She sat and watched Owen for a few moments, on his knees at her feet with his legs parted wide and his hands resting on top of his muscular thighs. He was still, as she had commanded him to be, all except for the rise and fall of his chest with each ragged breath and for the twitch of his hard cock as he throbbed with need. The barest hint of a smile flickered on her lips at the sight of him. She had done nothing but command him to strip and kneel and he was already rock hard for her, with a glistening drip of precum trailing its way down his shaft.

As Owen waited for another command from his Goddess, he kept his beautiful blue eyes lowered, as he knew he must; yet she noticed his gaze didn't touch upon the ground as it usually did but hovered just a few inches below her chin. This time her lips spread into a wide grin. She couldn't blame him for staring so shamelessly at her breasts. As she had been dressing for him a little earlier that evening, even she'd had trouble looking away from the sight of her full breasts almost spilling out over the top of her tight black leather corset top, with an enticing hint of pink nipple peeking out just above the edge. The corset, along with the matching black leather skirt, clung to her voluptuous curves and displayed them beautifully, and it pleased her to see the man at her feet gazing upon her body with such desire. After all, it was his craving for her that had Owen crawling to her and obeying her every word whenever they were together, she thought to herself.

Instead of saying a word, she chose simply to tug down the top of her corset, revealing her luscious pale tits as he continued to stare. The leather that had been pulled down collected beneath her breasts and helped to push them upwards a little, perfectly displaying the way her rosy pink nipples had hardened into a puckered bud beneath his ravaging gaze. Owen's breathing became more ragged as he watched her, still trying to remain stationary as he watched his Goddess, but she noticed that there was no hint of serenity beneath his stillness. In fact, she took great pleasure in watching how it seemed to become increasingly difficult for him to remain still as every muscle in his body rippled beneath his tanned skin with his need to reach out and touch her.

"Control yourself, boy," she said firmly. "Remember, you are not allowed to move until I say you may."

A small whimper slipped from his lips, but he did not complain, nor did he make any attempt to move. Owen was a good slave and craved to obey his Goddess in all things. And as a reward for his good behaviour, she leaned down to whisper in his ear, "If you beg me well enough, boy, I may even let you touch and kiss my breasts." She leaned back in her chair again and fixed her cool blue gaze upon him once more. "Would you like to do that, pet?"

This time, the sound that emerged from him was a deep, guttural groan; a primal sound filled with desire. "Oh Goddess, yes, I would love that."

She smiled down at him, pleased with the desperate tone of his voice. "Then I suggest you start begging, slave."

Owen took a deep breath, readying himself to grovel at her feet. "Please, Goddess, allow me to worship your divine breasts with my hands and mouth. I would do anything to be allowed to worship you endlessly and devote myself to pleasing you. I crave to be of service you to and to show my absolute devotion to you, Goddess." He looked up at her, eyes still not quite meeting hers but gazing over her generous tits. His face flushed with his desire which, judging by the way his cock stood almost upright and throbbed in a way that she could only imagine must feel quite uncomfortable, seemed to be growing more overwhelming with every moment that passed.

Her only response to his begging was to slip a hand to the back of his head and pull him firmly towards her, bringing him into her ample cleavage even as she used her upper arms to press her tits together about his face. His moans of pleasure were muffled by her full breasts as she smothered him, and she could feel his tongue licking at the deep crevice between them.

"Good boy. Now use your hands, too. You know how much I love having my tits handled roughly. Don't bother trying to be gentle; just focus on giving me what I want, pet." She released her grip on the back of his head as his own hands reached up to grab her tits, grasping and massaging the soft flesh. Even though he had large hands, her breasts still overflowed between his fingers, and each time his fingers brushed against her hard nipples she let out a soft gasp of pleasure.

Without any encouragement from the Goddess, Owen's fingers moved to her sensitive nipples, pinching and tugging at the small buds as his lips moved over the generous swell of her breasts. Each rough tug sent a shock of pleasure between her thighs, forcing loud moans from her lips. But the pleasure of his touch was nothing compared to the moment when he let go of her left nipple and cupped her breast in his hand before bringing his lips down over the small bud, surrounding it with the wet warmth of his mouth. She moaned and brought both hands to the back of his head, holding him in place as he began to suck hard, taking more of her tit into his mouth. His fingers continued to pinch hard at her other nipple and roughly massage her tit flesh. She became aware of a thought at the back of her mind that she would likely have bruises tomorrow with the way he was handling her, but the heat building between her thighs made it difficult for her to care about such thoughts.

"Good boy." she said again, but this time her voice was soft and breathy, filled with the pleasure that was growing deep within her core. Owen's teeth grazed against her skin as he sucked her nipple deep into his mouth and she pulled him harder against her breast, pressing his nose into her and making it harder for him to take a proper breath as she smothered him in the soft flesh.

She leaned her head down to growl softly into his ear. "Now, bite." And with that his teeth bit down hard onto her breast, sinking into it in a way that made her moan loudly. When his teeth pinched down hard onto her nipple, lightening bolts of pleasure shot down to her clit and an orgasm washed over her, pleasure and pain mixing together in an intoxicating fusion that made her scream out loud. As the orgasm moved through her, his teeth and fingers tugged hard at her nipples until the pleasure caused her body to shudder involuntarily with the force of it.

Once she had caught her breath, she ran her fingers through Owen's short, dark hair and pushed him back roughly from her breast, grinning down at him with a face still flushed from her orgasm.

"Oh, thank you, Goddess," he moaned, writhing on his knees with his hard cock still bobbing between his parted thighs. She loved how he always seems to forget about his own need for satisfaction in his desire to please her.

"You are very welcome, boy. Although I don't remember telling you that you were finished yet." And with that, she pulled him close again, smothering his face into her other breast as she leaned to whisper in his ear. "Are you ready to spend all night worshipping your Goddess?"

The loud moan that came from him was all the answer she needed.,qohevuhi,Uzytkownik.html

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