Lori Macdonald is an advertising executive with a high powered firm. In her early thirties she has always dedicated herself to her job. She has put marriage and children on hold. The pressures of her job are starting to wear on her and she is questioning her life path.

"This job is going to kill me," said Lori Macdonald to her friend Gina.

"Don't let it stress you out," said Gina.

"Easy for you to say, you are never stressed," Lori replied.

"I just find ways to de-stress," Gina said with a grin.

"I would love you know your secret," Lori answered.

Gina reached in to her purse and pulled out a business card.

"Take this, give them and they will take all your stress away," Gina said as she handed the card to Lori.

Lori took the card, it was for the Executive Relaxation and Therapy Center.

"Is this for a massage?" Asked Lori.

'It is much more than that, ask for Rocco, you won't be disappointed," Gina said with a devilish look.

Later that day Lori decided to call and make an appointment for the weekend. On Saturday she arrived for her appointment. The place was very high class, lots of fancy woodwork and water features. She entered the lobby and was greeted by a young women.

"Welcome, how can I help you today?" asked the young woman.

"I have an appointment, my name is Lori Macdonald," she replied.

"Yes, we have you seeing Rocco today," she said.

"Have a seat and we will get you back shortly."

Lori sat down and the young woman returned with a glass of wine and handed to her.

"Something for while you wait," she said.

Lori smiled and thought she could get to used to this. She drank her wine as she admired the scenery around her. A few minutes later a women came from and greeted her.

"Ms. MacDonald you can come with me," She said.

"We will get you all ready."

They walked down to a beautiful room, it was was the most relaxing looking space Lori had ever seen. The lighting was so inviting and it smelled wonderful.

"This is your first time here with us, is that correct?" Asked the women.

"Yes, you were recommended by my friend Gina," Lori answered.

"Just to make sure you are aware, your friend did explain how Rocco does thing?" She asked.

"I am not sure what you mean," said Lori with a puzzled look on her face.

"Rocco, is our full body and Yani specialist, he does not normally take new clients," She said.

"Since Gina is a close to Rocco he did accept you," She continued.

"I am sure if Gina is fine with him, I will be as well," replied Lori.

"Well, then lets get you ready," she responded, "Please undress completely and lie face down on the table"

"I will leave your cover here on the table," She said, " Rocco will be in shortly, enjoy!"

Lori undressed and laid down on the table pulling the blanket over her body. A few minutes later she heard the door open, she peeked behind her and saw a man walk in. He was a tall well built man with medium length dark hair. He approached Lori.

"Hello," he said, "I am Rocco and you must be Lori.

"Gina has told me all about you, that you have been very stressed lately, let's see if we can do something to relieve you of this stress," He said, "I will be in total control of your care here today and you must be accepting of all of my treatments.

"Do you agree to these conditions?" He asked.

"Yes, I agree" she said cautiously.

"Alright, let's begin," he responded.

Rocco pulled the blanket down just to the bottom of Lori's back. He oiled his hands with a very fragrant oil and began to rub it into Lori's shoulders. He was very strong and Lori's stress began to melt away. He worked her back, neck and shoulders until she nearly drifted off to sleep. He then moved down and worked her feet and legs. Lori was in heaven. She was so relaxed that she did not realize that the cover had been completely removed. She was now lying buck naked in front of a stranger.

Rocco began to rub her butt, this is when Lori realized she was no longer covered. At this point she didn't want to cause a fuss or make him stop. He kneaded her cheeks and with each rub she felt the oil dripping down her ass and between her legs. She felt very excited, but also felt this was wrong. Was this what the women was warning her about?

Rocco's hands began to inch closer and closer to between her legs. He then put his hands under Lori and rolled her over. He did not say anything during this whole process. Lori was laying there exposed as Rocco began to massage her chest, he was very gentle. He slowly kneaded her breasts, avoiding her erect nipples. Lori started to squirm a bit, as she became almost uncontrollably aroused. Rocco moved his attention lower to work Lori's legs. He moved with precision from her feet all the way to her thighs.

Lori could feel her desire grow, she wanted him to go further, to touch her pussy. Rocco moved to her abdominal area, he massaged her pelvis and her upper thighs. With an occasional Bruce over her swollen lips. He then slowly moved his hands to massage her between her legs. His hands worked slowly up and down her lips. His finger occasionally sliding in between. He then inserted a finger deep inside her. Lori let out a light squeal. Rocco then the used his other fingers to massage the outside of her pussy as he massaged her inside. Lori began to squirm as the rush of pleasure and excitement over took her. He pinched her clit between his fingers and massaged it as he fucked her pussy with another. She could hold out no more as she screamed out as she orgasmed.

Her body went limp, her head spinning, she had never been so relaxed or turned like this before. She wanted Rocco's cock in her now. She didn't care if it was wrong. She reached out and tried to fondle him through his pants. He moved away.

"I hope you enjoyed the treatment here today," He said, "Please make another appointment and we can explore new methods the next time."

Rocco left the room, Lori laid there on the table dripping from her pussy. She could not believe what had just happened. She wanted more and she new she would be returning. Now she knew any Gina was always so relaxed. Lori was not sure how Gina got away with it, as she was married with kids.

Lori cleaned herself up and got dressed. On the way out she setup weekly appointments, she was definitely into this.

When Lori got home she could not stop thinking about her experience. She had not been dating in awhile and really needed a cock. Rocco's would do just nicely, she saw the bulge in his pants and it looked enormous. Lori went straight to her bedroom and pulled out her favorite dildo. She wasted no time in spreading her legs and fucking herself silly. The whole time imagining Rocco's large cock pounding her.

The next day Lori pulled Gina aside.

"My god, was Rocco fabulous!" Lori said excitingly.

"I know, he is a life saver," Gina responded.

"Does your husband know what your doing?" Asked Lori.

"He knows I get massages and he gets fucked hard when I get home," Gina said with a grin.

"I have to know, have you had Rocco's cock?" Lori asked.

"No, Rocco prefers men," Gina answered with a puzzled look.

"Oh, that is why he pulled away," said Lori.

"Oh my, you need a boyfriend," Gina said laughing, "If you wanted that you need to see Howard.

"At least that is what I have been told."

All Lori could think about at work that day was getting back for another massage. When she got home she logged on the website for the therapy center. She really wanted to see what Howard looked like. She knew she was being bad, but she really needed a cock and did not want the hassle of a relationship. She got the the biography pages and found Howard, he was large man, dark black skin and very muscular. Lori thought to herself she bet he has a large cock. She definitely wanted to find out.

Lori was worried if she asked to change appointments from Rocco to Howard she would offend someone. She loved what Rocco did to her but she also wanted more. She wished she could have both. She started looking at the services listed on the website. She found what was called a four hands massage. She was curious about this and clicked on the link to see more details.

"Four hands massage, immerse yourself in the luxury. Two of our expert therapist will devote their entire attention to you. You have never experienced such deep relaxation until you have tried our most requested therapy," the description read.

Lori knew this is what she wanted. She called and changed her next appointment and requested Howard as her second set of hands. She was so excited, so could not wait for Saturday to come. The thought of Rocco and Howard pleasuring her at the same time caused her immediately get some dildo action.

Saturday morning came, Lori was so excited, she was not sure what was going to happen but knew she was good with anything. She entered the therapy center and was greeted with a glass of wine while she waited. She was escorted to another room, this was much nicer and had a shower in the corner of the room. It looked like something in a luxurious resort. She disrobed and got on the table. She covered herself and waited in anticipation for her men to arrive.

The door opened and Rocco and Howard entered. Howard was even bigger then he looked in the website. He was at least six foot five and well built.

"Hello again," said Rocco, "This is my colleague Howard.

"We will be taking care of you today, so lie back and enjoy the ride."

"Nice to meet you," said Howard in a deep voice.

The two men began to rub Lori from different ends. Howard started on Lori's shoulders while Rocco worked her feet. She was already in heaven. She could feel herself melting into the table, her body tingling with excitement. Howard moved down and was kneading her back and sides, he was very strong but very gentle. Rocco's hands were like magic and he moved up and down her legs. The two men's hands moving in almost perfect unison they massaged until they both met at Lori's butt.

The cover was now gone, and her butt was being kneaded and rubbed by four wonderful hands. They worked her over and over she could feel the excitement between her legs. The warm oil ran down over her anus and down between her legs. With every movement of their hands she could feel her lips pull apart. She was dying, she wanted to be fucked so badly.

The men then rolled Lori over, she laid there naked looking at these two hot men, their hands covered in oil. She cold not control her dirty thoughts. Howard started rubbing Loris arms and he leaned over her exposed breasts.. Her nipples standing at attention. Rocco was working her legs, moving from the top of her feet to the top of her thighs. He had pushed her legs apart and now she was fully exposed.

Rocco moved in to work on her waiting pussy, he moved his oily fingers up and down her lips. Just as he slipped his finger inside her Howard moved his attention her her breasts. He gently needed them, occasionally softly flicking her nipples with his fingers. Lori groaned as Rocco worked her pussy and Howard worked her breasts. She began to grind herself on Rocco's hand.

Rocco pinched Lori's clit and began to massage it as he fucked her with his middle finger. Howard got more aggressive with her nipples. Lori could no longer take it, she reached out and grabbed Howard's bulge. He did not move away and she gripped him. Lori grabbed Howard's pant waist and pulled the down to expose his cock. Lori grabbed it and began to stroke it. It was dark and long and thick. It had to be at least a foot long. She had never touched a cock that big before. She stroked it up and down as Howard dripped some oil on it. Lori then reached down and took his balls in her hand. They hung down and were very heavy. She massaged them as his cock sat on her arm.

Howard continued on her breast and she played with his balls. Rocco worked on her pussy with precision. Lori rolled towards Howard and pulled his cock in to her mouth. She sucked on the tip as it was too large to get deep in her mouth. Howard's cock muffled her screams as Rocco brought her to climax. She twisted and turned as she came harder than ever before. She sucked harder on Howard them more she came. Lori collapsed on the table.

Rocco moved away as Howard moved toward the end of the table. He slipped on a condom and climbed to be with Lori. His cock was swinging in in front of Lori. Her eyes stayed glued on him. She spread her legs out to invite him in. Howard slowly slipped the head of his cock into Lori. She gasped as he first entered. She had not had aa real cock in some time and never on this thick or long. She felt it slid deep in to her and she loved it. He began to fuck her with each stroke a little faster and a little harder. Lori wrapped her legs around this beast and pulled him in deeper. He pounded her until he exploded inside her. Even with the condom she could feel the heat of his massive orgasm. Lori climaxed again as she grinned her pussy on Howard.

Howard climbed off and got dressed. Rocco came back to assist Lori.

"When you are ready I have the shower running for you," he said.

Lori stood up, dizzy from the experience she had just had. She walked to the shower where Rocco was waiting. He soaped her body up with a fragrant wash and washed her off with a gentle shower spray. He dried her off and rubbed her with a soothing oil. Lori could not believe the treatment she was receiving. It was amazing. She got dressed and went home. She became a regular at the four hands treatment. Her stressful job now seemed not so stressful."




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