We are sitting at the dinner table and I am trying to talk to you.

You have a book lying on the table that you are reading as you eat.

No matter what I say you just shake your head and say ok.

Telling you that I have been with ten women this month you still just shake your head and say ok.

I am getting frustrated and sit quietly as I finish my dinner and put my plate in the sink.

I go into the bedroom to get ready to take my shower and see all of your toys sitting around.

Going on into the bathroom I get things ready to take my shower and get undressed.

As I am getting in the shower you come in the bathroom and ask why I did not talk to you at dinner.

Not paying any attention to you I get in the shower and begin to wash myself.

You undress and get in the shower with me taking the washcloth away from me.

You begin to wash me as you put your arms around me.

Sliding your hands up and down my body you cover me with soap down to my erection.

Taking my erection in your soft hand you gently slide it up and down.

You move around in front of me as the water rinses the soap away again you ask why I didn't talk to you at dinner.

I look at you and tell you that I did talk to you and you just didn't listen to what I said.

As you get down on your knees I ask you what you were reading that you could not talk to me.

You giggle and tell me that you were reading a book of erotic stories and you just couldn't stop reading them.

Softly you kiss the tip of my erection then look up at me and tell me that your panties were soaking wet when you took them off.

You ask if you are going to be punished for not listening to me when we had dinner I tell you that you sure will be.

Sliding your warm mouth down over my erection you suck it gently.

As my erection slides back out of your mouth you ask again if you are going to be punished.

As you slide your mouth back down over my erection as I tell you that you will be punished.

As I tell you that you will be punished you gently bite my erection.

You slide your warm mouth up and down faster as I hold you by your hair.

I tell you that if you bite me again I will do more than punish you as I push into your mouth.

Holding your hair I slide my erection in and out of your mouth faster as I begin to tremble.

As I shake I erupt in a wonderful orgasm and with my knees weak I pull you up and kiss you passionately.

We finish our shower and get out to dry each other off and you feel wonderful.

Going into the bedroom we get on the bed and put our arms around each other.

Tenderly we kiss each other as my hand slides down between your legs.

You move your legs apart and I softly slide my fingers over your pussy lips.

As my fingers brush over your clit you moan lightly as we kiss.

I slide my hand back up your body and move your arm up over your head.

When I get your arm up over your head I connect a restraint to it then I restrain the other arm also.

I move down and place restraints on your ankles and make sure you can not move.

Getting over top of you I kiss you passionately then move down and kiss your breasts.

As I am kissing your breasts I slide my fingers inside your pussy and slowly move them in and out.

As I slide my fingers in and out I rub your clit with my hand.

Wrapping my lips around your nipples I slide my fingers in and out faster.

Rubbing your clit harder I rub my fingers against your g spot and you start to tremble.

With you starting to tremble I stop and lean down to kiss you tenderly then get up and look for the whip.

When I get back in the bed you have settled down and stopped trembling.

I get between your legs and start kissing your pussy.

I slide my tongue up and down your lips brushing over your clit.

Feeling your swollen clit I rub it with my tongue and slide my fingers inside you.

You start to tremble and I stop rubbing your clit and slide my fingers out of you.

Taking the whip I spank your clit a couple of times and you are on the edge when I stop again.

You tell me that you want to cum and I need to keep going but I look at you and tell you that I may let you cum later.

Moving up over you I kiss your nipples and gently suck them.

Slowly I kiss back down to your pussy and softly kiss your clit.

Again I start rubbing your clit with my tongue.

Wrapping my lips around your clit I suck it gently and slide my fingers inside you.

Moving my fingers in and out I suck your clit a little harder.

Moving my fingers around inside you I rub them over your G spot.

You start to shake and I stop quickly not letting you have an orgasm.

Shaking you scream at me to please let you finish but I just go back to kissing your nipples.

You beg me to please let you orgasm because you can't stand it anymore.

Slowly I kiss back down to your pussy and kiss around it.

You move around trying to get me to kiss your pussy but I keep kissing close to it.

Finally I kiss your pussy and you moan loudly as I slide my tongue up and down it.

As I start rubbing your clit your moans become screams of pleasure.

You push up against my face as I put my lips around your clit and suck it gently.

Sliding my fingers inside your pussy I suck your clit harder as I rub your G spot.

Your body is shaking hard as your orgasm thunders through your body.

I release you from the restraints and you push me onto my back.

You get on top of me and place my erection at your opening.

You slide down onto my erection and your soft pussy feels wonderful.

You press down against me and rock back and forth hard and fast with your clit rubbing against me.

I push up against your and we are moaning loudly as you keep getting faster.

We begin to shake and we explode in a beautiful orgasm with fireworks bursting in our minds.

Exhausted you collapse in my arms and we lie side by side as we fall into a deep sleep.











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