Picks up right where it left off.

"Jesus Christ! What did I just do?" I thought as I came down from orgasmic bliss and watched my wife bounce from the room.

I had just told my wife to call our friends, one of which was her former lover, to arrange lunch so we could discuss having a threesome.

In a day, I went from thinking of divorcing her to wanting to watch her with her sexy friend. I must've lost my mind in lust.

Cheating is cheating, whether male or female. That was a clear opinion in my mind. How could it not be cheating for us to have a threesome? It's the same thing whether we are together or not. It's sex with another person. Damn! I had really messed up.

I walked downstairs to talk with her, only to hear her talking with Ann.

She said, "Come over at noon. We'll have some steak sandwiches and the kids can have hot dogs with mac and cheese."

She saw me walk in and gave me a thumbs up.

To Ann, she said, "Perfect. See you soon."

After hanging up, she said, "It's all set. After lunch, the kids can occupy themselves and we can have the adult conversation."

She jumped up, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "I'm going to get in the shower. Be a lamb and defrost the steaks for sandwiches."

As she glided up the stairs, I watched her in silence. I knew I was past the point of no return.

I went to the freezer like a zombie. Pulling out the sandwich steaks, I set it in the sink and ran water over them to defrost. I was in a daze, completely unaware of what was going on.

I didn't notice I had company as I stood by the sink until I felt a tug on my shirt.

"Daddy? Applesauce?" My youngest asked.

I snapped out of it and handed my toddler an applesauce cup and spoon. I watched her sit down, open it, and eat without a care in the world.

I had a jarring thought. If this stupid fantasy went bad, would we end up divorced? Would I lose my kids to part-time fatherhood? Could I still stop it?

That was a simple answer—yes, of course, I could stop it. What would the impact of that be? Would Sally be upset? Would she go behind my back and do it anyway? Fuck! What would happen then? Divorce to be sure.

I thought the perfect situation would be if Jim said no. That would get me off the hook as the bad guy, but again—would they go behind my back and do it anyway?


I pan-fried the steaks and had the Mac and cheese ready when they arrived. The kids ran around as they usually did and Jim came into the kitchen.

"Dude, is it too early for a beer?" He asked patting my shoulder.

"I could use one too," I said. "Grab a couple from the garage fridge please. I've got some Shark Attack red ale in there.

"Nice," he said and padded away.

Ann and Sally walked in and Ann gave me a knowing smirk. She kissed me on the cheek and said, "What's up, sexy?"

I got a queasy feeling in my stomach and said, "Lunch is just about ready."

She walked off and Sally said, "I'll get the kids settled. Al, could you open a bottle of wine for me and Ann."

"Sure, babe."

I knew they had likely walked over as they usually did, so I wasn't worried about the day drinking and them driving home after. I figured we would all need the drinks to be able to handle the conversation we would be having.

Once the kids were finished, they went off to do what the kids do, and we stayed in the kitchen. Sally looked nervous, while Ann had a mile-wide smile on her face.

I opened up a couple more beers and Sally filled the wine glasses. Sally looked at me and smiled. I couldn't tell what was going through her mind and we hadn't spoken about the threesome topic since the phone call.

Sally said, "Guys, Al and I talked about the possibility of opening up our relationship."

Jim all of a sudden perked up with an almost evil grin.

Ann winked at me.

"This morning, Al told me that he wouldn't mind seeing me with Ann, but there were conditions."

Ann frowned and asked, "What conditions?"

Jim looked at me as I nodded to Sally. I realized that was the last chance I had to stop her and for some reason, I didn't.

"Jim, Al said that I could be with Ann, but only in a threesome with him. You wouldn't be allowed to have sex with me."

"That's not the way it works," Ann said sharply. Jim was strangely silent.

"It's the only way it could have happened," Sally answered.

Wait! Did she just say could have happened?

Sally continued, "I've decided that we won't be doing that."

Jim smiled again, clearly thinking he was going to get his shot at Ann after all.

"What do you mean, Sal?" Ann asked.

"I've decided that we won't be doing anything."

I felt immense relief. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Ann was dejected.

"Al, I know you said that I could do this, but I also told you that I didn't have to. I could be and would be happy never being with Ann again. As badly as I want to do it, I love you too much to do something that could end badly for us. We're parents to young children, I don't feel it's worth it to take unnecessary risks."

"You're sure," I asked.

"Completely sure."

Ann smiled wanly and said, "I understand. I really do. What we do isn't right for everyone and in most cases, it ends badly for the marriage. That's why we only do it a few times a year and never with our friends. I'm disappointed, but also glad in a way. As much as I'd like that python of your husband's inside of me, it's a risk."

Jim said, "I agree. I don't think I would have agreed with you guys doing a threesome, without me anyway. That's not how it works for us. It's not a turn on for me for her to be with someone else without me. That's a bad path to follow."

I was so happy I could scream. I watched as the conversation switched to other less serious topics. After the wine was gone, Ann and Jim rounded up their kids and said goodbye.

We watched as they walked down the street holding hands. I looked at my wife and asked, "When did you decide to not do it?"

"I never decided to do it," she said.

"Al, love, I could tell you weren't fully on board with it. I would never, and I mean never, do anything to endanger our marriage. I said I'd die without you and I meant it. We aren't swingers, or swappers, or cheaters. That's not us. I think it was a silly fantasy that when it came time to make it a reality, it just didn't work for us."

I pulled her in for a hug and said, "I love you, baby."

"Al?" She asked. "Let's put the kids down for a nap and then you can give me what no other woman will ever get from you."

I squeezed her butt and said, "Sounds good to me, baby."


After the kids were down and out, she walked into the bedroom where I was waiting.

"Honey, give me five minutes and be naked when I come out," she said.

She walked into our closet and shut the door. I quickly undressed and climbed into bed. I checked that the baby monitor was on and looked to see that the door was locked, just in case.

She opened the closet door and came out wearing nothing but a garter belt, black stockings, and the sexiest high heels she owned.

Having kids, sex was usually spontaneous and quick for us. We didn't usually have enough time for her to dress up in what I called her 'sex clothes.'

She walked over sexily, took my hardening shaft in her hand, and purred, "Am I hotter than Ann?"

"No question about it," I smartly said.

She smiled and took my cock into her mouth. She knew every button to push and she left nothing out.

Her hot mouth felt amazing as she took care to slowly take as much of my steel-hard love gun into her throat. She gagged and backed off, her saliva dripping down drenching my swollen balls.

She slurped back to the top and popped off. "I love your cock," she said with more lust in her eyes than I'd ever seen before from her. She then bobbed slowly while her hand twisted up and down following or leading her mouth's action.

I was in heaven as I reached over and rubbed her lips and clit. I worked in two fingers, massaging her inner walls, stroking her g-spot, desperate to make her cum. She was a squirter and it wasn't long before my hand was flooded with her juices.

The sloshing sounds from my manipulation of her sex were the most erotic thing I'd ever heard and I felt her moans on my member. The vibrations she was causing felt incredible and I wasn't sure I would last.

"Baby, take a break," I said as she slipped off.

"Your fingers are magic, honey. Damn! That felt amazing. You gave me two, back-to-back."

I smiled and kissed her, basking in my sexual prowess. "Let's see what my tongue can do for you."

I slid down the bed and lifted her legs to my cheeks. I loved the feel of her stockings against my skin. I always bought her Wofford stockings that she only wore for me in bed. The cheap brands were for other occasions.

I kissed and licked from her ankles to her knees, pausing at the erogenous zone behind her knees. I continued up her thighs until finally reaching her dripping pussy.

I avoided it and kissed her trimmed mound. Following the triangle leading to heaven, I attacked her clit with all I had. Kissing, nibbling, and sucking I had her close to another orgasm. I knew it wouldn't be long when she grabbed the top of my head, pulling me in. I wasn't watching her face, but I felt her put a pillow over her face as she squeezed my head with her thighs. A moment later I heard the muffled screams into the pillow as her juices flowed from her hard cum.

As her body stopped quivering, she released my head. Thankful to be able to breathe again, I moved up to kiss her.

We made out for several minutes as I massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples. They were so hard, I was sure she could cut glass with them.

She rolled on top of me, never breaking the kiss. I grabbed her tight ass in my hands and squeezed with all I had.

Moaning in delight, she pulled back from our kiss and slid her hips along my body, rubbing her slick kitty along my shaft. When the head was where she wanted it, she impaled herself onto me.

Rocking back and forth, grinding her clit into my body, I watched as her eyes rolled back and I felt her juices drench my body. A moment later she rode me hard and fast. The slapping sound as she drove into my body, coupled with the squeaking of the bed, sent me over the top.

I released my load and flooded her with my love's essence. She crashed down onto me and kissed me as if it would be our last.

She broke the kiss to catch her breath, and whispered, "I love you so much."

I pulled her into my chest and hugged her tightly.

"I will always love you, Sally. Never forget that. The day I spent away was hell."

"I'm sorry about that, Al. It was all my fault with those stupid fantasies."

I felt her tears on my chest and held her tighter.

"Well, we survived it..." I was interrupted by the sounds of the kids waking up.

She kissed my chest, patted me, and said, "There's the sound of reality. Let's go, lover boy."

As we dressed, I knew we would be alright.

The end










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