That night, Jack received his official email from "WSP Organization" at 7:00pm sharp. The email read "Jack Warner: Thank you for participating in the Wrestling Safety Protocol (WSP) earlier today. This is necessary to ensure all athletic participants are safe for competition. You are conditionally cleared for competition per WSP guidelines. Attached with this email, you will find a Conditional Clearance Letter, a transcript of your proceedings during this morning's WSP, and a digital file containing the 85 photos that serve as the official documentation of your body. Your clearance is Conditional due to the filing of an Increased Risk Form, which notes discoloration around your scrotum.

As a result of the IR Form, we are separately emailing your photo file to the following persons: wrestling cheerleaders and wrestlers from the opposing high school, wrestling cheerleaders and wrestlers from this high school, parents of all cheerleaders and wrestlers, coaches and members of the athletic departments, medical staffs of both schools, and members of the board of the WSP Organization. To complete the protocol in entirety, each recipient of the email must attest via our online portal that they have viewed all of the photos. Furthermore, we endeavor to ensure transparency, and so, the WSP Organization is also accepting requests from anyone who wishes to receive the photos. We will accept these inquiries and immediately provide the photos up until competition commences tomorrow at 7:00pm.

Note also that cheerleaders and wresters from any team have the ability to file concerns about your body with the WSP Organization and request Additional Safety Measures (ASM), outlined in Section 4.8 of our Procedures. They must file this by 10:00am tomorrow. The WSP Organization will review these concerns and respond by 10:30am. At that time, we may reach out to you and require you to submit to ASM."

Jack thought to himself, "This is fucking unbelievable!!" But before he could anguish for too long, his phone went off with text after text. He was scared to look. But yep, they were from other high school students who had seen his photos.

The next morning at 10:15am, Jack received an alert on his phone. The WSP Organization had sent him an email stating simply, "Jack Warner: A wrestler from the opposing high school has filed a concern. We have evaluated this and now require you to report to Hastings Gym one hour prior to competition, at 6:00pm. You must submit to ASM or forfeit the match. Additional people have filed similar concerns. The concerns are mostly about the skin discoloration in the area around your scrotum. One person expressed a concern about the small freckle on the end of your penis. Thank you."

As required, he showed up to Hastings Gym at 6pm. The match was at this gym also and was set to start in exactly one hour. Spencer was there and met him at the front."Spence, what the fuck is going on now? What is this ASM stuff? Please tell me I don't have to strip naked again in front of 100 people! This is all bullshit!"

"Yeah, I know. It's getting ridiculous. I saw the skin discoloration around your balls and the freckle on your dick myself. It's nothing, I know. And the doctor cleared you. But the WSP Organization informed me that Brent Alexander filed this and was quite vocal."

"Fucking Brent?! OMG. He and I have a long history -- I hate that guy....and...he hates me. Plus, we are set to wrestle tonight. He and I are in the same weight class." Brent and Jack had a history, given that they were both the 18-year-old Alpha Male seniors from rival high schools.

"What? Why do you hate each other?"

"It's a long story. I'll spare you. But he's not the type to be worried about this skin disease just by seeing what he saw in my photos. Ugh...I still can't even believe that they just handed over photos of me naked to him...and everybody else!"

"Oh boy. Look, this ASM protocol is wild. Based on what you are saying, I am betting this guy Brent is simply SAYING he is concerned and convinced the Organization to go along, so he could implement these measures. You see, Jack, the Organization will allow any complainant to personally administer a full examination of you. Brent complained. Now, he has the right to conduct a full exam of you in any way he sees fit, in order to 'feel safe'".

"Fuck. What a nightmare. What do you mean by 'any way he sees fit'?"

"Yeah, the wording is vague in the Procedures. I asked the Organization for clarification. They responded that 'the safety and comfort of the Complainant is paramount, so we are granting the Complainant full autonomy.' The only condition is that a medical officer from his school must be present and provide the final conclusion. But aside from the doctor providing the conclusion, Brent may run the exam any way he wants. And I am designated as the official WSP rep, so I have to ensure Brent has the authority given to him and verify that you complied with his exam rules."

"Fuck me!"

About that time, Brent arrives at the gym and walks up to Spencer and Jack. "Hello, gentlemen." He grins from ear to ear and continues "OK, Jack, let's get you butt naked real quick. Strip down, and let the fun begin, you little Bitch!...Oh and Spencer, don't let my boy Jack give any back talk. You know the rules. Oh, and my medical guy will be here shortly. "

Angered, Jack retorts, "Damn it, Brent! You're not worried about anything from a skin perspective!"

"Oh, I know. I don't give a shit about that. But the WSP Organization has given me full authority over you for the next hour! So, get those fucking clothes off, and I mean fucking everything!! Let's step into the Training Room for this."

They walk into the room which is just beside the main gym, and Jack resigns himself to the punishment, hoping to do this quickly. He immediately undresses and does so quickly. He stands there, hands by his side, looking directly at Brent. "OK, Brent, now what?"

"Now, let's not rush this. OK, first of all. I want to inspect the hair on your head. So, drop down to your knees right in front of me, you know, so I can see the top of your head. Oh yeah, that's where a good bitch should be. Kneeling in front of your superior. Oh, and Jack, when you speak to me, address me as SIR or as LORD BRENT. Got that?"

"Yes...yes,..SIR." Spencer was going crazy inside as he saw his friend again butt naked and now kneeling in front of another man, as if he were about to deliver a blow job! Making matters more extreme, Brent grabbed Jack's head and pressed it into his crotch.

Grinning, Brent exclaims, "Hey, Spencer, I believe it's only fair that Jack examines me as well." Spencer stutters but has no choice but to go along with whatever Brent wants, so Spencer eeks out "OK".

Brent, wearing only a wrestling singlet, slips it off and is instantly just as naked as Jack. Spencer is shocked immediately to see Brent's massive cock. It is BIGGER than Jack's. Spencer didn't think this would be possible. Brent proudly states "Yeah, look at that. Jack, I'm sure you're proud of your snake. But look, you're smaller than me. Yet another thing where I beat you."

Jack was still kneeling in front of Brent at this point. Only now, Brent is naked, so Jack is kneeling and looking directly at his thick cock, huge balls and thick pubic hair. Jack is immediately jealous of the size of Brent and of the lush man-hair that Brent still has in comparison to his own shaved situation. And then Jack has a sense of anger that Brent is clearly superior on this fundamental measure of physical manhood -- and no amount of competition will ever change this fact, this fact that leaves Jack as the inferior man.

Brent continues, "OK, Jack, you need to inspect my dick now. If you refuse, I will tell the Organization you refuse to comply, and you will forfeit. I don't want your hands to touch my massive tool, so use your mouth to move my dick around to inspect my crotch."

Jack is stunned.."Brent, you've got to be fucking kidding. You want me to put your dick in my mouth?? I ain't no faggot. I have no interest in that. Plus, your medical guy wouldn't approve of that. Where is he anyway? Fuck all this shit!"

Brent, standing there naked and proud, calmly replies, "Nobody has to approve the requirements of this exam except ME. ME! I get to tell you what you must do without exception. If you fail to meet my requirements, I will force you to forfeit. And I happen to know you need to compete or you'll lose your scholarship. So, YOU will listen to ME...and yeah, suck my dick. Suck. It."

Roger Tyson walks into the training room just then. He is the pre-Med student, acting as the medical rep for Brent's school. "There you are Brent. Wow, already naked. So, you're having Jack examine your crotch with his mouth, like we talked about. Good. Hi, Jack, good to meet you. Spencer, nice to meet you." Clearly, Roger and Brent are in on this scheme together, because Roger is willing to watch Jack suck Brent's dick.

Brent continues, "There you go, Jack. The medical staff officially approves this anyway. Now, SUCK.....or forfeit. Your choice."

Jack had no choice at all actually, and he knew it. He hesitates before accepting his fate. For some reason, he looked up at Spencer while grabbing hold of Brent's massive dick in his mouth. Brent was clearly enjoying this, and once his dick entered Jack's mouth, he held his arms up in weightlifting style and flexed his biceps. Then, Brent kissed each of his biceps while thrusting his hips causing his dick to go deeper into Jack. "Yeah, you're my BITCH, Jack. I own your ass! Suck it, suck it, suck it!" Spencer noticed -- and certainly Jack noticed -- that Brent's dick was quickly getting hard. It wasn't sexual. It was all power and dominance that excited Brent.

Jack stopped sucking. He thought it was enough, especially since Brent's dick was now fully erect and a full 10 inches. It was so big and thick. Brent goes, "Yeah, OK. You done good. Now, lay down flat on the floor face-up, Bitch!" Jack complies and lays flat on his back. Roger chimes in, "Jack, you've got a decent penis on you, but it sure is smaller than my man Brent's. Brent has you beat for sure in the manhood department."

Brent loved hearing that. "Yeah man! That is right. Between me and Jack, I'm the real man. And Jack, just lay there. I'm going to do you a favor and share some of my man-seed with you all over your fucking face!" And he proceeded to kneel over Jack, masturbating his dick just over Jack's face. It didn't take long before he exploded with massive spurts of cum landing all over Jack's face. Brent yelled out, "Fuck yeah, you little Bitch. Eat my cum!" Milky cum is dripping from poor Jack's face and onto the floor. Brent shakes his dick forcing more cum to drip onto Jack. "Oh yeah, Jack. What's it feel like to have my warm cum load splattered on your face?"

Brent stands up and instructs Jack to stand up. "Hey Jack! Call me by my proper name, like I told you. And ask me to inspect your inferior, smaller dick!"

"Lord Brent, Sir, please inspect my dick, even though it is clearly smaller than yours", Jack says, still with cum dripping down his face.

"Oh, excellent. You're already beaten into submission, my little Bitch Jack. Those words came so easily to you! OK, you want me to inspect your junk. Here goes!" And Brent very roughly grabs Jack's nuts with his right hand and squeezes hard. Jack screams for mercy and Brent relents and lets go. Brent continues "I want to determine how sensitive your balls are. I've heard that with this infamous skin disease, you might lose some sensitivities. Stand up tall and spread your legs wide, Faggot!"

Jack is hesitant but knows he must comply. He looks straight ahead and moves his legs further apart. Brent acknowledges this. "What a good little boy. What a good listener. Give me a minute while I get dressed. No need to lord my huge dick at you any more." Brent slips on some compression shorts and then puts his singlet back on. After that, he stares at naked Jack up and down and then delivers a swift kick up between his legs, delivering a stinging blow to Jack's jewels. Jack doubles over in excruciating pain. Brent is having none of it. "Hey Roger, can you pull Jack back up and pull his arms behind him. And Spencer, grab his dick and lift it up. I want a clear direct shot at his nutsack." After they position Jack just so, Brent steps in front of him, takes an aiming look at Jack's nuts, and gives an even more forceful kick dead center. Jack's ballsack erupts with pain, and he doubles over again.

Brent has a menacing look on his face as he orders, "Jack, my little slave, stand up again. Stand up nice and pretty with your hands on top of your head and legs spread wide. Let's have a little QA." Jack complies and, despite the lingering ball pain, manages to stand butt naked in the position looking like a prisoner of war. Brent continues, "First question: Who has won each of the 3 wrestling matches you and I have ever had?"

"You have, Sir."

"That's right, Bitch. Now, who has the bigger manhood between his legs?"

"You do, Sir."

"Right again! Now, who fucked that college freshman Becky while you were dating her?"

"You did!"

"Yep!! You're doing great. Whose Cum is still on your face right now?"

"Your cum, Sir."

"And finally, as a condition of this Exam, I am going to stipulate a follow-on exam AFTER our match tonight. That will allow me the ability to make up something tomorrow about you not complying and having to forfeit, you know, if you win the match tonight. You can't have a forfeit, I know, because that effectively means you didn't compete. So think about that and answer this final question...Who is definitely going to win the wrestling match tonight?"

Jack begins to understand that he is being forced to let Brent win. "You will win it, Sir.""Fucking A, I will!! You are going to let me win our fourth and final match between the two of us, unless you want me to call that forfeit tomorrow. I'll be undefeated against your sorry ass!"

"Yes, Sir" Jack whispers out meekly.

"OK, look here, people. As we all know, I wasn't the only one to file for ASM with the WSP Organization. And so I'm not the only one permitted to examine you today. Three of the cheerleaders from your school will be arriving momentarily. You know, so they can 'feel safe' by fondling your balls!" Brent ends with a huge laugh at the whole misery Jack is in.

"What? Come on!! Please, NO!"

"Don't worry, Jack. Look, ALL of the cheerleaders actually filed for ASM. But Roger did you a solid and decided to limit it to just 3."

"Well, who are the 3?"

Roger chimes in, "I decided to let any cheerleader that is at least 18 years old to participate. I believe that's Angie, Mary, and Jennifer -- I think that's their names." At that point, Roger opens the door to the room and checks if the cheerleaders are outside waiting, and they are.

Brent exclaims, "Come on in girls." The girls bust in with anticipation.

Jennifer goes, "Oh, Jack. We've been friends all our lives! Those photos on my phone and saved on my computer -- well, they leave nothing to the imagination. But still, nothing beats seeing you all naked right before my very eyes! ...OMG, what's that on your face??!"

Brent explains, "You see, ladies, I felt like Jack needed to know the taste of real manhood, so I just finished jerking off and spraying my seed on him." The girls double over with laughter.

Jack is frozen with fright and horror. He has had a crush on Jennifer for years and was building up the nerve to ask her out. Now, that's impossible. He's humiliated, and she will never see him the same. She knows about that crush, but she has a mean streak and relishes in degrading Jack just for sport. She cups her hand and takes ahold of his balls.

Jack has yet to speak with the girls there. But Jennifer does, "My, my, Jack. I thought all male Seniors had a bush down here. What happened to you? How'd you lose it?" Jack is still frozen. "Come on now, Jack. Speak. How'd you lose your man fur and become a little boy again?? Or maybe you never had man hair to begin with?"

"Spencer shaved it off yesterday."

"OMG, do you often have other dudes shave you down there?"

"Uh,, it was part of the...the WSP bullshit."

She releases the grip on his balls and then gives those balls a nice couple slaps. "They feel so slick with no hair to be found." She gives one more slap, a little harder. Jack winces. His nuts have not even fully recovered from the kicks Brent inflicted on him. "The girls and I have discussed this. To satisfy our safety, we need to see you do some calisthenics. Do 25 Jumping Jacks."

"Huh? What???!"

"You heard me. Do 25 Fucking Jacking Jacks."

Jack glares at Jennifer with seething anger. Why is she being so ruthless? And then he looks at Brent, who gives him the look of 'Do what she says or else!'. So he starts. Naturally, the girls get what they want -- his dick and balls flop up and down with every jumping jack. His large 5 inch shaft is literally swinging down low and then swinging back up to slap his stomach and then making the long swing back down....over and over. Spencer, Roger, Brent, and all 3 girls are just staring at his flopping junk.

He finishes and has worked up a little sweat. His skin now glistens all over. Jennifer continues, "OK, now run in place for 2 minutes, being sure to raise your knees as high as you can during every stride." Jack begins. Once again, this is an exercise that exaggerates movements of his junk. His balls move from side to side every time he raises his knee up high. He finishes this and now has beads of sweat forming.

"OK, for the final routine, Jack. Stand on your hands with your feet in the air." This is a difficult thing to do, but Jack's athleticism gives him the ability. He manages to accomplish it. Jennifer says, "Now, just stay there frozen for a bit." She and the girls can't stop staring at his crotch. It's the first time they've ever seen this interesting sight of a man's balls hanging down in that direction. Angie takes Jack's legs and spreads them wide while he is still standing on his hands.

Angie confesses, "That's the first time I've ever seen the area between a dude's balls and his asshole. I think real men have hair there, don't they?"

Brent explains, "Why, yes. For example, I do. But don't forget. Spencer here shaved everything off of Jack." After a little while longer, Brent takes charge again, "Alright everyone, it's 6:55pm. The wrestling competition is about to start in 5 minutes, and Jack and I are wrestling in the first match at 7:00pm. Roger, get our man a rag so he can wipe the cum off his face. And get that super thin white singlet we brought." Brent looks at Jack. "Besides shoes, I am only allowing you to wear this singlet. This thing is super thin, and you ain't wearing underwear or compression shorts or anything with it. Let's give the audience a show while you wrestle. And don't forget. You will submit to me about halfway through the match."

Jack wipes his face, slips on the revealing singlet, and with his balls still in pain from the beating they took, he limps into the main gym and prepares to start the match. Of course, he ultimately submits to Brent. He finally goes home afterward, completely demoralized, humiliated and exhausted.ón-y-Reformas/Roseta-de-puerta/td-p/755759

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