*Disclaimer. The events in this story are completely fictional. The situations the characters are in are only a fantasy setting and I do not condone the romanticizing of real world cruelties against the victims of this reality. Everyone in the story is 18 y/o and above.*


She was being brought out of the truck along with the other trafficked girls. All of them cuffed and gagged. Their belongings had been stripped prior to being hauled in, and now they were being lead into a building in the middle of nowhere.

This was not how it was supposed to be. Krista thought. She had just gotten promoted the week prior to the holidays and used her bonus to spend it south of the border to enjoy herself. She did for the first couple of days, having gone done much of the activities the hotel she was staying at had offered. However, she was not as careful as she now wished she had been. It happened in the bar, where her drink had been spiked and then transported.

Once inside the building, Krista and the other ladies were brought to what their captors referred to as the 'powder room.' A twisted version of backstage preparation where they were all subjected to be kept in place and 'dolled' up in rushed order. When it was her turn, the woman who was ordered to fix her up was surprised. She was not caked too much, it was merely to freshen their look a bit, but let the buyers still be able to tell their general look.

"Wow, una rubia." She said, much to Krista's confusion, she only spoke English, wishing to understand the woman, her eyes pleading for help. She knew better than to struggle further with a captor holding her in place. Even as she shook in fear of it all, the woman in front of her masterfully applied the makeup, despite her subtle movements of panic. "No solemos tener muchas de ustedes por aquí." She said, much to Krista's confusion as she was held still to have the last of the makeup applied to her. "Van a cobrar mucho por ti." Her ass was smacked by the woman once finished, causing her to yelp in fear and surprise. She was then put in a single file with other women behind a large stage.

She was not able to see behind the thick red curtains, but was able to peer in front of the other girls. One was taken to the center of the stage after the other. Being presented by the auctioneer, who spoke English. He was energetically describing the woman's information. Making her features more and more enticing to the ears of the audience. Each auction lasted for about five minutes, her turn coming right up next, much to her fear.

"Ladies and gentlemen, up next we have a special treat. A rarity around these parts." He said, she was then pulled to the center, the headlights blinding her for a moment, before she adjusted her vision. The stage was raised slightly above the floor of the gala. She saw many well dressed strangers in the crowd. But disturbingly enough, a lot of popular celebrities and well known politicians were in attendance. All eyes were on her. She could swear some were salivating at the mouth just looking at her. "Here we have an American blonde beauty. Not just any kind either, just look at that tight ass. You can bounce a peso off of it." The auctioneer squeezed her ass to demonstrate, causing her to look away in shame. "Her tits, all natural at 32 D, soft and perky ones that stand at attention." He flicked her nipple to show the audience, she then covered them away, but not before yelping. "Everything along with those little sounds of hers we can start it off at 200k."

200k what? Krista thought, before she heard the audience begin to shout the bid back, the auctioneer listing them all one by one, the bid getting higher and higher. 200k became 300k, then 500k and so on. She could see almost everyone was bidding over her. A set of twins, a Mature couple, a near senile man. With each bid getting higher and higher, she could only fear as to who would ultimately end up winning her. The fear was firmly set in her heart and spine. She'd have fallen to her knees if it weren't for the captive standing off stage, but she felt her knees buckle from the dread.

Within the crowd was a broad man. It was not his first time being here. He had been here multiple times over the years, always interested in seeing what kind of whores he would buy to satiate his carnal desires. Prior to Krista having been brought on stage, he had simply sat back and waited to see which one would catch his eye. The whole night, none of them seemed to have stood out to him. Or at least resembled any that he had already owned. He had bought all sorts of whores before, but when Krista had been brought out before she struck him in a way he couldn't describe. The only word that came to his mind, as he smirked, was 'perfect.' She seemed so innocent. The look in her winter blue eyes lit a fire behind his.

He then placed his bid, the final bid, at 10M. Pocket Change. At first, there was groans from the upset audience. Not only was nobody else going to be able to top that, but also because when they turned around to see who he was, they immediately averted their his eyes.

Krista for her part was barely caught a glimpse of the man. He was broad and much bigger than her. In any other circumstance, she would have called him handsome, but if everyone else's reaction was anything to go by, this would not bode well for her.

The auctioneer collected himself as he heard the bid, and after courteously going once more to see who would outbid, he declared Krista sold to him, without mentioning his name. She was then taken offstage where she was put in a room to be prepared to be given to him.

They removed her cuffs and her gag, before putting on a cheap nightie on her. The material was see through, but it was standard for them to be delivered this way. Usually still restrained, but Gabriel had always preferred them free when delivered to him. She was forcefully moved into the next room over where the owner of the establishment was. The guards next to him were neatly dressed in suits with pistols to their hips. Soon, Gabriel walked in with his entourage of Sicario's. Armed to the teeth with automatic rifles.

Krista watched as the men exchanged pleasantries in Spanish, before Gabriel typed something on his phone, likely the digital transaction of what he was paying for her. With the deal struck, the guards pushed Krista onto Gabriel. She let out a little gasp, as her body crashed onto his. He was built like a brick wall, and just as sturdy too. But she also felt a warm heat from his body that slightly eased her for a moment. That was until he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Adiós." He said, taking him, Krista, and his company with him. The Sicarios kept a well disciplined formation around him and Krista as they exited the building. Krista saw that they were in the middle of the desert and it was a dark night. The parking was vast, but their ride was clear. It was a black Hummer Limousine parked right at the steps of the building, with armored Pickup trucks surrounding it. Gabriel dismissed his men and they went to the comparatively lighter vehicles.

Gabriel opened the door for Krista. It was a sick mind game for him. He would do it as a courtesy, knowing full well that whores would have no other option than to go in. Krista knew it too. What else was she supposed to do? She did not know where they were, it was the middle of the night and there was no other lights in the distance at all. Resigned, she stepped in, at least it was warmer inside.

Satisfied, Gabriel followed in after her, closing the door behind him, and signaling their driver to start the long drive home. Krista knew it didn't matter where she sat, so she chose the left side of the vehicle and looked out the window. Thinking about something better. Gabriel sat adjacent to her, pulling out a blanket from one of the compartments in the cabin and pass it to Krista. Who accepted it.

"Thank you." She said, although she doubted he could understand her.

"You're welcome." He had an accent, but it was perfectly clear English to her surprise. She did not dare speak further. This caused him to chuckle. "I can see the confusion in your eyes." He took out a water bottle, for her. She must have been dehydrated. "If you have any questions, now's the time to ask them." He said. Krista quickly downed what she could of the bottle and before looking back at him.

"Who...who are you?" She asked, terrified.

"My name is Gabriel." He said simply, taking out a Cuban cigar, and a very detailed golden lighter. "I don't think I should explain to you what I've bought you for, do I?" He asked. Krista nodded her head, before shaking it dumbly. Here she was, with a man who bought her at an auction, having a conversation with him. It felt so surreal.

"No..." She said weakly, blushing at how dumb she must have sounded to him, he simply smiled at her.

"Good. Because I have a proposition for you. A bet if you will." He asked. This caught her attention. "I paid a good amount for you. And I do intend having gotten something out of it." He said. "I don't doubt that you're going to deny yourself to me, and I will not force myself on you by any primal means." He did not sound dishonest, and it was a weight off her shoulders. She exhaled. "For now." Her heart skipped as her breath froze. "So I can only incentivize you." He said. Her attention towards him sharpened. Incentivize?

"How?" She felt stupid the moment the word left her mouth.

"Here is the deal." He turned the lighter on, the flame dancing ever so slowly as he held the cigar in the same hand between his ring and middle finger. "If you win the bet, I will have you driven to the nearest airport, with all of your belongings, and give you a card with the same amount of money I bought you for delivered to you overtime from an untraceable account." Her eyes widened for the first time that night, but it felt too good to be true, and her eyebrows dipped in confusion.

"But...no way." She looked away. She shouldn't trust him. "40M in one night lost if I win? Why?" It truly did confuse her.

"Because I have so much to spend. And that amount means nothing to me." He revealed. His answered scared her, she came from a relatively well off family, and knew that that much money regardless was stupid.

"What do you do?" She needed to know. He ignored her question.

"Not important." He replied. "I need an answer." He reminded, the little light still burning. She steeled herself for whatever she had to do.

"Fine. What do I have to do?" She looked at him, he grinned.

"Like I said, I will have you service me of your own volition." He explained. "You will have until the embers on the cigar to reach my fingers to suck me off to completion. Should you manage to do so, I will keep my promise and take you the nearest airport, return you your belongings, and that card as well And if I win, I get to keep you. I'd have gotten some use of you as well." He said. She frowned in disgust.

"And how do I know you mean it?" Her eyes sharpened at him, before looking away, she didn't want to offend him and be hurt.

"You don't." He said. What else could she do?

"You can refuse, but I guarantee you you will be asking yourself what would have been if you did try and did win." He said. Her eyes softened with uncertainty. She looked down to his pants, an outline of his cock. Fuck...it looked big. She thought about it. He wouldn't offer unless he likely had the upperhand...but...as cruel as he appeared, he at the very least seemed sincere. She took a deep breath.

"Ok, I'll do it." She said. Getting on her knees. Gabriel smirked and unzipped his fly and undid his belt buckle to make access for her easier. She had to pull it out.

Everything slowed down around her as she reached for it. She felt it before she saw it. It was bigger than it seemed. She just it felt like a hot iron pipe. Once she got it out in the open, she had to move her face slightly away, otherwise it would have smacked her.

"Oh...my...god..." She blushed, her jaw dropping just at the sight of it. It was near the size of her forearm, and half as thick. Gabriel always took great pleasure everytime they saw it. He was cleanly shaved, no hairs to get in the way. With one final gulp, she went ahead to wrap her lips around his head, and that's when he lit the cigar. Putting the lighter away, he leaned back in his seat and enjoyed the sight and sensation of her mouth.

Krista managed to get her lips around it but still hesitated taking the rest of it in. In fact, she questioned if she could even do that. She began to use her tongue to lick the tip, her lips still wrapped around it. This wasn't her first blowjob, but none of her previous boyfriends were ever this big. They barely even came close. She closed her eyes as tried to deepen more of him at once, taking it inch by inch.

Gabriel inhaled the exotic fumes of the tropical log. It was personal gift from Castro, rest his soul. He looked down at the sweet blonde trying to take as much of him in. Using his index to shake the ashes off the cigar and letting them land at the top of her head. He got a sick kick out of doing that everytime. The entire cabin became a hotbox filled with the scent of the cigar.

Krista winced as she felt the warm ashes land on the top of her head. She opened her eyes and saw that the tip of it had been burned off. She had to hurry up and make him cum, but she felt as though she couldn't do more if she couldn't take more of him in. She winced as she tried to force herself down on him more, coughing all over his cock. Spittle drooling from her mouth as she found herself somewhat thankful for the water he offered her. Her eyes widened as she found herself thinking that before she went back to bobbing her head up and down. Choking herself in the process.

Gabriel loved that sound, and from her it sounded so much sweeter. She had managed to reach half of his length. She slurped and spit out whatever excess spit that felt like useless space in her mouth that wasn't his cock, spitting it forward as a lubricant.

As she was sucking for her freedom, Gabriel used this moment to give her a helping hand. Reaching the back of her head, Gabriel pushed her down as he grabbed a fistful of her type 1B hair. She gagged on him at the sudden forceful act, her lips mere inches away from his base. He wasn't pushing her all the way down, he was teasing. Half moaning and gagging she pushed herself more on him to reach the base.

Just then, he let go of her head. Against her best attempts, the natural reaction was to pull her head back. Coughing and choking her own spit on the floor. He eyes were watery, from a combination of both the sucking and the smoke of the cigar. The makeup becoming runny and causing an irritation that further made her tears apparent. She looked up at him with a softened expression, catching her breath.

But she knew she was on a time limit. She instead began to suck on his heavy balls. She remembered one of her ex's had that as his weak spot and she figured it would work this time. She prayed that this would be enough to do it, already on her knees to boot.

Gabriel meanwhile, thought it was cute. This was an interesting change of thinking, one in which he enjoyed regardless. She was a woman possessed as she licked, sucked, and slobbered all over his cojones. She lost herself in her own actions, somewhat finding herself too invested to stop. She could only hope for the best as she began to change then and again from his cock and scrotum. She could feel more and more of the ashes piling on top of her head. Gabriel occasionally flick or blow them off. What a gentleman.

As she was sucking along the length of his cock, from base to tip, she then wrapped her lips once more around him and swirled her tongue around as much of his member as she could. She didn't know what she did, but it became apparent that Gabriel was nearing his end, as he roughly grabbed the back of her head with both hands and began to face fuck her himself. She remembered this was an indicator that they were about to cum, and was somewhat relieved and even attempted a smile despite the mouthful.

Deepening himself in her mouth three quarters of the way there, he kept her in place as he thick cum blasted into her mouth. Despite her attempts to pull herself back, she could do very little but take it in. It was surprisingly sweet, with bits of salty and sour thrown in. On any other man, it would have been a pleasant taste. But in this moment, she was absolutely drowning in it and choking out what she could. He tongue's movements causing her to swallow small globules of his cum while the rest spilled out the corners of her lips. He maintained her in place, allowing his cock to soften bit by bit in her mouth, easing up the tension as he finally let go of her head. This time, she didn't have the natural instinct to immediately pull back, too tired from everything she did to get him to that point.

Her jaw had long become sore, and she was getting to a point she needed to relax and rest before continuing. She pulled her mouth off of him before resting her head on his wet thigh, a puddle mixture of her sweat, spit, and his cum. Further ruining the makeup on her face. Gabriel gently caressed her head for a moment. And though she still feared and wished to away from this man, she leaned into it momentarily. It felt nice. She then looked up, eager to see the cigar in his hands. But her hopes were crushed when she saw both his hands were empty.

"What a wonderful performance." He said, her heart sinking to her stomach. "But it looks like I win." She closed her eyes in defeat and acceptance. Too tired to have any other kind of reaction.





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