Casey and Grant had returned to the lodge a few days ago. All of the hunters in their group worked out of the building. It was an older estate passed down to Edward, one of the other hunters in the group, and he had decided to make it their headquarters. While the house was quite large, there wasn't much room to spare with fourteen people living there.

Casey, her dad, her brother, and the eleven other monster hunters made the common areas all high traffic, and some of the men ended up having to share the living room as a barracks. All of the other hunters, including her father, were in their thirties aside from her brother. Casey, as the only woman, got her own room. Along with that was privacy, with it being on the third floor and away from the others. Now that she was back under the watchful eye of her father, she had to be on her best behavior, or at the very least make him think that she was.

The first thing Casey had done after getting home was change out of the thrift store hoody and jeans that Grant had bought her, so she hadn't come home completely naked. Once she was back in her own clothes, a white button-down shirt with a few too many buttons undone, and a pair of shorts, she felt much better. Now she just needed to be sent out on another hunt.

Her father was responsible for handing out assignments, and he usually stayed at the lodge with the others coming and going as the work demanded. That was just usually though. Casey had been surprised when he had come to her and offered to go on a hunt. She wanted to go on hunts on her own now, but she wouldn't turn down the opportunity. Casey suspected it was just a compromise on her dad's part. She got to go on a hunt, but he got to keep an eye on her.

As they had driven away from the house and were on their way, it became clear that Grant hadn't told him anything. Grant had promised not to breathe a word of what happened between the two of them for his own sake. He didn't mention what had happened with her and the werewolf for her sake. The werewolf had gotten away, but failed hunts weren't all that uncommon. The hunters' safety was always the most important, even if that meant the creature slipping away.

Casey and her dad got along well enough if they weren't arguing about hunts. This case was about what she had expected. Her dad had almost leaped at the chance to give it to her so it couldn't be dangerous. There was a bit of trouble in a college town, Hilbury, but not the usual kind that got their attention. It was mostly unusual events and unexplained pranks.

According to multiple reports, the college dorms had suddenly been on fire, but once the firefighters arrived nothing was burned, and no one was hurt. A half dozen brown bears were wandering through the streets a week later, terrifying everyone, but once they were cornered, they had disappeared into a garage and vanished. It was all bizarre stuff that couldn't be explained.

"I expect it's a trickster or a hoodwinker," her dad explained as they drove into Hilbury.

"Those are both pretty harmless I thought," Casey answered, getting out of the truck as they parked.

"Harmless or not, we can't have them causing this sort of trouble for folks. Someone could have gotten hurt running away from a fire that wasn't there," her dad said. "This foolishness needs to be stopped."

"We aren't going to kill it are we?" Casey asked. "It's not like it's directly hurting people,"

"Not if we don't need to," he replied. "If it leaves town and isn't going to cause any more trouble then there won't be a need for violence." Even with his words, he was still keeping his pistol in his coat.

The two of them went through the Hilbury, trying to get a hint where the monster could be hiding. They talked to a bunch of the people but didn't get much in the way of clues. The dorm and the main street were pretty far from each other, so there wasn't a common spot between them where the creature could be hiding. Her dad had been handling the conversations pretty well until they had talked to some college guys that were more interested in checking her out than answering questions.

Casey didn't blame them, but her dad's glares didn't help the matter. They ended up walking away with no new information aside from the guy's number that had been slipped to her while her dad's back was turned. While everyone in town knew about the strange events, no one had any new information. The sun was going down when the two of them headed to the motel with the day being a bust.

"I'm going to go to the bar, have a drink and see if anyone knows anything there. Will you be alright here on your own, sweetie?" her dad said.

"Oh come on, Dad, I've gone on entire hunts on my own, I think I'll be fine," Casey said. It had only been a few hunts, and all easier than this one aside from the werewolf.

"Alright, well behave yourself, see you in a few hours." He walked down the street, heading for the bar.

Casey was left to wander the block for a bit. There wasn't anything exciting in Hilbury, although some of the guys had been pretty cute. She considered giving the one a call. Ever since the encounter with the werewolf, she had been on edge, and she hadn't had sex since Grant in the cave. If her father hadn't come along on the hunt, she likely would have already hooked up with someone. As it was, this was probably going to be her only chance.

Every night since the mines, she had woken up in the middle of the night, wet and horny. Her fingers were a poor substitute for a thick ribbed werewolf cock or even for Grant's. It had been difficult for her to keep quiet with how much masturbating she had been doing. Casey needed satisfaction sooner than later.

She was walking down the sidewalk, dialing her phone when she walked into somebody. Casey stumbled back and almost fell, but a hand caught her and stopped her. "Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention," Casey said apologetically. She looked up at the person she had run into and smiled. "Thanks for the catch."

It was a taller man, broad-shouldered, and older than her, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, and handsome. He was dressed in an open blazer; perhaps he was a college professor? "It was just as much my fault," he quickly answered. "I was just lost in thought." He smiled down at her. His hand was particularly warm in hers. As his fingers pressed against her's, it felt there was a rush of heat from him into her.

Casey didn't fully comprehend the sensation, but she liked it. The smile on his face seemed even more alluring now, and he was even more handsome. She couldn't help but grin at him. "No harm done, I..." Casey had to pause as a wave of arousal washed over her. She had felt like she was perpetually aroused since the werewolf, but now the feeling was stronger than ever.

"I'm Jordan," he said. "And who are you?" His voice was so smooth, so dreamy.

"I'm Casey," she said eagerly.

"Casey," he purred. She felt a sudden jolt of pleasure as he said her name. "Would you walk with me?"

"Of course," Casey eagerly answered, her cheeks flushing in excitement. She just wanted to stay close to this strange, alluring man. Something weird was happening, she knew that, but she couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly.

His arm slipped around her waist, and he guided her off of the street and down an alley. Jordan's hand only rested on her hip for a moment before it slipped down, and glided over her shorts, giving her ass a playful squeeze. Casey leaned in closer to him, happily letting him continue to touch her.

The alleyway was dark aside from a single lamp overhead. Casey knew better than to follow a stranger into such places, especially when there was a monster about, but she didn't hesitate to walk beside him. Jordan's hand was only satisfied to feel up her ass for a few moments before his hand instead slid down into her shorts, caressing her bare skin and pressing against her panties. The touch sent another rush through her. A rush she would do anything to feel again.

Once they were around the back of the alley, Jordan stopped and turned to her. "You seem a little young to be a student here." His fingers dug in against her full backside, working against her skin.

"I'm just eighteen," she answered. "and I'm just visiting Hilbury."

"I see, that's excellent," Jordan smiled at her, and with his free hand he began to undo his belt and let his slacks open.

Casey's eyes moved down, and her smile widened as his cock sprung up into view. He was already nearly erect as she laid eyes on him. Without a word or instruction from him, Casey squatted down in front of the stranger. His cock hung directly in front of her face, and Casey didn't wait to wrap a hand around him, feeling the same warmth from his stiff shaft as she had from his hand.

"Good, Casey," he purred. "You know what to do." Jordan's hand brushed through her hair, but he didn't need to guide her down on his cock; she did that on her own.

Casey didn't care if she didn't know the man; she didn't care why she was so eager to do this. She just knew she needed his dick in her that instant. Her lips pressed against the head of his cock and then quickly over that to wrap around his length. He was bigger than Grant, but Casey had handled the werewolf, so he was no trouble. She hadn't realized how much she had missed sex the last couple of days. It felt wonderful to have a cock in her mouth again.

Jordan let out a sigh as he watched her work. Casey didn't hesitate to push herself down his length, tasting every inch of him. She had gone from giving blowjobs in mines to back alleys. As she pleasured the man, she did begin to wonder why she was doing this. She was enjoying it, and she had been going to call that college guy for something very similar to this, but Jordan had gotten her to do with barely a word. Casey didn't know how slutty she would be given a chance, but sucking off a stranger moments after meeting him seemed a little extreme, even for her.

Her tongue worked along him, lapping against the head of his cock and on the underside of his shaft. Her spit glistened on him, smearing down her chin as she pressed herself deep on his cock. Jordan began to pump himself forward into her mouth, his balls slapping softly against her chin as he went.

"Undo your shirt," he moaned out.

Casey quickly obeyed, undoing each button in turn; there weren't too many left with so many already loose. In a few moments, the white button down was hanging open, showing off her black bra and her bouncing breasts. She could see the glint in his eyes as he feasted on the sight of her cleavage. As he thrust forward into her mouth, her spit dripped further down her, splashing down between her breasts.

He took hold of her head and pulled it down on his cock, keeping his balls against her. Jordan thrust deep into her mouth again and again, and soon Casey tasted his cum shooting out over her tongue. He poured his load into her, painting the back of her throat with his seed. Casey was left with a mouthful of his jizz, and then he pulled out from between her lips. She thought he was done, but several more heavy white streaks of cum splashed down on her, coating her in his spunk.

As Casey squatted there, feeling his cum flow down her throat and slowly run down her face and onto her breasts, she realized what had happened to her. She had never had magic cast on her before, but she had read about it. Different monsters had magic and could use it in all manners. The fire and the conjured bears were just some examples; magic could easily use it to bewitch people.

She stood back up and swallowed Jordan's cum down. It didn't taste that different from Grant's, but it was different. That as much as anything proved it to Casey. The rest of his load was still staining her features and chest. He seemed quite satisfied with himself and was admiring his handy work.

"You're a real good girl, Casey," he smiled. "You and all the college girls here are so quick to please."

"I know what you are," she said, looking up at him, his jizz plastered all over her face. Whatever spell he had cast on her had made her too aroused to be upset. She and her father had been searching for the monster all day, but he had found her.

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