While working at the Divine Providence High School, I started a relationship with a colleague, Patrick Jacobson. After having fucked me for about four months, he dropped me for another colleague, one that had bigger tits than mine.

That teacher had apparently not forgotten me. He had told his nephew to try to persuade me to go to bed with him until he had gained enough self-confidence to speak to girls, and maybe find a steady girlfriend.

The boy's name was Rick Tulane, at 22 a Lyonville University student. He was pitiable: he was very shy because his face was full of acne. All possible means prescribed by dermatologists didn't help. Isotretinoin, Benzoyl Peroxide, Azelaïne, it was all to no avail and money thrown away... His uncle had told him that there was only one way to drastically reduce that acne: sex, often enough sex, that would solve the problem once and for all...

So, one day I got a phone call from Rick Tulane. He wasn't shy and asked me if I would go to bed with him. As a reference, he mentioned his uncle's and my ex-lover's name.

To have sex with that student, I basically had nothing against it. I asked him where we would meet, warning him that I was married and that he couldn't come to my home. That was no problem, Rick reassured me. During the week, he lived in a student room on Meuseford Road, not far from 'The Plow' bar-restaurant.

So, on a Wednesday afternoon, I went to lie down with him in his narrow single bed to let him fuck me. He didn't say it, but young Rick was still a virgin, and terribly clumsy in bed. He had no idea how to play a woman's body. The first time I lay down naked against him in the narrow student bed, he roughly stroked my breasts. After less than a minute, he got an ejaculatio praecox, and he shot his semen against my thigh, before I had a chance to put a condom on his dick. He was very unhappy about it and got a dark red face out of embarrassment. The acne pimples in his face became purple.

I didn't want to embarrass Rick any more than he already was. That's why I didn't say anything, and tried to smile at him kindly to put him at ease. I washed his sperm out of my pubic hair and from my leg at his wash basin, and then I crawled back into bed with him. I comforted him, and he allowed me to caress and cuddle him as if he were a child and I was his mother.

It turned out that the student with his acne was very potent. It only took about half an hour before Rick had recovered from his first ejaculation and was ready to penetrate me. I was in a hurry to pull a condom over his rock hard cock, afraid he would have a premature ejaculation again. That didn't happen this time. I led him inside me with my hand. He was rough when he once was moving inside me, and it hardly took a few minutes before he came, screaming with pleasure.

Another three quarters of an hour later, Rick Tulane had a hard one again. Now it took a little longer before, growling and groaning, he got rid of his sperm in the condom.

I hadn't really enjoyed the couple of times that he had humped me. It was necessary that I teach him a few things about making love to a woman. Yet, this first time in bed with him, I was curious to know how often he could shoot his cum into me in the few hours that I was with him.

That first time I was with him in his room at Deepbrook, Rick Tulane did it three times in a row with me. With his premature ejaculation, he had come four times that afternoon. He might have been able to do it more often that day, but I was exhausted. While Rick was riding me, I advised the boy, but he was so horny the first time that he humped and bumped inside me, and sometimes hurt me. It wasn't really bad, but I had some trouble and discomfort. By the time he had come inside me the last time, I felt a dull pain in my venus mound and had almost no feeling in my buttocks anymore.

Four times in five weeks, I came to his room. The third week I had my monthly period, so I had to stay away from Deepbrook on Wednesday.

Gradually, I taught Rick how to treat a woman nicely in bed, how to use his mouth, his tongue, his fingers to please me, and not just his cock. He was intelligent, listened carefully to my advice, and he learned quickly. I pointed out to him the spots on my body where I was most sensitive and most wanted him to kiss and caress me, and how to do it. I told him to make 'love breaks', interrupt or slow down intercourse, and relax before he started moving inside me again.

Gradually, he knew how to manage his sex drive better and better, to make our lovemaking last longer and also to let me enjoy sex.

After what I would call the third 'fucking session', the student was as good at sex as he would ever get. The third week, he succeeded from the first time we copulated to give me a great orgasm. I screamed on top of my voice, and while squirming with pleasure, I sprayed my lust juice on the bed sheet that lay beneath me. Although I have a lot of experience with sex and I am ashamed of almost nothing, this time it was my turn to be embarrassed because Rick and I had to lie now on a very wet bed sheet.

Four times, I drove to Deepbrook to let that economics student fuck me, in five weeks time. It didn't last. Our initial passion was over, for both of us. The last time Rick screwed me in his narrow bed at Deepbrook, he didn't make me come at first. The second time, an hour later, he did however.

While afterwards, I was getting dressed again, the student lay naked on top of his bed. He looked at me while I was putting on my underwear, and I saw his dick coming up again. I stopped dressing and was ready to crawl back into his narrow bed and give him the chance to fuck me again a last time before I left.

But it didn't come that far. I was just about to unhook my bra when Rick suddenly told me that I didn't have to meet him anymore. He had met a medicine student on the university campus, and he wanted to go steady with her.

I froze and stood nailed to the ground in that student room. That horny boy was right there with his dick up in the air when he gave me this impudent message.

He looked at my face and saw that I was disappointed. So, he tried to justify himself. This girl, a future doctor, had made a big impression on him. It hurt me, but I understood him.

So, I left that student to his fate. Rick Tulane never tried to contact me again. One last time, I saw him again after our sexual contacts in his room at Deepbrook. That was at the entrance to the Cineworld Movie Theater when I went to see the Oscar winning 'The Shape of Water'.

Rick had a girl with him that evening, probably the one who studied medicine at Deepbrook. She wasn't really pretty, she was too short and too fat for that. She didn't have a real waistline, and also overly big sagging breasts for her age and her size. It must be said that she had a sweet and gentle face under her bright orange colored hair.

Rick had seen me, but he pretended he didn't recognize me. He looked good, and the acne in his face had almost completely disappeared. He had become a really attractive man since I had let him fuck me for the first time...

For a moment, I felt a short burst of jealousy because it was now quite sure that he was banging this busty girl of his own age. Yet, I chuckled in my mind. Sexually experienced women like me not only brought men self-confidence and empathy, I told myself. The sex they had with young guys also worked therapeutically and had an efficient smoothing effect on their skin. Of course, that girl he had with him at the Cineworld complex also made her contribution by crawling into his narrow bed with him and letting him fuck her... I wondered how often he could do it with her in one single afternoon and evening. More than four or five times?

But actually, that wasn't important at all. I was more than happy that I had contributed to make Rick Tulane get rid of his acne problem, and at the same time had enjoyed having sex with that potent young man...











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