My wife and I were in our mid-forties, had been married for 20 years and we had two teenage children. We had occasionally done a few risqué things, but this was certainly one of the most daring, at least for my wife!

One early summer's day when we both had a day off and the kids were at school, we decided to go walking for the day. We chose a countryside footpath in rural England which mostly followed a disused railway line. It was a quiet midweek day and all morning we had passed just two others, a couple of ladies in their late 40's (I guess), going the other way along the path. At one point the path left the railway line and climbed up through some dense woods.

As I followed my wife single file up the narrow path I noticed, for the first time in the day, her shapely figure and what she was wearing. It was not overly sexy, very practical in fact: Hiking boots, cotton walking trousers, a maroon cardigan over a white cotton, buttoned, and short-sleeve blouse. She is fairly slim and the outfit hugged her body so it wasn't as unflattering as you might imagine. It was getting warmer as the day went on and we had both shed our coats and put them in the backpack which I was carrying. I watched as the occasional beam of sunlight shone through the trees onto her blond hair. The exertion of climbing the hill was such that we would probably end up shedding another layer once we got to the top. This set my mind working!

We got to the top of the path where the woods opened out into a field and the path then bent at an angle and followed the boundary of the field. By this point I had overtaken my wife to get to the top first. I stopped at the bend in the path and took my backpack and jumper off. From the bend you could see a reasonable distance along the path both ways to spot if anyone was coming. I also spotted a small sunny clearing nestled in the bushes opposite this point which was not visible from further along the path in either direction, but very visible from the bend in the path.

When my wife caught up with me, I said "Just step over there a minute," motioning towards the clearing. As she took the couple of steps off the path and turned around, the sun was shining directly on her. I then said, "Take your cardigan off." She did this thinking that maybe I was just going to take her picture in the sunlight, so she dropped the cardigan on the floor beside her and stood slightly sideways and smiled ready for me to get the camera out. Then came the surprise! I said 'And the blouse'. She gave me a slightly shocked look at first, then she realised I had something a little more unusual planned (we had sometimes talked about doing various things but had rarely done them). She then took a brief glance around to see how 'public' her position was. After a word of re-assurance that I was watching for anyone coming, she turned back to me, kept her eyes on me, and started to unbutton her blouse from the top.

As each button was undone, she gave me a smile that seemed to include elements of both surprise and shyness, all the time looking for reassurance that I knew what I was doing. It was a beautiful illustration of our trust in each other. As the buttons were being undone, I caught glimpses of a white lacy bra. After the last button was undone, the blouse was pushed down one arm and then the other, then she dropped it on the ground next to her on top of her cardigan. Then she looked at me again in a mix of apprehension and excited anticipation of what might be next. "Keep going" I said.

With the same look as before, she reached around the back of her white lacy bra and undid it. After brushing the shoulder straps off both shoulders, she directed her arms straight down and with a little 'jiggle' the bra slid down her arms towards the ground. She caught it with her hands, only to then lift it slightly to the side and drop it provocatively on the ground with the other clothes. She was, I felt, just starting to enjoy the experience.

As she stood there topless, she did not quite know what to do with her arms. First, she momentarily folded them over her breasts. Realising that this was a bit too prudish, she then unfolded them and put them down by her side. I enjoyed the view for a moment whilst she looked at me still in slight surprise at what I had asked her to do.

After a quick glance up and down the path I turned to her and said, "Keep going." She gave a brief open-mouthed gasp followed by a look of dis-belief. She then paused to take a longer look at me and realised that I was still serious about my suggestion of taking this to another level. So, she moved her hands to the font of her trousers and undid the top button. Then she slowly lowered the front zip, which is when I caught the first glimpse of an ordinary, everyday pair of cotton knickers; mostly white but with horizontal multi-coloured pinstripes and a laced edge. Once the zip was to the bottom, she opened up both sides and pushed the trousers down with a little wiggle of the hips. As she bent over to push her trousers down to her knees, we both realised that it would be a bit of an ordeal taking off the hiking boots, so I said, "That'll do, don't worry about taking your boots off." She stood up straight and looked back at me as if to say, is this it or is there more? However, I think she knew what was coming. I said, "and the knickers."

As she started to move her hands towards the sides of her knickers, I added "slowly." She then started to push the sides down her hips very slowly. Initially I saw a tuft of pubic hair appear at the top of the front of her panties as they started to descend. I said "stop," which she did. I savoured the view for a moment and then said, "carry on." A little bit more was revealed as the panties worked their way down, gradually uncovering more and more. When it got to the point where I could see a hint of fleshy lips through the hair I said "stop" again, and briefly savoured the moment of anticipation of what was to come.

Once I was fully ready for the next bit, I said "carry on." So, she then pushed the panties down until they were about an inch below the bottom of her pussy. Once again, I said "stop" and savoured the view. Finally, I said "down to your knees." This time she had to bend forward slightly to push them down to just below her knees, where they joined her trousers. She then stood up straight and once again had a brief moment of wondering what to do with her hands. So, I swiftly gave her the next instruction "hands on your head," which she dutifully did, relieving her of the decision of which part to cover up with what.

She stood like that for a moment, looking at me again with surprise and excitement. I quickly glanced up and down the path again and looked back at her. After a little while longer she relaxed a little and I said, "You can put your hands down if you want." She then put them on her hips and shifted her weight onto one leg, as if to settle into a pose.

It was at this point I popped the next question "Can I take some pictures?" There had been a few times in our marriage when we had talked about taking pictures of her naked, but she was never too keen, so it had never happened. But this was a moment and an image that I didn't want to forget. To my amazement, after a brief pause for thought, she said "yes, if you want." I did not waste any time getting my mobile phone out and the 5MP camera switched on! I took a few pictures with her in slightly different poses.

After I had taken around 5 photos, I then said "OK, perhaps you better get dressed." So, she put her clothes back on, one by one but significantly quicker than when she had taken them off! Once all was back to 'normal' we stepped back onto the path and carried on walking, but now we had something new to talk about! We had both found it very erotic and exciting, so much so that a little further down the trail we diverted off the path into a chest high crop field and mad love right there on the ground (putting our coats down first and removing fewer clothes than before!)

Now I have some wonderful pictures which come in very handy, particularly when we are apart and I am missing seeing all of my lovely wife.

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