I pulled out of her and put my cock between her legs. "Jerk me off," I told her. There was significant length jutting from between her legs and she stroked with pressure and speed. I shot a half a dozen bursts onto the bedding and even hit the pillows. Ashley was still stroking when I pulled away and rammed my cock back into her.

She gave a surprised but happy "Ohhhh" as I thrust a few more times, finishing my orgasm by pumping the last few shots into her tight, hot pussy.

I collapsed over her back, she going to her hands to support my weight, my cock still buried inside of her. After a few moments I withdrew and sat back up on the bed.

"OK," said Ashley, "I can see the difference now." She was still on her knees but squatted down, the cum I shot into her leaking onto the bed.

"And which do you prefer?" I asked.

She leaned over me, close enough to run her breasts over my chest and for our lips to be nearly touching.

"I think I prefer the passionate on the whole," she said, kissing me gently, "but if you ever want to fuck me again, I would be very much happy to oblige."

"But if you prefer one over the other..." I started.

"I do," she interrupted, "but I said YOU can fuck me."

She moved to straddle me, her warm, wet pussy laying on top of now flaccid member. "You gave me what I wanted. You made me feel desired, and exhilarated, and even respected if you can understand that. And for all that you did for me, you deserve to go all caveman on my ass if you want. I dug it, don't get me wrong, but I am probably going to be sore later so while I would say yes to a good fucking, I'd prefer your face between my legs anytime."

She made a lot of sense when she explained it like that.

"Awesome," I told her. "Well, I think we should get going cause the janitor will probably be around soon to lock up."

"Shit," Ashley exclaimed. She jumped off of the bed and grabbed her dress. I got dressed myself while she slightly re-arranged the pillows to hid the cum stains we both left.

She grabbed her panties from the floor, offering them to me. "You want these to remember me by," she asked sweetly.

"I don't need trophies to remember you," I told her.

She smiled at this and, with absolutely no shyness, lifted her dress, wiped the last of the dripping cum from pussy, and tucked the panties into one of the pillow cases.

"That'll teach them to criticize my performance," she said. Turning to me, she asked "So, when can we do this again?"

"Well," I pretended to ponder, "if you aren't busy tonight, can I temp you with a full body oil massage? You said you might be sore so I'd hate to leave you in such a state."

She came over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and said, "Only if, after you get done rubbing me, I can rub you." She moved her crotch to rub the front of my pants, which had the effect she was probably hoping for. "I'd like to try making that monster explode with my mouth, if you're willing to help me out with that."

"Uh, yea, sure, deal," I said rather faster than I intended. We kissed one last time and I followed her out of the backstage area. We parted ways in the hall, planning to meet later that night. I could not help but watch her dress move with her ass, knowing that underneath was nothing but bare Ashley.

I skated out of the building and met back up with my friends. They asked where I went but I ignored them and tried that fakey to backslide again, landing it clean the first try.

Calling it a win while I was ahead, I said later to my friends and skated home. I had to clean up a bit before Ashley came over.



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