I am bound spread-eagle to my bed.

I had fastidiously pre-set bondage ties from the four corners of my bed.

I used old neckties that would not cut into my skin.

Now my wrists and ankles were inescapably bound, and my girlfriend Joy hovered over my body.

This had become our normal date night, dinner, then bondage sex.

On our first date, she wore a wrap-around belt, which I playfully used to tie her hands behind her, and just we made-out on her couch. No clothes came off that night, but the Sub/Dom/Bondage door was opened.

The next date, I told her I wanted to try bondage and about the slip-knot ties I'd added to my bed. That same night, I was bound to my bed, and she straddled-fucked me. After I came, she went to the bathroom, leaving me bound. The power she possessed eroticized the dynamic for us both. Upon return, released me, and we laid together and discussed how powerfully erotic it all had been.

We delved into our new dating sexuality. Our new-normal always found me bound spread-eagle, and we whispered our kinky thoughts and fantasies as she straddled me, and our games evolved.

We purchased a butt plug at a sex shop, and couldn't wait to try it.

We added belts to my bondage, and now she could bind my knees wide apart.

Bound spread-eagle, plus my knees splayed wide; my ass was deliciously vulnerable.

The 1-1/4" diameter butt plug was all I could handle. She had to thoroughly lubricate me, using a combo of oil and petroleum jelly. As soon as her fingers touched my rear hole, my cock grew rock hard. She teased my cock with the lube, coaxing my pre-cum. Giving my cock one good pump, pre-cum spewed forth in a mini-orgasmic release. She squeezed the dollop of pre-cum onto her finger and fed it to me. Willingly, I swallowed my pre-cum. I'd fantasized being force-fed my (post) cum, and it seemed only a matter of time.

She went back to stretching my anus with the plug. My sphincter was young and taught, giving way slowly. She was merciful and patient, but soon enough, the widest part slid in, and my sphincter clamped down on the narrow part of the plug. There was no way I could expel it; it was locked in tight.

At first it was starkly uncomfortable, almost unbearable, but my sphincter quickly adapted, resigning itself to the violation. I felt so "full". The intrusion was so absolute! The feeling was seared into my brain; my rear hole had a second purpose, it was now a sex organ, my pussy, so to speak.

Again, she squeezed more precum from my cock, onto her finger, and again, I submissively opened my mouth.

She straddled me.

My cock was coated with lube, and yet, her pussy was super-tight.

She had to ease down on my cock in order for it not to hurt her.

It was torturous ecstasy. Her beautiful, tight pussy slowly enveloped my cock.

At the same time, the plug in my ass began to feel "sexual" instead of merely invasive. My hips involuntarily rotate, exploring how the plug feels in different positions. I can't deny it, I loved being tied up and helpless, on my back, legs held wide and open. My "pussy" is there to be "taken". I want to be fucked like a girl.

Joy straddled me, and placed her hands on my chest, absorbing some of her weight, she began to mildly rock and rotate on my cock.

"Your going to make me come", I panted, and she stopped moving.

I looked in her eyes, "I am your slave. I'll lick your front. I'll lick your rear!"

She eased off me before I could come, crawling over my face. I licked and worshipped her pussy. After a moment she turned around, and I tongued her rear hole, which she rocked and ground onto my face. She loved my tongue probing her ass, saying, "Deeper!" I thrust my tongue hard and deep.

My tongue exhausted, mercifully, she re-mounted me, easing my cock into her pussy. Already stretched, she was able to slide to the hilt with more comfort, but not yet ready for vigorous sex, she is still allowing her body to adjust to my cock all the way inside her. I know to be still, allowing her to relish this subtle ecstasy.

For me, it is tortuous ecstasy.

Finally she increases her movements, and I can barely hang on.

I implore, "May I come?"

Immediately she stopped her movement, and again, had me lick her pussy and ass.

This went on until she was ready for me to come.

I whispered,

"I want you to train me to be your slave. Make me lick you clean. Don't untie me until I've licked every drop of cum from your beautiful pussy."

She smiled slightly, closed her eyes, and rocked until I blew my load deep into her pussy. As I came, my sphincter contracted over and over, clamping on the on the plug, locking it tighter in my ass.

She continued an easy rocking on me until my cock was completely soft, literally falling out of her pussy.

Now the hard part of my slave training. I want it to be over, but I am inescapably bound, and I just begged her to NOT untie me until I licked all my cum from her pussy.

I want the plug out, and I want to just go to sleep, but she plans to heed my wishes, and train me.

She smirks,

"You ARE going to lick me clean. If you fight it, you'll lick me clean, and then you will remain tied up till morning. If you're a good slave, I'll release you when you're done." I lay there, defeated, mouth agape.

She raises up and approaches my face. There is a glob of white cum at her pussy opening. "Oh God," is all I can say, as her pussy lowers to my mouth. I lick the entire blob of cum and swallow. She squeezes her pussy and more cum flows into my mouth. I lick and swallow. My wish is coming true; I am being trained as a cum-licking slave.

I am both repulsed and excited. I am licking her pussy with gusto, and unconsciously I am moving my hips. The plug feels good in my stretched "pussy".

I am getting hard again. She slides off my mouth, and onto my cock, which easily slides into her pussy. She has a satisfied smile, eyes half closed.

Now she's going to get the fucking she wants. I'm not quite as hard, but she seems quite content, and knows I will last much longer. She rocks on my cock. Sometimes she stops, lowers a nipple to me and says, "Suck!" It's so sexy! Her saying "Suck!" As if I don't know what to do. But I am so turned on by her demand to "Suck."

"Harder," she commands, and I suck hard as I can. Then she pulls away with a "POP", and resumes riding me.

My arms are getting sore from the restraint, but I am helpless. I am her fuck-toy. She straddles me, my cock deep in her pussy, and she's rocking on it as she pleases, at her pace. It feels divine, but I wish it was over.

Her eyes are closed, and her gyrations ebb and flow. The only way I can end this is to come again, and go soft. I am close to coming, but I cannot quite get there.

Then, abruptly, SHE comes! Her gyrations slow down, her intensity decreases, she eases, slower and slower, to no movement, totally still. She is drifting into ecstatic afterglow, from a thorough fucking.

I still need to come, but she has no interest.

She slides off and lays beside me, snuggling to my bound body, ignoring to my hard cock, helplessly laying on my belly.

After a moment, I say, "Can I come?"

Her hand slides down, gripping my cock. Her hands are so tiny, it makes my cock look bigger. She strokes, but with no commitment; she's not even looking, her head is still nestled at my side. There is no way I'll come with her barely stroking me.

"Please Mistress," I implore.

She lays quietly, half stroking, and says, "Do you really want to be my slave?"

"More than anything," I pant, "I fantasize it all the time."

She replies, "Tell me a secret, something you have never shared with anyone."

Without hesitation I reply, "I want to be feminized. I want to be your sissy slave."

She raises her head and smiles.

She reaches down and presses against the plug in my ass; it makes me twitch.

She asks, "What about this?"

"It's a huge part of my fantasy. I dream of being fucked like a girl," I admit.

"It looks like we have lots of fun ahead of us," she smiles. "We need to add a dildo to our toys."

My cock has actually softened from the revealing conversation.

She asks, "Do you have any women's clothes that you dress up in?"

"Yes," I reply. Bras, panties, a bikini, and lingerie."

She begins loosening the slip knots on my wrists, "Show me," she says.

In the back of a bottom drawer, I show her my sissy-stash. She examines each item closely and deliberately, folding them as she puts them back in the drawer. She keeps out a matching black bra and panty. "Put these on," she says.

They are my favorites; the thong panties contain my balls perfectly, and the sides are just big enough for my half hard cock. The bra has an A cup, and cups my breasts tight and smooth.

She smiles at the sight, "You'll make a pretty girl. Tomorrow I want you to shave off all that hair, but for tonight, lets get to bed. I think you should wear that to bed."

Spooning me from behind, her finger teased my nipple, which had never felt so sensitive. I still wanted to come, but knew it would have to wait. She quickly drifted off to sleep, while I lay awake, imagining my future.

End Chapter 1

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