Victoria Gets Punished

Victoria unlocked the front door, she was late home from work. As was the norm, she was wearing her power suit, a crisp black bolero jacket and semi transparent white blouse, a pencil skirt not too short, with a slit up the back. She never left the house without stockings and matching black underwear. Her face was made up immaculately with slightly slutty red lipstick on her mouth to show her dominance over the weak men that worked for her in her high powered job.

She glanced nervously around as she walked in the front door, in case Ian was around. She sighed with relief as she couldn't see him or hear him inside the house. He habitually parked his car in the garage and she didn't see his car keys in the tray by the door.

Her dripping pussy was wet with the spunk of the two young interns that she had chosen to satisfy her in the office earlier, and her pussy lips were swollen and aching.

She needed a drink and a bath.

Where was that sissy slut slave Billie when you needed her? Victoria would need to remember to punish the lazy faggot bitch later with the spiked cock cage.

In the meantime she would have to run her own bath she supposed.

As she climbed the stairs to go to the bathroom she heard a noise.

It came from the spare bedroom. She crept hesitantly towards the door of the room that Billie spent his nights in when he wasn't in his usual cage in the corner of Ian and Victoria's room.

As she turned the door handle she heard Ian's voice, too late for her to retreat now, she opened the door.

There stood Ian, his face red with rage, Billie draped over the punishment trestle with her arms tied to the steel restraints, his girly pussy in the air crimson with welts from her masters belt.

Ian let another blow crash down on the weeping and sobbing sissy.

As Victoria entered, Ian turned quickly in the spot.

"So here is the slut late home from work again and dressed like the office whore she is!"

"Which of the poor excuses for men did this bike shag today then?"

Victoria tried to turn away but Ian caught her with a slash of his belt, breaking skin on her white powdered face.

She screamed but before she could get away Ian hand grabbed her with his muscular arms and dragged her into the centre of the room where the wooden cross was erected.

He strapped her to the cross using the leather thongs that hung there, brutally over tightening them and raising welts on her slender wrists.

"Please Ian, I haven't done anything wrong," she pleaded.

"Please let's talk."

On that Ian slapped her hard across her red smeared lips, "Shut up you cunt, I know you've been shagging again, you are a slut and always have been!"

Ian stuffed a ball gag into her mouth before she could beg any further. Again tightening the straps so hard Victoria could hardly breath.

"This sissy cunt I caught going through your knicker drawers again."

"She knows the penalty for that, a good whipping. But to make things worse she was sucking on my boxers while she tried to play with her sissy clit inside her cock cage."

"What a stupid cunt Billie is."

"But to add insult to injury the whore Victoria walks in two hours late, no dinner on the table and walking like she's fucked for a fortnight."

"Your shaking your head are you?"

Ian yanks up Victoria's skirt, she is wild eyed with fear.

Ian grabs at here scanty panties, ripping them as he pulls them with force from her body.

He holds them, disgusted look on his still furious face.

"They are soaked you slut!"

He waves them under Billie's nose.

"Smell these faggot, tell me what your expert panty sniffing snout finds there."

Billie buries his nose in the lace panties, frustrated that her humiliating punishment has been interrupted, but slathering with anticipation of what is going to happen. She has seen master Ian in this mood before.

"It's man spunk master Ian, there is hunk juice all over Lady Victoria's panties master. "

Ian turns again to confront his slag of a partner.

"You know what this means Victoria, I warned you what would happen if I caught your slutty whore arse fucking without my permission again didn't I?"

He gave Victoria two swipes of the belt, one across her heaving breasts and one across her ample thighs.

"Billie you sissy whore, you know what needs to be done, master does not soil his hands with a cunt that is covered in stinking cum."

He said this as he untied Billie from the trestle, whacking her girly bottom twice with the belt just to emphasise his mood.

"Start with the worthless cunts clothes sissy."

Billie relished turning from sub to domme, especially as Lady Victoria was such a bitch to her, feeding the dog's leftovers to her in a bowl in her cage when her master wasn't looking. Smacking her caged clit every night before she locked Billie up for the night in the corner of their bedroom, hooding her so that the sissy couldn't see Ian and the slut shagging.

Ian turned to the wall with all the torture devices.

"Mm which shall we use nancy girl, the knife I cut you with when you've been really bad, or the shears I use to trim your sissy pubes? Let's go for the knife. Fetch it slave."

Billie jumped to Ian's command and removed the deadly blade from its sheath on the wall, manys a time Master had sliced into Billie's buttocks with that honed knife when Billie, normally on purpose' had pushed her master, beyond his limits.

She held the knife lightly in his hand awaiting instruction from her master.

"Well don't just stand there you sissy cunt, slash the slag's jacket and skirt from her body, now sissy!"

Billie stepped forward enjoying the feeling of power coursing through her sissy faggot bones.

She slashed twice to remove the jacket, cutting into Victoria's skin on her stomach on the second pass causing her to since and scream silently into her ball gag.

The second two sweeps removed the pencil skirt from his now struggling mistress, she was tightening all her bonds by squirming backwards and forwards inflicting more pain in her already bleeding wrists and ankles.

Again Billie nicked some skin on the whore's thigh, served her right for pissing in Billie's dog drinking bowl.

Ian stood back to admire Billie's work.

"Now sissy, rip your ex mistresses whore's blouse off and the tart's bra beneath."

Billie used her bare hands to carry out her masters orders, making good use of the manicured bright red nails she had. She didn't care if she tore into Victoria's tits and stomach as she shred the offending articles, leaving trickles of blood flowing in the gashes she left behind.

Victoria was now insane with fear, her eyes bulging and glancing from Billie to Ian, not knowing what was going to happen next.

With the facade of her designer gear gone from her body you could now see that Victoria had let herself go over the last few years as she had enjoyed a rich whore's life, over indulging in wine and spunk.

Her stomach sagged and wobbled as she struggled again with her bonds. Her tits, massive but slightly sagging toward her ample belly. Her inner thighs were flabby and etched with cellulite, yet she was still a sexy bitch to look at.

Her mascara was running down her face now even her expensive bitch brand couldn't stay in place as she sobbed uncontrollably, shaking with fear now.

"What shall we do with the bitch now Billie you queer cunt?"

Ian didn't need or want a response from his effeminate slave, he stooped down and grasped the lacy black panties as they laid torn and discarded on the punishment room floor. They were still sodden with the twink juices that the whore had milked from them earlier. This made him even more enraged.

"Billie, take the cunts slut panties and stick them up her whores hole."

Billie gladly approached Victoria, she had never been allowed to touch the precious mistress's pussy, she was limited to licking out Victoria's arse after Master had fucked her and come in the cunt's hole. Now she would know what a sissy's sharp claws felt like.

Billie stuffed the drenched panties into Victoria's hole, scratching her pussy lips and her clit on the way in, making Victoria squirm, maybe with pain but was she now getting excited also?

Billie could smell the stench of old cum and her pussy juices that were now running down from her gash, again the nicks made by Billie's talons were red with blood. Billie stuffed the panties higher and higher until Victoria was attempting to stand on tiptoes to stop her.

Once Billie was satisfied that he could get the panties no further up her cunt, he rammed his fist into her whore hole. Victoria was definitely in torment now, snot running from her nose, her eyes wild, shaking her head, signing "no, no , no..."

Billie grabbed the panties with her fingers, her arm almost up his elbow in her stinking hole.

She pulled them with all her strength and speed out of the tunnel with fist closed tight on the panties, the fist making a satisfying popping noise as it came out almost tearing her pussy lips. Billie also made sure her immaculately manicured nails did as much damage as possible on the way out.

Ian now stepped forward. He moved towards Victoria and went as if to remove the ball bag. Victoria looked relieved, hoping this nightmare was over. Ian did remove the ball bag.

Victoria shouted her thanks and pleaded with Ian to forgive her and release her as she was now bleeding from several surface wounds across her breasts, thighs, belly and cunt.

But no sooner had Ian removed the gag than he shouted to Billie;

"Now stuff that rag in the cunt's mouth."

Billie did as ordered, enjoying the renewed panic in Victoria's eyes.

She choked as he rammed the spunk and pussy juice soaked panties deep into her mouth and down her throat, Victoria gagged and heaved.

"Now tie that in her mouth with her slutty black bra sissy.".

Again Billie relished the punishment the bitch was recieving, retrieving the bra and tie it tight around her slutty mouth.

"Now Billie get the biggest dildo we have and stick it in the whores gash."

Billie was in heaven teaching this cow a lesson she wouldn't forget. He fetched the big black 12 inch dildo, 4 inch diameter and rammed it with force up her cunt, she screamed this time, now audible through the cloth of panties and bra.

"Get the next biggest and stick it up her arsehole, now Billie!"

Again Billie did as instructed, enjoying the look of terror on Victoria's face and another satisfying scream as he rammed it up her dry hole.

"Ok Billie now get the steel chastity belt and secure those two in place, make sure it's tight and it hurts."

Billy attached the belt slowly to the now wilting hag hanging from her restraints resigned to her fate the fight almost out of her, the pain in Victoria's cunt and arsehole was intense now making her drop in and out of consciousness, her cuts and welts stinging with the sweat that was flowing off her bloated fat body.

Billie tightened the steel hoop as far as it would go, she removed the protective fur lining so that it cut cruelly into Victoria's pink skin, the metal edges were sharp and blood started flowing in a fine red circle around Victoria's waist.

The sissy's cock was straining in her cage, this was the hottest scene she had ever had with her master. What would happen next.

Ian was now calmer, he had been punishing Billie dressed only in boxers, and these were now tenting with the pressure of his large prick. He was clearly getting into the scene and was very turned on. This meant trouble for Victoria.

"Billie get me the staple gun, it's time to get serious with the whores pay back!"

Even Billie was taken aback by this, the staple gun was in the punishment room to mend some of the wooden torture equipment and had never been used for slave punishment.

She trembled as she brought the gun across.

"Grab the cunts nipples and use a nipple clamp to bring them together ."

"Now get that staple gun in behind the nipple clamp and staple those tits together by the nipples."

Victoria was delirious now, but clearly aroused whilst in extreme pain.

Snap! Went the gun once, Victoria screamed through her gag.

Snap! Went the gun for a second time!

Victoria fainted with the pain, her legs shaking, was that an orgasm, the slut could even find sexual gratification in this degradation.

The nipples were stapled together bringing her plump pendulous breasts together and to a point hanging over her fat stomach.

"Now whip the cunt on her breasts until they bleed you sissy slut."

Billie went into this with enthusiasm, hitting one breast each turn, turning the flesh into open bleeding sores.

Victoria was barely alert but winced at each fall of the whip, how could her man be so cruel, but deep down she new she was a cockslut and deserved this. But when would it end.

"Right Billie, her tits are a bleeding mess, time to get hands on and destroy that fucking whore face of hers."

"Punch the slag in the face, then punch her in the fat gut."

"Not just once you sissy cunt, carry on until she passes out."

So Billie carried out his master's orders, hearing his punches crunch into the bone in Victoria's nose, breaking it and sending blood flooding down her tortured tits. She was incoherent now, just letting out grunts and whines, her nose now adding to the feral noises.

Her belly started to bruise with the beating Victoria was getting from the sissy's fists, and the fat wallowed backwards and forwards as Billie hit first with the left and then with the right.

Victoria was a battered and bleeding mess.

Ian held his hand up for the faggot to stop.

"Ok, I think she has had enough, let's just give her a wash down and we will leave her there until the morning and we can start again."

Billie started to leave the room to fetch some water but her master stopped him.

"The bitch doesn't deserve clean water, we will piss on her, that's what she deserves."

Due to the lapse in punishment Victoria had come around, she saw the two of them standing with their dicks out holding them in her direction.

She thought finally they had come to their senses and were just going to end up by fucking her.

As the first stream of piss hit her in the face she had a realisation that this ordeal was not over after all.

The two pissed all over her body, from top to toe, the salty liquid stinging in her open wounds all over her body.

She was a pathetic sight and was still conscious, hanging from her restraints when Ian said his last words.

"You cheating cunt, this is just the start, Billie is sleeping in my bed tonight, he will suck masters cock and take me in his sissy pussy then clean me all up before I go to sleep."

" If you are still alive in the morning you will live in Billie's cage, if you are lucky we will give you your grandad's cock to satisfy your slutty whore cravings, he told me he was to fuck you several times when he's had too much hooch."

For now goodnight my Lady Victoria xxx

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