The encounter with Shobha ignited more fire, more passion in my body. I wanted more of her body, her touch, her kisses. Every night I passed was thinking about her, using my fingers on my pussy, and also humping my pussy on the pillow. While having a shower too I visualized Shobha to be with me, and it made me more horny. I borrowed a few lesbian flicks on DVD and watched them. Every sexual scene made me feel that it was Shobha and me on screen, rather than the actresses.

I used to tell her about my activities everyday during our walk after my college and I could see Shobha getting aroused too. She too badly wanted to be with me but we were not getting any opportunity. She too had to visit a few sites for sweeping work and hence meeting her at her home was also not an option.

Then one day during our walk Shobha told me, "Shreya, my baby there is a chance of our meeting. But it has to be in the evening."

I said, "But how is it possible for me to meet during the evening. You can't come to my house, and I won't be able to visit your basti."

Shobha held my hand tightly and said, "Darling this is our big chance. All my neighbors and many more workers of our basti are going away to a marriage party of a person who used to live in our basti earlier. They are leaving tomorrow afternoon and will return the next morning at about 10 AM. I have decided to stay back by making some kind of excuse. See, we shall have the entire evening and night. Think of something."

I became thoughtful, surely this was a huge opportunity. But how am I going to convince my parents that I am going to stay out in the night? I thought about confiding in my classmate Megha to tell my parents that I am going to stay at her home for study, but then I would have to tell her the truth regarding Shobha and me. Or I would have to make another lie regarding this.

Shobha suddenly grabbed my ass and pinched my left boob, and it drew out a crying moan from my mouth. She said, "What are you thinking? Are you not going to make it?"

On hearing her words my urges got the better of me and I decided to give it a go. I grabbed her ass as well and replied, "Of course I will make it. Let's do it honey,"

Shobha was very happy and we stole a small kiss as we walked on. During my evening tutorial classes I met Megha and asked her for the favour of telling my parents that I was going to stay in her house the next day for studying. It wasn't difficult to convince her however, she became curious about where I actually wanted to be. She asked, "What is going on Shreya? Is there a boyfriend? You didn't tell me."

I readily replied, "No yaar, actually there is a cool night party given by one of our distant relatives. You know my father doesn't approve of night parties so I had taken this way out. Now my fate is in your hands dear."

Megha laughed and said, "Sure my friend, don't worry. You know there is no telephone in our house and hence your parents can't even call you. Enjoy the party." (During those days mobile phones weren't available in India)

I hugged her and said, "Thanks a lot my dear. You are the best friend ever."

So it was settled. My parents allowed me as they knew Megha was a good, studious girl and was keen in studying. It was decided that after my college I would come back home and after having food etc go over to Megha's house with a spare cloth and my books packed in my bag. Next day I was to attend college right from there.

Shobha had told me to go to the basti after 6 PM and I decided to move out of our society at 5-30 PM. As I walked I could hear my own heart pounding a lot in my chest in excitement. I had really taken a big step that day. I decided to take a longer route that day and went towards the colony where Megha lived, and then just before reaching there diverted myself to the basti. The electric power supply was cut for some time and it actually helped me. From a distance I could see that a lot of people were leaving the basti, singing and talking loudly. I understood that they were all going to the marriage. I waited 5 more minutes and then went straight to Shobha's house and knocked.

Shobha readily took me in and locked the door. We didn't waste a moment and started to kiss. All the clothes fell off our bodies in no time and we quickly took the 69 position on the bed. All these days of sex starvation were showing upon us and both of us needed to cum badly. As our tongues explored each other's pussys before long both of us cum in each other's mouth. We then sat side by side, literally shocked by the quickie we just shared. Both of us knew we had the entire night to ourselves and plenty of fantasies were about to come true.

Shobha kissed me and said, "I still don't believe we are together for the night. Thank you for coming, Shreya."

I said, "The pleasure is absolutely and entirely mine, my love. I would do anything to make love to you. So, what do you have in your mind now?"

Shobha grinned and said, "I was thinking let us try out the various scenes that you narrated to me from that lesbian DVD. Of course skipping the shower scene. There isn't a shower here."

I laughed at her wit and said, "Ok whatever you say. Your wish is my command."

Shobha hugged me and we kissed again, and then she whispered in my ear that she wanted to roleplay the asslicking scene. I readily agreed. Shobha bent herself from her belly, with her upper half down from the bed, with her legs bent from the knee on the bed, thus showing up her ass. I went near her ass, it was a bit hairy near the asshole, and was quite big and black.

Just like the character in the porn movie, Shobha uttered, "Kiss and lick my ass, pleasure me baby."

As I drew myself closer to the ass a familiar smell hit my nostrils, it was of her sweat and also the fire in her pussy. Soon my lips touched her asscheek, I kissed the dark ass of the sweeper woman. As I moved my lips and nose on Shobha's asscheeks she let out sighs and moans. I was actually loving every bit of kissing her ass, my head moving all around the ass making sure I kissed every inch of the asscheeks. I occasionally bit on her ass skin which made Shobha squeak. After some more kissing I reached the centre of the asscheeks, Shobha's asshole.

I kissed up and down between the asscheeks, occasionally blowing hair and making her moan. Shobha uttered, "Sniff my ass, darling."

I was not to be told twice as I used my hands to unhid her puckered hole. I sniffed in her ass scent, and to my surprise I liked it. I sniffed again and again and each time I wanted to repeat the act. The scent of the ass of the sweeper woman was greatly turning me on. I put in my nose in the asshole and rubbed it up and down, I wanted to inhale everything Shobha had to offer.

Shobha was in the position for a long time and hence she changed position then. She was now on all fours on the bed while I was kneeling behind her. I once again sniffed her asshole, and repeated again and again. Both of us were enjoying ourselves a lot. Shobha then uttered, "Enough of your teasing baby, now lick my ass."

Her wish was my command and I readily stopped sniffing her asshole. I slid in my tongue in the asshole and gave it one lick. I tasted a sweaty, salty taste in my tongue and needless to say I loved it. Shobha let out a deep moan with the movement of tongue and I knew my lover was enjoying it. I started to lick the asshole slowly and steadily. I remembered how the submissive character in the DVD had licked the asshole, and I wanted to perform exactly that way. My tongue moved up and down, and also sideways, licking Shobha's asshole but not picking up the pace.

Shobha's moans increased in intensity in due course of time and I gradually speeded up my tongue movement in her asshole. I was actually tongue fucking her asshole now and it was making Shobha crazy. She had clenched the bedsheet in ecstatic pleasure, and moaning loudly. My hands were grabbing her asscheeks and my tongue was moving in and out of her asshole. It was about 15 minutes since we had started this session and according to the movie there ought to be a change in position. To my surprise, I found out that Shobha remembered it. She had listened to my description very carefully!

She said, "My love now you lie down on the bed."

I knew what was coming as I lied on the bed. Shobha rested her knees on either side of my face and then slowly put her ass on my mouth. As I saw the dark asscheeks nearing my face I closed my eyes and soon Shobha's ass had engulfed my face. She had placed her asscheeks on my nose and mouth perfectly. Everything was dark for me and soon I found that breathing was getting difficult for me too. With each inhaled breath I also inhaled the scent of Shobha's ass. She moaned, "Come on lick me."

I started to lick her asshole again, tasting her in every way possible. Shobha moved her asscheeks on my face slowly and this allowed my nose to be free for some moments and breathe in precious air. My tongue was having no rest though and was restlessly licking deep into Shobha's asshole. My hands were holding Shobha's asscheeks as my tongue seemed to be stuck in the asshole forever. Shobha was loving every bit of it and was moaning very loud.

My tongue was paining a bit after some more time of licking as unlike movies, there was no stoppages or retakes in our sex session. Shobha sitting on my face was also adding to the discomfort as I had to endure the weight of her asscheeks all the time. In order to take some rest I stopped my licking. However, Shobha had now jumped onto the next portion of the lesbian DVD roleplay.

She lifted her ass a bit and then in a go placed her left asscheek on my nose. She started to apply her weight, thus smothering my nose. I tried to breathe but in vain, I tried to escape but in vain again. Shobha was in full control of me then and she held my hands with her and kept pressing her ass on my face. She was doing exactly what the dominative woman in the lesbian video did. I knew what was coming next and hence understood that it was futile to struggle. Soon Shobha spoke, "I have you at my mercy isn't it? Since now I control your breath and your mere existence, I hereby command you to eat my ass and not stop for a bit till I finger myself to my orgasm."

Wow she was doing the role play so well. I was impressed. Maybe she always had this subtle dominating side to her and it was coming to her naturally. Shobha stood up and used her two hands to support herself on the wall, while protruding her ass. I finally was able to breathe freely and took in some long breaths. Then I knelt behind her and kissed all over her black buttocks again. They were sweaty and sticky, and I enjoyed running my lips and tongue over them. Shobha was moaning in pleasure as she felt me kissing her buttocks. She arched her back a bit more so that her asshole was unhidden again before me and I readily slid my tongue inside.

As soon as I started to lick Shobha's asshole again she started to finger herself, exactly the same that happened in the DVD. The taste of Shobha's ass on my tongue had become permanent now and my mind had almost stopped working. I was licking up and down, the two sides, and deep inside the puckered hole of the dark, sweaty sweeper lady who was busy moaning and pleasuring herself. She placed her right hand on the back of my head and pushed me onto her ass, while her left hand was busy pleasuring her own pussy.

My tongue was really aching now as it was restlessly moving in and out of Shobha's asshole, but Shobha hadn't neared her climax yet and so I didn't stop. My strength had diminished to a minimum and I felt like I didn't have strength to be on my knees as well, but Shobha's strong hand held my head in position and thus I licked on. And then Shobha's moans increased and she started to shiver, finally with a loud cry she met her shattering orgasm. As she cum her grip on my head loosened and I just lied down on the ground, fully exhausted. My tongue felt like it was going to fall off my mouth, my head was aching and I struggled to breathe. Shobha after some time noticed my agony and she rushed off to fetch me some water.

After drinking water I was helped to the bed by Shobha. She laid me down and sat beside me. She stroked my hair and whispered, "I am so sorry babe, I just got so much involved in the role play that I just went on and on. Why didn't you stop me, my love?"

Panting heavily I replied, "I would do anything to please you darling, I would go to any extent. I love you very much."

Shobha kissed my lips and said, "I love you too babe. Take some rest now while I prepare food for us. After dinner we will have the night to ourselves. Also we need to plan our next session isn't it? You haven't cum in this session so that should be our next priority."

As Shobha left to cook I was thinking to myself. Shobha didn't know that I had cum twice while licking her ass. I thought maybe this was the way to go. I was a natural sub and she was a natural dom. Maybe our love would blossom if it stayed that way. I thought about discussing it with Shobha when she came back. The night was still young and many more things awaited us, hopefully. (To be continued),38220855.html & u=92440

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