Hello! Thanks for reading! This is the second part of a series, and probably won't make much sense without having read part 1, entitled The Secret. I hope you enjoy!


Liam tossed and turned all night. Some invisible line had been crossed this evening, and he wasn't sure he could ever uncross it. His lust for Kailey, rather than being slaked by his masturbatory adventures, had instead been stoked to a full-on, raging fire. He wasn't sure he would be able to look her in the eye at breakfast the next morning. And his daughter... would she notice? What would she think? The idea of Jessie knowing about his feelings for her best friend was... unsavory to put it lightly.

He was just going to have to practice some self-control. He'd been practically celibate for the last almost 7 years, so he should have no problem keeping it in his pants. He could still jerk off, still fantasize about her, still enjoy his favorite videos starring her porn-twin...

It won't be enough. His reptilian brain whispered. You were so close to busting down that bathroom door and having your way with her. Another close encounter and you and I both know what will happen...

He thrashed onto his other side, kicking his sheets and comforter halfway off the bed with the force of his movements, as if tossing and turning hard enough would drive the thoughts from his mind. He forced himself to concentrate all the most boring, humdrum things he could think of; his golf stats, the reports he had to get done for work on Monday, who would take home the Oscar for Best Picture this year (this last one proved difficult, as Liam realized he hadn't gone to the movies in well over 2 years. The last time had been with a chick he'd met on a dating site. She'd been so boring he had yawned his way through the date, and hastily suggested a movie after dinner so that he could avoid talking to her anymore than he had to). And there it was: he had found the perfect topic to ruminate on: he set to the task of trying to recall every moment of that date, replaying it in his mind, and eventually, it was this that finally led him to slumber.


Slumber, it seemed, had other plans for Liam. Rather than allowing him to escape the torture of lusting after his 20-year-old daughter's best friend, his brain seemed hellbent on making it even more difficult for him.

Sunday morning dawned clear and bright, as evidenced by the slants of sunshine on the warm wood floors of the Murphy's kitchen. Liam glanced at the clock - 9 am. Plenty of time to get breakfast started before the girls woke up. He figured he had about an hour before he would hear them stirring, sleepily padding down the hall to brush their teeth, use the bathroom, and get dressed.

He began gathering supplies for Sunday breakfast. Bacon, eggs, bread, milk, and cinnamon. French toast sounded good, and maybe some potatoes as well. He hummed to himself as he began prepping. He had almost forgotten last night's encounters. Almost. For some reason he felt content - not at all anxious about what had happened. He was completely at ease.

Suddenly, Liam sensed he was no longer alone in the kitchen. He hadn't heard the usual creaking of the floorboards in the hallway, nor had he heard the groan of a bedroom door opening or closing. And yet, when he turned around, Kailey was standing there in the doorway, wearing nothing but a threadbare t-shirt and panties.

He swallowed hard and tried to speak. His mouth was too dry. Nothing would come out. Kailey smiled. A lazy, seductive smile. She took a step toward him. Liam backed up a step and found himself pressed against the countertop as she sauntered into the room. He needed to speak up, to say something, to keep whatever was about to happen from coming to fruition. They would not be able to take it back.

Kailey was pulling at the hem of her t-shirt now, inching it slowly north, exposing her tummy (it wasn't completely flat, nor was it huge. She had the curves of a woman, a fact that made Liam's cock throb and twitch). His eyes raked her frame as she pulled on the shirt. Her breasts were exposed now. They were perfect, full and heavy but perky, with gorgeous perfect nipples so suckable they made his mouth water. Liam groaned, bracing himself against the counter. He was rendered totally helpless, unable to move or speak or even think properly as he drank in the sight of his fantasy coming to life in front of him.

She had rid herself of the shirt now and was almost completely naked before him. The panties she wore were hardly enough to cover anything, but God how he wanted to get down on his knees and peel them off with his teeth. Instead, he just stared dumbly. The girl smiled, a knowing smile.

"I'm gonna leave these on, so we don't do anything... untoward." She giggled a little at this, and Liam supposed if he had been capable of making a noise, he'd have laughed, too. They'd already crossed the "untoward" line long ago. But he wasn't one to argue with a beautiful woman, so he simply nodded and waited to see what would happen next. His dick was throbbing so painfully he thought it might explode. He wanted to reach down and stroke, but he was afraid that if he moved, the illusion might shatter.

Kailey moved across the kitchen toward him. He thought she might touch him, might reach for the bulge in his pants, but she surprised him by going to the utensil drawer next to him. She had been here so many times, had practically lived here some summers during her childhood, that this kitchen was as familiar to her as the one at her own home. She rummaged around in the drawer until she found what she was looking for: a plastic spatula. The spatula itself was wide and flat, with little slats. The handle was thicker than most utensils, and rounded. No sharp or angled edges.

"Ah, perfect," Kailey murmured softly, turning around and crossing back to the other side of the room, where the countertop extended into a peninsula. This served as their dining table, as the home didn't have a separate room, and there wasn't enough room in the kitchen for an actual table. Liam watched with rapt attention as the young girl hopped onto the peninsula and turned to face him, twirling the utensil in her fingers playfully.

"I've been thinking about you, Mr. Murphy," she breathed. "I can't believe it or understand it, but I have. I found your toy downstairs and I just... I got so curious about it, I snuck to the top of the stairs last night to watch you use it. God, it turned me on so much," she said with a little sigh. She was teasing her nipples with the flat end of the spatula now, slapping them gently, letting out little gasps each time the plastic made contact with her flesh. "I had to go into the bathroom and make myself cum after watching you," she said, making eye contact with Liam.

He wanted to tell her that he knew, that he had been outside the door listening, that he had cum even harder then than with his trusty toy, but once again, he found himself utterly incapable of speech. He simply nodded. His eyes followed her every movement. She was really working herself up with the spatula, and for a moment he thought she had only grabbed it to tease her tits. Until...

Kailey slowly spread her legs apart while at the same time pulling her knees up so that her feet were flat on the counter top. She was completely exposed, despite still wearing her panties. The thin fabric was buried between her swollen lips. And oh, God, were they swollen, Liam thought with a groan. She looked incredible, so slick and wet. The thong she was wearing was a bright shade of pink, but the fabric of the gusset was much darker due to the wetness. He had the most insane urge to pull the panties off and smell and taste them, then wrap them around his erection and use the smooth silk to jerk off. His cock twitched. He could feel precum leaking from the head of his impossibly hard dick. He, too, was going to have a wet spot soon.

The girl on the counter in front of him continued to tease herself. She had spread her legs but hadn't yet begun to touch herself. She was clearly teasing him, drawing this out as much as possible, and loving every minute. Her nipples were hard and swollen, begging to be pinched and sucked. Finally she had had enough teasing, and Liam watched with eyes as big as dinner plates as Kailey snaked a hand down her belly and over her mound to play with herself. She slipped a finger under the fabric of her panties and pulled them to one side, finally exposing her entire cunt to Liam's gaze. It was as pretty as the rest of her, supple and smooth and fat, like a sun-ripened peach. Her inner labia peeked out just a bit from the outer, and he could already see she was drenched. Kailey's head fell back as she ran a single finger down her slit, parting her inner lips even more for Liam's gaze. She was hot pink inside, and he knew she'd be warm, wet, and sweeter than honey.

She kept teasing herself like this for what felt like an eternity, her finger sliding up and down, circling her clit once or twice, then returning to her slit to dip in for more juice. The kitchen was so quiet that Liam could only hear her wetness, the occasional breathy moan or gasp, and his own heartbeat thudding dully in his ears. He was absolutely sure he was going to cum without even touching himself if she kept this up.

And it seemed she had no plans of stopping. With one hand, she continued playing with her pussy, while the other felt around her for the spatula she'd dropped earlier. She found it and brought the handle to her cunt. Her head snapped up and she met Liam's eyes. "I can't help myself," she moaned. "I need something inside me, filling me up. Since I know I can't use your cock, this will have to do," she said.

He was hypnotized. There was no other term for it. A category 5 hurricane could have been raging outside and he would have been unable to tear himself away from the scene unfolding before his eyes. He followed the movement of the spatula and watched as Kailey used her left hand to spread her pussy while her right hand guided the handle of the spatula to her glistening entrance.

She was so tight that even the copious amounts of girlcum lubricating her pussy wasn't enough to grant the object easy passage. She had to work it in slowly, inch by inch, gasping each time more of the foreign object made its way inside of her. Finally, when about 6 inches of the handle had disappeared inside her eager fuckhole, Kailey began fucking herself in earnest, sliding the makeshift toy and and out, letting Liam see the cream building up on the black plastic with every thrust.

"Fuck, this feels so fucking good," she moaned. She was now drilling herself full-force with one hand and using the other to rub her clit frantically. "I love knowing you're watching me, too," Kailey added. "Do you wanna see me cum?" she asked, without really needing to hear an answer. She knew he did.

He simply nodded. His cock was going to erupt at any moment, and he hadn't laid a single finger on it. It was throbbing and twitching in his pants, yearning to get inside Kailey's warm hole, leaking profusely at the mere idea.

Kailey plunged the plastic utensil into her pussy again, further than ever before, until it was buried up to the spatula part, sticking straight out of her. She spread her legs even wider and focused on rubbing her clit. The spatula was moving with every spasm, and Liam could see her pussy muscles contracting around the object as she reached her orgasm. "Oh my God, I'm cumming!" she moaned, and her cunt spasmed around the object until it was almost pushed out entirely. Liam could see the creamy, sticky cum all over the handle, and the last thought he had before his cock erupted was that he was going to lick every inch of that handle when she left the room...


Liam sat straight up in bed, gasping for air as if he'd just been held under water. He was sweaty despite it being cool in his bedroom. He felt extremely disoriented. Hadn't he just been in his kitchen, watching his daughter's best friend fuck herself with a spatula? He tore the sheets away from his body and looked down.

"Jesus Christ," he muttered. He'd actually fucking cum. The evidence of it was all over his boxers and sheets. He hadn't had a wet dream in over 20 years.

It was exceedingly obvious that it was not going to be easy to rid himself of this strange obsession, at least not anytime soon. Liam got out of bed, shucked off his boxers and tossed them in the hamper, and made his way to the shower. Under the spray, with the warm steam relaxing his muscles, his mind cleared a little, and he thought perhaps this would all turn out ok. Kailey was an adult now, and as far as he knew, single. He was divorced. Sure, he was old enough to be her Dad, but plenty of guys his age fucked women her age. No one would be getting hurt, as long as Jessie didn't find out.

Maybe if I could fuck her, just once, to get it out of my system...





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