Teen Girl Group at the Beach

My wife and I had planned a day at the beach as it was going to be hot. We didn't often sit on the beach, but we had all the gear and no kids, so we thought it would be a great way to relax.

We got to the beach quite early, so it wasn't busy at all, and we found a spot in front of the dunes with a bit of flat sandy beach in front of us down to the water. We set up camp with a windbreak behind us, a small beach shelter/tent to the side and two deck chairs.

About 30 minutes in, a group of four a teenage girls (probably college age) appeared walking along the beach from the car park. They were all very good looking, three of them very slim and the fourth one not far off. All wore T-shirts, three were wearing shorts and the fourth a short skirt.

To my delight, they eyed up the patch of sand next to us and started to settle in. I made a little excuse to my wife, who was sitting in the shelter, to move my chair back a bit and face her. This meant that I could see the group of girls over her shoulder and, with my dark sunglasses on, could be looking at them whilst talking to my wife and she wouldn't know.

As I watched, the first thing I saw was the one with the mini skirt (she had long brown wavy hair and fine features) bend down to put her beach mat on the sand. She was facing the other way so I got a good view of her crotch from the rear ... little pink knickers it seemed which had ridden right up her crack. Lovely.

They all got their pitch sorted and then three of them (all except the slightly more rounded one) took off their T-shirts and shorts/shirt to reveal that they actually already had their bikinis on underneath. Their bikinis were all tiny leaving very little to the imagination. A feast for the eyes!

They periodically left their stuff and went out to the water for a dip, giving a nice rear view of them all as they left. The slightly larger lass just paddled as the rest swam. I have no idea why she wouldn't undress ... maybe she was self-conscious of her extra weight, poor lass. Early on, my wife spotted them and made her usual comment: 'cheeky!' Of course, I pretended to look up as if I hadn't been watching them all the time and made a suitable response. I don't think she cottoned on all afternoon that I was watching their every move! I could even pretended to look at my phone whilst keeping an eye on them out of the side of my glasses. Got it down to a fine art!

After watching them go back and forth for most of the afternoon, they looked like they were thinking about getting ready to go. Interestingly, they had quite a lot of banter going on and at one point, I noticed two of them seemed determined to try to pull the other's bikini top off. They ducked and dived to avoid each others' hands. At one point they were wrestling in the sand, legs everywhere, which was very entertaining. They were only playing ... so nothing too brutal. It resulted in one undoing the other's strap at the rear which left her holding the front of her bikini top on her tits whilst she asked one of the others to do it up again.

Then they decided to change out of their bikinis into underwear which they had brought in their respective bags. This was really interesting, as they all had their own way of trying to do it modestly. One of them wrapped her towel around herself with one hand and with the other she shuffled around underneath changing garments. The second asked her friend to hold the towel around her whilst she used both hands (and her head!) underneath.

The third did something I've never seen before. She put her bra over her bikini top, then removed her bikini top from underneath. All very carefully so nothing 'popped out!' No towel around her or anything. Then, she got her knickers out and put them on over her bikini bottoms. Just as they were pulled up, she pulled down the sides of her bikini bottoms underneath them and stretched one side so she could remove it over her bent leg. Then she pulled it through the gusset and removed the other leg. Of course there were microseconds where there was daylight between her clothes and her crotch but I couldn't see any detail from the distance I was at. I could determine, however, that none of them had any pubic hair to see. I think it's the trend now for all young girls to shave it all off and I bet they made sure they were all smooth for their trip to the beach.

After changing, they gathered their things and headed off. A great afternoon's entertainment!

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