Tim and I had a great weekend my ass would be sore for a few days I have not been fucked so much in one weekend as I did this weekend. It was hard to see Tim leave I would miss having him in my bed but if I was honest my ass needed a break. Tim and I met when we could it was as often as we could both meet up evenings, a couple hours on weekends. Tim and I grew very close to each other very quickly. With the long week ahead and parent teacher meetings on Thursday and Friday nights I would be having some long days ahead, not seeing Tim at all this week.

Thursday night went very well, Friday Tim and his wife were to come in I dreaded seeing them together. Tim and Suzanne were to be my last appointment of the night. Their son was a great kid he did so well in school always a polite young man, I could see in Tim's face how uncomfortable he was when they walked in I assumed as uncomfortable as I was. We all shook hands as they left Tim gave my hand a gentle squeeze as we shook hands. I thanked them for coming in and assured them their son was a great kid who would excel with the years to come for him.

Tim messaged me he and I would get together again this coming weekend he would spend the weekend at my place again saying he was at a meeting out of town. Tim arrived at seven parking his car in my garage, he and I were just starting to play when his phone went off. He avoided the call and we continued to play, his phone was relentless call after call one text message after another.

"I better get this, don't move you!" He commanded.

Tim looked at his phone, I knew it was bad by his facial impression. Tim dropped his phone, I got up grabbed it looking at the screen I saw.

"Get to the hospital now Tim! Accident! It's Timmy! It's really really bad! Get to the hospital ASAP!"

I got Tim dressed up I would drive him he was in no condition to drive anywhere. I brought him to Emergency entrance Tim just sat in my car not moving the man was in shock.

"Tim get up get in there they need you in there!" I said to him.

I unbuckled his seat belt shut the car off getting him out of the car I brought him in the hospital once in the waiting room his wife gave me a funny look like why is he with you? but did not ask it was bad he had been hit by a car while on his bicycle. As I turned to leave Suzanne thanked me for bringing him to the hospital. I left feeling bad the school contacted me Timmy did not survive the night his injuries to severe. I did not see Tim till the funeral he and Suzanne were beyond grief Timmy their only child.

I went to give my condolences, Suzanne thanking me for bringing Tim to the hospital, you could see it still puzzled her as to why I had brought him there. Tim turned to find me with my hand out to shake his hand in condolence,

"Tom! Oh good you came." Tim said to me.

Tim grabbed me and pulled me into a hug that lasted way to long for a parent and teacher to have.

"I've missed you so much Tom, my boy Tom. I've lost my little boy." Tim said with tear filled eyes.

I was at a loss for words what was I to say to him in front of all these people. Tim held me there while he cried, finally releasing me.

"I'm so sorry for your loss Timmy will be missed by all who knew him." I said trying to convey my condolences.

It was that night someone was at my door, it was Tim he was drunk, crying, he had taken a cab to my place saying he needed to see me right now. I brought him in the house I held him as he cried once he got himself composed, I brought him to the bedroom the man needed sleep. I slowly undressed him he still had on the funeral clothes he had on earlier. I brought him to the shower and got in with him, he broke down again I washed his hair and body got him dried off and tucked in bed.

I held him in bed tried to make him feel safe and secure he finally dozed off the man dreamed all night, calling out his sons name in his sleep. Tim felt guilty that he was with me and not at home with his wife and son maybe he could have stopped the accident somehow. We both woke early to someone knocking on the door I got up put on a robe and answered the door. It was Tim's wife Suzanne,

"Tom is Tim here? He is isn't he!" Suzanne asked me.

I stood there deer in the headlights kind of look, what was I to tell her? Tim came out of the bedroom naked,

"What are you doing here Suzanne?" Tim asked her.

"Tim the better question is why are you here with our son's teacher? Naked? in his bedroom?" Suzanne pointed out to Tim.

We all stood there the door open, Suzanne half in and half out,

"Come in you two need to talk. Tim go put some clothes on." I ordered them both.

"Come in to the kitchen Suzanne, I will put some coffee on." I said to her.

Obediently she followed me to the kitchen, she was so lost she needed Tim at her side and he was in his son's teachers bed. She took a seat at the table Tim came in a pair of my sweats and a tee shirt. Suzanne simply stared at Tim not saying a word but you knew what she was thinking.

"Why is my husband so comfortable in his son's teachers house?" She asked Tim and I.

I prepared coffee and a light breakfast, I knew the two of them had not eaten in days.

"Suzanne what are you doing here?" Tim asked her harshly.

At this point I got mad.

"Tim stop she needs to be somewhere and at your side is where she should be you're welcome to stay as long as you like Suzanne!" I said to her.

"Thank you Tom I appreciate that!" Suzanne said to me.

"Tim why are you at our son's teachers house?" Suzanne asked Tim.

"Tom and I have been meeting up for sex for many months now!" Tim told her bluntly.

"Tim I know you have been with someone, I just did not know it was Tom here." Suzanne responded.

I prepared breakfast while they talked, I can tell you it was more than uncomfortable, but they needed to talk to each other.

"I love Tom I want to be with him." Tim told her.

Suzanne was beside herself.

"I always knew you had gay tendencies Tim I just never knew it was a serious relationship you were looking for." Suzanne told him.

I really felt like I should not be in the room right now, I placed a plate in front of them both a third plate for me, I put the eggs bacon and hash browns on the table waiting for the toast to pop.

"I have to get out of here right now." Suzanne said to Tim.

"Suzanne you need to sit, eat and talk this out with Tim, I am sure the two of you have not eaten for a few days now, no one is getting up or leaving this house till you both eat a proper breakfast." I told her helping take her jacket off.

They both looked at me, a tear running down both their cheeks.

"You two have suffered a terrible loss, Timmy was a great kid, his life cut short, he does not need his parents feuding now, he needs to know you will both be alright, so sit and eat. Please." I told them.

We sat and ate not one word spoken we ate we had coffee, I was not sure what to say or do.

"He really was a great kid, I'm so sorry I was not there with you when it happened Suzanne I feel so guilty for not being there maybe I could have done something that might have saved our handsome boys life." Tim said thru tear filled eyes.

"Tim you can't blame yourself, it was a drunk driver who took our sons life neither of us could have stopped what happened." Suzanne told Tim.

"I still feel so bad I was not there, I will have this guilt for the rest of my life now." Tim said to her.










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