Mike could feel something was added on Jackson's dick. He ruled out lube when he tasted something sweet. But soon he was feeling the heat, like knives stuck to his throat and numbness taking over his mouth. Was he poisoned?? He began writhing violently trying to get his head off Jackson's dick but Jackson held firm only allowing him enough distance to really just continue bobbing along the dick.

Jackson could feel the slight burning sensation on his skin reacting from the buldak sauce but knowing how much it must have been hell for Mike in the moment turned him on more. He kept Mike's head steady and since Mike had resisted so much, Jackson decided to thrust for him and began gyrating into Mike's face.

Mike was again, helpless. He was outmuscled and the numbness was beginning to make him more passive to the experience. Just before he became passive, he realized it was the Korean spicy noodle sauce, the sauce packet that looked intimidating all on its own, was once again tonight's meal. It was still a fire pit in his mouth as the sauce continued to mix with his saliva but he was thankful the intensity was less triggering. His eyes began to lull to the back of his head but he stayed true to taking it all like a champ. His reluctance came about too soon as Jackson was ready to pour a second helping of the sauce while Mike continued to go at it. The scent began to irritate his nostrils now as he took his first taste of the second application of sauce. Again, the fire in his mouth reignited and he began wailing out as much as he could as his mouth was smothered in cock and saliva and sauce.

That only made Jackson the more hornier as he started riding more aggressively into Mike's mouth but slowing down to enjoy the view. Tears began to roll down Mike's cheeks and Jackson relished the sight of it. This was the best experiment to try and what better subject than having Mike be the lab rat.

The feelings were all coming together now. The slow but thoughtful thrust, the view of Mike taking it in, his amazing tongue skills still at work every so often. It was probably his dick pushing Mike's tongue around his shaft by this point but moving it around changed up the sensation each time as he pushed his dick back in. He knew what was coming as sad as he was to see this end.

"Home stretch, boy." Jackson sat up taking Mike's face into his and kissing his mouth, getting a feel for just how incredible Mike's mouth was. The spice was still there in Mike's mouth but it didn't faze Jackson who continued tonguing Mike to explore the interior and how well it served him. He broke away and resumed jacking himself off staring back at the face of a man who had given him everything. Of course he'd do the least to make sure he had some decent clothes on the way out later. He wanted a real piece of that ass too but the head from Mike was too good to stop. For now, Mike's amazing reddened cheeks and plump lips glossed with the saliva, precum, and hot sauce was enough.

Jackson began feeling the tightness in his dick and knew he was getting close. He jumped off the bed standing straight up and tilted Mike's face to one side. His heart rate beat faster like the way he was beating his meat. And then, SPLAT. Splatter after splatter fired right at Mike's cheekbone, some skipping back up into his hair, while most of it began to pool up around his cheek. 7 shots fired directly onto Mike. Jackson stepped closer and plopped his dick down on Mike's face moving side to side to keep spreading the cum across Mike's face, teasing Mike's lips by brushing the head of his dick on those puffed lips. He laid back down on the bed and Mike followed him, head resting on Jackson's chest, both men exhausted and satisfied.




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