"So, here is my instruction to you." Her hand cupped my cheek. Her metal thumb pushed into my mouth, pushed my tongue down. "After I work you out, I will throat fuck you. If you do particularly well, then I will fuck your ass as well. But as you have done merely adequately, I will merely fuck your throat. If you are very, very, very good...if you have actually impressed me with your skill and learning, then I may allow you to touch yourself. Do you understand?"

I nodded so hard I almost snapped my spine, while also sucking on her thumb like the subby little bitch I totally was right now. The only coherent thought in my brain at this moment was: Why no pussy now, though?


Her metal fingers grabbed onto my hair, her thumb sliding free from my lips. She rocked up, planting one of her knees to the other side of my head. She tugged me up just enough and pressed her cock to my mouth. My eyes half rolled back into my head as I looked up at her and she looked down at me -- the brilliant reflected sunlight of Carousel shining down around her, making her into a mountainous shadow, even her eyes lost in the silhouette. Then her hips pushed forward and her cock slid into my mouth -- inch by inch by inch by inch. Her fans didn't even tick up a tiny bit. Her cock strained at my throat. Then her hand reached down and she gripped my throat, squeezing just a bit -- and my throat throbbed with exquisite pleasure as she stretched me with her cock.

She was squeezing me tighter around her.

My toes curled and my eyes rolled back and Lucy's brain went bye bye. In her place was a thirsty cockslut, who existed for one thing and one thing only.




She started to thrust into my mouth, grunting as she fucked my throat, her balls bouncing against my chin. Each thrust, she let out a little grunt -- a soft, determined sound as she fucked my throat.

Her fans were still droning soft.

I can't prove this. I cannot prove that the lack of a noise, and the implicit knowledge that it filled my brain with, got me off. I cannot prove that it was that. But it was that. That was what got me off. A washing orgasm exploded through me and my back arched as I soiled my pants and Ra groaned, low in her throat, then thrust again, shuddering. Her cock started to gush cum into my mouth, and I worked at swallowing, but it was too much. Cum came out of my nose and dribbled down my lips and then slowly, Ra's cock slid from my mouth and she came all over my face. My eyes closed and I simply wallowed in the delicious pleasure of her cum splashing against my mouth and my lips and my throat and my chest.

She fucking soaked me.

I sprawled backwards onto the grass, groaning happily.

"Do you want me to carry you inside?" Ra asked.

"No..." I mumbled, my voice dazed. "I can...get up..." I licked my lips.

Ra paused, cocking her head as she looked down at me -- she was a vague blur through my eyes. "Let me get you some fresh clothes then," she said. "Remain here." She said, then turned and walked off. I nodded, my eyes closed, my cock twitching as my translucent cum cooled on my tummy tum. I twitched and quivered slightly and just wallowed in the warm pleasure of having been used. Then I heard soft crunching again -- and nodded. Right. Get ready to get cleaned up.

"...what do we have here?"

I froze.

That wasn't Ra.

I tried to get my elbows under me so I could sit up and as I blinked, I could see that Jenny Messenger was standing there, dressed in the clothing she wore to fix up her horses. Which meant she had leather gloves that were covered with grease and a cute set of coveralls and long leggings and boots. Her sky blue cheeks were slightly smeared with bits of grease, making her look even sexier and cuter, since she was now a gorgeous looking mechanical mechanic girl, not just a gorgeous looking mechanical girl.

"...what happened to you?" she asked.

"Ra..." I said, my voice slightly horse.

"Dang..." Jenny said. Her purple eyes glittered. "Still...can you even stand?"

"Nuh..." I mumbled.

"One part of you can..." Jenny murmured, sauntering towards me. Her overcalls fell off her shoulders between my blinks and I saw, underneath, she was wearing fuck all. Her cute, a-cup small tiny adorable sky blue breasts were exposed and just looked utterly perfect. She had a cute little caduceus (that's the snakey staff thing that doctors use) stenciled right above where her pubic hair would be, and she was already tossing a bottle of lube between her palms as she sauntered towards me.

I mumbled. "Uh...r-right, I..." I looked down at my throbbing, eager cock, which was resting against my belly. Jenny sat her knees down to either side of me, her voice playful.

"So, uh, you gonna pull the brakes or am I gonna ride you like a horse, Miss?"

I blinked.

And I didn't say no. Cause right now, saying yes would make me way, way, way less into this. I'd be fucking canceled. Jenny, fortunately, was clearly the kind of cocky act first, think never type girl who would just slide herself down onto my cock as I laid weakly under her, not quite consenting. She started to ride me then. And she rode me the way she rode horses. Her hands went to my shoulders and her tiny breasts swayed right before my messy face and her hips slammed against my hips as she panted quietly. "Hnn, yes, yes, yes, yes! Miss, your dick feels really good, you know?" She crooned, quietly. "Nice and warm."

Jenny bounced herself on my lap and I started to fuck her back as best as I could -- which was pretty hard, considering how I was currently made entirely of post orgasmic bliss and noodles. My arms laid beside me as Jenny put her hands behind her back, arching her spine -- she was fucking flaunting herself. She was tightening her belly servos and she was curving her spine and thrusting her breasts out, showing her tiny titties to their best possible effect, and...god, the tiny smirk that was carved onto her dark blue rubbery lips just underlined the whole image.

End result?

I was being ridden by a smug bitch.

And it felt really good.

I groaned and trembled and spurted inside of her, my eyes screwing shut as my balls twitched and my girlcum gushed into Jenny. She groaned and her fans whirred and her eyes half closed, her voice crooning. "For someone who has cum this often today, you'd think you'd last longer. And Jeanette says I crash hard." She chuckled.

I mumbled. "Sohrry..." I said.

Yes, I said sorry with an h, that was how fucking blissed out I was. Jenny sighed, softly, rocking her hips up and off mine -- my cock slipping from her sex. I was limp all over now, and Jenny crooned. "I think I kinda want more. Should I sit on your face or..." Crunch crunch crunch. "Grind against your thigh?" Crunch crunch crunch. "...or...I could..." Jenny murmured.


"Messenger," Ra's rumbling voice caused Jenny to squeak and spring to her feet -- and that was the moment were Ra grabbed onto the little carrying handle that Jenny had mounted onto her back. She swing her up and onto her feet, then pressed her to the wall, glaring at her. "What are you doing to the young miss?"

"N-Nothing!" Jenny said as my cum dripped down her thighs. I forced myself to sit up, groaning.

"It's okay, Ra!" I said, panting. "It was good. Really really really really good." I nodded.

"Ah..." Ra said, then released Jenny.

"You can still, like...fuck her against the wall. While I watch." I said. "You know. For science."


They, sadly, did not actually fuck.

But, like. Fair.

I lounged in a sitting chair, watching the crackling fireplace, and my eyes half closed and I just let myself wallow in happiness. My tutoring with Georgette was soon, but Polly was making me lunch, and Abby was bustling in and out of the room. I knew that Jenny was back to working on her horses. All was right in the house.

Ever so faintly, I heard soft murmuring. The urge to simply drift into a cat nap went strong...but the urge to perk up my ears was stronger still. I cocked my head and strained -- and thanked the gods and Punnet Strings (needed to ask what those were, at some point) that my hearing was the earball version of 20/20 vision.

Faintly, Marci's voice: "And, Keeper, you are aware you're going to have to surrender these extra duties when our new Page arrives, right?"

Faintly, Abby's voice: "Oh, I know..." A soft, wistful sigh. "I will miss all this extra stuff. But...I had no idea how much better it'd be with...I'm being silly, aren't I? A silly dumb boxie, right?"

"No, actually." Marci chuckled softly. "I feel it too. Knowing you're in service of someone who deserves it is..." She paused. "That's why we lost so many people. They could have stood needing to work hard, they could have stood the demands...maybe even the insults, if the young Master had been less..." She paused. "Less...obviously terrible." She chuckled. "I mean, I know that there would have been no insults, if he hadn't been terrible, but...you see what I mean?"

Faint neck servo noises.

"I found Polly dancing in the kitchen while making her food," Marci said, chucking. "Georgette has played her violin for the first time in years. She only plays when she's 'in the mood' you know? And Jenny hasn't deliberately crashed her horse into the house for a full twenty six hours."

"...she did that?"

"Every one of us who stayed had a way to remain sane." Marci paused. "Be glad, Keeper, that you only got a taste of waking up every morning with one voice saying you are happy to work and another...muttering that you need to leave."

"...right..." Abby sounded thoughtful. "I-I shall go and get the young Miss' food!"

"See that you do."

I blinked, then blushed. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes -- and then I heard the door open. Marci was walking into the room. I closed my eyes and acted as if I was asleep. Marci paused, for just a moment, and I felt her gaze upon me. Very, very, very softly, she murmured. "Stars above, I am tempted to cancel the ball, just to keep you safe from those vipers." I shifted a bit in my seat, my heart hammering a bit more -- and then Marci coughed. "Young Miss?"

I 'started awake' and blinked, then yawned and stretched, sitting up a bit. "Heyyy Marci," I said. She made a soft, sniffy 'humph' noise and nodded.

"Please, young Miss. Marceline or Miss Steward." She paused. "The Beatrice we have sent for is going to arrive here soon -- do you wish to be measured after Georgette is done tutoring you, or would you prefer an early morning measuring?"

I blinked. "Measured? Beatrice?"

"For the dress, young Miss," Marci said.

"EEEE!" I squealed as Abby came into the room, holding a tray filled with food and a Capris Blood.

"I take it you want it after Georgette is done with you, then?" Marci asked, dryly.

I nodded. "Yuppers!" I paused. "C-Can this blood be flavored with sugar?"












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