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Story is in female perspective as is all/most of my stories.

This story contains excessive cum, aphrodisiac, large penis, dominant male, submissive female, and "divine powers."


I awoke to a loud knocking on my large doors, I shuffled around and waved my hands in the air and the doors swung open. Barten walked in and headed toward my bed in the middle of the large room, lined with marble floors and pillars.

"Madam, your father requests to see you." He quickly spoke. Barten was my personal aid, he served as my guard and anything else I could need him for.

"Barten..." I said with a sigh as I stretched with my arms above me in bed. "You and father both know I don't like to be awoken so early." I said as I slowly sat up, the covers flowing off of my shoulders, revealing my breasts to the cool air in my room.

"I understand, but your father said it's urgent." He said, a small bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. Barten was surely used to me being so freely exposed, as all others in our land would be considering I am the Goddess of Pleasure. My father believed that it was best if they delegated down most of his powers even to the smallest detail, which resulted in me.

I complied with a sigh and moved the covers off me, I shifted my legs over to the edge of my large bed and stood up. "Barten, I may be the Goddess of Pleasure but privacy is still something I appreciate." I said turning back at him smiling. He stood there staring at my body, it wasn't his fault though. Divine power worked in mysterious ways, even father had trouble averting his gaze sometimes.

"Barten." I said with a more firm tone, snapping him back to his senses. "Sorry, I'll leave immediately, your father is waiting in the garden." He said as he took his leave. The doors shutting behind him left a small echo as I stood there alone in my room again.

I casually lifted my hand and twirled my fingers in the air as the clothes formed around my body, my hair combing itself and straightening down to my lower back. I gazed at myself in the large mirror next to me and admired how I looked. Today, I decided to wear a white gown that hugged my slim body tightly with a gold necklace that signified royalty. In our land, Atlas, everyone typically wore white colored clothing, may that be a suit or even just a t-shirt.

I strode toward my door and flicked my wrist once again which caused them to open and close behind me as I headed toward my father in the garden. As I walked down the hallways, guards and servants all greeted me with a bow, I smiled in their direction and told them to continue on their way. Reaching the garden, I saw my father sitting under the large gazebo in the center, surrounded with his typical entourage that guarded him and awaited his every call.

"Father." I said with a smile as his attendants bowed to me upon my arrival. "Yin, please sit." He motioned to the chair next to him. "Please, leave us." My father said as I sat down crossing my legs. The attendants quickly left just outside the garden area to where they could quickly return once he motioned for them.

"What did you need me for father?" I asked him as the last attendant stepped away. "Yin, have you been watching the situation in the mortal world?" He asked as he flipped his hand in the air. A display of the mortal world glowed between us and slowly spun as he talked. "I understand the policy I created was that we would no longer involve ourselves in the affairs of the mortals but lately my brothers and sisters have decided that it'd be best to send our children to the mortal world temporarily as a learning experience for you all to understand them." My father said with a careful voice.

Father had originally created the policy of us no longer involving ourselves with the mortals because other gods had begun holding grudges against one another due to the situations that played out in the mortal world. "You want us... to live in the mortal world?" I said with an excitement in my voice, I was excited to finally be able to see what the older golds always mentioned about the mortal world. "Yes, along with the other children. You all will be scattered around the mortal world and start your own lives there." He said in response.

My body shook with excitement, the stories that I've heard since my creation from my father and his siblings have always interested me. "There will be an announcement later on and a list of rules and information for how everything will happen." My father said with a smile, noticing my excitement. "Yes, father." I smiled back at him, I quickly stood up and returned to my room. Barten stood at the front of my door, he had waited for me as usual and he instead opened the door for me as I walked past him. "Miss Yin, the information has been delivered inside this envelope." He said as I entered.

Quickly turning, I hastily opened the envelope that was stamped with the red seal that showed it had come from the lands council, a group of all the oldest and most powerful gods that ruled our lands which included my father at the top. Inside was a paper that contained the information that I needed to know just like what my father had told me.

The rules were simple, that none of us were to reveal our true identities and that our powers were not to be used to cause major changes to the mortal world. The information was where it got a little more complex, we would all be randomly transported somewhere in the world with identities given to us. Our ages would be between eighteen to early twenties and given randomly as well. The common knowledge of the mortal world would be automatically filled into our heads, probably by the power of Talus, the God of Knowledge. At the bottom of the paper it listed that tonight once we sleep we would wake up in the mortal world and start our new lives.

Time passed quickly for the rest of the day, soon it became night and as I rested in my bed I was excited to see where I would be when I awoke in the morning. My mind slowly drifted off and soon enough I was asleep.

Waking in the morning, I heard a ringing alarm next to me, it was an alarm from my phone I assumed. I quickly sat up and turned it off and examined the room I was in. It was a decently sized room that had only sunlight beaming in through the window next to me for light. Suddenly, the information of my new identity began to flow quickly into my head and ingrained itself into my memory.

I'm nineteen years old and in college, my parents were rich business owners that traveled constantly leaving me free to do what I wanted. My parents had left me a credit card that virtually had no limit and they would deal with the expenses no matter what. I wondered if the other children I had come with had such an easy life.

As I sat there combing through my memories, a knock on the door interrupted me and slowly opened. A man walks in wearing a suit, it was Barten. "Barten, what are you doing here?" I said with a smile, a familiar face giving me a nice feeling. "Madam, all the children were allowed one servant to be moved with them to the mortal world. The council felt it would be best since us servants had all originally come from the mortal world and retained the knowledge that could come in handy." He said with a small smile.

It made sense, even though we were all given common knowledge of this world it would still be hard to adjust to the mortal world considering we had all grown up in a land that broke the rules that apply to the mortal world.

"Madam, may I suggest that you first get ready." Barten said, with the door still open behind him. "Get ready for what?" I replied confused. "For school, Madam." He said gesturing towards the clock. I looked over and realized that I am already almost late for my first class. I quickly threw the blankets over my body and waved my hand as the clothes formed over my body. As I headed to step around Barten to exit the room he reached his arm out and stopped me.

"Madam, you must remember that you're in the mortal world now." He said as I bumped into his arm. I looked at the mirror and realized that the usual white gown and golden necklace I wore wouldn't work. "What should I wear then? I'm unfamiliar with this land's clothing." I asked him.

After minutes of listening to what Barten had suggested, I stood looking at myself in the mirror admiring what he had chosen. A pale blue crop top with a short white skirt that covered barely anything past my ass. I turned left and right as I examined myself, noticing Barten looking at me from behind me with a tent in his pants.

"Barten, you know that as the Goddess of Pleasure I can tell when someone becomes aroused around me right?" I said with a little chuckle. Barten's face immediately glowed red but he stood there silently. I turned around facing him and let out another chuckle. "It's nothing to be shy about, you know that my body naturally just attracts others." I said as I slowly stepped towards him.

"Yes, Madam Yin." He said hesitantly as I stood in front of him, only a foot between us. He was maybe a head taller than me, but I could tell that his body was very well built considering Zatan, the God of Health, had created a pill for all the mortals in our land to quickly become stronger.

"Barten, you know according to my memories..." I said slowly and seductively as I laid my hand on his shoulder, " grades are good enough to skip a few classes." I smiled. Barten quickly understood and wrapped his large hands around my tiny waist. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, my hands on his shoulders.

Barten was not only just my servant to protect me and run my errands, but considering I was the Goddess of Pleasure he also was my first thought when I wanted something to please me. This wasn't the first time we had sex, in fact he's the only one that I have allowed in my bed more than once.

Barten knew what I liked and the perks of being the Goddess of Pleasure meant that I had the power to change certain things about people that would help in the name of pleasure. From how big a man's manhood is to how tight a woman would be. I could also read the desires and kinks people had and ensure they had the best experience in their life. Barten just so happened to have the same kinks that I had which made him such a good partner.

He slowly walked towards the bed and threw me against it, he knew that I liked it when he was dominant and demanding. Barten was typically quiet and conservative but just like a light switch, once I got him going he would always switch into someone who would always make me turn into the submissive girl I was.

As he stood at the front of the bed looking down at me, "Do what daddy likes." He said with his deep voice. "Yes, daddy." I said with a smirk, my body shook with the thought. I sat up slowly and my legs hung off the edge of the bed, my face inches from his crotch. My slender hands reached up and unbuckled his belt and had zipped down his pants, letting them fall to the floor. His boxers were tented and looked uncomfortable under the tension. I slipped my fingers into the waistband and tugged them down until his massive cock sprung out and stood towering above my face.

Over the many times Barten and I had sex, I had eventually made his dick grow to an unnaturally large size of twelve inches. The amount of cum that he could produce and his stamina grew just as much as well. A side effect of my body was that anyone who had sex with me would have a taste of more pleasure, men usually had their dicks grow and their stamina extended, where as women usually became tighter and more sensitive.

I wrapped my small hands around his shaft, just barely able to completely wrap my fingers around. Slowly, I stroked up and down his shaft as precum began to flow out the tip of his veiny member. I licked it up and swallowed it, my lips wrapping around the tip of his penis. The amount of precum he produced was amazing, ounces worth at a time.

As I slowly stroked fast and faster, I began to push my head forward against his thick member and as inch after inch slowly entered my mouth I could feel the precum lubricating the back of my throat. I looked up at Barten's face as I slowly began to deepthroat his shaft and suck gently with my tongue licking up and down. His eyes peered down at me with a dominant look in his eyes, I could tell that the natural aphrodisiac the fluids my body produced were slowly getting to him.

Suddenly, I feel Barten's hand grab the base of my ponytail behind my head. "Wait.. I'm not-" I said before being cut off. He held my head in place when suddenly he thrust his hips against me, his large manhood pushing down my throat. As quickly as he had thrust into me, he withdrew just to thrust back in. He picked up his speed and soon enough he was face fucking me, his strong hands continuing to hold my head still.

As time passed, soon enough I felt his manhood begin to throb. He slowed down and let go of my head. I pulled my head back and stared as his manhood throbbed in front of me. I looked up at him and his face was in a daze, the aphrodisiac had turned him into just a sex crazed maniac.

He reached down and grabbed my waists and flipped me around, pushing me against the bed with my knees under me, his hand grabbing the bottom of my skirt and pushing it up over my ass. His finger slipped under my thong and with an easy tug he ripped them off of me leaving my ass in the open with just the skirt on my waist.

Soon enough the tip of his dick was in position to penetrate deep into me, he quickly found the entrance to my tight slit and with one hand at the base of his shaft and his other hand my hip he thrust. In one swift motion he shoved his large member deep inside of me, a loud moan escaping my mouth. I felt him pushing against my womb, the curve of his dick reshaping my insides. He began to thrust in and out of me quickly, no thought if he was hurting me. Luckily, I was a goddess or surely he would have ripped me apart.

My arms gave out from holding me due to the pleasure and my head fell against my bed, my arms gripping the sheets below me. "Yes, daddy." I moaned out between his eager thrusts. His mind and body had only one goal, to cum. His other hand had moved onto the other side of my hips and he held my waist as he pounded my pussy. The sounds of flesh and his heavy balls slapping against me filled the room. I could feel his precum continuously flow inside of me, some even dripping down onto the sheets at my knees.

I felt his dick grow bigger inside of me, my stomach bulging as his large thick cock filled me. His pace quickened and he began to pull my waist against him as he thrust into me. Moans leaving my mouth as each of his thrusts punished my sore pussy. My toes curled as pleasure filled my body in waves, a climax was coming and fast.

Barten's breath quickened, his cock throbbing faster and faster and I knew he was going to cum soon. "Please, daddy." I moaned out. I knew he loved when I called him that. His grip tightened around my waist and he thrust faster and faster when finally my body gave in. I shuddered in pleasure with a loud moan escaping my mouth as I felt his cock continue to invade my flesh. My hands tightened around the sheets as I came.

As I was peaking my climax, suddenly a familiar hot liquid began to fill my tight slit. His shaft pulsated and throbbed inside of me as he climaxed. Overflowing out of my slit, his cum dripped down onto the sheets and down my legs. A second climax hit at the same time for me, sending my body again into pleasure. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I moaned loudly.

Finally, I felt him slow down and eventually he pulled his cock out of me. The rest of his cum slowly flowed down my legs. His hands let go of my waist and my legs gave out under me from the pleasure. I laid there catching my breath and flipped myself over so I was on my back, my eyes still closed from my climax overpowering me.

Eventually, I opened my eyes to see him standing there, his thick cock still standing tall and hard looking at me. I smiled and picked up my legs so my knees were up in the air and opened them wide.

"I guess day one of the mortal world isn't too bad." I said with a smile.

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