She answers the door and my breath catches at her beauty. She's wearing a dark business suit with jacket and skirt, those gorgeous, perfect legs clad in sheer stockings, the pair of black patent leather heels that I bought her glistening on her feet. Her blouse is a sheer white semi-transparent fabric that fits so as to ensure the viewer that her pert breasts are beneath yet reveal only a hint of lace on the camisole she wears over her bra. Her makeup is dramatic, a little much for office wear but actually I have no reason why I'm here, there wasn't a luncheon mentioned, or other affair for which she'd dress so formally.

We're both playing hooky from work.

She smiles in a predatory way, her manner that of an Empress with infinite power. That's a good metaphor for our relationship. I am smitten to put it politely, a slave to be more accurate, a slave of my desire for her.

"Please come in. Remove your shoes after you close the door." She turns, walks into the house.

'Remove your shoes' is her instruction for me to strip. There are a lot of codes I had to learn. I am easily taught, she tells me. I suppose that is so.

There is a small clothing hamper beside the door, disguised as a wooden cabinet in glossy black lacquer in an Asian motif. I disrobe quickly and efficiently, placing all in the hamper. Early on, she would have me move it to a locked closet to signify her authority over me. That's not necessary now.

She's in the media room and I hear her call impatiently. I've taken too long, I suppose. I hurry along.

She's standing in the middle of the room, patting her lovely foot impatiently. Her frown is dramatic. Her look tells me what she wants. I kneel at her feet, eyes down.

"Meet Juan-Julio," she says and I take this as permission to look up. He is a professional photographer from the look of it, several cameras hung from his neck, other equipment around his waist, a large video camera on a tripod. I smile and nod at him, curious about his presence but in this room I need her explicit permission to speak.

"Juan-Julio will be recording our session today," she says calmly and when I gasp in response she giggles softly. I hear various movements and a click as the camera turns on. He adjusts the lighting slightly and ... we begin.

"Tell me what you expected to happen today. Be truthful or there will be consequences."

"I expected to have sex with you, Mistress," I say, my eyes on the tips of her shoes. They're a bit scuffed, I'll have to polish them before I leave.

The crop makes no noise until it strikes my back. 'Whack!' I suppose would describe it. A red-hot pain spreads across the insulted flesh. I quiver in pain and a dull ache slowly comes over me.

"BE SPECIFIC BITCH!" she screams.

"I expected to worship your ass, Mistress. I tongue your asshole and the surrounding area while holding your thighs. I never get my tongue in far enough to please you. If I wander too far from the hole to sneak a taste of your pussy, I am whipped for insolence. You tease me with the possibility that I might touch you there but that has never happened. I have never given you an orgasm from my treatment of your anus but you've manipulated yourself to orgasm while I pleasured you from behind. Oh, and I shaved in the bathroom at work before coming so I'd be smooth for you."

"Very good," she says, and caresses the wounded area of my back with the tip of the crop, matching the shape to the reddened area, I suppose. I shudder thinking there might be another blow.

"Make your dick hard for the camera," she orders.

I play with myself while thinking about her breasts and pussy and anus and for some reason I considered the soft skin between her breasts which I've learned to love. She smells so good there and I kiss it during my freeplay time. I can kiss her anywhere but her pussy during freeplay and she indicates her disdain for my efforts by making a phone call or two while I enjoy myself. A couple of sessions ago she chatted with the plumber about the waste disposal problem she'd had, describing the disgusting mess he'd removed from the line while I suckled her nipples.

Her breasts are lovely and quite small. The nipples are full and sensitive and she enjoys my play there, sometimes fondling my hair possessively while I suckle her and nibble her lovingly.

My cock is full-on hard, steely and pulsing, the red quite bright around the dark veins that bulge from the shaft. A tiny driplet of moisture forms at the tip which I can tell pleases her, sneaking a glance at her face while I stroke and squeeze for her amusement and the video recording.

"I've already given Juan-Julio a blowjob while we waited on you. His cock is at least twice as thick as yours and longer, too. It barely fit inside my mouth. He came so hard it dripped from my lips around the shaft. After you leave, he's taking me to lunch and then we'll come back here and he'll fuck me properly. We'll play your little video and laugh at you. How dare you think you'll have intimacy with me!"

Her outrage is silly. We do assplay on Wednesday unless this means it's now humiliation day. I'll find out tomorrow at lunch if she alters the routine further. Usually Thursday is the day she embarasses me with some friend for me to confess. I wonder if tomorrow will be assplay?

My reverie is interrupted by another slash, this one half-hearted as she turns for Juan-Julio to kiss her. She strokes his cock under his trousers and glances down at me with disdain as her fingers work him through the rough fabric.

"Take my shoes and polish them while he teaches me some new Latin kisses. Leave them at the side of my bed and go. I don't want to see you again today."

They're embracing passionately and his hands wander about her body possessively as I submissively take the shoes and leave the room. She pants audibly with desire and pleasure to taunt me.

"CLOSE THE-" she begin but it is unnecessary. I close the door quietly and hear the latch click home.

My cock is still hard and aching. I take the shoes to her bedroom and stroke myself while polishing them with the cloth and wax she keeps in her closet. I see a little me in the mirror finish I leave on the shoes. I ejaculate, thinking of what's happening in the media room; the soundproofing is not perfect, there are grunts and little cries of pleasure. They are obviously going to be late to lunch.

I clean up my mess from the floor and place the shoes lovingly exactly as she likes them, ready to slip on for her lunch date. When they return she'll stand in them exactly there and he'll bend her over the bed and monkey-fuck her with nothing but the shoes on. The polish will stain the sheets and I'll have to wash them when I come home from work. While they're drying I'll put a fresh set on the bed.

She likes to cuddle with me as she goes to sleep but she insists on clean sheets.

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