He threw his weight back to dodge as much as humanly possible, but to no avail. Both arms were covered in vines, stretching them apart to prevent sword swings. Both legs and his body were wrapped loosely, yet enough to hinder all movement. Was this his end? Squirming less and less, Randithas shuddered in fear, as the upset alraune looked down upon him.

"M-my dear Randi, why? What got into you? How could I ever want to harm you? P-please don't attack me! I want no harm of your species!"

Randithas glanced at her in defeat. Clearly he stood no chance, so why must she keep up the act? "Like I said, Lilla. I've read about alraunes. You eat people. Why wouldn't I fear you? Heck, this forest is infamous for people never returning. That and there's clearly nothing I can do against my newly determined fate, which will be through betrayal no less...."

"Randi....you don't need to worry. Your source of info can't have been well researched. Killing people makes no sense to us. It would be very counter-intuitive, you see." Randithas stared, still constricted. "I'll explain further. We aren't malicious creatures by nature. We aren't even tricksters like many fey. Flowers like me are great for improving forest-life, so we'd danger ourselves if we endangered others.

"Whatever", muttered Randithas as he dropped his swords. "I'll believe you after I survive you!"

That irresistible energetic smile sprung back to life. Lilla wiped away a golden tear with her finger and released Randithas from his constraints. "Thank you so much, Randi! I love you!!" Her joy was contagious. Randithas already felt so much better from seeing her happy. That release of constraints on his chest let him breathe in a lot more of her delicious aroma as well...

"Now..." Lilla spoke, with a mildly sinister look and vocal tone. "Personal recommendation, but it's doing you no favours to keep your shirt buttoned. Even during dusk you're still too warm! That and you've had an uncomfortable bulge in your trousers for a very long time!"

"You, uh....you're basically asking me to get naked, aren't you?" Randithas replied, alert at any potential games of hers. "Not exactly used to getting nude with people I just met."

"Hehehe, my dear Randi, would it comfort you a little if I did this....?"

Lilla's entire array of petals from the front and side unfolded, her front petals unfolding all the way to look extra inviting. Her entire body was a pale green much like her face, but laced delicately with vines and the occasional violet. Down below her waist, she possessed a human body down to the ankles, seemingly blending into a pool of golden liquid. Her shape thickened at the waist, rounding into a pair of large shining thighs.

More of that delicious invaluable aroma filled the air, pouring through Randithas's lungs as his eyes locked onto Lilla, almost drooling. Lilla giggled as his sight scanned her entire body from head to ankles, while taking her previous advice and frantically unbuttoning his shirt. No moment was spared in pulling down his trousers to let his fully erect cock breath fresh air once again.

Lilla gasped quietly at her new sight, widening her thighs a little to make her soaked genitalia more visible. Her fingers gently caressed the area soon after, as she let out cute and erotic moans. She couldn't avert her gaze from her new point of interest.

Randithas gulped, his thoughts centralising on Lilla's luscious body. Any sense of shame or discomfort rapidly washed away, along with any sense of thinking before doing. His cock raging beyond its usual length, he gently wrapped a hand around it, eyes not averting Lilla.

Lilla noticed, expressing minor shock. "Oh, no no no! Don't waste your excitement over there! Come here and share it with me!" Randithas smirked and mindlessly stepped forward towards the erotic flower he'd come to love deeply. "Hehe, well? Isn't it so much better this way? Once two familiar creatures express themselves in this intimate manner, there's nothing but pure bliss to be shared between them! Thought there is...some imbalance. You haven't fully exposed your body too me yet!"

Vines began creeping over Randithas in many places. He was far too distracted through all his senses to care.

"Don't worry my dear Randi! I'll undress you gently! Won't be long before we can begin our era of intimacy!" spoke Lilla, her voice getting softer and huskier.

Stepping out of his shoes, while his bodily skin finally breathed fresh air again, Randithas walked into the alraune's pool of nectar. Lilla held out her soft delicate hand, fixating her amethyst eyes on her new lover. Lilla's flower petals rose up again, closing the two of them together. Little light radiated above them, but Lilla shimmered a faint glow of her own, ensuring Randithas could never lose sight of her.

Lilla held Randithas soothingly. One arm around his body, with the hand on her other arm slowly stroking his head through his hair, Lilla smiled upon Randithas with pure adoration. He no longer cared if this flower was a death-trap. He'd never encounter such a greater beauty in any lifetime. If Lilla's silky smooth petals were his fate, so be it, for fate would be bestowing a great fortune!

"So tell me Randi, does my handsome new lover have much experience with intimacy? Simple romance or sexual conquests, you can tell me anything!"

"Eh, ehehehe...." Barely spoke Randithas. "I-I guess...I'd rather never think of such things with others. My past encounters feel meaningless now...I feel, t-truly alive now that I'm with you!"

"Awww, Randi! You really know how to flatter me beyond comprehension! But the only way I know how to respond to such flattery, is to please you even more! Hehehe, hopefully you don't shatter under the immense pleasure of my adoration for you!"

Randithas drooled with excitement, as Lilla pulled him in for a kiss. She pressed her soft, tasty lips against him, kissing hard as she held him firmly in place. He felt his mind melt away at the pure ecstasy of Lilla's lips, as her tender body held him cosily, her smooth hair brushing against his sides.

Lilla soon pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. She explored her lover from the inside, firmly and rapidly stroking his palette and cheeks, as well as his tongue which struggled to hold up against the pleasure. Lilla knew exactly how to kiss with full passion and love, but Randithas felt something else...

Her tongue weren't like that of a human. While the texture felt shockingly familiar, a sweet substance was painting itself within his mouth. This rush of sweetness, along with the energy surging through him....no other exotic taste ever came close!

Randithas reached out to hold Lilla properly, mimicking the way she held him. He desperately needed to taste more of that sweet saliva within Lilla's lips! Craving to express his love for her just as much, he fought back against Lilla's strong tongue movements. Didn't take long to tire him out, though each second was its own eon of pure bliss!

Sensing his stamina depleted, Lilla pulled back from the kiss. A thick trail of golden saliva bridged their lips as they gazed at each other once again. Her eyes narrowed, increasingly eager and lustful. She gently stroked his cheeks, lowering her vocal tone to its huskier demeanour from before.

"Your rock hard cock must feel so good being enveloped like that between our soft bodies!" She leaned in to whisper in his ear, her aromatic hair gently covering his face. "But there's another place where it'll feel far, far better!"

Vines already wrapped around him, Randithas felt himself descending slightly, before a firm force pulled him back to Lilla. A far greater surge of ecstasy rushed through him, originating from his firm erection.

He gasped in pure shock, unable to contain his joy. Lilla lovingly cuddled him once again, but let out a piecing moan before she could mutter another word. Randithas was already bucking his hips back and forth, with no effort to resist his chance. His full erection pounded into Lilla's soaked vagina, loudly and rapidly.

Lilla's insides were very warm and cosy. Her walls firmly held Randithas's hard cock, just enough for his skin to be properly stroked without slowing down his hard thrusting. He slid in and out, his cock drenched in her fluids. This very liquid of Lilla's felt thick and slippery, while sending odd sensations through Randithas's cock. The more he fucked her, the warmer his cock got, while strange tingly feelings began pulsing through it. Every thrust was the greatest pleasure he ever felt, only ever becoming increasingly stimulating.

Randithas breathed heavily, his voice merely grunting like a savage beast. He was barely audible however, due to the screams and moans of pleasure from Lilla. Her blissful wails echoed through the local woodland, with zero restraint in volume. Hardly anything from Randithas's loud and violent thrusting was audible, and Lilla's moans only ensured he would persist.

"Ah, aaaahhh!!! Ra-Ran-di!! I lo- I love this!! Aaah, your...your cock...feels so....so perfect!! I only...ever want your cock in me!! Ahh, aaaaahhhhh, i-it's so amazing!!" Yelled Lilla, with no sense of modesty.

Randithas only kept thrusting more and more, with the stamina he never knew he possessed. He gazed up, drooling at the beauty he had delved into. All he knew to do was fuck her brains out. Lost in the ecstasy, he mindlessly adored every sensation. Lilla's unfathomably soft body and hair, Lilla's delicious and soothing fragrance, Lilla's succulent haven down below, and Lilla's near deafening screams of ultimate bliss. Randithas thought of nothing but his new lover, and everything he so deeply loved about her.

It was as if his mind was being rewritten. Only the tiniest slither of remaining conscious could remember a time without the beauty he considered a sex goddess. His arms tightened around Lilla, still gazing up and drooling. She looked down in pure adoration and gently held his head with her delicate hands. Lilla's amethyst eyes shined in the moonlight, encaptivating Randithas's final fragment of free thought.

"I...I love you...s-so much Ra-Randithas!! P-Please, hold n-nothing back!! Fuck me! F-fuck me with everything you have!! I want it all! Ah, aaahhh, p-please give it all to me!!"

Lost further to Lilla's desires, Randithas felt an immense pulse of energy flowing through his cock. His warm semen shot through and deep into Lilla, as he pounded harder and faster the longer Lilla stared into him. His already overwhelming ecstasy exploded as he yelled in pleasure. Never had he realised how powerful a male orgasm could truly get. As if by reflex, his couldn't slow down. He shouted and pounded with overflowing joy as Lilla orgasmed even louder, still staring into Randithas.

"Ra-Randi! More! Please cum inside me more! Your...your cum tastes so delicious! I-I want so much more of it!!" Lilla yelled, showing no signs of slowing either. Randithas felt the same overstimulating rush yet again, as more semen was thrusted deep into Lilla. He never realised men could ejaculate a second time so quickly, let alone the upcoming third ejaculation he was ready to give his lover. Yet another explosion of bliss rushed through him, which Lilla echoed as she gripped firmly onto the hair beside Randithas's head.

Lilla began drooling, with a wave of pride and lust over her shining eyes. "Y-You have...no idea...how delectable your sweet, sticky semen is! Aahhh, my pussy can...can barely get enough...my pussy always welcomes your incredible cock, my dear Randi...along with its tasty treat!"

Barely another minute passed, before Randithas felt a fourth surge flow through his cock. The two moaned and screamed as they mutually orgasmed yet again. After releasing his fourth portion however, Randithas began to slow his movements. Fatigue quickly caught up, as his muscles and skin gradually became slightly numb to sensations.

"Li-Lilla...I...." Randithas croaked, his throat hoarse from the intense moans and yells. "I don't w-want to but....I may require a rest....I'm not used to this level of exercise.... and my body's losing his energy...."

Lilla smiled down upon him, gently stroking his hair. "Awww, my dear Randi, please don't feel sad! We could rest, yes, but neither of us would prefer that! Here, I'll give you a special boost of energy for all places of yours!"

Lilla lowered a hand, down to her huge boobs. She gently lifted one, up to Randithas's chin.

"Thanks to you, Randi, my quantity and quality of the sweet nectar you seem to love so much should be much more potent!" she raised her boob a little more, as Randithas drew his mouth closer to the hardened nipple as it began to ooze its special substance. "Drink up, my dear! You've done more than enough to earn all I hold here!"

Randithas place his tongue onto her newly available sweet spot. His eyes shot open upon contact. This nectar of hers was at least twice as strong and sweet compared to what he found in her mouth! Without hesitation, he desperately licked up all he could, while Lilla gasped in surprise. It wasn't enough. He already craved more so desperately! He sucked the nipple as hard as he had energy for, hearing Lilla moan loudly yet again as her thick nectar poured into Randithas's mouth. It covered his walls and tongue, above and below, leaving barely a trace unfilled. He rapidly gulped it down, the familiar warm and tingly sensation flowing through his mouth and throat.

Unable to control himself, unable to hold any proper thought, Randithas sucked and swallowed constantly, ensuring he'd get every drop possible out of her soft huge breast. He'd do literally anything during this moment to ensure he drank her dry, no matter whom or what would dare oppose him. He only cared for more nectar, along with hearing Lilla moan endlessly into the night sky.

Minutes passed of constant slurping and swallowing, until Lilla collected her voice briefly. "Ehheheheh....looks like you should be ready down here again...." She giggled, her hand gently stroking all around Randithas's warm testicles. "Y-your cock...keeps growing inside me....heh...ehehehh, I'm...I'm ready for it to fuck me again! Please don't hold back!"

Randithas's eyes shot open again, realising how much energy he had to fuck her mind away yet again. Not long before he resumed his vicious thrusting, Lilla moved her boob away, noticing Randithas struggle to suck nectar out. "Here, Randi. Time to drink from my other nipple! This boob feels especially weighted, just for you!"

Pressing his face against the firm boob covering his vision, Randithas tightly held Lilla's body as her vines tightly held him in response. He locked himself in place, with no chance of ever detaching from her. Out of a primal yet thoughtless instinct, he pounded away at Lilla, her vines also wrapping his waist to ensure he'd maintain the pace. All that nectar he drank, along with a new supply being fed to him, overloaded him with raw energy.

He slammed harder and faster than ever, his primal grunting drowned out by the beverage while the pounding of flesh echoed through the local trees. As his cock rapidly slammed through Lilla's soaking wet opening, he felt his erection slowly increasing in size and hardness. Lilla moaned and wailed in purest ecstasy yet again, often struggling to let out a sound this time, as she too was becoming overloaded.

Barely half a minute passed, as Randithas reached his breaking point yet again. Squeezing her body even tighter, a fresh load of hot semen surged through his cock, all while he pounded and slurped more aggressively. Lilla tried vocalising her orgasms with Randithas's, but could barely keep up. His aggression only aroused her more, but her voice wasn't cut out for this level of intimacy.

Randithas couldn't stop. All the energy coursing through his body fixated him on fucking Lilla's brains out. Her hefty and ongoing supply of the sweetest and most delicious nectar possible overwrote any other function of his body and mind. After his load entered Lilla's body, Randithas came again almost immediately. Then again....then again....then again....then again....

....Then again....a constant rush of the deepest of pleasures stayed with him as a seemingly endless supply of cum poured into Lilla. No room remained in his mind for questioning how he came so much. He only wanted more of Lilla's mind melting pussy and nectar.

Again and again, Randithas kept ejaculating, until a strange numbing sensation eventually travelled through his throat and waist. His thrusting became irregular; he struggled to suck as much nectar, until he let out one final burst of semen. His arms and legs wrapped tightly around Lilla, as he roared an orgasm that almost rivalled Lilla's. He bucked forward slightly, still fully inside Lilla, as he dug his nails into her back.

Struggling to breathe, Randithas began twitching involuntarily while becoming gradually light-headed. Neither could mutter a word, only releasing heavy breaths in quick succession. Randithas soon lost his grip, as did Lilla. Barely grasping his senses, Randithas fell hard onto Lilla's bed of yet more sweet and sticky nectar, not that he held any more energy to interact properly with it.

Lilla stood against her petals, spending a good minute regaining her posture. She gently kneeled down in front of Randithas, a smug demeanour dominating her face. Placing her hands either side of Randithas, they gazed into one another's eyes yet again.

"My dear Randi, that was highly impressive, to put it very lightly! Never...never knew until now that a human such as you were so capable, even with my full supply...."

Randithas gazed up at her, still twitching violently from earlier. Though he lacked the energy to speak, he still saw lust in Lilla's shining eyes.

"If it's okay with you Randi, I'd like to ask one more favour....your semen....tasted so good in my pussy! It holds just the right balances of special flavours while providing much nutrition! Forgive me, I know I'm being selfish, but...." She gently spoke as she began gently stroking his balls yet again. Randithas's twitching intensified, instinctively recognising the excitement she could bring. With her other hand, he held a nectar coated finger near Randithas's chin.

"I want more of your semen, but I want to taste it through my mouth! If, per chance, you have any more to give, then please don't be shy!" Lilla whispered gently, slowly inserting her finger into Randithas's slightly agape mouth.

As if a spark of lightning flared in his mind, he opened his eyes wide, body twitching in response. Lilla looked down in awe as Randithas's cock stiffened once more. Lilla giggled with excitement, eventually pulling out her shiny clean finger. "Time for you to relax, my dear Randi! Maybe I'll drain your balls properly this time?"

Firmly wrapping the base of his hardened cock with a finger and thumb, Lilla took it all into her mouth, her thick hot saliva coating his entire length. His whole body flinched yet again, as Lilla giggled and hummed with pride and lust. Vines began creeping over Randithas's body, not that he was opposed. Lilla gently raised her head up and down, her saliva returning the familiar tingles Randithas enjoyed so much. She slurped loudly, perhaps deliberately. Before Randithas could properly adjust to the new form of bliss that was blessing his cock, Lilla's gripped tightened a little as she sucked with extra vigour, her head bobbing faster to compliment.

Randithas held no more energy for words, but moans of joy still muttered through. Lilla only seemed encouraged, while her eyes beamed towards Randithas with pure adoration yet again. One of Lilla's petals seemed to be pushing his head up a little, to help him see his lover slurp loudly and vigorously. She released his cock from her mouth, using the soft palm of her hand to stroke his entire length tightly and rapidly. Her mouth lowered towards his pair of balls, waiting to be busted.











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