Celestino glared at Aerric, the storm god. Aerric pretended to adjust his black leather harness, dismissing the questions that Celestino had thrown out at him.

"I asked you a question," shouted Celestino, his fist slamming into the marble armrests of his throne. "You will answer your king!"

Aerric rolled his eyes. He walked to the large window, looking out toward the horizon. He leaned against the wall, one arm against the molding above his head and the other resting on his hip.

"I have no idea what's going on down there. I seriously do not know. I was never in the South then, I was far away from there," he said, not even turning to face Celestino.

"Where were you?" asked the king.

Aerric then turned and smirked. He took his hand off his hip and made a pumping gesture at his crotch.

"I had some...business up north. It was a usually big blizzard...odd for this time of the year, I know, but he was a hottie. I have a lot of leeway up there, and I didn't want to just make it rain. I wanted to completely feel his heat." Aerric grinned, thinking he was clever. "I got...snowed in, as they say...and just couldn't leave." He ran a hand over his chest and the soft leather covering it. A fingertip teased around his nipple, as he remembered the hot northerner caressing his body and worshiping his muscled chest with his tongue.

Celestino ground his teeth as he listened to the impertinent storm god bragging about his sexual adventures. Of course, Celestino thought that Aerric was one of the most beautiful of the gods with his long black hair flowing around his handsome face, and a perfect musculature encased in leather that fitted him like a second skin, accentuating every curve of his hard body. He had to stay mad at him though, to avoid wanting to ravish him totally and completely.

"But that possessed mortal was running around and telling everyone in the Southern flatlands that you came to him and promised to keep the storms away. The farmers everywhere in the flatlands planted their crops early because of this news. He was a trusted man there. Then the worst storms in hundreds of years basically turned the entire region into a mud pit. There will be no harvest this year, unless Uri can devise a plan. And he's fighting with Ruada who believes the land should return to the marshes and swamps they came from. Ari is complaining that marshes are in his domain. Cernunnos is arguing that swamps are 'wet forests' and under his domain. Gods fighting gods. And to top it off, people are calling us evil. They are saying we use them as playthings for our own amusement. They are losing faith in us fast. What's a god without followers?"

"There's always fighting among the Catenarin. And there's always those faithless few who dismiss us. Obviously, that farmer is a liar. Those storms are mandated by a group of us. Some things can't be undone. They are part of a process which I, by myself, can't stop. I can't make promises like that to a mortal...regardless of how ravishing he is," responded Aerric, moving to prop himself against the window sill.

Aerric ran his fingers through his hair, and then grabbed the windowsill edge. His legs stretched out and he crossed his ankles. His muscled thick thighs strained against the tight pants. Celestino had full view of his rippling abdomen and his hard meaty chest pushing against the studded leather harness.

"Not like this. This is different. They're being egged on, pushed at each other," said Celestino. "Look at this. I received this from one of my familiars," he put his hand to his head and projected into Aerric's mind.

Aerric saw Cernunnos walking through a forest. He was walking quickly as if rushing to or from something. Suddenly, as the forest god continued his form began to melt away and he was replaced by Malachi, god of the wind and of whispers. Malachi stopped and looked around, then shot up into the sky as if he was taken by a gust of wind. Then the images went black. Aerric looked at Celestino.

"So Malachi can fly? That is not new."

"No, the transformation."

"Yeah, I figured you'd mention that. So, Cernunnos is the culprit? He can change form now?" asked Aerric, moving toward Celestino.

"No, he was here in the Temple when that happened. Someone is impersonating us gods. This Shaitan is using us to destroy our world and ourselves," Celestino muttered angrily. He yanked at the clasp holding the cape which draped from his shoulders. The cape fell to the floor, leaving the king bare-chested and cooler.

Aerric marveled at the shining rounded muscles of the large dark god. The burnished brown skin was stretched tight over every bulge and ripple. Aerric reached out with both hands and placed them upon the mounds of pectoral muscle. He looked up into the eyes of the god-king and saw in them a coppery red fire and dark smoldering metal, a precious metal statue full of life energy. Aerric's hands traveled down Celestino's body as the storm god fell to his knees. In his worship pose, Aerric grabbed at the wide metal belt around the king's waist, pulling it apart and letting it drop to the floor. The length of material around Celestino's body fell away, leaving him naked in front of the kneeling storm god.

"May I worship you?" Aerric begged, looking up at his god-king.

"Yes," uttered Celestino in a deep almost-growl, lifting his hands to his head and running his fingers through his coal-black hair.

Aerric reached his hand out and grabbed the bronze cock, his fingers unable to encircle it it all. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the dark satin skin of the cockhead, tasting the leaking tangy saltiness. He pulled his tongue into his mouth and twirled it around, filling his whole mouth with the taste, savoring it before he leaned in and took in the head. His tongue slid around the cock as he pushed himself further down the length, urged on by the deep vibrating growls from the god-king.

Aerric felt the big stiff cock hitting the back of his throat, saliva and precum allowing it to slip even deeper. He couldn't even breathe on his own; he pulled in a breath only when the bigger man pulled his cock back letting his nose draw in some precious air before choking off his supply again. Aerric loved the domination of this supreme god as Celestino grabbed the sides of his head with his dark hands and started pumping his thick cock into the lesser god. Aerric gasped and choked around the thrusting cock. Tears ran down his cheek as his throat was vigorously stretched over and over again by his master. Aerric's hands grabbed at Celestino's muscular thighs and ass, not knowing whether to push the big man away or to help him to reach further down his gullet.

Sweat from Celestino's face and chest fell in large drops on the submissive Aerric's face and shoulders. The long black hair, mixed with sweat, spit, and tears matted together under the grasp of Celestino's massive hands. Saliva, spiked with precum, frothy from the hard pumping action drooled out of the sides of Aerric's lips as the thrusts slowed.

Celestino growled as his cum choked Aerric and filled his hard belly. The big man bucked his hips forward and slid further down into the storm god. Aerric widened his eyes as the load burned his used throat. Celestino gave a huge grin and arched his back as the last spurt of cum left his cock, his satiny bronze skin vibrating in ecstasy. He pulled his cock away from the submissive mouth, but still connected to it with a shiny rope of cum. He reached down and grabbed his cape and rubbed it across his cock and over Aerric's face. He knelt down and licked at the sweat and any remaining cum on the storm god's lips. He grabbed the cloth and belt he had had around his waist on the floor beside him. Looking down at Aerric who still knelt before him, he dressed himself.

Aerric stood up and pushed his tight trousers down. He gave the stiff cock that bounced out a few strokes and came into his own hand. He bent down and licked at his load, swallowing it in one gulp. He licked off every last drop and then tucked his limp cock away. Celestino grabbed Aerric's hand and licked his tongue over the palm.

"So good," Celestino said, giving Aerric a wink and licking his lips.

Both gods turned toward the sound of a slow clap.

"Well, what a fucking show," said Shaitan, leaning forward as he sat on Celestino's throne. "I knew you gods were some nasty fuckers, but not that nasty." He cackled at his own comment and sat back in the throne.

"Who the fuck are you?" demanded Celestino.

Aerric took a step forward to stand beside his king.

"It would take too long to fully explain the intricate details of my past. But let's just say, I was here long before you. Ah, what a bright and shining time! Uhm, then I was...'asked'... to leave when they created you...talk about the degradation of a civilized realm. You don't give the house over to the mice and roaches. Now those who pushed me out are gone, and I'm back," Shaitan explained. "Daddy's back and going to do some remodeling. Oh, but I've got to start exterminating some mistakes first." His lips twisted in a sneer.

Shaitan lifted his hands upward, and then turned his palms out. The room was suddenly filled with electrifying blue light. There was a flash, and his hands fell to his side. Celestino and Aerric were gone. Shaitan fell back into the throne, throwing a leg over the large marble arm rest, and he gloated.

"So, that makes me the master of this realm now; I believe, the eternal king and master of it all," he paused and let out a loud laugh, "It's good to be the king again."


Blackness. Then a soft glow that seemed to come from all directions at once and none at all. Celestino and Aerric looked at each other, confused about what had just happened to them. Everything around them was a murky blue that seemed to swirl with slight variations in color. Celestino took a step, but only knew he had moved because he was a step further away from Aerric. There was a complete silence in the blueness, a dead silence...until there came a whistle. Someone was whistling a unrecognizable tune.

The pair looked at each other and then looked around, finally focusing on a white dot of light that seemed to change form as it grew larger. It seemed to be moving toward them. It was an old woman at a spinning wheel. She sharpened into focus near them, spinning thread and whistling her tune. Then she stopped suddenly and looked at them. She wasn't stunned nor surprised by their presence. She stood up calmly and brushed lint from the cream-colored tunic she was wearing.

"Well, hello, boys!" she said to them. "Seems like it's my lucky day!" She laughed as she looked them up and down.

She cackled until she coughed and sputtered. She pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her mouth. She shoved the cloth back into a hidden pocket and walked to them, grabbing their hands and shaking them.

"They call me 'Clotho the Spinner of Fates' here and now."

"Are we dead?" asked Aerric.

"No, you hot hunk of man," Clotho said with a lecherous grin. "Let's just say you're in-between realities...in another realm...in what some might call an ether or a void."

"I don't think I understand," replied Celestino.

"You're here but also everywhere. This is a disconnected region among innumerable space-time realities in the multiverse. You've left your reality and now are here between all the others."

"We've been separated from the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them," added Aerric. Celestino gave him a surprised look. "What? I'm not just a hot body and pretty face," he responded.

"Exactly," said Clotho, she turned and waved her arm in a flourish.

The dark blue was quickly animated with scenes of people and places coming in and out of focus. Some faded away in seconds; some remained longer. The two gods could make out someone resembling Clotho in every scene as they played out.

"I am here now as Clotho. However, in another reality, I am known as Nona," she said, pointing to a scene in which a regal older woman resembling her was surrounded by small children. "In another, they call me Cherry Likker," she said, pointing to a young woman with a lot of make-up dancing under colorful flashing lights.

"So there are other people like us out there too?" questioned Celestino.

"Not like you, they are you. They...you...in other realms, other realities, other times, other universes."

The scenes changed. Now there were scenes with new characters.

Celestino focused on one with a large dark muscled man standing in a roped area with a crowd surrounding it. The man was half-naked with a shaved head, except for a few small locs on top. The man threw a smaller masked man onto the floor and roared, sweat and spit spraying into the air. Another man inside the roped square ran to him and lifted the large man's arm into the air.

"And the winner of this match: Black Zeus!" the man yelled as the big black man gave a big grin to the screaming, applauding crowd, pumping his fist into the air in victory.

"That's me!" Celestino cried, as the scene faded. He began to to look quickly at other scenes.

In one, he was seated at the head of a large table in a richly decorated room. Other people sat at the table looking toward him.

"...And that's why I'm firing everyone of you and replacing you with people who will do what I wa..." The scene was gone.

"Ha!" exclaimed Clotho, poking Celestino's washboard abs with her elbow. "You're a force to be reckoned with, I see." She waved her arm again.

The scenes changed again and now it was Aerric who saw himself projected inside them. In one scene, he had very short graying hair and looked rather old. He was pushing a small noisy cart from which bits of grass and fallen leaves flew. Small children in bright helmets rode past on two-wheeled metal contraptions down a nearby smooth stone path. He stopped and yelled at the children. The children yelled back, and one gave him the finger.

He was more interested in a scene of himself naked and entwined in the arms of a beautiful blond man. They rolled around in a big soft bed playfully until Aerric pinned him down and sank his big tanned cock into the beautiful boy's round bubble butt. The boy moaned and groaned as Aerric fucked him, his long black hair falling forward onto the blond's back. Suddenly, a clothed man walked up to them shouting.

"Cut! That was great, Diego darling; but the bloody fucking mic was in shot." The man turned away for second. "Put your cock in your trousers, Larry darling, and do your fucking job!" He turned back to the couple with a smile on his face. "We need to re-shoot from where you and Jacob start wrestling on the bed," the man said sweetly as the scene faded away.

"Well, that was fun," remarked Clotho. "Come on, boys, let's talk."

Clotho walked a few steps. She turned and motioned for Celestino and Aerric to follow her. "Come along. Tell me about the place you come from."

The two gods followed Clotho further into the blueness, telling her about the reality of their realm.

The space where they had been started to vibrate like heat rising from a fire. There was a faint white glowing point in the center of the disturbance which began to expand into a wide circle of bright glowing white light. What seemed to be a dark shadow approached the circle, hesitated for a few seconds, and faded into the bright whiteness. And in an instance, the circle was gone, leaving no trace behind.











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