Dirks Donuts part three

When I told Mari she had the weekend off she smiled, "Is mister D going to finally make love to the pretty red head?"

I nodded as she smiled heading toward the bedroom, "Then I will put fresh linens on the bed and more towels in your shower. Raul has wanted to take me away for a weekend for some time, now we can do that."

"I want to send money with you Mari, I want you to have fun."

"Oh no, we don't need money. We have plenty, you pay me well and Raul is a full-time janitor at George Washington Junior High, he gets paid very well also. He will be so excited when I tell him we can go away. Should I be back to cook Sunday night?"

I thought a moment, "No, I don't want to see you here again until Monday, no earlier than nine."

With Mari leaving at noon on Friday I decided to take the afternoon off. Walking to Becca's office I told her to come straight to the apartment from work, when she said she needed to get clothes and toiletries for the weekend I put up my hand in protest. Taking her hand I led her into the empty hallway and spoke softly.

"Clothes are going to be optional this weekend, I know all of the foo-foo stuff you use and wear, Mari has picked it up and it's at the apartment. I have a robe for you and sweats. Saturday morning we're going shopping for some sexy new panties, you need more than the cotton ones you've been wearing, at least for our first weekend in bed. After that I'm taking you dress shopping."

She pulled back, "A man, dress shopping? I don't think so, you'd never last more than fifteen minutes."

"Au con-traire my dear, I'll have you know I once lasted three and a quarter hours in Paris, I was a physical and mental wreck by the time it was over, but I stayed with Jen step for step the entire time."

"Oh my gosh, how much stuff did she buy?"

"You're gonna love this, three pair of silk stockings, two dresses and a new garter belt. She looked at everything in that damned store, I swear to god, and bought six items. I will never understand you women, but I'm taking you dress shopping tomorrow, and that's that."

Someone called her name, she gave me a quick kiss and said, "Bye, see you right after work."

When she arrived I had a ham and sweet potatoes in the oven, fresh corn ready to be put in boiling water and her favorite for dessert, white frosted cake donuts. Following supper and clean up I took her hand leading her to the bedroom, as I began to unbutton her blouse she stopped me.

"Don't you want me to take a shower first? I've been in these clothes since six this morning."

"Let me answer your question with a question. Have you been thinking about our weekend today?" She nodded. "Are your panties damp?"

"No, they're beyond damp, they're wet."

"In that case I absolutely don't want you to shower. I want to smell the essence of you, not soap, I don't find it gross to smell a woman's arousal, it makes me harder and wanting you more. Let me undress you and then make love, I want tonight to be perfect."

With her body pressed to mine she giggled, "Okay, then raw is how you get me. As an FYI, I think my right nipple is hard wired to my kitty, spending a little more time on the right will get my motor up to speed faster. You may proceed with disrobing and fondling me sir."

We continued kissing as I opened her blouse and tugged it from the waistband of her skirt, with it open I pushed it back off her shoulders and tossed it on the chair. I unsnapped and then unzipped her skirt, she shimmied her hips and it fell to the floor in a pile around her feet. Stepping out of the skirt she flipped it onto the chair with one foot and proceeded to kiss me as she was trying to pull my sweatpants down. Exasperated she finally broke our embrace, crouched down, yanked my sweats to my ankles and told me to step out of them.

As we stood in our underwear she reached behind and unclasp her bra, then took my hands in hers.

"Take it off, they're yours now."

I sat on the bed and pulled her to me as the bra flew through the air, my lips clamped first onto her left nipple while I played with the right, pulling back to switch nipples she softly guided my lips and whispered, "Good boy."

With my hand on the inside of her thigh I moved toward the goal, she opened them slightly, the headiness of her aroma struck me like a lightning bolt, sweet, tangy, beckoning the way only a woman who's sexually charged can smell. I kissed along her torso as I moved down, when I looked up she was staring at me. I dropped to my knees, pulled her panties down and buried my face in that fire engine red muff. Taking time to breathe deeply through my nose as it trailed across her pubic hair, still looking into her eyes she smiled as she pushed her mons into my face.

Standing I turned her one hundred and eighty degrees then laid her down with her legs bent at the knees. I crawled between her legs, slid my hands under her thighs and pushed my mouth onto her labia, piercing both the outer and inner with a stroke of my stiff tongue. Her hips bucked when it touched her clit, both sets of fingers were interwoven into my hair as she gently ground her hips back and forth while making soft encouraging moans.

When the climax hit she closed her thighs against my head, not enough to hurt, but certainly enough to know she was in the throes of an orgasm. Her hips moved up and down across my face, reaching down with her right hand she grabbed my left and put it directly on her right breast. I lightly pinched and pulled the nipple, this brought a loud gasp and then a muffled scream into the pillow. I wanted to continue, she wouldn't let me, telling me she was far too sensitive and all she wanted now was my cock.

As I raised to remove my underwear she was ahead of me grabbing the waistband and yanking them off, with my cock standing proud, swaying back and forth to the side she grabbed it with both hands.

"Oh my, I like this, thick, cut, not so long it'll hurt me but it damned sure will fill me. Let me get you as wet as I am and then I want this sausage stuffed inside me."

Our first round was with her on her back, looking into each other's eyes as we made love, it was slow and very sensual, reaching our orgasm within seconds of each other. I thought the end of my dick had exploded I came so hard. We lay there in our own mess instead of cleaning up, almost an hour later she looked at me and said, "From behind."

Considering the amount of ejaculate I had left inside her the first time I slid inside with ease, she wasn't sloppy or loose, she was tight but so well lubricated there was little to no resistance whatsoever. We went at it hard, me pushing forward forcefully, she meeting me thrust for thrust. The room was filled with the slapping sound of our bodies colliding, once more she went over the edge first, which made me follow suit almost immediately. We did shower after that round before sliding into bed and pulling the covers over our exhausted bodies.

The next morning I was in the kitchen making coffee when she walked in naked following a shower. With a sultry look she sidled up next to me, "Hey big boy, new in town?"

Playing along I told her I was and that I was horny as hell. She backed up to the table, hoisted herself onto the surface and pointed at her pussy.

"After you eat this you can fuck it right on this table."

What a way to start the day, we were naked nearly the entire morning, following lunch it was time for shopping. I took it all in stride as best I could, at the last store she wanted me to look at something with her in the dressing room, I found her bent over a chair with those thick inviting pussy lips protruding beyond her thighs. I was beyond belief, Jen was wild, but this girl, she was something else. After a quickie we packed up her purchases and headed back home.

As we readied ourselves for a dinner at my favorite steak house I noticed she was donning a pair of the silk stretch lace panties she'd purchased earlier. When I went to touch them she slapped my hand.

"Hands off buster, this isn't free, you're going to have to feed me first."

She smiled as I mumbled I had something to feed her. As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant she excused herself to as she put it, powder her nose. When she returned I stood and reached for her hand only to feel something very soft and warm enclosed as our palms met, looking down discreetly I smiled. In my hand were her slinky new bikini panties, my girl was commando and let me know. I was already envisioning sliding my hand up to her warm wet crotch as we drove home.

Making love twice Saturday night seemed to sate us for Sunday, we sat on the balcony enjoying the early morning sun as we sipped our coffee. Instead of a donut I had brought home some cheese Danish pastries, we really enjoyed those. In the afternoon we went to a park and laid on a blanket watching kids run around squealing and having fun. As the crowds cleared we lay in each other's arms talking softly. It was Becca who broached the subject.

"Derek, where do you see us in five years? Do you think we'll still be here? I'd kind of like to get out of the city if possible."

I pondered a moment as we watched the clouds float by. "Do you have goals you haven't met?" I asked.

Her answer pointed the direction I wanted to go with mine. "My next step in life concerns more than me, I want to be a mommy and raise a family."

"Do you miss the farm Beck?"

"I miss the atmosphere and beauty of being away from the hordes, but I don't miss all the hard work. Why do you ask?"

"Here me out babe. I know of no better place to raise kids than in the country. Before I realized how attracted I am to you I was thinking about selling the business and buying a farm, not to work it myself, I'd hire people to help. There are men and women who see working on a dairy farm as a career, from herdsmen to farm hands. Some like the cows, some like the field work and machinery, find the right people and it all meshes."

She looked at me, "Are you saying you want to farm again? I mean like milking cows?"

"I'm saying why don't we buy a farm and then hire people to run it. I can continue doing some software programming and you can raise babies if that's what you want to do. We have enough money to buy a dairy outright, with no debt it will be a case of decent management. We'll pay the workers decent wages and provide some bennies, I see no reason why we couldn't do that."

Looking to her right and left, seeing no one else around she put my hand directly on her mound and pushed into it.

"I like the way you think big boy. Instead of selling the donut shop why don't we hire someone to manage it, you have some solid employees who know how to keep it going and show a profit. It's paid for and making money, we don't have to be onsite to keep it going. By the way, where exactly are you thinking of finding a decent size dairy? There's little left to purchase in Kansas. All the farms are being bought and developed."

With the cooler afternoon air moving in we decided to start walking home, we'd do order in Chinese for supper. As we walked she brought up location again.

"I don't actually know, ideally I'd love to go to Wisconsin, the dairy state, but their politics and taxes are so outrageous I can't see that happening. Why don't we take a week or so and do our homework, there have to be other places in the states for decent dairy farms."

The next three nights we sat in the living room looking at dairy farms for sale through real estate agencies online. It seemed odd in a way, we were sitting in a living rook that was mostly glass overlooking the entire city from the eighteenth floor, and thinking about buying a dairy farm. Farms are not known for glitz and glammer, yet here we were willing to overlook all of that for a place to raise our future kids, a place like we had been raised. Lying in bed cuddled together after a lovely slow session of bump and grind Thursday night she looked at me.

"Have you given more thought as to where we might move?"

"I'm not a hundred percent certain, but I'll tell you what I have considered, the third largest producer of dairy in the nation behind California and Wisconsin is Idaho. The temps are warmer than Wisconsin and cooler than California, the growing season is longer than Wisconsin and we wouldn't need to buy feed like most Cali dairies do. I think it's a win-win, your thoughts?"

She snuggled in tighter and crooned, "Once we're married I'll follow you anywhere but to hell. When do we start looking, I let daddy know we wouldn't be coming this weekend, we have it all to ourselves."

I decided I wasn't going to waste time concerning us being together for life, that Saturday night we'd been to an early dinner and movie she'd wanted to see. On the ride home I made an excuse to stop at a Jewelers telling her I'd had a ring sized and needed to pick it up. Inside she strolled from case to case viewing what was on display, one set caught her eye more than the others. I asked the jeweler to take it out so she could look at it better.

She gave me the stink eye as if to ask what I thought I was doing. I answered.

"What harm does it do to look and dream, after all, I want you to be happy when the time comes."

The jeweler measured her finger and told her the ring she was looking at would need to be sized bigger but that was no issue, it could be done quickly. I slid t on her little finger and held her hand in mine so I could look at it.

"Do you like it babe, I mean now that it's on your hand?"

Putting the ring back on the counter she whispered, "I love it, absolutely love it, but Derek. The size of that rock will be enormous, it has to be over five thousand. I would feel guilty wearing it."

I was confused, "Guilty? Why, what's there to be guilty of?"

"I don't know, surely there are cheaper rings and the money could be used for other things."

I nodded, "I suppose, oh, why don't you keep looking while I get what I stopped for."

I'd been in the shop two days earlier to let him know my plan, telling him to size it right away we would be back in an hour. I made an excuse to Becca that we'd need to return in an hour because something wasn't right with the ring. It had a loose prong or something.

I took her hand and led her toward the truck, "Hey, I've got an idea. We haven't been to that frozen yogurt shop for some time, let's go there and have dessert while we wait."

"She smiled, "Now you're thinkin big boy, and I do mean BIG."

Walking into the jewelry store I was happy we were the only customers. I walked to the counter and she walked to the case where the ring had been, I heard her gasp.

"It's gone Derek, the ring is gone, it's not in the case anymore."

I was standing directly behind her as she turned. Holding out my hand I looked in her eyes.

"I know, because it's right here in my hand. Becca, will you marry me?"

With a grin she said, "You sneaky so and so ....... of course I'll marry you."

She wanted to tell her folks but didn't want to do it over the phone, we decided to make a surprise visit to her folks the next day. That night however, we spent over an hour in the throes of passion before sleep overtook our bodies, only to wake at four and do a repeat of the night before. As we were dressing I noticed she wasn't putting om jeans and a blouse, she had a dress with a full skirt lying on the bed as she paraded across the room in skimpy panties and a bra so thin I could see the areolas. I reached for her as she pretended to be too busy for me, settling onto my lap she raised her left hand and looked at the ring.

"You're too good to me Derek. How will I ever thank you?"

I smirked, "Thirty or forty more years of last night and this morning will be a good start."

She was smiling and cooing, "Mmmmm, I like the way you think, but right now we need to dress and go, I still have cum dribbling into my panties even after a shower. Good thing we don't get engaged every night, I'd be walking bow legged."

We swung by the store and grabbed two dozen assorted donuts and Danish then headed to her folks. The guys were just coming in from milking as we arrived, when I set the boxes of donuts on the counter there were six of them gone before I had our coats hung in the entryway. I had contemplated just bringing a dozen, sure glad I brought more. By noon they'd all be eaten. When I turned Becca was standing with her mom as she admired the ring.

Reaching out to me for a hug she said softly, "Nu har jag en annan son som kommer att ge mig massor av storslagna bebisar."

(Now I have another son who will give me lots of grandbabies)

Becca smiled, "You need to learn Swedish, she said she will have another son who will give her lots of grandbabies. I guess I have nothing to do with that."

Meile swatted at Becca's butt and told her to set more plates for breakfast. Before sitting down Ove shook my hand and congratulated us both, her brothers were happy and wished us well. As the others et off to do chores after we'd eaten Becca rummaged through a closet in her parents bedroom finally emerging with an old quilt. She clutched it to her body as she walked toward the back door taking my hand as she went. Her mom smiled as we walked by.

"Se bara till att tvätta den när du är klar."

(Just make sure you wash it when you're done)

As we walked I knew exactly where she was leading me, to the creek bottom. When we reached the creek bank she spread the old worn quilt on the thick grass, lifted her dress and looked at me.

"Take my panties off and then take me. Right here, right now."

With her panties at the ankle's she leaned on my shoulder stepping out of them.

"Make sure you keep those handy, I'm gonna need them after you fill me again. You're wondering about the quilt, I can see it on your face. According to mom she's conceived every one of us kids while lying on this quilt, she thought we should get started."

"I looked at her puzzled, "Get started?"

"I'm still on the pill but that ends three weeks before we get married, if we're lucky you'll put a baby in my tummy on our wedding night. Mom said a little practice won't hurt, we're to be back for lunch, so, get to it mister."

I held her hands as she sat and lay back, with a smile on her face she did nothing, I knew she wanted me to take full control. I opened her button down dress and opened it, she had apparently planned this moment because her bra was fasted at the front. With it open and her breasts exposed I leaned forward sucking in first one nipple then the other, I kissed up her chest until the last kiss was to the right of her lips. When she turned so our lips would meet I lowered my head to her breasts, while still on my knees I lifted her dress around her waist and then stuck my face directly into her lavish bush.

With my tongue opening the skin covering her clit and a finger sliding inside she pushed her hips up as her fingers slowly moved through my hair, as though she were caressing a tiny child's head to comfort them. I moved my body in line with hers and lay with my face an inch away from her vulva, looking down she smiled at me.

"Kitty needs a tongue bath, then she needs to be poked fun at. Make love to me Derek. Please."

I licked her to a hip bucking long moaning climax that seemed to come in waves, when she pushed my head away I wasted no time moving in position. My cock was buried within before the climax had completely ended, she let out a long moan followed by an audible, "Oh fuck me Derek, fuck me."

I did just that, her next climax seemed to be a continuation of the prior, her body shook and writhed about on the quilt, her legs and pussy were a sopping mess.

With her long arms extended she had ahold of my ass cheeks pulling me in harder and harder. When she let go and lifted her legs I quickly raised up, hooked her knees under my elbows and ploughed new ground. We had never done it ankles on shoulders before, but after today we wouldn't be able to say that anymore. Our bodies were slapping in a steady rhythm when we heard a noise fifteen feet or so above us. Looking up ward we saw several cows standing at the fence chewing their cuds as they watched us screw.











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