Come for the strawberries, ass for takeaway.

It is a rewarding life being an owned bisexual. I may have a loving husband at home, but that matters not even a little bit when My Lady calls me. I normally stand about five seven, weigh 190lbs of really fit fifty-year-old redhead. Sure, I carry more muscle than most women like, but I am extremely curvy, and the reality of G cup breasts is that you obsess about core fitness, or live in back pain. My Lady does not mind.

Normally I stand about five seven, but today I am rather shorter at the moment, what with my self bent backwards on my knees, with my ankles and wrists cuffed together and a blindfold. My Lady has used me as lover, as maid, as slave, as whore, and today, as table.

My Lady has a guest. She is entertaining a woman, that I can tell from their voices, hands, and lips. My Lady is serving strawberries. There is a bowl upon my belly, and whip cream upon my breasts. My nipples were very cold with the whip cream, but repeated applications of lips and whip cream have me warmed considerably.

I am trying to not pay attention to My Lady's conversation with her friend. It is not my business. It is not mine to say who My Lady may entertain, may date, or may use. I am her property, not her wife. It is hard; the sound of My Lady's voice always makes me attend, and the touch of her fingers, and others upon me, and in me is too powerful to ignore.

My Lady is speaking to her friend.

"So saying no about your bum has your husband in quite the mood still? It has been over a month since you decided it wasn't for you. Can't you distract him? I know you find such wonderful ways to distract me!"

I could hear them laugh, then the soft sound of two women kissing. My Lady and her dear friend.

The friend is speaking now, so familiar with My Lady, but then again she is a free woman and not a slave, so I suppose that is fitting. She jokes so easily with My Lady.

"You know E, whip cream isn't the kind I prefer." The friend's voice was low and throaty, heavily flirtatious.

I heard My Lady laugh and felt her take a strawberry from the bowl on my tummy.

"I think I know the kind of cream you prefer. Try some of my own recipe, it is the House special." With that My Lady took a Strawberry and worked it into my wet and teased pussy. I moaned in uncontrolled delight as I felt her fingers move the strawberry in me, swirling it, then whimpered when she pulled it free.

Her friend made happy sucking noises as My Lady fed her the strawberry from my pussy, then each of them sucked one of my nipples to add some whipped cream.

"That is delicious!" Her friend said. "Your pet makes a very good table; she must have a very hungry pussy because it makes such a sweet glaze for strawberries."

I rocked and whimpered, striving to stay still as they alternated slipping strawberries into me, and feeding each other. I could hear them kissing.

"God, what udders on her! No wonder you keep her around." The friend said, painting some sort of amusing figure on my breasts with whipped cream before licking it off.

My Lady sounded smug as she popped the cap on the lube bottle and began to work some into my tight and vulnerable bottom.

"It isn't her only decent feature. My darling, I really think you should have another strawberry, and see if the answer to your husband's problem doesn't present itself to you."

My Lady worked another strawberry into my married pussy with the leaf side in, so that the berry peaked from my lips like a second clitoris. I heard the unmistakeable sound of kissing, and My Lady's gentle command to her friend. "Go eat it out."

I opened my mouth in a gasp as I felt a woman's hands, not My Lady's, touch me. I felt her lips on my sex, her tongue, and then she was doing it. She was eating a strawberry from my pussy.

My Lady idly swirled a strawberry in the whip cream on my breast and rubbed it on my lips, teasing me as I opened my mouth like a begging baby bird for her to feed. I adore being fed from her hand; it makes my entire body glow.

"Put up another strawberry then while it marinates, try her little arsehole and see what you think." My Lady said, feeding me a second strawberry.

I whimpered as I felt another strawberry being pushed into me, then felt a long-nailed finger probing at my tight, lubed, little rosebud.

Lips went to my clit as she sucked on it, and I felt her finger push into me about two knuckles. I arched and pushed into her mouth and hands as My Lady claimed my left nipple in her mouth. I clenched and pushed into mouth and hand as the friend lapped down from my clit to take the second strawberry from inside my pussy.

Her finger was now pushing deeper and deeper into my ass. I was so helpless, bound and blindfolded, not even knowing whose fingers were in my ass. The woman stuck a second finger, and I felt myself stretching under her punishing fingers.

Her voice was eager, hungry, and deeply amused. "Such a hungry ass this little slut has E, how do you find them?"

My Lady kissed me, then stroked my hair as she replied.

"Not a slut, a whore. My whore. She fucks who I say to fuck, how I say to fuck, when I say to fuck. A slut would fuck whoever offered. A good whore fucks only who and when she is both told and paid. Right Jan?" My Lady asked me.

"YES!" I gasped.

I think her friend did not believe it was a literal thing. "You don't really have sex for money do you? For real?" She asked.

"I suck cocks for ten dollars for My Lady." I said, panting, close to the edge as the stranger worked her fingers into my ass.

I felt her breath upon my pussy as she tongued me. "A whore, you let E turn you into a whore for real? Is that all you do, suck cocks?" She asked, driving her fingers into my ass, sucking on my clit.

"ANYTHING!" I screamed as My Lady tugged my nipples, raising my breasts.

Taking one hand to stroke my cheek, she kissed my brow and asked me.

"Would you get fucked up the ass for twenty dollars?" She asked.

"Yes!" I whimpered, rubbing my cheek against her hand.

"Beg me. Beg me to sell your ass for twenty dollars." She demanded.

I would like to tell you I hesitated, but that would be a lie. I turned to her, trying to kiss whatever part I could reach, but bound as I was all I could do is brush her hand with my cheek as I begged.

"Please My Lady, let me sell my ass for twenty dollars, let me get ass fucked for twenty dollars for you!"

A third finger was now working into my ass, and My Lady's friend was pumping my ass harshly.

"Dirty little whore, cheap piece of ass. You are going to be my husband's stocking stuffer this Christmas. You wear stockings, and he will stuff that tight little ass of yours." She hissed.

My Lady flicked my nipple with a finger and commanded me "CUM!"

I came screaming as my ass got reamed out by the woman who had just bought my ass for twenty dollars to give to her husband.

I was given a kiss, and a strawberry by My Lady, before she walked her friend out. When she untied me, and worked the blood back into my stiffened joints, I noticed on the table beside the strawberry bowl was a crisp new 20$ bill.

I smiled at my Lady and thanked her. I felt that much more hers, now that she has sold my ass. I wondered who the woman was, and if I would ever know the face of the man who would receive my ass as his gift.

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