She could barely say the phrase a third time when he asked her, and he ordered her to cum. She finally did, letting the most powerful orgasm of the night wash over her body. She couldn't take the pleasure that was now rushing through her entire body, into her mind and soul. She couldn't remember her name or what she was doing, all she could do is feel the sensations of the vibrations against her as she cried out his name over and over again, unable to take any more of this. As her final orgasm of the night subsided, he turned the app off and slid on the bed next to her, undoing her right arm and leg restraints before doing so. He helped ehr to her side and held her into his chest, cuddling her, telling her that she was the best submissive he could ever wish for. She purred into his body, letting him tell her that she did absolutely perfect, and that he couldn't be happier with her.

When she finally stopped breathing heavily and began to purr against his body, he undid her last two restraints, and asked her to sit up on the bed. Exhaustion was taking over her body, but she complied, getting up a little slowly as her muscles protested against the action. He walked over to where the collar was, and she beamed as she remembered what he had promised her. He kissed the collar in front of her, and pulled the keys out, rose gold keys that matched the collar perfectly. He unlocked it while staring at her, never breaking eye contact. He leaned down and kissed her neck, and slid the collar around her, locking it in place.

He whispered, "You'll be mine forever and a day."

She smiled back at him, knowing that he meant every word.

THE END!ku54639/

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