running through my body.

Pausing for a second, I look for the first time at her pussy, open, and exposed to me. I have seen many on the Internet, so I know that they are all so different. Isabel's looks so neat and tidy. She has a deep slit from her puffy pubis down to her outer labia. I had studied quite a bit, to prepare for this moment, in order to give my Izzy the best feeling I can. This is where my cock buried itself the day before. Using my thumbs I open her outer lips to get my first look at the treasure inside. There seems to be a lot of fluid leaking from her vagina, and before it even crosses my mind my tongue is lapping it up. This causes even more expletives to escape her mouth, which spurs me on to hungrily lap at her opening.

Isabel's voice is getting higher, and she is grinding her pussy into my face. I have one more thing I want to try: to find, and to suck her clit. Remembering the diagram I had found online, and some of the stories I had read, I look for her clit at the hood made by her inner lips or inner labia. I see it. What I had thought was going to be quite hard to find, seems obvious to me. It does help that Isabel's clitoris is already hard, a little bud sticking out. As soon as the tip of my tongue touches it I hear, "Holy fuck!"


I plant my lips around it and gently suck. As I suck I dart my tongue back and forth. The reaction is ten times better than the when I was doing her belly button: her hips start to thrash around. It takes all of my effort to keep pressure on the right place. Then all of a sudden her thighs clamp shut, and I hear a muffled scream. I stop sucking her clit and push down, so that I can drink the nectar escaping her love hole. Plus, I had read that most women find it too sensitive to continue sucking there just after their orgasm.

After what seemed like five minutes -- but was probably thirty seconds -- she releases me from the vice-like grip. I look up to see what she is doing: her eyes are closed, and she is still breathing fast. I look back down at her pussy, and can't believe the amount of juices are coming out of Izzy's pussy. I finish lapping up what hadn't soaked into the sheets, when she stops me by gently lifting my chin with her hand. I glance back up to her, and she is looking down at me with those beautiful green eyes. She is wearing such a beautiful smile.

"Hey," I say.

"Hey back."

Moving back up and lying down to face Isabel, my hard cock pokes her. It takes her a while to register this; she seems very dazed. "Are you okay, Izzy?"

All she can manage is a nod. I would kiss her, but my face is covered in her juices. This doesn't stop her though. Once she lands back on this planet, she turns and plants a big kiss right on my lips. A hand then wraps itself around my cock. "I think I ow you something."

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