In this strange world we live in, all kinds of people come into contact with one another every single day. Seemingly random events lead us in directions we never thought about until much later down the road, if even then. Penthouse Forums was a shining light in my teenage years for all of its, 'I never thought this would happen to me' beginnings to their fantasies. Yet, then again, isn't that part of the thrill?

This... in all of its moments of ecstasy is simply my experiences in all of that chaos we call life. This isn't your simple boy meets girl, instantly falls in love, and lives happily ever after. No, no, this is a story of how over the course of many years a chase happened with continuous ups and downs. And when the things finally started to come together, they became very, and I mean very, steamy.

But it isn't all about sex either. I am a reformed sex addict that has fallen off the wagon a few times. For the sake of this endeavor, that certainly has some upsides for you guys. If I still have your attention at this point, thank you. You all will get to peek in the following stories from this point on, a journey to realize one man's lust that turns into so much more as time ticks on. And how, just maybe, the pent up sexual aggression, the tenderness, and all of the frustrations play out.

I want to be able to describe the way things happened pretty honestly. I also want to keep it so it isn't smutty just for a reaction either. I may be a complete failure in my father's eyes, but I do have my own set of morals I do my best to live by. I know, I know, I say that but here I am with adventures that would make Dallas or All My Children proud.

These are all parts of the same soap opera not just fantasies written for your general pleasure. They are mostly a true portrayal of how a ten year odyssey in modern, and somewhat entangled, times may happen to the nurse caring for you, the guy driving the truck next to you as you go to work, or even the little hottie at the gym you've thought about in the shower the last few nights. Not all the things I'm about to tell to you good people will be on the bright side of life, just so you know what you're getting into here. If the topic is upsetting to you, it's okay, scroll down some or move on. No hard feelings here. Sometimes things hit close to home and I get it.

I hope you can give me a pass on the first two chapters. Telling this stuff to a therapist or even my ghost of a friend these things is different than sharing with strangers. Even though I have a feeling some of you might be friends with me by the time this is done. Again, thank you for making it this far. Because of your curiosity, boredom, or simple wanting for a good story, I hope my saga keeps your attention. Especially, as I tell you if I finally managed the seduction of Jade.

But then again, who knows if you'll be rooting for or against that by the end? Things rarely turn out the way we think they should. It's human nature to cheer for the happily-ever-after. Life on the other hand, has run out fucks and you're usually the next one in line for a reality check. That's unfortunately just the way the cookie crumbles, cupcake. Sorry, I'm starting to drift a little too far away from what I needed to share so you'd understand things going forward.

Oh, before I forget, the timeline is kept kind of vague for a reason. I didn't have it that way so I could be lazy. Really, I didn't. You have a natural instinct to protect those close to you and I'm no different. I doubt seriously anyone I bring up would ever see this, but you never know. Sure, some gave me more scars then smiles, but those battle wounds were earned and made me the hardest headed photographer you might ever know.

I mean Ivan Moody once threw a water bottle at my melon just to see the reaction. Never missed a shot. At least it wasn't fake blood or Faygo... Enjoy my life story or at least a few parts of it.

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