It was the spring of 1969. In the last few months I had become the laughing Stock of the town. My girlfriend Francine forced me to move in with her. She took all my clothes away. I am only allowed to wear an orange jumpsuit. I am not allowed to drive or hang out with friends.

I was being punished for lying, Destroying a Statue and smashing the old Librarian's car window and almost setting the woods on fire.

Francine would also publicly humiliate me. She would take me to the public park and have me worship her feet or Spank me. People would walk by and laugh at me.

Francine would pick me up and drop me at work everyday. When I wasn't working at the library on my off days. I was at home standing in a corner or laying on the floor with Francine feet in my face. I was not allowed to watch TV or use the phone.

On this day in particular was one of my off days from the meat factory. I was working in the library. Francine had me tied up under the front desk. I was completely nude. My wrists were tied to the desk legs. I was hidden from anyone's sight. Francine put her feet in my face. She would switch between having me worship her feet and using her feet to jerk me off. Everytime I cum. She would make me clean her feet with my tongue. I came at least 6 times today.

Francine had started the Cycle again. She was Jerking me off again. Suddenly I heard an unrecognizable female voice.

"Francine!" yelled The Voice.

"Mrs.Peterson!" Yelled Francine.

She stopped Jerking me off and ran over towards the voice. I couldn't see her. There was a long Silence before I heard their voices again.

"How have you been?" Asked the Female Voice.

"I am Okay. I had to punish my boyfriend." Said Francine.

"Really?" Asked The female Voice.

"Yes. I can't seem to get him to behave. He was very bad. I am sure you saw the beheaded Statue in the Town center." Said Francine.

"Yes. I thought that was strange. Was that your Family Statue?" Asked The female voice.

"Yes it was. The love of my life lied to me. Got drunk and beheaded My family's Statue. Then he lied to me again. He tried to cover it up by setting the head on fire. He almost caught the woods fire.Then he kicked the Statue's head into the car of the former librarian." Explained Francine.

"Wow. That is a lot. If it was me I would make sure he didn't see daylight for an entire year." Said the Female Voice.

"Oh. I am still punishing him. I actually have me tied up under the desk." Said Francine.

"Really! Can I see him?" Asked the Female Voice.

"Hell Yes." said Francine.

I could hear two footsteps coming my way. I saw Francine feet and a pair of legs with black lace Stockings and Six inch high heels. Suddenly I saw the face of a beautiful woman. She was in her 40's. She had blond hair and blue eyes. She was slim. She had on a white dress and a white hat with a lace see through stocking over her eyes.

She was admiring my body.She looked me up and down. She stands up and leaves my line of sight.

"Mmm. He has a nice penis." Said the beautiful woman.

"Yes Ma'am." Replied Francine.

"You know we should get together So I can get better acquainted with you and your boyfriend." Said the woman.

"How about we have dinner tonight?" Said Francine.

"That would be perfect." Said the woman.

"How is 6?" Asked Francine.

"6 is good. I see you then." Said The woman.

The woman walks out. Francine walks back to the desk. She puts her feet back on my dick and starts jerking me off again.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"My College Professor Mrs.Peterson. She is coming over for dinner tonight. So I will give you a bath and you better be on your best behavior tonight. Do you understand me?" Asked Francine.

"Yes Ma'am." I replied.

A few hours later:

I was sitting in the bathtub. Francine was on her knees beside the tub. She was scrubbing my back.

"You know I could have just taken a shower." I said.

"You're not mature enough to take a shower on your own. Learn to be a good boy and maybe I would let you shower on your own again." She said

She started to scrub my private parts.

"You know I have been well behaved since January." I said. She laughs.

"No. You have been Grounded since December. There is a difference." She said.

I sighed. "How long will I be grounded for?" I asked.

"Unlit next December." Said Francine.

She started washing my face. She then put shampoo in my hair and washed it out with a cup. She then drains the water from the tub. She grabbed a towel and dried me out. She then put the orange Jumpsuit on me. She then walked me to a corner in the dining room. She kissed me with tongue.

"Stand here unlit dinner. If you're good tonight. I give you TV privileges." She said.

I Stood in that corner for at least two hours. During the two hours Francine was busy in the Kitchen cooking away. I don't know what she was cooking but it smelled good.

Francine then walked into the dining room and started setting the table. She set it for 3 people. As soon as she was done she ran upstairs. She came back down wearing a fancy dress and High heels. She walked to a minor and began putting her makeup on.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Francine walks to the door and opens it. The beautiful Mrs.Peterson walks in. Francine and Mrs.Peterson start to make out with each other. They slowly separated.They both walked to the dining room. They were holding hands. Mrs.Peterson looked at me with interest.

"How many hours a day does he stand in a corner?" Asked Mrs.Peterson.

"I make him stand there all day when he is not at work or the library." Said Francine.

"I see." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Francine looks at me. "Michael. Time to eat dinner." Said Francine.

I turned around and sat down at the table. Mrs.Peterson took her seat across for me. Francine walks into the Kitchen. Mrs.Peterson looks at me.

"Tell me Mr.Anderson. What do you do?" She asked.

"I work at a meat packing plant." I said.

"Oh. Are you a manager?" She asked.

"No Ma'am. I wrap up the chicken." I said.

"Oh." She said.

Francine walks in. She has a tray of meatloaf. She sets it in the middle of the table and walks back into the kitchen. Mrs. Peterson looks at me again.

"What are your goals in life?" She asked.

"I don't know. I guess work at meat plant and hope I don't get arrested for doing something stupid one day." I said.

"Oh." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Francine walks in with a bowl of Mix vegetables and Mash potatoes. She places them on the table. I started to dig in. I could see Mrs.Peterson roll her eyes. Francine puts her hands over her eyes. I looked at both of them not realizing what I did wrong.

"Sorry I haven't actually taught him table manners yet." said Francine.

"Yeah I notice." Said Mrs.Peterson. She looks at Francine.

"Ms.Johnson How old is Mr.Anderson?" She asked.

"He will be 19 in July." She said.

"So there's still time then." Said Mrs.Peterson.

She looks at me with hungry eyes. Then She looks at Francine.

"Ms.Johnson wants your end goal with Mr.Anderson here?" She asked.

"To get married." She said.

"What about after that?" Asked Mrs.Peterson.

"I don't really know. I guess just live life." Said Francine.

Mrs.Peterson Sighed. "I taught you better then that Franice." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Francine bows her head.

"I knew you weren't ready to leave me yet." Said Mrs.Peterson.

She looks at me now. "What were your grades like in school?" She asked me.

"I was mostly a C Student." I Said.

"I can work with that." She Said.

She looks at Francine. "You can't punish somebody without guidance. All you've been doing is correcting his wrongs. But you have no path or plan for him. So He keeps falling back into trouble." Said Mrs.Peterson.

"So? What are you saying?" Asked Francine.

"You and Your boyfriend will have to come live with me in the fall. Your Boyfriend will be starting College and you're finishing it. You clearly need more training and Your Boyfriend really needs training." She Said.

Francine Sighed and Rolled her eyes.

"I know you are not rolling those eyes at me." Said Mrs.Peterson.

"It's just I have my dream job here." Said Francine.

"And you get that Job back but you're not really to live your life and you're not ready to take care of the love of your life. You need to Complete my training." She said.

"Yes. Ma'am." Said Francine. She had a defeated look on her face.

"Now I have to punish you for rolling your eyes. You know I don't tolerate that behavior." Said Mrs.Peterson.

"Yes Ma'am." Said Francine.

Francine takes off her dress. She was now Completely nude. She only had the high heels on. She bends over the dinner table. Mrs.Peterson started rubbing her ass.

"Do you still have everything I gave you?" Asked Mrs.Peterson.

"Yes Ma'am. They're in my bottom drawer in the bedroom." Said Francine.

Mrs.Peterson looks at me. "Do you know where that is?" She asked me.

"Yes Ma'am I do." I said.

"Get them for me." She ordered.

I got up and walked to the bedroom. I open the bottom Drawer. Francine had never allowed me to open that drawer before. I was shocked by what I saw. I've been paddled before. I got hit by the Flogger and the whip. There was a red ball gag and a black 12 inch Strap on. I had never actually seen those two things before. They were also a Stringer. I realize that Francine could have done some real damage on me. She was going softcore on me.

I grabbed everything and returned to Mrs.Peterson. She was now standing up behind Francine. Her fingers were inside Francine's pussy. Francine was getting wet. Mrs.Peterson was going in and out. Mrs.Peterson looked at me and directed me to set the stuff on the table. She pulls out her fingers from Francine. She turns to face me. She pulls her fingers up to my nose.

"Smell Your Girlfriend." She said.

I smelled her Fingers. It did smell like Francine. Mrs.Peterson then removed her Fingers. She looked down at the objects. Mrs.Peterson picks up a paddle. She turns back to Francine. She started softly rubbing the paddle against Francine's ass.

"Mr.Anderson. Has Francine ever spanked you?" Asked Mrs.Peterson.

"Yes Ma'am. She has." I answered.

"For What?" She asked.

"Well. I got Spanked for pulling that prank in the library. There is the time I got Spanked with the cane at Walmart. When I tried to tell Francine I was in charge and When I destroyed the Statue." I said.

I could see a familiar look on Francine's face. It was the same look I have when She would spank me. I could only imagine that her heart was racing right now.

"So she only spanked you when you truly deserved it. Right?" Asked Mrs.Peterson.

"That is Correct." I said.

"You've been a very bad girl. Francine. You know better than to roll your eyes at me. plus You don't have a plan or have given guidance to your boyfriend. No Wonder he can't stay out of trouble. So I think 20 spankings should do. 10 for rolling your eyes and another 10 for punishing without guidance." Said Mrs.Peterson.

She brought the paddle down hard against Francine's ass.






Francine ass was starting to turn red. She was fighting back tears.






Francine was now crying. Mrs.Peterson looks at me.

"Strip down. Mr.Anderson. Your next. I am going to give Ms.Johnson a break for a minute." She said.

I began to take off my Orange Jumpsuit. I was Completely Naked within seconds.

"Bend over the table next to Ms.Johnson." She said.

I did as I was told. Mrs.Peterson began to rub my ass.

"You've been a very Bad boy. Always seem to get into trouble. It is not all your fault, it mostly is. So I think 25 Spanks will do. 10 from me and 15 from Francine." Said Mrs.Peterson

Francine grabs my hand tight. Suddenly Mrs.Peterson brings the paddle against my ass.






My ass felt like it was on fire. It started turning red. My eyes were getting puffy.






I was now crying. Mrs.Peterson turned her attention back to Francine. She started Softly rubbing Francine's ass again.

"Guidance is Highly Important. I have always guided you to a brighter future. That is what you're supposed to do for Mr.Anderson here. Instead I find that just punishing." Said Mrs.Peterson.

"I am sorry. I will do better." Said Francine.

"I know you will." Said Mrs.Peterson.

She brought the paddle hard against Francine's ass once again.






Francine was now balling. Tears flooding down her face.






Mrs.Peterson backs away. Francine stands up. She wipes her tears away. She rubs her own ass. Her ass was light red with a little dark in. Mrs.Peterson hands Francine the paddle. Francine walks up to me. She brings the paddle against my ass.






I was fighting back tears.






My ass was becoming a dark red.






The last blow was the worst. I was balling now. My ass was a dark red. I stood up. Francine walked up to me and wiped my tears away. She kissed me. Mrs.Peterson looks at us with a warm smile.

"Let's go to the living room." Said Mrs.Peterson.

She started towards the living room. Francine grabs my hand. Francine leads me to the living room. Mrs.Peterson looks at us both.

"On Your knees. Both of you." said Mrs.Peterson.

Francine and I drop to our knees.

"Francine. I want you to take My clothes off." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Francine Crawled to Mrs.Peterson. She slowly began to Strip Mrs.Peterson of her Clothes. within minutes Mrs.Peterson was completely nude. Mrs.Peterson looked Extremely good. She had very large breasts and a round ass. Her pussy was shaved. Mrs.Peterson started petting Francine. She then looks at me.

"Crawl over to me Michael." Ordered Mrs.Peterson.

I crawl over to her. She began to pet me as well. she starts to laugh.

"You two are so cute together. I can't wait to train you guys. This is going to be fun." Said Mrs.Peterson.

She turns her attention to Francine. She then looked back towards me.

"Michael I want you to lay on your back in front of the couch." Said Mrs.Peterson.

I do as she says. I lay down in front of the couch. Mrs.Peterson walks over my body and takes a seat on the couch. She forces Francine to crawl over me.

"I am going to use my feet to jerk your boyfriend off. While I am doing that I want you to worship the tops of my feet." Said Mrs.Peterson.

"Yes ma'am." Replied Francine.

Mrs.Peterson used her feet to play with my penis. Francine started kissing and licking the tops of Mrs.Peterson feet. Every now and then a wet kiss or a lick would hit my penis. It felt so good. My heart started to race a little. Mrs Peterson slightly increased her speed. Francine spit was starting to get everywhere. My penis was hard. Mrs.Peterson was starting to laugh.

"That is a good girl Francine. Keep it up." She said.

Suddenly My eyes started to get blurry. My heart rate was really racing now. I was seeing dots. My Cum Shot out like a bullet leaving a gun. It hit Francine in the face. The rest of my cum slowly started flowing out of my penis. Mrs.Peterson stopped Jerking me off. A very displeased looked appeared on her face. Francine Cursed under her breath.

Mrs.Peterson roughly grabs Francine by the hair. She forces Francine to look at her.

"Why did your boyfriend just cum without permission?" She asked.

"Because I never required him to do so." Said Francine.

"That's what I thought." Said an angry Mrs.Peterson.

Mrs.Peterson looks at me. She warmly smiles at me.

"Michael dear. You're not allowed to cum anymore with Francine permission.doing so will result in a punishment Just like Francine is about to get. I am not going to punish you cause you didn't know. But next time I will punish you." Said Mrs.Peterson.

"Yes ma'am." I Said.

Mrs.Peterson forces Francine back down to her feet.

"Clean all his cum." Ordered Mrs.Peterson.

Francine began to lick my cum off Mrs.Peterson feet. She then licked the cum off my penis. Once it was all clean. Mrs.Peterson stood up. She walks into the dining room. She walked back in the living room with the Flogger, The Strapon, and the Stringer.

Mrs.Peterson grabs Francine by the hair once again. She marches her towards my penis. She forces Francine to suck my cock.

"Suck on the cock." She Ordered.

My penis goes in and out of Francine's Mouth. Mrs.Peterson uses the Flogger to hit Francine's ass. Francine's spit started covering my dick. once my dick was lubed up. Mrs. Peterson Forced Francine to ride it.

"Michael. You can cum as many times as you want. Francine you must ask before cuming." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Francine started riding me. My penis was going in and out of her Clits. I was using all my energy on Francine. Mrs.Peterson started flogging Francine's breasts. Francine winces. She rode me harder. My heart beat started racing. Francine seems to be somewhere in the middle, Between Pleasure and pain.

I could tell Francine was on the edge. She was granting her teeth.

"Mrs.Peterson! May I Cum?" She yelled.

"What do you want?" Yelled Mrs.Peterson as she Continued to flogged Francine's breasts.

"To Cum!" Yelled Francine.

"Why do you want to Cum?" Yelled Mrs.Peterson.

"Because I am a dirty dirty whore!" Yelled Francine.

My eyes were getting blurry. I was on the edge. Mrs.Peterson waited a few seconds before answering Francine.

"Please let me Cum!" Yelled Francine.

"You may cum." Said Mrs.Peterson.

I came. Francine came just moments after I did. We both were breathing hard. Mrs.Peterson took a seat on the couch. She looks at Francine.

"While you're down there I worship my feet. While you're doing my feet. I want Michael to worship your feet.

"Yes, Mrs.Peterson." Responded Francine.

She lay flat on her belly. She makes sure to move in a way that her feet would be in my face. I began to worship Francine feet. Francine was worshipping Mrs.Peterson's feet.

We were worshipping feet for at least an hour. Finally Mrs.Peterson orders us to stop. She gets up and grabs Francine by the hair again. She walks her over to my penis and has her suck me up again.It only took a couple of minutes and I was hard again. Mrs.Peterson Looks at Francine.

"I want you to watch as I fuck your boyfriend." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Mrs. Peterson began to ride my dick. My penis was going to and out of her Clits. She started off slow but would increase her speed every couple of minutes. I could feel the heat in my face. My heart was racing. I was on edge.

"Mrs.Peterson! May I Cum?" I asked.

"Not Just yet." She yelled.

She kept going. I did my best to hold it in. My eyes were getting blurry. I felt like passing out.

"Oh Fuck!" Yelled Mrs.Peterson.

"May I Cum?" I asked again.

"Yes Cum. Cum into my pussy." She yelled.

I came hard. It was like a bomb going off or something. Mrs.Peterson was a bit surprised. It made her knees bend. She falls to Francine who had been watching the entire thing. I had a mix bag of emotion running through me. I felt shame and embarrassment from having Francine watch as I fuck another women. Yet I felt Pleasure from it as well. From the look on Francine's face she had the same feelings.

Mrs.Peterson was recovering in Francine's arms. She was breathing heavily. It took her a minute to catch her breath.

"Wow that was great. I see why you're with him." Said Mrs.Peterson.

Mrs.Peterson looks down at her pussy. She sees Michael's Cum all in there. She looks up at Francine.

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