Eric, ripped open the condom, placed it on the tip and started to roll it down his shaft. He thought about grabbing the lube from his sweater too, but sliding his dick across Stephanie's pussy, it was clear he wouldn't need it.

Stephanie was starting to get wetter, if that was even possible. She had been thinking about this since they were interrupted at the lake earlier.

Stephanie looked into Eric's eyes as he lined up the head of his dick with her entrance.

"Go slow," she urged him, placing a hand on his thigh as she felt him try to push into her.

"I will, just let me know if I'm being too rough."

Eric held his dick in his hand and started to push against her. Stephanie could feel the large head of his dick forcing its way into her virgin pussy. Eric struggled to get it in on his first go, he backed off a little and tried again. Slowly he felt his dick making progress as Stephanie's pussy spread to accommodate the tip.

"Uggnnnhh...slower, please."

Slowing down, Eric held his position for a few seconds, letting Stephanie get used to the tip of his dick stretching her. He gave her a few thrusts, just barely nudging against her entrance, which caused Stephanie to let out a moan.

Stephanie looked up at him and nodded. Eric began pushing forward again, and after the thickest part of his head made it past her entrance, his dick quickly sunk in a few inches. Eric saw Stephanie's head turn to the side and she let out a silent scream. Eric was so turned on in that moment, he wanted to push all the way in and bottom out on her, but he controlled himself. He wanted her to enjoy this, he wanted to enjoy this. Over the next few minutes, Eric slowly stroked his dick in and out of her, careful to stop when she would tense up, giving her plenty of time to get used to him.

"Fuck me harder," Stephanie eventually cried, letting out a moan.

"I'm going to pound that little pussy of yours."

Stephanie was shocked, she had never been spoken to that way, but it turned her on even more. She realized she just wanted to be fucked until she was cumming again.

Eric picked up the pace and started sliding into her a little more aggressively.

"Harder!", Stephanie cried again. "Bury that dick inside me."

Eric was starting to feel that tingle build in his balls, he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He grabbed Stephanie from under her legs and pushed them together, placing both of them over his shoulder. In this position he was getting much deeper and watched as Stephanie's mouth hung open, knowing he was hitting the right spot. Eric started pounding her pussy with long deep strokes, until his balls were against her ass.

He couldn't take it anymore. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum Steff." His dick tensed up and he tried to continue fucking her.

"Cum for me. Fuck me hard and cum for me. Bury that thick dick all the way inside me"

That was it, hearing her talk to him like that made him lose any control he had left. He thrust one last time all the way inside her and started to cum. Stephanie could feel his dick pulse as Eric's dick began to shoot his load. She must have felt at least 6 spurts of cum and was thankful Eric had brought protection. It felt like he had a huge load and the last thing she wanted was for him to empty his cum inside her.

Eric collapsed on the bed beside Stephanie and was breathing heavily. He looked over and watched as Stephanie's chest was rising and falling at the same pace as his breathing; he could tell she was just as exhausted as he was.

"That was a fun second date," Stephanie finally said, laughing a bit.

"Best second date I've ever had."

"I wonder what our third date will be like," Stephanie teased, reaching down to his dick. She could feel the stickiness from her pussy on his shaft and started to stroke him again.

"I don't think I have the energy for another round," Eric reluctantly said with his eyes half closed.

Stephanie understood, she was exhausted too.

"Let's rest for now, we have all weekend to pick up where we left off. How about we take a shower and get cleaned up," she suggested.

They both got into the shower and helped clean each other off. They played with each other, never taking things too far as they were both still tender from earlier.

Getting out of the shower, they both dried off and got back into bed. They didn't bother with clothes as they spooned each other. Before they knew it, they were both fast asleep, with satisfied smiles on their faces.

To be continued...

Saturday Morning

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