I asked in a very proper manner. I knelt at Mistress' feet and asked if I could take her big, fat, luscious ass out on a date. She giggled a bit at the idea and at my nervousness. But agreed as long as I treated this very much like I was taking her ass on a date. I eagerly agreed.

When date night arrived, I dressed in a nice pair of tight jeans and a white, button-down oxford. She appeared wearing a skirt, blouse and sweater. The blouse and sweater did a nice job of showing off a bit of cleavage. And the skirt was clearly chosen because of the way it hugged her ass. I complimented both her and her ass.

I then surprised her with a gift. It wasn't flowers, the most traditional gift. But what would her ass want with flowers? So I focused on a gift that would be all about her ass...something that would flatter it and make it feel appreciated.

Instead of a dozen roses, I had a dozen pairs of very nice panties, each pair chosen for the way it might show off, flatter, and demonstrate my affection for her ass.

She smiled. She picked up a few of them to take a closer look. She thanked me for the thoughtful gift.

"If I weren't already dressed for our date, I might run put on a pair of these. But I'm all set for this evening."

"I'm sure whatever you chose is just perfect, Mistress."

"I'm quite sure you'll like it. I chose to wear nothing at all. Now, shall we go?"

I stuttered trying to answer. No panties at all? My heart was pounding and my little cock was suddenly throbbing in my pants.

"Uh huh...yes...let's...we can go now."

The drive to the restaurant was quick. We chatted about routine things but I couldn't stop thinking about her naked ass underneath that skirt. I was squirming in my seat just with the thought!

When we arrived at the restaurant, I hurried around to open and hold the car door for her. This wasn't my usual routine but this felt like a very special date. So I wanted to pull out all the gentlemanly behaviors.

As we started to head inside, she suddenly took a bit of control over the date!

"It's pretty traditional that you would hold my hand on a date, right?"

"Of course! My apologies!" I said, as I reached for her hand.

She stopped walking.

"You aren't taking me out, ass boy. You are taking my ass out. So behave accordingly"

I hesitated, trying to absorb her meaning. Then, blushing profusely, I reached out and placed my hand on her ass.

She smiled and resumed walking.

I followed along quickly, trying to make sure my hand didn't slip off her ass. The feeling of that big ass cheek, soft yet firm, wiggling just underneath that thin layer of fabric, was making me so horny!

But when we opened the door and entered the restaurant, I realized with a shock the embarrassment about to come. As I told the receptionist we would like a table for two, she couldn't hide her stare at my hand never leaving my Mistress' ass. I'm sure she thought I was being extremely brazen in my behavior.

And then she led us to our table. Mistress followed her quickly. I was scurrying along behind, stretching my arm out to 'hold hands' with her ass as we walked. The obviousness of my hand on her ass was getting looks from everyone. And it was clear to all that I wasn't some macho man groping my date's ass. With me walking behind, reaching out and just trying to maintain contact, it seemed clear that I was desperately trying to touch...not confidently touching. I felt the burn of humiliation as we reached our table.

Once we were seated, Mistress carried on as if nothing had happened. We went over the menu together. I told her I was choosing only things that came served on a bun...in honor of her buns. She laughed...but approved of my decision.

Dinner was filled with fun conversation. I did get caught staring at her cleavage once and she asked if I was enjoying the view. I was so embarrassed...and tried to compliment her appearance. But she said I should save my flattery for my real date.

I also couldn't help but watch her ass when she got up to go pee. It surely seemed like she wiggled it a bit extra, just knowing I was watching.

And through it all, I just kept getting more and more aroused. The entire evening had the quality of being fun, light-hearted, but with an intense layer of sensuality mixed in.

When it was time to leave, I quickly moved up beside my Mistress and "held hands" with her ass as we left the restaurant.

The drive home was quick

When we arrived home and approached the door to the house, I jokingly asked...

"May I come in for a while? Or shall I just kiss you goodnight at the door?"

She smiled...and surprised me when she said...

"Perhaps a little goodnight kiss will do for this evening."

As I stood there surprised, she quickly turned and lifted her skirt, exposing her big, naked ass. I was shocked! I quickly turned, checking to see if anyone was looking. It was impossible to know. It was completely dark outside, yet the porch light felt like a spotlight for the neighbors.

She stood patiently...as I tried to compose my nerves...and slowly lowered myself to my knees. I was at perfect eye level to see her ass. So full and inviting. I started to lean in...silently hoping that no one was watching.

And she laughed, dropped her skirt, and mussed my hair with her hand.

"Silly boy, of course you can come in."

And with that, she opened the door and went inside. I quickly lept up and followed.

As I closed the door behind me, she stood, raising one eyebrow expectantly. Waiting for me.

"Mistress, may I take you upstairs, undress you, and give my date the attention and devotion she deserves?"

"Mmmm...sounds like a perfect way to end the date, little one."

She headed up the stairs and I quickly followed. In her room, I slowly undressed her, enjoying the site of her body as it was revealed. Once she was naked, she turned and crawled in the bed, lying down on her tummy with her legs spread behind her.

"You may begin your worship, my little ass slut. And make sure the crack and the hole get extra special attention."

I nodded, too excited and nervous to even speak. And I moved up between her legs and began.

Soft kisses all around her ass. Caresses. Squeezes. Licks. Using my hands and my mouth to feel, taste, and explore those cheeks. Big cheeks. Soft cheeks. So perfect.

Eventually, I could feel her squirming a bit beneath me. I could sense her increasing arousal. Even the aroma of her wet pussy was reaching my nose. And I knew she wanted more.

I used my hands to spread her fat cheeks and run my tongue right up her ass crack. Up and down. Licking it. Lapping at it. Tasting it. Making it wet, slippery, sloppy.

And finally, on one long lick from top to bottom...I stopped at her asshole. I focused in. Rimming it. Kissing it. Over and over. Pushing my tongue against that tight, puckered opening. Tasting the sweat of her day. The dark, musty, naughty tastes of being her little ass slut.

I used my fingers to spread her hole a bit. As wide as I could. And I started to try to push my tongue inside. So tight. Resistant. Using my fingers to pry her hole wider. Getting just the tip in. Pushing...working... till it suddenly slipped inside. My tongue going deep as her moans suddenly grew louder and her ass started to thrust up against my face. Licking her asshole...tonguing it...squeezing her ass with my hands. I knew she wanted more. Needed more. But I dared not do it without permission.

I pulled away from her ass just long enough to quickly ask...

"May I touch your clit, Mistress?"


I dove back in...thrusting my tongue up her asshole, now wet and sloppy with my drool. And I slipped one hand beneath her...sliding over her soaking wet pussy...till my fingers found her engorged clit...and started to rub.

Her groans, moans and utterances increased dramatically as that extra bit of sensation pushed her over the edge...cumming hard as I tongue fucked her asshole. As she thrust against me...I held on. Licking in and out. Rubbing her clit. Till a second wave of orgasm took over her body.

I kept on till she cried out for me to stop.

I slowly moved away. Giving her ass a few very tender kisses as I slipped down the bed away from her ass.

After a few quiet moments for my Mistress to compose herself...I softly asked...

"Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I'm good. Ready for some sleep. You may sleep over if you think you can keep from making a mess on my sheets."

"Thank you, Mistress. Sleep well."

She was sleeping shortly. I was awake a long time, tossing and turning with need as I relived a most amazing date over and over again.








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