Alicia's nose was pressed against Tony's pelvis, the feeling of his huge cock pulsing in her throat was like electric jolts to her pussy. Somehow, she'd figured out how to deep throat all of it with easy, no choking or gagging. "You're the best cocksucker ever, beautiful," his praise made her heart melt and her pussy gush; she would do anything to please him, 'ANYTHING,' she believed. "You're so much better than Janice," he moaned. The knowledge that he thought she was better than his own wife took Alicia to the edge of orgasm. To prove her worthiness even more, she pulled back until her lips were around the head and then thrust her head back down hard and fast over and over. The fact that Janice was doing dishes in the next room, totally unaware Tony and her were naked and about to fuck in their living room made the experience even hotter.

"I can't wait anymore, I'm going to fuck that hot pussy of yours," Tony warned her while easily spinning Alicia around and then boring his huge cock balls deep. It was the biggest cock she'd ever had inside her, it hurt as much as it felt amazingly good.

A powerful orgasm suddenly consumed her entire body making her cry out, "Oh fuck yeah!" Still orgasming Alicia opened her eyes while panting uncontrollably and realized she was in bed next to Steve. She felt horribly disappointed realizing it was just a dream; but it was still cumming really fucking hard.

Steve woke up with a fright, hearing the scream and feeling the bed shaking. "What...what? What's going on?" he alerted in a daze.

Utterly embarrassed and still coming off of her powerful orgasm, Alicia, knowing that it was a dream, felt guilty about her infidelity. She bit her lip and pinch her clit to gain some semblance of control, "Nothing baby," she said as calmly as possible, "I was just having a bad dream."

Two weeks after that infamous poker night, Alicia still couldn't bring herself to confess to Steve about what had happened, and so, he remained oblivious to her cuckolding him with his friends. Still, as time went on, the more she reflected on how badly she behaved, the guiltier she felt about it. Yes, Steve kind of set her up by telling his friends about her being a slut when drunk, She began to consider that it was more about how his "friends" were not being good friends when they purposefully took advantage of her, his wife. I mean, what kind of friends do that kind of thing to your friend's wife? On the other hand, what kind of woman cheats on her husband with his close friends? Being a tease, an exhibitionist, or at the worst a shared woman WITH your husband is one thing, but, being a cheating slut without him knowing was not the kind of wife she imagined being. So, Alicia chose to stayed quiet and hoped that the whole thing would just go away.

However, Alicia was experiencing heavy side effects from that evening of debauchery. She was constantly horny, not just any horny, but fiendishly horny. Her pussy was constantly soaked while visions of cocks swirled in her head. Big cocks, little cocks, and especially Tony's huge, beautiful cock. With little effort her imagination would allow her to feel them in her hands, imagined them pulsing in her mouth, and even thrusting deep in her pussy. Just like the dream with Tony in his living room, the sex dreams were relentlessly and always ended in real orgasms (which she wasn't complaining about because orgasming when dreaming was pretty amazing). But the dreams were of her constant cheating, especially with Tony and Dan or everyone of the guys at the same time. At the same time, She couldn't stop staring at men's crotches trying picturing what his cock must looked like, and if that wasn't enough, everything even remotely phallically shaped turned into a cock in her mind. Her only remedy was to constantly masturbate to alleviate her overly active libido, but even that was futile as it only served to make her desire for cock stronger.

Alicia's feverish sex drive was creating a tremendous urge for her to cheat, and every day it was getting stronger. As she would go about her day if there was even a remote possibility that she could have had sex with a man, she would play out an entire fantasy of how it would happen. Like, for example, fucking the grocery boy in the freezer, or, getting naked in the back of the taxi and masturbating for the driver, or, sucking off the UPS guy in his truck. Also, the craving to be with Steve's friends again, especially Tony, was so overwhelming that she prayed for poker night to hurry the fuck up and come back to her house.

But she couldn't wait, and one day she found herself in a sex shop buying a large dildo that closely resembled Tony's huge, beautiful cock. At home, the first time she got it deep inside her pussy she came hard all over it and felt satisfied and relieved. However, that relief would only last for a few hours before the urge to cheat came back. Alicia ended up fucking that dildo five to six times a day just to stave off the need to cheat!


Every time Alicia came on that dildo thoughts of Janice, Tony's wife, would come to her head. She really liked Janice, who, like Tony, was in her early forties. Janice was very supportive of her relationship with Steve, who was 20 years Alicia's senior, much more supportive than most of his other friends. The first time they met was just after she started dating Steve at a dinner party he was throwing just to introduce her to his good friends. Janice sat across from her and she'll never forget when Janice told Steve that, "Alicia is so adorable, I see why you like her." She then gave Alicia a warm smile and a wink. For the twenty two year old Alicia, who was already insecure about dating such an older man, Janice was like an approving mother figure and she loved her for the support.

Janice even helped her plan the wedding, she was one of her maids of honor, and ever since has been a good friend that she could count on for moral support and marriage advice. She didn't have any ill will towards Janice, and never imagined cheating with her husband, Tony. The whole ordeal was feeling extremely guilty; it was a true betrayal of their friendship. But there was one thing that was a huge surprise now that she knew about tony's big cock. Alicia just couldn't picture such a petite woman like Janice, taking such a large cock like Tony's. She knew they had sex, as they were always a very cozy and loving couple, playful and teasing each other with lots of hugging and kissing.

Perhaps Janice was just as enamored with Tony's big cock as she had become. Occasionally Alicia would imagine the petite Janice sucking it off and cramming that monster cock in her delicate mouth, she picture her screaming in bliss while he rammed it into his wife's asshole These images of him and his wife always transformed into Tony and Alicia and as soon as that image hit her mind, Alicia would cum, and cum hard.


Anyway, back at home Steve wasn't being any help with her over active sex drive. He was working so much he was hardly home, coming back from work late, going right to bed and leaving early. And even though before he went to bed he'd lay out sexy outfits for her to wear the next day, by the time he got home he was too exhausted to notice or take advantage of her horniness. She felt like she couldn't really talk to him about it anyway, since she was keeping the entire torrid evening and her overactive sex drive a secret.

It had taken Steve several days to recover from the hangover he had after poker night. He was beginning to believe he was allergic to the Vodka he was drinking during those nights as he had gotten really sick every time. Of course, he was oblivious to the fact that Dan had been slipping him sleeping pills mixed in his drinks trying to get him out of the way so he could get Alicia drunk and slutty.

Steve was working harder than usual but he still noticed that his beautiful young wife had been acting strangely since that poker night. Had something happened, he wondered? The images of being cuckolded by his wife made his dick hard. So, after he felt better, he asked her about that night knowing that she spent the night drinking with them wearing only her Wicked Weasel bikini and a tight shear dress. However, she reassured him that other than lots of staring and an occasional grope of her ass, which she slapped away, the boys were all gentlemen. Steve, who had shared his hot wife a few times, was a little disappointed, but mostly relieved with the belief that his friends had behaved.

Even though he was over worked, overly tired, and too exhausted for sex, Steve loved and still encouraged Alicia dress up sexy and hot and show off her perfect body. It made his dick extremely hard picking out clothes for her to wear imagining men ogling her cleavage, trying to get looks up her short skirts, watching her firm breast giggle as she walked braless down the street, or, being able to see through the tight thin material of her dress that she was only wearing a thong. He wouldn't tell her but often he'd jerk off just looking at the outfit he picked out, picturing men not being able to control themselves and taking his wife while she'd just let them and love every second of it.

Alicia, always an exhibitionist was more than happy to dress in tight clothes with little to no underwear, showing lots of leg and cleavage, but, being dressed like that while in such a sexually demented state of mind, just enhanced her passion and was helping to make her feel a little crazy.

Her craziness finally climaxed when almost two weeks to the day after her slut performance, she was sitting in the doctor's office waiting room with one other patient, for her annual physical when she caught herself staring the male crotch sitting across from her. She couldn't keep from admiring the outline of the cock pressed under the tight blue jeans. "Average length," she imagined, "but above average girth.". Then it twitched making her look up and directly into the man's gorgeous eyes. She hadn't noticed how handsome and strong he was or how piercing his deep blue eyes were, (the first thing she use to notice about a man). Their eye contact lasted long enough to make her face feel flush, she knew she was turning red, especially as the man grinned and sat back in his chair with a smug, "I know how good looking I am," gaze on his face.


"For god's sake, Jacob, if you're going to be like that then leave the kitchen," Alicia's mother demanded of her brother who was standing in front of the open fridge in his underwear making Alicia wonder what, 'being like that,' meant. "And put some god damn pants on!" She added. Jacob angrily slammed the fridge door, turned and as he left the room, Alicia, sitting at the table eye level with his crotch, noticed the large tent in the front of his boxers and could clearly see the shape of, what she later learned was, the head of his hard cock swaying back and forth underneath as he walked right past her.

That was the first time she'd looked at a man's crotch. So, studying men's crotches wasn't something that she had just discovered, it was only recently it had become an obsession. Her brother, who never did anything sexual to her, did get hard often, especially when watching TV with a sexy woman or a sex scene. Alicia became pretty adept at watching him grow hard without him knowing. Alicia also honed her exhibitionist skills when one of her older cousins spent a summer with the family. She knew he lusted after her but was way too shy to act on it, and so she mercilessly teased the poor boy for months walking the halls in her underwear, wearing thin teddies as PJ's which under the right back lighting one could see right through. She' leave her door open just a crack and was sure to be almost naked or even completely naked when she knew he'd be walking past. It made her pussy really wet when she'd hear his footsteps stop at the door and know he was watching. Alicia made sure he got a show too, trying on clothes or just prancing about her room naked picking things up and putting them back down. Alicia also got good at physical contact teasing with things like grabbing his thigh, close to his crotch during horror movies and squeeze it at scary parts. That always made him hard. She would also 'falling asleep' with her head in his lap, sometimes with the back of her head just barely brushing his cock (she totally got off feeling his hard on against her head), or better yet, facing it and cracking her eyes to study it's shape and usually watch it grow. She about the opportune times to get a look at a hard cock under pants and her suffering cousin always came through.


Alicia caught Terry's attention as soon as she entered the waiting room. He studied her perfect heart shaped ass while she was checking in at the counter, admiring the bright yellow thin cotton dress that hugged her hips tightly reveling the outline of a tiny thong resting just above her hips. The blond ponytail came halfway down her back and he imagined pulling on it and watching her ass rippled with each thrust while fucking her doggy style. She was rummaging in her Gucci purse as she walked to the chair across from him. In that tight dress he could see her nipples and the round firmness of her big braless breasts and marveling at how they giggled when she walked. Her faced was soft and beautiful with just a little eyeliner and bright red lipstick. He imagined she had to be close to his age but by the size of the rock on her finger, she must be somebody's trophy wife. To his surprise he realized her gaze was focused on his cock and it turned him on so much he felt it move as he started to get hard. To his surprise and delight they made eye contact. He immediately recognized the look of lust in her eyes as he gave her his sultriest look. 'You must not be getting any at home,' he thought, 'this bitch is in heat.'

He gave Alicia what she thought was the typical macho male wink and then took his time scanning down the length of her body until landing his gaze between the legs that she'd inadvertently spread just a little. she was certain he could see the soaking wet pink panties under her short cotton dress. 'I'm such an exhibitionist slut,' she thought enjoying the moment. The mutual voyeurism was really turning her on, not that it took much these days, but she allowed her gaze to wander back down to his crotch, which he too had opened slightly giving her and even better view. She realized that she was turning him on as she watched it grow hard right in front of her eyes.

Alicia believed she was going crazy; she felt that cock growing hard deep inside her pussy, and it was making her pussy gush, she was instantly soaking wet. As the cock grew bigger and yes, thicker, just as she imagined, her breathing deepened and her head began to float as if she had just taken a hit of a joint. Within moments, at it's fully impressive size she watched it pulse and at the same time, felt it pulse deep inside her pussy taking her to the brink of an orgasm. Her legs instinctively spread a little wider, "I'm such a slut," she breathed not quite loud enough from him to understand. To her, the cock was shaped like Tony's only a smaller but impressive in its own right.

Terry was super turned on. Something like this had never happened to him before. The little hot slut made him extremely hard and he could see her pink panties and the camel toe of her pussy lips. He wasn't sure what to do but he was feeling the need to act. They were in the doctors waiting room, so what could they do? He quickly scanned the room, no one else was there, the receptionist was doing busy work and not paying attention, so he decided to give this slut what she wanted, what he knew she needed.

To her amazement, the man stood up and walked directly towards. Alicia couldn't or wouldn't change her focus and continued transfixed on his cock. In her crazy mind that beautiful cock was naked, hanging freely throbbing at her without any pants to cover it. With every step it took Alicia could feel it thrust deep inside her pussy making her hotter and wetter until it stopped only feet from her face. She couldn't keep her mouth from gaping open and drooling like a wanton slut. She had lost all consciousness of her surroundings as if completely in a trance beyond her control. A deep commanding voice boomed in her head taking her to the brink of orgasm, "Go ahead and touch it, no one is looking," it said, "I know you want to."

Alicia did want it, more than the man could ever know. Was this the moment? Was this her wide fantasy of a random sexual encounter about to be fulfilled? Was she ready to cheat again on her husband? Alicia's body was inundated with lust and desire. It took every ounce of strength not to reach out on grope that magnificent lump. Then it happened, her pussy suddenly exploded and pulsed relentlessly in orgasm. Instinctively she reached between her legs and pressed her fingers hard against her clit. Her breathing grew fast and light, almost to a panting, "I have no shame, no control," she thought as embarrassment and humiliation consumed her with the same rath as her orgasm.

"Holy, fucking shit!" Terry responded in shock realizing that this little slut was having an orgasm from just looking at his cock, "you are one fucking hot little slut." He couldn't help but wonder what an orgasmic rocket she would be if he'd let her touch it, or made her suck on it, or how it would feel with her cumming and convulsing like that all over his cock!. He had to have her. 'I mean, how often does an opportunity like this present itself?' he wondered.

The words "hot little slut," rattled around her head making her feel shame and only served to egg on the relentless orgasm. Her head thrust forward and down between her knees as she tried to catch her breath and to hide her feverishly fingering her clit.

"Alicia", a distance voice cried out. "ALICIA?" it cried again.

"Shit, oh shit!" Alicia said, "that's me." She stood up and bumped right up against Terry. She would have fallen over if it hadn't been for his big strong arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her into him.

"Hi Alicia," he said, "I'm Terry," his voice sounded fabulously masculine to her ears, and the hard cock pressing against her stomach made her pussy pulse a few more times. Alicia felt humiliated and kept her head down profusely apologizing and even though she wanted to stay in his arms she frantically pushed away from the man.

"I've got to go," she explained.

He just laughed, "No worries, it's been my pleasure, I'll just wait for you here," Terry said releasing his hold so she could make her way to the nurse standing by the waiting room door.

"Are you okay?" the nurse asked concerned for the frenzied Alicia, noticing how she was severely flushed and how her forehead glistened with sweat.

"I'll be fine", she answered briskly moving into the exam room.

But she wasn't. Alicia was besieged with emotion. Humiliated and embarrassed by her behavior, angry with herself for wanting that man so badly, frustrated at how horny she was and what those feeling were making her do. Her pussy and panties were soaked, her breasts were tender and sensitive to touch, she was having difficulty catching her breath and she was deathly afraid the doctor, a nice woman, was about to look at her soaking wet turned on vagina. She was deathly afraid that being so sexually aroused would make her orgasm if the doctor touched her.

It took every ounce of control she had to rein in her emotions while the nurse did the pre-exam. The nurse could obviously see her stress and kept asking if she was okay. "yes, yes, I'm fine," Alicia snapped back, "please stop asking." Finally, when the nurse left and she was alone, she was able to take several deep breaths and reclaim some composure. But, no sooner had the doctor and nurse walked into the room Alicia burst out into tears and sobbed uncontrollably.

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