It's Day 2 in Maui, 7 am and we are jogging by the beach shoreline, their beachfront property is about 700 acres, they approximately own a mile-long shoreline. There. are plastic ranch-type fences on each end of the shoreline property. That's how we know it our turn around.

First time in my life jogging with three beautiful naked women, they are all laughing at me I am having a hard-on while jogging, because seeing their big breast bounce while they are jogging excite me.

We jogged for about 45 minutes, then we did our regular push-up. sit-up, etc.

We went inside the house to the sauna bath to relax our body muscles, before we have our hot shower and help each other prepare our breakfast.

We have breakfast at a glass-covered balcony, overlooking the ocean.

Me: Let's go take a drive

Bera: Daddy, we are not here to explore, we here to relax and have plenty of sex.

Adya: Baby why. don't you check the bar, to make sure we have everything we need, while we three clean up the table and the kitchen.

I went to the bar, and make a list of the things we need. As I am doing my list:

Didi: Bartender I want a frozen mango margarita.

Adya: I want a frozen strawberry margarita

Bera: I want a frozen pineapple margarit

Me: I need to go inside and get the frozen fruit,

They all wearing a pareo on their waist with no top, shit!! they have beautiful breasts. I got back at the bar and start making their frozen margarita.


Bera: Bartender, are you a pervert, why you keep on looking at my breasts. and you're trying to see if iI am wearing underwear. Hey, girls this bartender is a fucking pervert.

Adya: Bartender, take off your shorts

Didi: Yes he is a fucking pervert, look he's having a hard-on.

Bera: You're right sis, we need to do something.

Adya: Bartender, we want you to masturbate in front of us right now!

I start to tingle the tip of my penis head. While my other hands gently play with my balls. They all watching me, my wife starts to slowly circling her fingers on her breast areola,

Adya: Didi, are you playing with your breast areola and nipple?

Bera: I can tell, the way this bartender look at what Didi is doing. he wishes is the tip of his penis head is the one slowly circling her breast areola and nipple.

I started to moan, and have a pre-cum. I rub the head of my penis in a circling motion on my thighs, tingling starts in my groin area and spreads along my spine. everything goes numb, except for this amazing sensation in my penis.

Nobody knows best if a man is about to have an orgasm & ready to ejaculate other than his own wife. So Didi grabs my penis and places it inside the wine glass. and I can feel my heart pounding then my mind goes completely blank and I'm not aware of anything around me, I just had an orgasm and I ejaculate my sperm inside the wine glass.

I start making their frozen margarita and after I finished, my sperm is the topping of their frozen margarita and place fruit on top of my sperm.

Adya: Wow, the best-frozen strawberry margarita it has a sperm topping with a strawberry fruit on top.

Bera: Mine to sperm with peach fruit topping

Didi: Mine is special

Adya: We notice that. the bartender put more sperm on your margarita than ours.

Didi: Babe, today your wife is Bera, please be a good husband.

Me: Baby girl, since your my wife today, what you want me to cook for dinner tonight.

Bera: My sister order fresh seafood, it will be delivered this afternoon, we ordered ahi, oysters, and prawns. Of course, we want ahi poke, fresh oyster spicy salad, and surprise us with what you will make with


Me: Cool, I am going to the market to buy what I need.

They all went with me, but Adya is driving and Didi is sits in front, Bera & I at the back seat. I look at my wife she seems jealous of Bera, because she is so sweet to me like I am her real husband. Honestly, Bera is a naturally sweet girl, maybe because she is the youngest. Bera's cell phone rings.

Bear: Hello, Mom, ok I will turn on my phone speaker.

Delia: Good morning to all my beautiful daughters, also to my lover and my favorite son-in-law, I missed all of you. Didi ask your husband now so we will find out who is the one.

Didi: Babe, we want to ask you a question. they want me to do it because I am the one married to you, we want an honest, straight from the heart answer. don't bullshit us.

Me: I will try my best.

Didi: We want to find out since you had a chance to sleep in each of us individually, who do you want the most, the one you always think satisfies you the most.

Me: Wow, a tough reality question. Ok, first you are all different individuals, and I am so lucky and proud to have a chance to make love too. I never even dream that this will happen. You are all very special to me in every way, all of you let me have the best sexual experience every man wants to experience, each one of your sexual fantasies was not only shares to me but you let me have you experience it. I love you all. Each one of you makes me feel special and love. But, of course, my wife will always be the closest to my heart.

Delia: Excellent response, son, I love you

Didi: I love you babe

Adya: I love you too, baby, your such an honest man.

Bera: I love you. too. Now I know that I have a place in your heart.

Delia: Ok, bye guys, enjoy, I love you all.

We arrived at the market. They told that me that they will just meet back here where we park our car. They want to explore the other stores around it. I told them it will not take me that long to get what I need, told them I will call them so I can meet them.

I did not know there a lot of things to explore in the market, so after buying all that's needed to prepare the dish for tonight, I explore inside the marketplace. I forgot about the time, my phone rings, it's my wife, they are already back in the car.

We head back home, Adya is still the driver, Bera, grabs my hand she places it on her breasts, and she place her hand on top of my crotch, and she lightly, gently and slowly press in a rotating motion. She smiles at me as she felt that my penis slowly starts to get hard.

Bera is not wearing a bra, so you can see her hard nipples under knit her blouse, on top of her blouse I gently circling the tip of my fingers on her breast areola. She moans softly and she kisses me on my lips.

Then the on top of my shorts pants fly, using the tip of her fingernails slowly and gently circling the head of my penis, she smiles as she hears me moaning softly.

I love doing this to each of them. we all call this our teasing game. and you lose if you the first on to pre-cum.

Bera: Shit! you got me there Daddy.

Adya: Are we ever going to win

Didi: I do, all the time, as the old saying goes "wife knows best".

Me: She's right, she always does win

When arrived back at the beach house.

Adya: You guys relax at the bar, I will just get the stuff I need to prepare our lunch.

Me: You need help Mommy Adya, yes baby, help me carry it to the bar.

When Adya & I get to the bar, Didi is filling the weed pipe with pakalolo.

Bera: What we are having for lunch

Adya: Garden salad & honey turkey ham in a wheat bread sandwich.

We had a good lunch, then Bera.

Bera: I am taking a nap, to relax my body so I can fuck my Daddy good tonight,

Adya: Good idea sis.

As soon as Bera left, Didi sit on a chair and spread her legs. Adya, use a scarf and blindfolded Didi. Then I kneels on the floor between her legs and rest my lips gently around her vagina, My lips are just lightly touching the outer lips of her vagina as I gently move the tip of my tongue up & down and blowing air out from my mouth so that my lips vibrate back and forth.

Same time Adya, lavishes her attention using the tip of her tongue onto Didi's neck nape to her breasts, and gently massages her inner thighs.

Adya handed me a clitoris vibrator and she is holding a nipple vibrator.

While I am licking Didi's vagina up and down from the opening to the clitoris, I gently insert my index & middle finger inside her vagina and then curl my finger upward toward her belly button.

I feel a walnut-sized patch of spongy tissue, That's probably her G-spot. Then I move finger in a slight windshield wiper motion. My other hand fingers grab the clitoris vibrator and place it on top of her clitoris and slowly move it in a circular motion.

While Adya sucks one of Didi's nipples, she places a nipple vibrator on the other nipple and she slowly moves it in a circular motion around the areola.

Didi is starting to have an increase in sharp inhalations, moans, and squirms

Then Didi grab my hair and pull my face on her vagina and she grinds my mouth & tongue against it until she squirts on my face.

Me: That's taste sweet and fresh

Didi: Babe, I'm glad you like it

Adya put down a picnic on the lawn, then she grabs something in our sex paraphernalia box a double dildo and one that look like an inflatable pillow. She then seal her lips around the pillow spout and she slowly exhale into the pillow. We take turns inflating it when it is fully inflated it turns out to be a wedge pillow. Adya place it on top of the picnic blanket.

Adya: Baby. can you lie down on top of the picnic blanket and lie your back on top of the wedge pillow.

I did what Adya asked me to do. Then Didi sit beside me, pour a decent amount of lubricant on the palm of her hand, then she rubs it on my penis. She gently stroke my penis by capping the head of my penis and she will slide her palm down to my penis shaft. Then Adya handed the double dildo to Didi. I am in anticipation of what they will do to me, why Adya handed Didi the double dildo.

When my penis is fully erected, Adya, straddles me n a squat position facing my feet, She slowly sits on my lap while Didi is inserting my erect penis inside Adya's ass hole. Once my penis is inside her ass. she lies down on top of me. Then Didi rubs lubricant on the double dildo and handed it to Adya.

Adya inserts the double dildo inside her vagina, then Didi straddles Adya on a squat position facing her, then she slowly sits on Adya's lap and inserted the other end of the double dildo inside her vagina.

Then Adya, move upright and lean on her knees, my hand grab and hold the double dildo in between their vaginas, Adya place her arms on ground to support her body, then both start bouncing up and down synchronously to alternatively move their body up and down or back and forth.

While they are doing it, my other hand fingers massage Adya's clitoris and Didi massages her clitoris.

As my finger continue to stimulate Adya's clitoris I can tell that she is getting aroused because it is starting to swell, both Adya & Didi involuntary body movement and morning both intensify. This tells me that. both of them is about to reach the peak of their sexual excitement.

Didi: Shit!! it feels so good!! Ohhhhh!!

Adya: Shit!! me too, I am about to cum!! Ohhhhh!!

I feel Adya's is about tI cum.. I can very well feel her ass muscle gripping and releasing my penis repeatedly. The entire length of her ass doesn't grip my penis though, it's only the first part of her ass that grips it, and as my penis is deep inside her ass and her spasming, generally ends up squeezing the base of my cock. I can tell you that it feels absolutely lovely, more so because it shows me that she's enjoying the sexual intercourse as much as I am. Obviously, immediately after she finishes spasming around my penis, I can feel how much more slippery her ass hole becomes after I released my sperm inside it.

We all remain still until the sexual climax that our body experiencing subsides. Then we all went to the beach and jump into the ocean and wash our bodies with salty seawater.

We just did a quick dip & went to wash our bodies with fresh water at the outdoor shower. Bera shows up while we are still taking a shower.

Bera: Daddy the fresh seafood just arrived, you want it at the bar or in the kitchen.

Me: Baby girl, just leave it in the kitchen for now, still early.

Then all three of them requested to have an early dinner. I prepared a simple but healthy dinner, grilled steak & prawn, spicy oyster salad, garden salad, pasta with olive oil & fresh basil leaves.

After dinner we relax and listen to the ocean wave & feel the ocean breeze, smoking weeds and a cocktail drink.

I am sitting beside my wife and my arms around her shoulder I pass my hands over her breasts to tease her and she responds by placing her hand on top of my crotch and slowly strum her finger on it. Bera notices what Didi & I are doing, she gets mad.

Bera: Daddy, fuck you!! come sit here beside me, I am your wife right now, stop making out with Didi.

Didi: Babe, she's right, why are you teasing me and then you will sleep with Bera later, sometimes you're fucking stupid.

Adya: Baby, before you sit with Bera, give us another round of drink.

Bera: I am good, if I get drunk you guys will have him, you already did when I was taking a nap, earlier.

I went to the bar and made them their frozen margarita, after I handed Adya & Didi their drink, Bera, hold my hand and we went inside the house to the master bedroom.

We take a shower together, with soap on my hand I cup her breast from behind, gently massage her entire breast, while kissing her on her neck, when I gently

press on her nipple using my index finger and massage it in circular motion, she starts to moan softly as her nipples harden.

I slowly run my other hand down to her stomach, down to her thigh and place my palm on her pubic mound and fold all my five fingers over her vulva and gently press it against her vaginal lipa, then

I rub it slowly and gently at first, and then increase the pace and pressure by following the rhythm of their hips, this makes Bera get more sexually excited.

Bera: Let's continue this on the bed, I want to ride your penis.

Me: Let me lick your vagina

Bera: Not now I want to fuck you now.

We went on top of the bed, not even care of drying our wet bodies.

Bera: Daddy lie on your back on top of the bed, I want to be on top.

After I lie down on the bed she blindfolded be, then I feel her body on top of me, she touches my face, and traces my lips with her finger., her other hand fingers cup the head of the penis and gently massage it in a circular motion, this made me moan softly and slightly bring my buttock up,

She s then slowly bring her lips to to my lips, gently kiss Imy upper lip, then my lower lip. She place her palm on the back of my neck and gently kiss my lips fully, letting my lips part, and we end up kissing torridly.

Then she straddles my hips and position herself over my penis, then she hold my erect penis with her hand and insert it inside her vagina.

Now that my penis is inside her vagina, she slowly swivel her hips like a dancer. her hands also play with my balls, and squeezed base of my penis,That feels so good, When she hear my softly intermittent moaning, she varies the speed and rhythm of her thrusts and grinding of her body on me, she is in total control.

I place the pad of my thumb on top of her clitoris and gently move it in a circular motion, my other hand cup her breast and gently massages it.

The sensation becomes too intense, she is increasing the speed of her thrusts, she leans forward and places her. arms on top of my chest, I can feel her orgasming when my cock is inside her, because her vagina starts to grip and releasing my cock repeatedly. The entire length of her vagina doesn't grip my penis though, it's only the first part of her vagina that grips it.

Bera: I am coming, Daddy. cum the same time with me, I want you to make me pregnant again. Ohhhj!!

Me: Yes, baby girl, Ohhhhh!!

I feel her spasming, her vagina is squeezing the base of my penis, immediately after she finishes spasming around my penis I can feel how much more slippery her vagina becomes due to the mixture of her cum and my cum inside it.

Bera: I can feel that my egg cells got fertilized by your sperm, my body is still tingling.

She kissed me on my lips and she leans her head on my chest and places one of her hands on top of my penis, and all I hear is her gently snores.

to be continued...

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