"Stand up, little one," I said, and held out my hand.

I watched as Jen unfolded herself from the floor and stood up quite elegantly. I could see that our playtime had had an affect on her. Her inner lips were really quite large and I saw how incredibly engorged her clit was. I resisted the temptation to reach out and stroke her. I was, after all, supposed to be 'punishing' her. I stood up and walked around her, not looking back.

"Follow me," I said in as stern a voice as I could muster.

I opened the door and headed down the hall to the bedroom without looking back. I could hear her hiking boots stepping behind me. I walked into the bedroom and turned to watch her. She really was quite beautiful. Her long, straight black hair framed her face so perfectly and hung to just above her breasts.

She smiled at me and I returned her smile with a grin.

"So, little one, first you have to take your boots off."

She looked down and did that infectious giggle.

"Oh god, Anna. I'm sorry."

I watched as she knelt down and undid the laces of her boots and slid them off. She stood up again and I said, "And now I think you need to undress me."

I suddenly felt that presence in me again. The one I'd felt in the pub the night before and when we were up on the Tor. Her voice was there in front of me and in my head.

"I have to unwrap my present?"

I shuddered. Not from revulsion but from desire. I just nodded.

With an almost cat-like purr she said, "It will be my pleasure, Miss Anna."

She walked towards me and slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders, revealing me once more to her gaze. She slid it down and over my hips and then down to the ground. I stepped out of it almost in a mesmeric haze. She undid the bow on my sneakers and I lifted each foot as she pulled them gently off, followed by my socks.

I felt like she was in control and in some way I had to try and assert myself.

"Lie down on the bed, little one. Miss Anna will take her pleasure."

What was happening to me? I was being someone I never imagined I could be. Someone I had never even thought about.

With that enigmatic smile on her face she laid down on the big double bed, her dark hair splayed around her, her legs slightly open, her big brown eyes staring deep into me, and I was filled with more desire and need than I think I had ever known. I looked at her, taking in her gorgeous shape. Her breasts, not significantly bigger than mine. Her hourglass figure. Those sensuously wide hips. Her beautiful pussy with the triangle of black hair, the puffy, glistening lips. I felt compelled.

There was something hauntingly familiar about the scene. A weird feeling of déjà vu came over me. I shook it off and crawled up onto the bed, over her, and placed a kiss on her lips. It was soft and sensuous and sent signals rushing all through me.

I kissed down over her body, taking a few moments to linger on one of her nipples, and then carried on down. A kiss on her tummy, on her mound, down. Finally, there was my prize. I could smell her scent. It was intoxicating. A heady and musky aroma that drew me to her centre.

I moved myself so that I was lying between her legs and took a moment to look. To really examine her beauty. Those gorgeous lips, so large and wet. I placed two fingers on them and spread them, making a petal shape. I saw her clit, proud and erect and ready.

As I placed my mouth over her and closed my eyes I heard her voice, once more from a distance and in my head. I could feel her in me.

"Rise with me, Miss Anna," she said.

Something totally unexpected happened. I was suddenly aware of being above us, looking down, and I felt Jen there with me. I looked down and saw us. Jen, prone on the bed, her beautiful hair arrayed around her on the pillows, her eyes closed, and me between her legs, my red hair a wonderful contrast to the darkness of her thatch. I could still taste her, could feel the reaction of her clit under my tongue. I could feel her movements and now, joined as we were, I could feel what she was feeling. I could feel what my mouth and tongue were doing to her. Not on my clit. It was as if I was in her as well as she was in me.

I watched us and wondered what would happen if I opened my eyes. I soon found out when I did just that and there I was... back, staring up at her.

Her voice, once again in my head, said, "No, Miss Anna. Close your eyes. Be with me."

I closed my eyes and, once more, I was a few feet above us, looking down. Watching my body pleasuring her, tasting her, hearing her in more than stereo. From up above and down below. I could feel how close she was to her orgasm. It thrilled through her body and through my mind. I let my fingers slide up and enter her. Two of them. I felt how that was for her and felt her move closer to the edge. I sucked more greedily on her clit and knew every sense she experienced.

Her voice rang from below and in my head.

"Yes, Miss Anna, yes. Seal us. I'm going to..."

And then I felt it. An orgasm of the mind, although for Jen it was intensely physical. She arched her back and cried out senseless sounds of pleasure. I was suffused with the same pleasure, although in my case it was purely cerebral. With my heightened and linked understanding I was able to ride the peaks with her, driving it on and on. I followed every nuance, wave after wave. I didn't count but we must have gone through four or five orgasms together. I felt her wetness, tasted the changes in her, felt her closeness in our minds and in our physical beings.

We were finally coming down from our place. My perspective of being above dispersed and I was back in my head, looking up in wonder at my wonderful lover.

I stopped all my movements and felt Jen relax as I slid my fingers out of her.

In total awe I slid back up over her body, lying on her, our breasts mashed together as we kissed, softly and passionately.

When we finally broke I looked into those beautiful brown eyes as she smiled up at me.

"What... what was that? Who... are you? How do you get into my head like that?"

She smiled, "No, Miss Anna. It's not like that. We are in each other's heads. We are destined to be. I've always known it and, if you're honest, so have you."

I thought for a minute, while we kissed once more, and had a thought.

"So... that feeling I've always had that there was someone who would complete me... that was... you? This is very metaphysical, Jen."

She stared into my eyes and said, "Not everyone feels that way, Anna. I know. I've spent my life looking for you. Our love is eternal. We are always destined to meet."

My mind reeled.

"No. That can't be. I'd have known... surely."

She smiled and kissed me once more, "And you're saying you didn't?"

I thought back and realised I had missed something.

"How do you mean we are always destined to meet? Surely you mean we were always destined to meet?"

She got a thoughtful look on her face and said, "It's difficult. Somehow I've always known this, or at least felt it, and now I know it's true. We have been lovers before."

She clearly saw the objection I was about to make on my face, and interrupted before I could start speaking.

"No, Miss Anna. I mean in other lives. In the past we were lovers. When we are born we are always destined to meet. It's why we feel so comfortable with each other. We are eternal lovers."

I tried to laugh it off but then something happened. Our minds were joined once again. I was a part of her, and suddenly her understanding was mine. I could see us through history. Always two women, which on reflection made sense. We had very feminine souls.

I gasped as I saw us in foreign landscapes, sometimes having to hide our love, but always destined to be together. I was no longer alone. I felt tears spring to my eyes and Jen pulled my face to hers and kissed my eyes.

"You understand now?"

I nodded and through my tears said, "Oh god. You found me. I have missed you so much, little one."

I saw tears fill her eyes as she said, "And I have missed you, Miss Anna, but we're together now."

I nodded and we kissed for an age, revelling in being together once more. My heart was filled with joy.

There was an emotional and physical exhaustion that we both clearly felt because the next thing I knew I was awoken by Jen stroking my hair, kissing my forehead and saying, "We should probably get up, Miss Anna. I'm kinda hungry."

I rose gently out of my slumber, memories of the day filling me, our reunion bringing joy to my heart. I smiled and kissed her and we wrapped our arms around each other, hugging tightly like the long lost lovers that we were.

"Well then, little one, we have a couple of options. I don't have enough food in the house to feed us so we can either find somewhere in town to eat, or go shopping and eat here. What do you prefer?"

I was fairly sure that she would want to stay home and eat, which I was completely happy to do, so she surprised me when she said, in an excited tone, "Oh, definitely let's eat out. The pub has quite a nice dining room. I want us to be seen together and I want to show you something."

"You want to show me something in a pub dining room? What is it little one?"

She got that enigmatic look on her face that I loved and just said, "You'll see. I don't even know if I can do it yet but I want the first time we try to be somewhere public. You will remember when I do it though."

It was so easy to be drawn in by her enthusiasm and, of course, I was intrigued. I thought hard, trying to see if I had a memory from our lives together but whatever it was, was elusive.

I shrugged and smiled, "Okay little one, I give in. First we'll have to pick out something for me to wear and then we'll have to go and get something for you. Did you bring a nice dinner frock with you?"

She squeezed and kissed me deeply and then said, "Yes, Miss Anna. I have the perfect frock. You'll love it."

We spent the next thirty minutes or so getting me ready. We selected a plunge neckline, orange, knee length dress for me. It was form fitting and, when Jen saw me in it she let out a whistle and said, "We are going to look so good together."

She ran a finger down my exposed cleavage, which sent urgent signals to my core and I shuddered.

"God, little one. The things you do to me. You better stop now or we'll never get to eat."

She giggled, "Oh, we have to eat. I'll stop... for now."

I picked out pale green heels and when Jen said, "No underwear, Miss Anna?" I replied by kissing her and saying, "Oh no, little one. That is my rule for us."

She giggled. "I love that rule."

We got Jen back in her clothes, retrieved her bag, and headed to her bed and breakfast pub. We entered through a side door and went up the stairs to her room, not encountering anyone on the way, although we could hear the lovely murmur of conversation and laughter from the bar and dining room. Her room was surprisingly spacious, with a large double bed. Jen went to a wardrobe and sifted through a rail of clothes before finally pulling out a mid grey, wrap over dress. I liked the look immediately but loved it even more when we had stripped her, taking a few moments to kiss while she was naked, and helped her put it on.

It was, like mine, a plunge neckline, perfectly supporting her fabulous breasts. It was a little shorter than mine and, because of the wrap around, there was a slightly higher bit on her left thigh, revealing a little more.

"Holy fuck, little one," I said, "you really scrub up well. You look stunning."

She giggled and blushed, doing a twirl, "You like?"

I pulled her to me and we kissed. "Yes. I love it. You were right. We are going to look so good together."

We picked out some lowish heels for her and I spent a few minutes brushing and arranging her hair.

"So, little one, ready?"

She nodded and we kissed.

I had a sudden thought.

"How open do you want us to be? Holding hands? I'm not a great fan of couples passionately kissing in public, but little pecks?"

She didn't even have to think about it. "Oh, holding hands is good and I don't like couples who are all over each other either but... well. You'll see."

I was intrigued and we were suddenly together in each other's heads again and I felt my clit and insides suddenly tingling and warm.

I let out a sigh and said, "Come on then little one. Let's go so you can show me whatever it is you want to show me."

We walked down the stairs and turned right into the dining room. I was quite surprised. It was well appointed and looked more like an upmarket restaurant. There were large, panelled, bay windows with views over the well maintained gardens and several tables with couples or groups. As we walked in, a waitress came up and asked if we had a reservation.

Jen just said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to make one. I'm a guest here?"

The waitress just said, "Oh, no problem. We've got plenty of space anyway. Would you like a window table?"

Jen practically squealed and said, "Oh yes! Perfect!"

Jen seemed to be in control for now, so I just let her lead me by the hand as the waitress took us to a table in one of the bays. I noticed a few eyes following us and just smiled proudly as we sat opposite each other.

The tables were solid wood with table cloths that hung about halfway to the floor. The waitress handed us menus and we ordered a gin and tonic each as an aperitif. Once the waitress had delivered them we decided to skip starters and just order a main, along with a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses.

As the waitress walked off to give our order to the kitchen we touched our glasses together and I said, "To us, little one. Reunited at last. I love you."

She smiled and said, "I love you too, Miss Anna. So much. I've been wanting to say it since I saw you last night."

"So, little one, what is this thing you want to show me?"

She stared into my eyes and our link was instant. She said, "Well, let's start small. Talk in my head."

I obviously looked confused because she added, "Like I do," and her voice was there in me once more.

"I... I don't know how to," I said, unsure of myself.

She smiled and said, "Remember when we were together, above the bed?"

I nodded.

"Do the same, only be with me here."

I thought about it and felt my mind drift towards her and I whispered, "I love you, little one."

She gasped, "You did it! You did it!"

I was thrilled, "I did? Yes. I did! I felt it."

"Now we can do that at any time, I think. We'll have to test it. Okay. Now, ready for the big demonstration?"

I nodded again, "Yes, little one, what do I have to do this time?"

She whispered in my head, "Open your legs a little, please Miss Anna."

I looked into her eyes and spread my legs under the table. I was very aware of my bareness and the warmth I was feeling down there.

I watched as she closed her eyes, pursed her lips and gently blew out. I suddenly felt her. On my clit. I could feel her breath, her touch. It was wonderful and made me dizzy. I let out a soft moan as I watched her face. I saw her tongue making small movements behind her top lip and I felt her on my clit, brushing softly.

She stopped and opened her eyes, smiling at me.

"I can do it!"

The warmth in me was immense and I had to force myself to concentrate.

"Yes, little one, you can. But why did we have to be out in public to try it?"

She giggled, "Because I wanted to tease you, Miss Anna." I put on a fake stern look and she added, "also because if I'd done it in private it would have been too tempting to actually touch you so I needed somewhere where I was forced to just do it with my mind. Go on, you have a go."

It was at that moment that the waitress arrived with our dinner.

We started working through a very good vegetable pie and sipped on our wine. Occasionally Jen would close her eyes and purse her lips as if savouring the food but it translated into a wonderful stroking on my clit. We would then lock our eyes together and she'd giggle.

One of the many wonderful things about that meal was that we could talk to each other, safe in the knowledge that nobody could overhear us. If they had, they would have found it a very strange conversation indeed.

Something had been puzzling me, "So, how come you knew all this and until today I only had a vague idea? I mean, I still only have vague memories of us in the past. Do you remember more?"

She smiled and I felt a glorious shudder as her dark brown eyes locked on mine.

"I think it's always been this way. I know and remember, although I don't know specifics until I meet you. And it's always me who awakes your memories. Like, do you remember our house in Lancaster?"

A memory was suddenly there. Jen and I in the late nineteenth century. I recalled everything now. How she had found me, how we had made love on that very first meeting. That memory triggered more memories, like a cascade back through history. It was almost dizzying. Some were more vivid than others. Lancaster was special. We had lived openly and were celebrated locally. There was the memory of me, sitting in our study, Jen naked, curled up at my feet as I wrote the diaries, poems and stories that were our living. Memories of walking through the city, arm in arm, being hailed by friends and neighbours.

She smiled, "You do, now, don't you Miss Anna?"

I gasped, "Yes, little one, I do. It's wonderful. So, if I wasn't around, how did you learn all these tricks with your mind and," I paused for a moment, winked at her and smiled and said, "mouth?"

She chuckled and I felt her laughter reverberate softly through my head, like the tinkling of bells. "Well, I discovered a long time ago I can connect with certain people, some more than others. It sort of just developed over time. I always knew about you but not everything or I would have come and found you earlier. I came here because someone had told me about the magical power of Glastonbury Tor and I thought it was worth a shot. When I saw you last night and felt your aura, that is when things really started to unlock. The last day has been almost as much a revelation for me as it has for you."

We had reached the end of our meal, or as much as we could manage with our heightened sensitivity and Jen said, "So, are you going to try? I so want to feel if you can do it. I have to tell you, Miss Anna, that I am very... um... wet."

Just her saying that sent a jolt through me. I felt my own excitement increase dramatically. I so wanted to be able to do this.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Just as you did when you learned to be with me in our minds," was all she said in reply.

I smiled, but was suddenly nervous. What if I couldn't do it? What if this was Jen's special power. A memory from Lancaster suddenly surfaced. Being in a coffee house with Jen, giving her an oorgasm as we sat and sipped on our coffees.

I brought that state of mind back, closed my eyes and said, "Open your legs, little one."

"Oh, they've been open and waiting for your touch for a while, Miss Anna."

I let my mind's eye wander and there I was, under the table, between her legs. I could see every fold, her glistening lips, her gorgeously erect clit. I let my tongue stroke over her and heard her gasp.

"Ohhh, yes, Miss Anna, you've done it." She let out a soft moan.

I opened my eyes and the link broke, "I can taste you, little one. It's a pity we have to close our eyes."

She smiled, "I think we just need to practice and we should be able to do it at any time, eyes open or not."

I giggled, "Oh no. We have to practice? Well, that's going to be boring."

I watched as, with her eyes open, she pursed her lips and suddenly my clit was being not just stroked but I could feel her sucking gently. With all the build up I was already close to the edge but this just pushed me over. Desperately trying not to cry out I gripped the table as I felt it rush out from my clit and up to my breasts, the warm rush flooding my very being. We never lost eye contact once and, as I slowly returned to reality, I saw her beautiful smile.




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