I am not sure why the wannabe critics were so upset that this story is in Loving Wives. It is, after all, a story about sharing a wife, who merely gave a guy a blowjob. It seems the fact that the guy was black really got some guys panties in a bunch. Lol.

Part. 2

Fall 2017

Then, nothing happened. Nothing. After the night of our first hotwife adventure things cooled way down. I thought Amy meeting up with Keith and giving him a blowjob would jumpstart things, but it did quite the opposite. Especially given the fact that we had a great night, and great sex after. We talked about it and I always supported and encouraged "her" decision. She said it was a mistake and she would not have done it if she was sober. I don't believe I have discussed this in my previous writings, but Amy can be a different person when she drinks. While she loves wine, most of the time it is never more than a glass or two. She likes to remain in control of most things in her life which is why she doesn't often lose control with alcohol. When she starts to get a buzzed feeling though, alcohol makes her lose all kinds of inhibitions and she can even get quite wild.

After the night with the blowjob, she went sour on the hotwife thing for a while. She even got upset when I wanted to talk more about her past. Any talk of her doing something like that again was shut down completely. Part of the slow down was due to the fact that looking for guys was a lot of work, and she also felt like I was focusing too much time and attention on it.

This would be a repeating pattern with her. She started to come around a bit and would occasionally want to discuss it and check messages from our profiles. Sometimes she'd be all for it (usually after she had a few glasses of wine), and sometimes she hated the idea and got mad when I brought it up. Then one night, after a little too much wine, she admitted she probably would have had sex with Keith if she did not have her period that night. I think this actually scared her a bit and she was concerned what it would do to our relationship if she had sex with another man. I know this was a very confusing time for her. It's so socially ingrained in women that they must be faithful and good girls, and not sleep around. Plus, in our discussions she would occasionally express concern that she might really enjoy it. She would say things like, "What if I like it so much that I don't want to stop."

To be honest, I would flip flop on the whole endeavor as well. Most of the time it turned me on like crazy to think about the blowjob Amy had given Keith, and the prospect of fucking him or other guys. Sometimes though, it seemed like the worst idea in the world.

We tend to fill up summer weekends with the kids and family, and summer flew by. Work was busy during the week, sprinkle in some vacation time, and time moved quickly. There was an occasional message from a prospective lover here and there but it'd be weeks before she would log in to check messages, and it was usually at my urging. Keith had messaged a few times and so had Byron, but they'd given us our space. Our hotwife adventure had slowed to a crawl. School started and that means sports every weekend.

We finally had a weekend off from sports and Amy's Mom wanted to take the kids somewhere for the day and keep them overnight. I saw the opportunity for some adult fun. Finally. I suggested we go to the city overnight, but Amy did not feel like driving all the way there and having to get back because her Mom was bringing the kids home early. I came up with a plan to go for dinner and drinks near where Byron lives, which is about a 30-minute drive, and see if she was willing to meet Byron for a drink. When I told her where we were going, she asked, "Why are we going all of the way there?"

"We haven't messaged with Byron in a while, maybe we should see if he wants to meet?"

"Oh, you really want to do this don't you?"

"It's your call, but yes, I have been thinking about it. Plus, Byron has been nothing but a gentleman so far."

"Um, I guess, but only for drinks though. I probably owe him that, we've been chatting for months now. I'm not giving another man a blowjob so you can get your rocks off though. So, you get that out of your head."

It was on. I could not wait for Saturday night. At this time, Amy was now 38, I was 41, and Byron was 44. It was a fairly warm Fall evening and Amy wore a tight-fitting dress that highlighted her amazing figure. We had decided to go for dinner at an upscale restaurant and then hit a lounge type place to meet Byron. Amy seemed careful to only drink one glass of wine. We had an exciting and enjoyable dinner, with just enough wine to relax us. We got to the lounge about 15 minutes before we were to meet Byron and found a small high-top corner table to sit at. We had texted Byron to let him know we were there and where we were. He texted back that he'd be there shortly.

After we ordered drinks, we could see him approach the table. We had traded pics beforehand, so we all knew what each other looked like. It's always great to meet someone in person though. He did not disappoint, and Amy really liked him. He was tall, in great shape, had a shaved head, a nice smile, and was a good-looking guy. He was nothing but a gentleman. We had exchanged quite a few messages with him over the last 6 months, but still we recapped a lot of our conversations.

We talked as we sipped drinks. At first, we were quite nervous, but the drinks and Byron's calm friendly vibes put us at ease. Byron had been in the hotwife/swinging game for many years now and had seen it all. Orgies, group sex, gangbangs, you name it and he had done it. He had a lot of couples he was friends with and would attend swinger parties and clubs. He also had a few women who were regular sex partners, varying the frequency as to their meetups. He said most were a few times a year, some a bit more frequent. He made us feel very much at ease and would time compliments to Amy perfectly. He was charming for sure, and it seemed to be working on Amy. She was between the two of us in the booth and as she became more comfortable and buzzed from the vodka and soda, Byron had put his hand on her leg.

Amy was now sitting closer to him than me, which was a strange and almost embarrassing feeling, as the waiter saw the two of us come in, and now there was a strange large man sitting closer to, and getting friendly with my wife. As the talk turned more about sex, Byron asked Amy how long it had been since she had been with another man. She told him it had been about 18 years since she had had sex with another man besides me. Then the talk turned to why I wanted this. I admitted it had been a fantasy since early on in our relationship, but I had not been mature enough to handle it for many years.

By now I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom. I did not want to leave as things were just getting interested, but also was curious what would happen in my absence. Would Byron make a move? I left to go relieve myself, and when I rounded the corner on my way back to the table my heart jumped with excitement as Amy was sitting very close to Byron and he was talking closely in her ear. As I approached the table, I could now see the lust in Amy's eyes. It was clear they had their hands on each other under the table. As I sat down, they separated a bit. Amy turned to me and pecked me on the lips, and seeming very buzzed said, "Hey baby, I love you."

She then giggled and whispered in my ear, "My hand is on his cock right now. He's really big. He asked us if we wanted to go to his place for a drink. What do you want to do?"

"Um, really, fuck yeah, let's do it. Are you good, I mean you want to?"

Amy gasped a bit, "Yes, right now I do. He's rubbing my clit right now and it feels good. He's got so much experience."

Damn, this guy was good. In the short time I was gone he had seduced my wife enough that she was ready to leave with him. So much for her drinks only policy. Byron continued to diddle Amy's clit through her panties as she was no doubt massaging his cock under the table. This continued until I beckoned the waiter to bring us our check so we could get out of there. He flashed me a smile, seeming to know what was up with the three of us. Fuck, I thought, was it this obvious?

It was a strange moment. Here we were, a married couple with two kids, in a bar with a strange large man who was clearly playing with my wife. I wondered who else in the bar noticed what was going on. To this day, this is always as strange and exciting a feeling as it was that first time. Soon, we were out the door. Byron offered to pull his car around so we could follow him back to his place. We sat silently in the car, both deep in thought for a few minutes when Amy finally asked, "Are you sure you want to do this? Once we do this we cannot go back. You know that if we go there, I am probably going to have sex with him tonight. Is that really what you want?"

I figured fuck it, it's time to put all the cards on the table and double down. I had a decision to make. I felt if I changed my mind now, we may never get this opportunity again. I wondered for a second how many hotwife wanting husbands had gotten to this point and then pussied out. It was no doubt hard for her to admit she wanted to have sex with another man and left her feeling vulnerable. If I said no or showed any hesitation, it would have been damaging for sure, and we might never get to this point again. "Yes, I have wanted this for a long time. I know how much you love big cocks' baby, and really want you to experience a real one. I want you to want it though."

"You realize that it's not just a dildo anymore, that this cock is attached to a real person."

"I know. I only want you to do this if this is what you want. Don't do it because I want you to. Do it because you want to, and you know you have my support and I will never be mad or even bring it up if you don't want me to. Is it what you want?" I quizzed.

"Yes, I'm so horny right now. It feels wrong though. I should not be desiring another man."

I reassured her. "It's only sex. You've had sex just for fun in the past. What's the difference?"

"The difference was that I was young, and horny, and not married. It was a long time ago. I'm 38 with two kids. I should not be having sex with other men, let alone in front of my husband. What if he doesn't like it. I'm not exactly tight anymore. Just because you're a weirdo and like my pussy big, doesn't mean he will."

"Are you kidding. I've always told you you're amazing in bed. I guarantee he'll be begging for more. Plus, with what he is packing (I had seen pics of his cock) I can't imagine he'd want some tight little virgin."

"You're only saying that because I let you do all of those perverted things to me and stretch my pussy."

"Babe, you're fucking gorgeous and amazing. Maybe some little needle dick might not like what you have to offer." I jested.

Amy laughed and regained her attitude and confidence, "Yeah, like I'd waste my time for a little dick anyway."

With that, we pulled into Byron's condo complex. He parked, got out of his car and came to my window, instructing me where it was okay to park. We parked the car as Byron approached the passenger door. Amy took a deep breath and opened her door. Byron took her by the hand and led her to the entrance of his building with me right behind them. Once inside he told us to get comfortable and he would fix some drinks and put some music on. I opted for a bourbon to calm my nerves, and Amy and Byron had wine. We were both nervous as fuck.

We all sat on the couch next to each other and my heart was pounding, and I am sure Amy's was as well. Byron was complimenting Amy, telling her how gorgeous she was and how great her body was. The next thing I knew, Amy was kissing Byron in a deep passionate kiss. Then, in a moment of lust she jumped on top of him and started making out with him fiercely. I don't think we had been in the condo more than 3 minutes. Amy was in heat. She was now dry humping Byron as she continued to suck his face and kiss his neck. She stood up and pulled Byron up, with him towering over her by about a foot. She pulled his shirt off and kissed his muscular chest. Her hands then went to his pants and in one swift movement she pulled his pants and underwear down. His cock popped out. He was long and thick. Not as big as her biggest dildos, but way bigger than I was.

"Fuck, you're so big." She exclaimed as she started stroking his cock and looked at me.

Byron was busy pulling Amy's dress over her head and in a few seconds, she was standing in front of him with only her bra and panties on as she continued to kiss him. I didn't want to be left out, so I had gotten up and moved beside her to touch her. She looked over at me and we started kissing. I kissed her deeply for a few seconds while she still stroked Byron's cock. "Is this what you want baby?"

"Yes, so fucking bad." She replied as she went back to kissing Byron.

She pushed Byron back on the couch and removed his pants and underwear from his ankles before taking his cock in her mouth. I cannot describe the feeling of sitting next to your wife while she is in total lust to fuck another man. It is such a weird yet exhilarating experience. She was on her knees working on Byron's cock. I moved behind her and pulled down her panties. I started licking her pussy from behind and she was so wet she was actually dripping. Amy usually gets wet, and the more excited she is the wetter she gets. It was clear she was very excited.

So, here I am, licking my wife's pussy as she is on her knees, sucking the cock of a man we had just met. Surreal to say the least. I had been in a threesome situation a few times in my younger years before meeting Amy, but it was just some random chick. This was my wife. As she continued to suck Byron's cock, I started to finger her. 3 expectedly slid in easily. I added a fourth. Still no resistance. I wanted to fist her but knew she would get pissed. She had never been fisted in front of anyone. Plus, we had not been fisting or stretching with the same frequency as we used to, and the last time I fisted her it actually made her a bit sore. As she felt my four fingers filling her pussy, she pushed my hand away. "Don't stretch my pussy, just lick me."

As I continued to lick her, I reached up and undid her bra. Her gorgeous DD popped free. The next thing I know she is leaning over Byron and kissing him. Then she reaches back and grabs his cock, and in one swift movement, impales herself on his cock. Fuck me. To this point I was still not sure if she would actually fuck him. I looked like she had made up her mind quickly. She just took Byron's cock bareback and she's not on birth control. We had talked earlier about the lifestyle and Byron explained that he was regularly tested, but he had not shown us the test. Plus, she is not on any birth control at all since I've had a vasectomy. She gasped "Oh god. That's feels so fucking good. Oh, it fills me up so good baby."

"Do you want me to take it easy? I'm a lot bigger than you are used to." Byron asked her.

"No, I want you to fuck me. I've had two children. And just because my husband doesn't have a big cock doesn't mean I don't love them. They're all fake though. Fuck, you feel so much better. Please don't cum in me though, I am not on the pill."

Amy now started to bounce up and down on his cock as I watched. I felt a little awkward for a second as I was still fully clothed, and they were both naked having sex in front of me while I watched. I stripped my clothes off and sat stroking my cock. Byron picked her up and was now fucking her while holding her standing up. He then sat back down, and Amy announced she was going to have an orgasm. Fuck, that was really fast for her. He then positioned her doggy style and I got in front of her. "Is this what you wanted baby? Is it good?" I asked her as I kissed her.

"It's fucking great. Why did I wait so long?"

I now positioned my cock in front of her so she could suck it. This continued for a few minutes before they switched positions again and Byron had her on her back with her legs pinned back. It was fucking hot as shit watching this live porno with my wife as his shiny cock pumped in and out of her. He was fucking her hard and pounding her into the couch. As Amy begged for his huge cock, and spouted all kids of other obscenities, he drilled her into the couch. She announced she was going to cum again. Her having more than one orgasm per night does occasionally happen, but it's not all that common or easy to accomplish these days. Byron was fucking my wife's brains out.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum soon. Where do you want it?"

"Not in me. In my mouth, I want to suck you again."

With that, Byron withdrew from Amy's nicely gaping pussy and started to jerk his cock. Amy's mouth covered the head of his cock as he unloaded into her mouth. She swallowed it and continued to suck and jerk his softening cock. I had still not cum but was very close. I pushed Amy back on the couch and slipped into her. I have been in Amy's pussy thousands of times after it had been stretched by a big dildo, but it was so much hotter knowing a real huge cock had just fucked her. I came inside her quickly. It was a big contrast from the yelling and screaming she had made when Byron's giant cock was filling her. This didn't really bother me. I was used to Amy screaming and getting really vocal when I was fucking her with a huge dildo, and then her more softly moaning when I was inside her. Amy went to the bathroom and quickly returned.

We were all still naked sitting on the couch. We talked a bit more. Byron commented on how fantastic Amy was. "You were not kidding about loving big cocks, huh? I've met a lot of women who say they want a big cock, but many cannot not take it, or they have to tap out after a bit. I've had a few tell me to stop. You are a champ Amy."

"I've never actually had a real huge cock before, just dildos. It was amazing."

"You're pretty amazing yourself. You guys sure this is the first time you've done this?"

"She did give another guy a blowjob about 6 months ago, but that's it. You are her first." I blurted out.

"Well, I think you guys are naturals at this. You are going to have a lot of fun. What did you think of your first black guy Amy?" He already knew through our conversations that she had never been with a black guy before.

"Umm, it was really fucking good. I guess it's true what they say." She giggled.

Byron laughed, "Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's not that late. Do you want to have another drink and stay for round two?"

"We should probably get going." I responded thinking we should get home and not wanting to stick around too long and have it get awkward. "We've got a 30-minute drive and the kids are getting dropped off early in the morning."

Amy was apparently not ready to go and jumped in "Why don't we stay a little longer babe. It's only 10:30 and I'm still a bit tingly. Do you have a robe or something, I'm getting a bit chilly?"

With that Byron disappeared and returned with bathrobes for each of us and turned on a gas fireplace. We sat and chatted some more and sipped our drinks. Byron offered us the tour of his place. We had only seen the living room and the bathroom so far. We looked around the place and sat on the couch again. He was an easy guy to talk to and quite interesting. He told us his story about getting into the swinging scene when he was a young man. Amy was now sitting on the couch between us and her hands were soon on Byron's cock again. "You're getting hard again." She said as she started kissing him.

"I can't help it, you're sexy."

Amy then pulled his rob aside and started sucking his cock again. She was not just sucking his cock, but playing with it, seemingly admiring it. This is fucking crazy I thought. I cannot believe how comfortable she seems fucking around with another man in front of me. I joined in and started fingering her pussy. She was horny and wiggled her ass to respond. I fingered her with 4 fingers. My cock was hard again. Christ, I thought, what an aphrodisiac this was. I positioned myself behind her and slipped easily inside her. I fucked her slowly as she continued to suck Byron. "We should move this to the bedroom." He suggested.





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